New Comics for 09/02/09 once worked for The Mouse too

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

After two fantastic weeks of comics we have…. this kind of lackluster week. Well, at least there’s nothing special going on this wee that we would need a lot of good comics to talk about.

I’m excited about Sweet Tooth, though!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What have you got planned for Labor Day Weekend?


  1. I… I only have one book this week. What will I do with myself?!?

  2. slow week

    BQ: nothing im from the uk

  3. haha, had to read it three times to get the 200 reference

  4. What happened to Detective Comics? That was my big one this week. Other than that, it’s a pretty light week. Batman, Iron Man, Deadpool, and Ultimate Spider-man. Think i’m gonna wait for the next Irredeemable trade since the 99 cent deal is over. Maybe I’ll pick up the chew reprints.

  5. Boo on WoNK getting delayed


     I figure Detective being listed on DC’s site was a typo.  Do you really expect them to put out a book two weeks in a row followed by an eight week gap?

  6. Pretty weak week.
    Batman #690
    Final Crisis Aftermath Run #5 (OF 6)
    Justice League Cry For Justice #3 (OF 7)
    Mighty #8
    Star Wars Invasion #3 (OF 5)
    Sweet Tooth #1
    Wednesday Comics #9 (OF 12)
    Witchfinder In The Service Of Angels #3 (OF 5)

    Witchfinder is the clear front runner for me.

    BQ: I will be at Dragon*Con in the morning and then watching Miami play Florida State that night. I then plan on having sex to celebrate Miami’s win (or to help me recover from the loss).

  7. new iron man, ultimate spider-man and supergirl annual. hell yes


    BQ: lots of grilling and a casino night

  8. I realize it doesn’t make much sense, but had me excited to wrap up the frist arc anyways.

  9. "first" arc


  10. DC comics website still has Detective comics listed as coming out this week. I was looking forward to the end of the first arc, even if it meant a long wait between issues.

    Otherwise a slow week, Deadpool, Buffy and Cry for Justice.

  11. SUCKS.

    They say that Detective and Wonk are out this week. . . and they’er not.

  12. i cant find world of new krpton aswell

  13. I used to look at the Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/IDW solicit pages on their websites, but they are so often wrong that it proved fruitless.  Now I rely exclusively on iFanboy.  Dependence is an ugly thing.

  14. Sweet Tooth!!!  Can’t wait to read that book.  Pretty excited for it.  And only $1!!  Bless Vertigo.

    BQ: Nothing so far.  Might invite friends over to eat pizza and drink beer.  What’s more American than that??

  15. I guess 14 books is better than 22 last week.  I gotta trim my list, man.

    BQ:  Holy crap!  It’s Labor Day already?  I’m gonna miss wearing white.

  16. yeesh, maybe no "event" books or anything this week, but it’s not a lackluster week for me.

    Lemire’s Sweet Tooth. Dan Brereton art on Immortal Weapons #2. The end of the storyline in Iron Man. Chew. Ultimate Spidey. Witchfinder. Cry For Justice, which I’m still really enjoying. Final chapter of Incognito. Luke Cage Noir #2 — the first issue was surprisingly good. Yeah, I’ve got a lot I’m looking forward to this week. 🙂

    BQ: no plans at the present. It’s been an insane summer, so the last few weekends have been mild and verrrry relaxing. Hoping to maintain that trend.

  17. I’ll be grabbing the Supergirl Annual, Wednesday Comics, Irredeemable (assuming my shop even orders it), and I think I’ll give Sweet Tooth a try.

    BQ: Visitng my brother in Seattle. We might make a visit to the Penny Arcade Expo, and we might not.

  18. Only one book this week – Wednesday Comics – so I guess that means I can live it up and not eat ramen over labor day. YES! I WIN! TAKE THAT COMICS ADDICTION!

  19. BQ: R&R

  20. Not a bad week for me. I’m glad I found Superman: Red Son and the first volume of Astro City though. 

  21. Its odd, after all these kick-ass DC weeks I’m most excited for Incognito, Chew and Witchfinder.

     BQ: Maybe a little iFanboy live show

  22. Wow, kind of a shitty week for iFanboy’s 200th PoTW podcast…

  23. Just more time to end up on tirades about the GI Joe Animated series!

  24. I think I’m mostly excited for Incognito being over. I’ve loved the series, but it’ll be nice to have another slot free up.

    BQ: Labor is usually the order of that day.

  25. BQ: finally watch inglorious basterds

  26. Irredeemable! Invincible Iron man! JLA: Cry For Justice! SCORE!


    BQ: Work.  

  27. *sighs* My last batch of comics before I’m back to college. Seriously, I start it again this Thursday.

    Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary (just look at that cover! *drools*)

    Deadpool #15 (@OhCaroline and @ron; "I want you to want me" 🙂 )

    Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary (first ever attempt at reading a David Lapham comic)

    Wednesday Comics #9

    Special Guests: JSA vol. 5 HC and Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness TPB (hail to the king baby)

    BQ: Work.

  28. Kinda-sorta a light week for me.

    BQ: Seeing iFanboy Live, hopefully going to see Inglorious Basterds and/or Division 9.  

  29. @Prax: Light week!? You got an absolute in that pile! You gotta a lot of splanin to do. 🙂

  30. @TNC THe Absolute is being paid for with store credit. 😉 Not out of my pocket. It’s also light on "big books." Iron Man, Jersey Gods, Ultimate Spider-Man and Supergirl Annual round out the top books for me.

  31. @Prax: You lucky son of a gun.

    Still, I think one title will outshine all of those other ‘big’ books. The cover to ‘Daring Mystery Comics’…..oh yeah….

  32. By the way, this is a really really great week for covers.

    I don’t see a bad one in the bunch and it’s gonna be tough to say which is the best. I love Daring Mystery’s cover; but I see 5 others that are just as gorgeous to look at.

  33. Is Detective Comics #857 out again this week? or was it pushed back?

  34. Buffy & Doctor Who this week.

    BQ: iFanboy pow live, beach, lots of sleep.

  35. Huge week here:

    Sweet Tooth #1

    Ressurrection #3

    Jersey Paris Gods #7

    Proof #23

    Wednesday Comics #9

    Incognito #6

    Chew #4


    Now I just need some cash to get em! 

  36. Batman, Chew, The Mighty, Wednesday Comics, Cry for Justice…great week!! Perfect amount of comics!!!

    BQ: Labor Day?? Wait…is that THIS weekend?? Going to a wedding on Saturday…perhaps I’ll stay in San Diego for a while…hmmmmm 

  37. Batman,  WednesdayComics and S. Grundy 7 of 7 only 3 books this week.

    I’m looking foward to Batman I like how the story has gone thus far.


    BQ   I want to read the first 3 volumes of TransMet,  cook some steak and go see KRS one!

  38. This is a great week. Not as awesome as last two, but still great!

    Batman #690
    Chew #4
    Immortal Weapons #2 (OF 5)
    Incognito #6
    Proof #23
    Resurrection Vol 2 #3
    Supergirl Annual #1
    Sweet Tooth #1
    Wednesday Comics #9 (OF 12)


    BQ: Hiking, comedy, write, read, BBQ, rest.

  39. Batman #690
    UCSM #2
    Inv. Iron Man #17

    BQ: In  a friend’s wedding, then going to Dragon Con.

  40. I’m really liking the deluge of Deadpool that we’ve been experiancing. I think a Deadpool related book has come out for 4 consecutive weeks! Crazy stuff. Anyways, I have to re-read all my Incognito issues because I have totally forgot what was going on, so I have to catch up before I read the finale. Might even try out Sweet Tooth since it’s only a dollar. I hope this issue of Justice League will finally kick things into gear, I really want to like this series…

    BQ: Well, I’m going to see ep. 200 at Jim Hanely’s, but besides that, dont have too much planned. Any suggestions?

  41. BQ-I might see  a movie.


  42. Got about ten this week, the most important being PROOF, which, if you are not a fan, is the best book ever.

    This weekend? Maybe a little NYC this Friday night, watching some guys chat about comics.

  43. I think this look to be a pretty good week.  New Immortal Weapons, Witchfinder, Batman, and Wednesday Comics.  Two Marvel Anniversary Specials and Sweet Tooth #1 round out a 12 book week for me.  Definitely looking forward to it.

    BQ: Nothing much.  Traveling home to see my folks and hang out.  Should be a good time. 

  44. mmm……..Iron man, incognito, and deadpool ….only 3!! save me some money to go out and eat

  45. I buy waaaaayyy to many comics!!! and some of those comics are Batman(i think im done when Winick leaves), Incognito, Savage Dragon, Agents Of Atlas, Greek Street, JL: Cry For Justice, Sweet Tooth(this looks like it could be the next great vertigo epic), Wednesday Comics, Young Liars(sniff the last issue), Supergirl Annual, Ultimate Spider-Man and I might try Strange"we’re finally getting Peter Bagge’s fucking hulk story"Tales! But I’m probably just gonna trade wait. 

    BQ: Spending it with my favorite person in the world AKA my girlfriend! 

  46. YES! I have a slow week! That means I won’t be buying 20 plus comics like I did last week. I still haven’t gotten through all of them. I am looking forward to Iron Man and Justice League: Cry for Justice this week.

  47. Looking forward to Sweet Tooth, The Mighty, and Irredeemable. I think I might be dropping Batman after this week.

    BQ: Friday I’m going to see the Mets. Saturday I might be going to the beach with some friends and then another friends Birthday Party. Sunday is my Fantasy Football draft. No plans for Monday (yet). 

  48. This is totally a bonanza week for me!  Exiles, Agents of Atlas (with Gabriel Hardman back on art –*so* nice-looking), more Iron Man and Incognito.

    BQ: Sleep, watch movies, show the house I’m buying off to my parents, try not to think about packing up my apartment yet again!

  49. Batman, Ulitmate Spider-Man, Iron Man and Exiles…we hardly knew ye…

    BQ – Saturday I’ll be tailgatign for the first MSU home game!  Go Green!   Sunday and Monday I have to work….

  50. I hope Josh’s pick doesn’t disappoint (erm, not that it does in the past) 

    BATMAN 690 (maybe)


    UNDECIDED BACK ISSUES (In no particular order)

    BQ: No clue. It’s an average day on my end.

  51. Chew


    Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep


    The Wondefrul Wizard Of Oz HC



    BQ: I have a bunch of shows lined up for Labor Day weekend, so I’ll be trying to sell some books.

  52. Just Wednesday Comics, Justice League: Gay For Justice and Ghost Riders: Heaven’s On Fire for me. And maybe I’ll also pick up some of the other books I couldn’t afford to get from last week.

     BQ: I will be working.

  53. My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  54. going to toronto to Canada’s Wonderland (like six flags)

  55. Some good stuff out there – The Boys and it’s best arc yet, Batman, Chew, two Marvel 70th Anniversary books, Strange Tales, Chew, Irredeemable, Ultimate Spidey, last issues of Young Liars, Kolins’ Solomon Grundy (which has been just fun comics) and Incognito, Last Resort, Proof, Iron Man – actually, a lot of great stuff.

    Surprise of the week could be Starr the Slayer with Richard muthalovin’ Corben on art. This guy could put out his work from a still-life intro college class and I’d f’n buy it. Love it. Plus, the description sounds like a little Morrison-meta kind of thing, so it could even be an interesting story.

    BQ: Nothing, I hope. The wife hasn’t told me yet.

  56. Oh, and I said Chew twice. Yeah, I meant to do that – let’s say that.

  57. Batman #690 (just got more interesting as of last issue)

    Batman Confidential #33 (I wonder if they’ll ever change it back to LOTDK and return to it’s original numbering? Nah, this isn’t MARVEL)

    Final Crisis Aftermath RUN! #5 of six (I’m so glad I found the preview for #1 and jumped on when I did, this is better than the ACTUAL Final Crisis)

    Greek Street #3 (shit is wack)

    Incognito #6 (good but not down for the sequel)

    Irredeemable #6 (should be $2.99, not $3.99)

    The Mighty #8 (just as good as Irredeemable was last month!)

    Supergirl Annual #1 (#1?! It took this long to put one out?)

    Sweet Tooth #1 (only $1)


    BQ: Go for a nice bike ride somewhere, look for a job even, read some comics, watch some DVDs, play some PS3, smoke some bud, get some ass, whatever…  It’s all good.

  58. Pretty "Meh" week. Atleast FTW and Sweet Tooth will infect my pull list with that creepy indie stuff.

    Deadpool #15 (3 issues in the last month…)

    Fallout Toy Works (1 of 5)

    Sweet Tooth #1 (If the first issue wont blow me away im not gonna get it. The art is way too creepy for my tastes)

    I dont want to go on a Wild Goose chase with finding the Chew reprintings and back issues. Im just gonna wait for the trade and get everything after that. 

  59. Yikes, big week for me with 8 pulls. I’m most looking forward to Mighty and Irredeemable.

    BQ: riding and coding

  60. This week will be great. After the back-to-back heavy weight issues, this is gonna be the lil’ engine that could week of comics! Sweet Tooth! Incognito! Chew! Proof! Ressurection! I am very excited.

  61. I will probably not be picking up any books this week as I am…


  62. 13 books this week…looking forward to Chew (appreciate all the heads up on that book.)

    Saturday: Going to watch Oklahoma State play Georgia.  GO POKES!!

    Sunday and Monday: catching up on all the other football games I missed and hopefully catching up on Ultimate Spiderman….have the last 12 trades sitting in my stack.

  63. Looking at my pull I plan on buying about 12 books, but only looking forward to:

    Wednesday Comics! Oddly can’t wait for it to end so I can finally read through some of the serials start to finish.

    GI Joe Origins Trade.  All the good stuff I’ve heard can’t wait to read this.

    BQ:  Working on a small tropical island….occasionally it is good to be me.

  64. This is actually a pretty big week for me. I normally only get 2 or 3 books, but I’ve decided to jump on the Chew bandwagon (thanks, guys) and get the first four issues. Plus Wednesday comics, Sweet Tooth, and Doctor Who #3.

    BQ: Dragon*Con this weekend, baby! I’ll be meeting Jim Mahfood and generally geeking out.

  65. another week that i will not be picking up a single thing. when i can find the first issue of chew i will get then all because i have heard nothing but good things

  66. Plenty of ole west action with Jonah Hex and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  also getting Deadpool, Batman, The Mighty, and Wednesday Comics. Also I get to finish plenty of books and arc in Incognito, Exiles, and Incognito.

    BQ: Grilling, drinking, reading, finishing Batman Arkham Asylum, working on my house.

    @ohcaroline: Congrats on the new house!  Welcome to being in debt with me!!!

  67. USM 2, Chew 4, Batman, Irredemable 6, Sweet Tooth 1, Iron Man and Ghost Rider. I’m looking forward to all of them especially Chew!

    BQ:Friday concert @ City Winery, Saturday- wedding, Sunday rcovering from said wedding and a BBQ. Monday chillax and play some video games!

  68. It’s Friday and I still haven’t had time to read any of this week’s comics yet. Is there something wrong with me?