New Comics for 09.07.2011 is a Stranger in a Strange Land

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done most recently?

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  1. Will be getting six DC books this week. Can’t wait. Also Morning Glories #12! Too bad Severed #2 is delayed…. Most looking forward to Action Comics, Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

    BQ: Drove down to Paris and back in a day just to visit a museum of indigenous art.

  2. This should be a wild week. I can’t wait.

    BQ: I can’t think of anything. I guess it’s time to go do something I shouldn’t.

  3. I think I have as many unpulled “wait and see what people say, then maybe download it” DC books as I do actual pulls. There are gonna be a lot of those for the next several weeks.

    BQ: I spend far too much energy trying to convince people I’m not doing anything crazy to torpedo myself here.

  4. Waaay too many pulls due to DC’s new schedule, and there are a lot of wait and see books. Can’t afford to buy and don’t have the time to read all of those. I get the feeling i’ll have to pass on a lot of good stuff. =(

  5. This week has been in my calendar for a little while now. As a digital-only reader these days, I’m interested to see whether or not DC live up to their promise of 1/1 digital releases; I’ll be super impressed if I can wake up tomorrow and get my Action Comics, Animal Man and Swamp Thing fix in one go.

  6. i thought ultimate spider-man come out this week

  7. from dc ill be getting:
    action comics
    animal man
    swamp thing
    detective comics

  8. Very much looking forward to Morrison on Action Comics. Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batgirl and JLI also. I’m undecided about Detective Comics. If it’s in my local shop I’ll get OMAC just to see how awful it is.

    There’s also a few other books; definitely X-Men and Moon Knight. I’m getting the Spider-Island tie-ins, too. It’s the last issue of Thunderbolts I’m going to get UNLESS it gets better (Shadowland and Fear Itself have screwed with what was a good book). I’m generally trying to cut down the number of books I’m getting but there are just too many good ones at the moment…

    BQ: buying a fake bloody severed hand so I could say to my son “Do you want a hand tidying your room?” and when he said yes, throwing the hand at him so he shrieked.

  9. Stormwatch, Batgirl, and Swamp Thing!

  10. 16 books pulled this week! IN-FREAKING-SANE! Thanks a lot DC (although it should be a lot of fun)!!!

  11. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Is buying a series that I’m almost positive will be canceled early just because I like the idea of having a full series run something that anyone else in the world thinks about or is it just me? For instance, I picked up Xombi not only because I liked most of the old Milestone series but also because I figured Xombi would be hard to track down once it was canceled. I wasn’t banking on a trade coming out (which, it turns out, I was wrong about). The same is true for Static Shock, which is the only DC book I’m planning on buying this week. Perhaps it’ll be a great success (and I hope I’ll love it), but I’m not exactly optimistic for its continuance.

    And sure, I’m looking forward to reading Action Comics just like everyone else, but I’m planning on reading it in trade.

  12. I know for sure I’m getting Mystic and Action Comics, I can’t decide if I want to buy a couple more DC books or not.

  13. Wooo! I’m excited to buy comics this week! Well, more than usual at least. Animal Man, Batgirl, Detective, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing, and maybe Men of War from DC and new Casanova.

    September is going to be a ton of fun!

  14. Hahahaha oh god…..gonna have to be tapping into the savings account for this week.

  15. I am super excited for Animal Man, easily my most anticipated book of the relaunch. I’ll grab JLI, Swamp Thing and Action as well as the newest Cobra from IDW

    BQ: Selling a bunch of collected editions on e-bay. It just feels crazy. Yes, it is a sad, nerdy existence when that counts as crazy.

  16. Animal Man!!! I have missed Buddy Baker more than life itself. Swamp Thing and Action Comics look fantastic as well.

    I’m disappointed in the lack of USM. Pretty much everything told me it’d be out tomorrow. And according to Invincible, there was supposed to be Super Dinosaur. That book has been MIA too long. I’m getting worried.

  17. ANIMAL MAN #1
    RED SKULL #3

    BQ: Craziest thing I’ve done most recently? I asked my girlfriend to marry me. 🙂 Our wedding invitations are going to be comic books, mwahahaha! We’re sending one to Stan Lee, because why the hell not?

  18. I was going to get all the DC books, but there are a lot that i just don’t have any interest in, or like the creators on it. I am pickin gup more than I thought i would, and will make a determination from that. Excited for Action, Swamp Thing, Animal Man (never read the later before, but will because i like the creators and ifanboy does a great job talking up these characters). Also excited for Wolverine, which is my only marvel pull this week.

    BQ: hmm what is the craziest thing i have done lately. my girld friend and I bought a house. thought that was pretty crazy!

  19. I can’t believe I’m actually picking up three dc books! This is pandemonium!

  20. Wow, 10 pulls, and I think this is the first time ever that not one of them is a Marvel book.

  21. @conner and @ron
    You guys still plan on pulling all 52 1st issues even after reading most all ready?

  22. More dc than I thought I was going to. Action, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Red Skull, Casanova, Moon Knight, Punisher, and iZombie to start with. Most likely also picking up Stormwatch and ‘Tec, with OMAC a game-time decision. The preview made it look like a lot of fun.

  23. 11 books total. 6 DC.

    Most looking forward to JLI and Swamp Thing from DC. But its also Jeff Parker week at Marvel which I always love.

  24. ActionComics, the Punisher ans StaticShock are 3 books I am really looking foward to.

    BQ: Nothing too crazy, I do cuss out my help (at work) and work a 12 hour shift with out sleep.
    (hmmm my job makes me do crazy things)

  25. Since I’m going all digital for the new 52 thing, I don’t have to decide on those books till Weds… or later! 🙂

    Definitely getting StormWatch, Detective, Green Arrow and JLI. I’m on the fence about Action, Animal Man, Batgirl and Swampthing. I’ve NEVER read Swampthing, but I’ve heard good things so I will probably give it a shot. I’m in wait and see mode on Batgirl because I miss Stephanie and Oracle already. heh.

    Oh, and I’ll be getting the New Avengers annual and Irredeemable. I’m glad to finally revisit the Simon problem from the Avengers storyline a while back… but I hope somebody knocks him on his arse.

  26. A nice, just pulled my comics.
    This is going to be one heck of a week, maybe I’m going to become a “DC guy” in the coming months.

    I’m buying more DC Comics than i ever have (in my 1½ year of reading comics).

  27. Im grabbing some of the new Dc titles including Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Action Comics and Detective Comics. Im also grabbing Wolverine and i was going to grab the New avengers Annual but after reading the review from today im not so sure.

  28. Holy mackeral! I’m picking up 16 books this week. Oh god. I hope every week won’t be this way from now on, especially if those DC books are all good. I might have some tough decisions ahead.

    BQ: Pledging to buy 16 comic books in one week???

  29. In addition to my normal titles, for the next few months myself and the rest of the employees at my lcs will be picking up all of the New 52, we plan to read at least the first arc of all 52 titles, and then decide which ones to follow. I’m fairly certain already that I’ll be following Action, Batgirl, and Swamp Thing from this weeks selections, but we’ll see about everything else past that. I’m excited for The Boys, since this arc is almost done, and I feel like the end of the series is going to be amazing, like every other ending Ennis has ever written.

    BQ: Agreeing to this suicide pact with my co-workers to read I, Vampire.

  30. Very excited about tomorrow! Action, Animal Man, Men of War, Morning Glories, Swamp Thing, and Sweet Tooth. Also kind of want to tempt myself with Stormwatch as I’ve heard a LOT of positive things about it and Cornell has been excellent lately.

    BQ: I’ve been rather boring lately…Last “big” thing that stick out in my mind was an incident involving a flaming skateboard.

  31. Ron has pick of the week. I am laying odds that it will not be Action. @Ron, please forgive some idle speculations. Just trying to get into the spirit of this week. 🙂

    Odds on each title being POTW:

    Action: 6/1
    Animal Man: 5/2
    Batgirl: 9/1
    Batwing: 7/1
    Casanova: 4/1
    Detective: 10/1
    Green Arrow: 15/1
    Hawk & Dove: 8/1
    Hulk: 5/1
    Irredeemable: 5/1
    Justice League International: 12/1
    Men of War: 13/1
    Moon Knight: 4/1
    Morning Glories: 8/1
    New Avengers Annual: 20/1
    OMAC: 12/1
    Static Shock: 10/1
    Stormwatch: 5/1
    Swamp Thing: 5/2
    Sweet Tooth: 7/1
    Punisher: 8/1
    Thunderbolts: 9/1
    Wolverine: 7/2
    Wolverine Debt of Death: 10/1
    X-Factor: 12/1
    X-Men: 7/2

  32. @conor, hey, I noticed you don’t have Stormwatch on your pull list, was it not very good when you read it last week?

  33. I’m buying: Action Comics #1, Hulk #40, Static Shock #1, Swamp Thing #1, Wolverine #15, and X-23 #14. I’m thinking about dropping Hulk. I’m thinking about only buying the opposite universe version of the DC comics. Since I buy Avengers I need to buy Justice League.

    • You will have trouble keeping that going. The opposite version of Swamp Thing would be Man-Thing, and he doesn’t have a book. I don’t think there are opposite versions of a lot of the books, either. But it is a fun game to play, trying to come up with who the opposite would be!

    • Man-Thing is in ThunderBolts but that would mean you need to buy Suicide Squad also.
      Stormwatch = Secret Avengers
      Green Arrow = Hawkeye. Go with Ultimate Hawkeye its easier
      Deathstroke = Deadpool
      Hawk and Dove = Cloak and Dagger
      Static Shock = Ultimate Spider Man (not cause of the skin color but because of the youth with powers and smart ass comments)

  34. Cannot wait for Action and Wolverine. Also pumped for Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Stormwatch.

    BQ: I work small store retail, and I recently had a kid refuse to move his bike from in front of my door. So I went out and threw the bike into some bushes nearby. Does that count? I need a new job.

  35. 8 DC books.

    BQ: Ate a habanero pepper on a bet at a family cook-out this weekend. My mouth is still numb but I’ve got an additional $200 in my wallet.

  36. Have 9 books this week, my most in a long time. 5 of them are DC, which hasn’t happened in YEARS, if ever. Most looking forward to Action comics, like a lot of us. Also really excited for Hawk & Dove!

    BQ: I stopped doing crazy things once I had a kid. kind of makes you act more responsibly.

  37. I’m getting all the #1s. This week makes me look like a major DC fanboy but really just none of the Marvel books I’m following are coming out.

  38. This is the week that I get super excited for the New 52: Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Stormwatch & JLI are all tied at the top of my list this week. Also, eager to read Batgirl, simply to see how they handle the change. I do miss Stephanie, but my negativity has dimmed, and am now hoping that the new direction for Barbara works out. We’ll see soon enough. I’m curious to see what Morrison does with Superman in Action. My budget may only allow one issue for him to impress, though . . . I’m passing on Detective unless I hear some very positive reactions to the writing.

    No Marvel books this week, unless I take a glance at the New Avengers annual. Wasn’t there supposed to be a new Annihilators this week?

    I will be picking up the new Kirby Genesis as well . . .

  39. After a nice, relatively, light week, I’m back up to 20+ books.

    BUT, for the first time ever, the majority of those books are DC. I even dropped a few other titles, because I’m just not excited about them anymore. Sorry Moon Knight and Punisher.

    Most excited for Swamp Thing, Stormwatch, and Action Comics…and I never thought I would type that.

  40. BQ: Dropped way to much money at IKEA on picture frames during a frantic run of poster framing.

  41. New OZ hardcover and iZombie vol 2

  42. This is like some sort of strange bizarro Christmas in which someone comes and takes away all your toys (all the old DC titles), then follows this up with a bag load of new awesome toys (new DC titles).

    To be honest, Action Comics [] is probably my most anticipated comic (kind of a boring statement to make right now I admit); but am also really looking forward to OMAC [] and Reed Gunther [].

    BQ: Honestly, the fact that I have 9+ titles on this weeks pull list and I keep wanting to add more is probably the craziest thing I’ve done in a while. (My pull list is usually a couple items.)

  43. Man this week is gonna be a biggie! Almost feels like an old school Vertigo week with Animal Man and Swamp Thing and not to mention Grant Morrison doing weird and interesting things. I know this’ll only whet my appetite for Justice League Dark too.

    Action Comics
    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    Sweet Tooth

    BQ: As of this past Friday night I now know what a $300 drinking binge with friends looks like,… wow just wow

  44. So far, this week is:
    BATGIRL #1
    BATWING #1
    BOYS #58
    IZOMBIE #17
    MEN OF WAR #1
    RED SKULL #3

    I will flip through Animal Man and maybe a couple of other DC books.

    BQ: Tranny hooker.

    Nah, just kidding. I lead a pretty tame life.

  45. I will say, I am pleasantly surprised by the number of pulls titles like Animal Man and Stormwatch have been getting — hopefully a good sign that DC is doing something right . . .

  46. Not getting a single DC book this week. The New 52 is off to a slow start with me.

  47. Hmm…on vacation but my LCS has my subscription to:
    Action Comics, Batgirl, Batwing, Animal Man ( not sure about the art but wanna give it a try), Swamp Thing, JLI, Detective Comics, Green Arrow ( I love G. Perez and D. Jurgens but from the previews I have seen so far, I almost couldn’t recognize them!!! Not surevabout this ine, sorry to say..)

    B.Q. Ziplining in Costa Rica, 600ft from the ground. Amazing experience.

  48. Getting Action, Omac, jli, Stormwatch, iZombie through mailorder service. May check out Animal Man and Men At War digitally.

  49. Having put all cynicism aside I find myself really excited for the DC books, which is something I haven’t felt on a Wednesday for a while. I think it’s the Animal Man/Swamp Thing double bill I’m most excited for as it’s a great combination of creators working on two books that really hit my nostalgia sweet spot. I’m sure Action will be great too. Also verrrrryyyyy looking forward to Debt of Death from Marvel….that art is amazing.

    BQ: I’m 34, married for 11 years with a child of 9 yrs and I work in law enforcement. How crazy do you think my life gets?

  50. I’ve dropped ‘Vengeance’ after the first two issues. I like it, but not enough to keep reading it. It’s too mish mashy and I feel like it’s written for the trade and the covers.

    • I will probably be dropping IZombie with this issue. I said I was staying in for the arc to complete, then I’m out. It’s cute, clever, and different, but I’m not invested in it.

      Any other drops by anyone? Any due to the new 52 books?

  51. Despite the New 52 arriving, I’m actually most excited about the new volume of ATOMIC ROBO starting!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m getting a lot of the DC books, but there’s still a certain amount of trepidation around them.

    Whereas, I KNOW Atomic Robo will be superb!

  52. From the looks of this thread this whole thing really is working out for DC, hope the books can support it. Im glad to see so many people trying it all/ a lot.

  53. Loads of Dc Books and of course the return of Casanova
    BQ:I recently told my gf to go screw her self lol felt good to finally say it

  54. i am buying 17 books this week.
    BQ: read previous sentence.