New Comics for 08/25/10 will rule iFanboy Island with an iron fist in a velvet glove

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: This is an oldie but a goodie from the heyday of the old iFanboy Forums: The entire iFanbase has been transported to iFanboy Island – a secluded island in some uncharted piece of the ocean. We must now live and survive together. What will your role be in the new iFanboy Island community? What will you contribute to our new society?


  1. BQ Improv Comedy.

    I didn’t say it would be good, but I will provide it. Whether you want it or not.

  2. I’ll run the poker game.

  3. Small Week, just three comics. Idecided to drop Avengers, it has felt like a chore to read and to look at.

    BQ: At first i was going to say back rubs, but then thought about it, and decided it was a bad idea. I wanted to do Improv Comedy, but that was taken. I will go with Island Tour Guide/Historian, and since it’s an island, i won’t have to go to far!

  4. BQ – I’ll organize the tweet-ups… there’s wifi on iFanboy Island, right?

  5. Dropping Detective Comics. Streets of Gotham will be my Detective now.

    BQ: I’ll train the Monkey butlers.

  6. I am a teacher with a masters in Educational leadership so I will be the teacher/principal of our island geek school, assuming there will be some lady geeks that will produce nerdlings, otherwise I did a lot of work with systems thinking in my masters so I could um…. make some cool diagrams and stuff…. Yeah that’s it diagrams.

  7. I’ll be the attending doctor in the islands Geek Clinic. Paper cuts and X-Box thumb a speciality

  8. id run the boat from thr mainland that will also transport the comics

  9. I’ll work on making a radio out of coconuts so we can contact the Harlem Globetrotters and invite them to play basketball against The Others.

  10. Hooray, Invincible 74 is FINALLY coming out!

    BQ: As an avid indoorsman I fear that my talents in software engineering and robotics would be wasted, but I worked as a cook for a while in college so I believe I could whip up some decent chow.

  11. *sigh* My last comic week of the summer. Starting next week, exactly on wednesday ironically, I start school again. Shame it’s such a light week to finish out the summer.

    Batman #702

    Superman: Secret Origins #6 (FINALLY!!!)


    Superman/Batman #75 (a good crop of talent for a special issue)

    BQ: If we follow the logic of Lost, then I would be the fat humor relief. Then eventually run the entire island when everyone either died or left. 

  12. I can organize all our activites and assign group leaders for the hunting parties and organize a schedule for keeping watch

  13. Lotta DC books this week. Looking forward to Time Masters and Batman 702. I would say I was excited for Superman Secret Origins #6 but I had completely forgotten that it wasn’t over already.

    BQ: I will be the founder of the Cave Painting Artists Guild. I need volunteers to starting mixing color pastes and gathering flint rock. Anyone? … Anyone at all? … uh … Guys?

  14. Avengers #4, Batman #702, Fantastic Four #582, Star Wars Blood Ties #1, and X-Men Legacy #239!!

     BQ:  I will catch fish for food.

  15. BQ: Food taster.

  16. I would be the guy who announces the The "TWO MEN ENTER ONE MAN LEAVES" shit when the inevitable Thunderdome is created on our island.

  17. @Hawkboy Wouldn’t it be Two Geeks Enter, on Geek Leaves? and would geeks really fight to the death, or would it be a trivia based continuity game? i think that would be worse than losing ones life, being out done in Batman lore.

  18. BQ: Do we need an economist?  I didn’t think so.  I’m pretty good at making pancakes…

  19. @stuclach You sir are hired

  20. Generation Lost, Green Arrow, Runaways TP Vol 11 Digest, Time Masters Vanishing Point.

    BQ: My roll?:  Pumpernickel.  My role?: Pointing on grammar errors and avoiding spears in the back.

  21. @RoiVampire – Thank you, sir!

  22. Astonishing X-Men #35
    Avengers #4
    Batman #702
    Captain America #609
    Guardians of the Globe #1
    Invincible #74
    X-Factor #208
    X-Men Legacy #239

    BQ: I’m 6’8" and I can fart on command. So… make of that what you will.

  23. Just Avengers and Muppet show for me.

     BQ: Sarcastic Smart Alleck who comes through when the chips are down

  24. I’ll be the chap who tries to make a joke but sounds like an ass. And as I’m English, I’d get to be the group weasel

  25. haha, the conclusion to Ellis/Jimenez Astonishing run!

    most looking forward to Avengers and Cap.

    BQ: accident-prone safety inspector. 

  26. Small week for me. Avengers, Captain America and Invincible.


    BQ: I suppose my new role would have to be a Dr. Livingston type explorer, searching the island and bringing back exotic items and mapping the place for a way out. 

  27. Man, iFanboy Island is screwed.


  28. Just Echo for me this week.

    BQ: I could make an iphone app for us. We would all have iphones, right?

  29. I think we’ll all just be huddled around Conor’s iPhone

  30. I’m an attorney, so I guess I’ll do all the cooking

  31. I can help you out with that when it’s breakfast time. I make awesome omlettes over a campfire

  32. I think I’d get kicked off the island . . . maybe start a splinter group of exiles . . . betray them and come back into all your good graces.

  33. If @Ron doesn’t pull Savage Dragon this week, even after I sent him a preview, there’s gonna be fightin’ words!

  34. He’s bought every issue ever, so it’s probably not an issue.

    Well, it is an issue, but… you know what I mean.

  35. @Josh, that actually made me choke on my water.  Good job!

  36. A good week lies ahead.  Looking forward to Action Comics, Science Dog Special, Echo, and more Avengers!

    BQ:  I’d be a really solid Wilson.

  37. BQ:  Dude, I would make sandwiches like a motherfucker.  Who wants a Reuben?  Anyone?

  38. Superman Secret Origins 6. I started to think I would never see it. Win.

    BQ: Resident Anthroplogist. I would write a detailed ethnography of our little geek society, to be studied by future generations.

  39. BQ: Wallet Inspector. Line forms here dweeebs.


  40. Huge Marvel week for me. But Avengers is dropped like a rock.

    BQ: I am the food supply. Kill me and eat me.

  41. is an instant suicide case considered a roll on the island?  – because i call that

  42. BQ – Is there a lab on the island? Cause i’m a biotechnologist and if i work hard enough i might be able to modify our DNA to give us superpowers. Just saying 🙂

  43. Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Factor for me this week.


    BQ: I’d be the angry guy who yells at people who don’t pull their weight.  

  44. I’ll give Avengers one more chance. And maybe Wonder Woman.

     BQ.  I’ll organise the Diamond Shipping.  How many coconuts would I get for a $3.99 title?

  45. Big big week, with the end of The Mighty in TPB form to boot.  Most looking forward to?  Well I’m on a bit of a Vertigo jag at the moment, so Scalped and Unknown Soldier I guess, although part one of Grant Explains RIP and Final Crisis Really Simply was kind of fun, so Batman should be good.

    BQ: Man, it’s at times like these that you realise how unlikely a candidate you are for survival when the shit hits the fan.  I have a law degree and I’m a police officer, could I settle disputes or something?  But what would give me the moral authority to do that? Would the islanders consent to some sort of rule enforcement system, or would it be general anarchy?  Uh, I’ll just sit in the corner pondering principals of island law enforcement…would that help?

    Although I’m loving just how many of us seem able to cook, because I could also help with that.

  46. Light week:

    Avengers #4
    Fantastic Four #582
    Ultimate Comics Mystery #2 (OF 4)

    BQ: Can’t hunt, can’t fish, not much of a cook. I’m going to have to do the washing up aren’t I?


  48. Coconut booze . . . cool.

  49. BQ: I’ll start making volleyballs/friends for everyone on the island. I think I’ll call them Wilsons.

  50. BQ: Considering that half the population of iFanboy Island is hunting/cooking, I’d offer my services as food critic, so the rest of you can decide who to go to.

  51. I’m a lawyer, ergo I have nothing useful to contribute to society. I’ll probably end up being the guy who gets sucked into the engine or catches a bad rip tide while fishing. 


    Comics: Scalped, Echo, and about 10 copies of The Goon $1 to give away to everyone who asks me why a forty-one year-old lawyer reads comics. Maybe some of those buck Conans, too.

  52. Gen Lost comes out this week!

    BQ: the logical, wet blank voice of reason that eventually gets sacrificed to the evil monster dwelling deep in the island.

  53. Lets be realistic we are on an imaginary island trying to survive! We need practical people like midwives and farmers and hunters and brewers! I volunteer to do all of the above.

    Avengers #4

    Batman #702

    Do Androids Dream Dust To Dust #4 (OF 8)

    Justice League Generation Lost #8

    Scalped #40

    Secret Warriors #19

    Superman Batman #75

    Time Masters Vanishing Point #2 (OF 6)

    Unknown Soldier #23

    Wonder Woman #602

    X-Factor #208

  54. I have the same list as Gilgamesh417, which was Avengers, Captain America, and Invincible.  I guess my job on the island is to copy him.