New Comics for 08/12/09 Have Poofy Humidity Hair

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This week, the big deal from Marvel is the return of life after Ultimatum with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 and Ultimate Comics Avengers #1.  To say nothing of the final issue of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers!

Then at the other place, they’ve got Blackest Night #2 and Blackest Night Batman #1.  Also don’t miss Adventure Comics #1 by Geoff Johns also, because he wasn’t busy enough.

A new Invincible trade from Image?  I remember when I was waiting for those.  Some good issues in this one, a couple POW’s I think.  Speaking of Image trades, this week you’ll find a collection of Joe Casey’s Charlatan Ball with a concept almost too wacky to describe.  There’s some beautiful are in this series about a bad magician trapped in an alternate dimension.

Finally, I’m very excited to see the return of Hellboy The Wild Hunt with issue #5, as well as BPRD 1947 #2.

And I’m your man for the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What is your favorite kind of weather, and what is your least favorite?


  1. Got some good comics this week.

    Also the West Coast didn’t get the full Diamond shipment from last week so I got Agents of Atlas and Ghost Rider this week as well.

  2. New Comics is back baby!

    Blackest Night #2

    Deadpool #13

    Green Lantern Corps #39

    Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #5 (about fucking time)

    INCREDIBLE HERCULES #132 (Now bi-weekly!)

    Wednesday Comics #6

    Special Guests: All Winners Comics 70t Anniversary (hopefully) and Batman: The Complete Hush TPB.

    BQ: I love it when it’s cloudy enough to look like rain but still looks sunny out. Basically watch the beginning of ‘No Country for Old Men’ to get my drift.

  3. Huge week. 10 books, which may be a record for me. Blackest Night, GLC, Blackest Night: Batman, Red Robin, Batman, Adventure Comics, Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, ASM, and Utopia part 4.

    BQ: favorite: sunny and cool. Least favorite: humid and rainy

  4. The Hellboy hiatus was planned.  They said so in the last issue.

  5. @josh: Even if it’s planned, it killed any momentum for me.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Very excited for the return of Wild Hunt (which can take as long as it damn well wants, given the quality), BPRD 1947, Adventure Comics, Blackest Night, and so much, much, much, much more.  

  7. looking forward to all the great non-superhero stuff this week: BPRD, Fables, Hellboy, and the Walking Dead

  8. Looking forward to BPRD, Killer and the Universal War One Vol 2 HC (and Blackest Night to a lesser extent).  Also curious to see if I can resist a Peter Tomasi written Blackest Night/Batman spin off…

    BQ:  Not exactly weather but I would plum for autumnal/late summer sunny evenings around dusk, with fresh leaves on the ground and tumbling from the trees.  A little prosaic perhaps – but I’m a little drunk right now…

  9. Marvels Project #1 and Marvel Comics #1 (70th Anniversary Edition) seem to have slipped through the cracks between this and last week.

  10. Action Comics just for the crossover, along with Amazing Spider-Man, the Unwritten, and Wednesday Comics for me. I want the Invincible trade, but I think I’ll wait for the hardcover. Hopefully my shop will have gotten the third Dynamo 5 trade in by now.

    BQ: Weather is moot if you never go outside.

  11. Action Comics #880
    Adventure Comics #1
    Batman #689
    Blackest Night #2 (OF 8)
    Blackest Night Batman #1 (OF 3)
    Bprd 1947 #2 (OF 5)
    Fables #87
    Gi Joe #8
    Green Lantern Corps #39
    Hellboy Wild Hunt #5 (OF 8)
    Red Robin #3
    Unwritten #4
    Wednesday Comics #6 (OF 12)
    This is the largest number of books I have ever pulled (I believe).  What have I become (, my sweetest friend)? 
    BQ: Snow in the South, Snow in the North
  12. Normally I’d say eight books is a big week, and this week I have ten… just from DC. Fourteen Total.  I’m going to be reading all night.

    Blackest Night, Green Lantern Corps, Blackest Night: Batman, Batman, Red Robin, Titans, Red Circle: Inferno, Action Comics, Superman Secret Files 2009, Adventure Comics, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and I decided to give all the ultimate books a try as I haven’t before, so Ultmate Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man.

    BQ: Cool and kinda breezy… basic jacket weather. Least favorite is hot.  Once water bottles, shorts, and/or sun screen come into play, my day’s ruined.

  13. I’m most looking forward to the Marvels Project #1 this week, but I don’t see it listed yet. Brubaker and Epting would have to fail pretty badly for me not to like this a lot.

    BQ: Inappropriate weather for the seasons annoys me quite a bit at times.

  14. BQ: (Not too) warm and sunny with a cool breeze.

  15. I’m glad we can move past that horrible Ultimatum andget back to some good ol’ Ultimate Spider-man. Can’t wait to read that or the Geoff Johns related content of Blackest Night and Adventure Comics.

    Feels good to be looking forward to some comics to read after two so-so weeks.

  16. Adventure Comics #1

    Amazing Spider-Man #602

    Batman #689

    Blackest Night #2 (OF 8)

    Blackest Night Batman #1 (OF 3)

    Bprd 1947 #2 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern Corps #39

    Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers #4 (OF 4)

    Red Herring #1 (OF 6)

    Red Robin #3

    Ultimate Comics Avengers #1

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

    Unwritten #4

    Wednesday Comics #6 (OF 12)


    BQ: I like San Francisco’s chilly foggy weather. But I have to admit … no weather compares to


  17. Blackest Night #2, Blackest Night Batman #1, Amazing Spiderman #601, Batman #689, Red Robin #3, Wednesday Comics #6, Action Comics #880, Unwritten #4, and Superman Secret Files #1.  Nine books, not a record breaker, but still plenty expensive.  One $4.99 book.  Three $3.99 books!!  I’m most excited about the Batman books and ASM, those ones are only $2.99!!

    I suppose I’m gonna trade wait Adventure.  Last thing I need right now is another $3.99 cover price every month.

    Not too excited about the relaunch of Ultimate Comics either.  I dropped Ultimate Spidey awhile ago! I never was a big Avengers fan but I always wanted to try something from Mark Millar.

  18. I haven’t had a busy week in a while. Not changing this week or next week either. Last week of August is probably going to be a massacre.

     Unwritten, Wednesday, and Walking Dead. 

  19. New FABLES TPB and new WALKING DEAD TPB in the same week


  20. The DC assault on my stack continues:

    Amazing Spider-Man #602

    Batman #689

    Blackest Night #2 (awesome)

    Blackest Night Batman #1

    Green Lantern Corps #39

    Red Robin #3 

    Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 (very excited)

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 (very, very excited)


    BQ:  Love the sunny, breezy fall-type days.  Hate bitter cold without snow on the ground.


  21. ASM #602

    deadpool #13

    blackest night #2

    uncanny x-men utopia part 4

    walking dead #64

    Though Flash rebirth was coming out this week????


  22. BPRD 1947 #01
    Adventure Comics #01
    Batman #689
    Blackest Night #02
    Blackest Night: Batman #01
    DMZ #44
    Fables #87
    Green Lantern Corps #39
    JSA Vs. Kobra #03
    Red Circle: Inferno #01
    Red Robin #03
    Unwritten #04
    Wednesday Comics #06
    G-Man Cape Crisis #01
    Walking Dead #64
    ASM #602
    Captain America Theater of War: To Soldier On
    Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers #04
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #01
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #01

    Monster week for me. JSA VS. KOBRA!

    BQ: My favorite kind of weather is 60-70F, with some sunshine. My least favorite is 100+ degree weather. =[

  23. BQ: Love rainy and cool fall Ohio day, which means college football.  Hate blazing hot humid summer days, which we’ve yet to have much of, thank god! 

  24. BQ: I like clothing optional wealther – Because I hate Pants- and I despise snow. Which is ironic as I am a Buffalonian (or fitting, I haven’t decided yet).

    I’m going try to pick up ADVENTURE Comics this week.

  25. MAY-HEM!!!

    Should be a fun week.

  26. shitload of books this week. Had to happen I guess. MAYHEM!

  27. Yes, Adventure Comics, finally. and Ultimates plus blackest night, damn this is the best week ever.

  28. Marvel Divas, Fables, Uncanny X-Men, UXM First Class.


    BQ:  65 degrees, sunny, light breeze, not humid. 

  29. I’m pulling half of DC this week.  YaH! finally Ultimate Comics launches.

  30. 18 books again?  I was hoping last week would happen more often.  Oh well, they all look great.

     BQ:  68° and partly cloudy with a light breeze.

  31. BQ–

    Favorite:  Apocalyptic and breezy

    Least Favorite: Scorching hot



  32. Wow, no picks this week.

    BQ: Favorite, hot & dry; hate, really really cold, can’t sleep when I can feel my toes.

  33. Holy smokes small week.


    Stoked for Unwritten

  34. um, where is Marvels Project?

  35. Only 5 books for me this week. Got Marvels Project #1 last week, and it seems to have slipped through the cracks between last week and this one, so I guess I can’t make it my POW, as I don’t see anyhting beating the awesomness that was that issue. 

    BQ: Any weather where I can dress in layers, but not so cold I have to wear gloves. 

  36. A sizeable week for me with 11 books.  Luckily, a few of these are finishes or final issues.  I’m buying way too much on a weekly basis.  Really excited for Hellboy, BPRD, Blackest Night, GLC, and Adventure Comics.  

    BQ: Cool and Breezy is my most favoritest.  Blisteringly hot or ball shrinking freezing are my least favoritest. 

  37. BQ:I never care about the weather too much.

    I do so love the smell of rain though. 

  38. Yikes, lots of trades this week… Fables, Invincible, Walking Dead. Plus Unwritten.

    BQ: Love the cool, not the cold.

  39. @Paul: Did your new avatar came from that Mad Men create a character game thingy?

  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @edward – That it did. Big Mad Men fan.  

  41. I’ll be jumping into the Ultimate Universe this week and picking up Avengers and Spidey.

    Blackest Night, Corps, and all things Batman are on my list too. I’ll also be giving Adventure Comics a go.

  42. @paul: don’t worry, mate, I was killing time at work on that thing too

  43. so much stuff… so much awesome… so much sadness I’m not getting it until next week (doggone it). All of the Blackest Night stuff, some Spidey, Wednesday comics, and make a coupla other things.

     BQ: Least favorite is definitely hot and humid. Favorite is snow 

  44. Batman, Booster Gold, Titans, Red Robin, and Wednesday Comics. Still haven’t read any of the Wednesday Comics though,so I don’t know how good it’s been thus far.

    BQ: I enjoy mid 60’s. Also don’t mind the winter when it’s around 30 degrees or so. Much like everyone else, I do not enjoy hot and humid like we’ve been having in MI the past few days…

  45. Got 9 books, looking forward to Ultimate spider-man/avengers, hellboy, BPRD, and walking dead.

    Just got my member pack, already put my buttons on my pack. How much can I get for the autographs on ebay?

    BQ: SNOW, feet and feet of snow, summer sucks. 

  46. Geeze…13 books this week including 2 trades. Plus a couple from last week and a couple of flip-through-and-decides.


    I did drop Spider-Man. Figured this was a godd time to switch to trades. We’ll see if I still care by the time the collected editions catch up to me.

  47. Based on the last 2 covers, I’m gathering that one of the stipulations for MJ to come back was that she had to lose her internal organs. That’s sad for her.

    BQ: It should be 70 and sunny all the time. 

  48. @Megnolia

    Mary Jane wasn’t just gone…..she was apparently a member of Danger Girl. 

  49. Also, I hate to say it because I actually hate this book(but I keep reading it!) where is Crossed? I want to finish it and wipe it from my memory forever.

  50. What’s the deal with Marvels Project #1? Wasn’t on last week’s list, not on this week’s, but I received my copy last week (in UK).

    It’s good BTW

  51. Another Monster Week!

    21 comics, not counting Marvel Comics #1 and Marvels Project #1 + I didn’t get Agents of Atlas,  Dark Reign: Zodiac or War of King thanks to the Diamond f-up last week. Looking forward to this week’s massive stack.

  52. Ultimate universe relaunch!!!
    Bq: umm, snow…for both

  53. Whoa, huge week for DC Comics! I’m excited … my wallet is not.

  54. PS- "Poofy" means something else in Australia, lol.

  55. I’m getting massacred again… really need to prune the pull list.

    DMZ, Dominic Fortune, Existence 2.0, Fables, GI Joe, Hellboy, Killer, Mice Templar, Red Herring, Starstruck, Unwritten, Walking Dead, Wednesday Comics and a old issue of Dead Run.

    BQ: Autumn is bestest.  Summer… not so much.

  56. Gonna give Adventure Comics a whirl, even though I have 0.0 history of reading anything featuring Connor Kent. I do love Geoff John’s stuff though, and I liked the Legion in his Superman book, so I think I’ll be fine here. I’m also very excited to see where Blackest Night goes, as well.

     B.Q.- Best weather is summer, since not only do I get to wear less clothing, but so do the ladies in the city :). Autumn is my least favorite, since it seems to encompass the crappy parts of spring and winter.

  57. Great week for me! 

     BQ: Warm but not humid. 65-75 degrees is perfect for me. Wisconsin winters are a bitch but I’m sure there’s worse.  

  58. @WadeWilson – So if I said "Poof Magazine" you wouldn’t think it’s a professional magician’s periodical?

    BPRD was gorgeous last issue, so I’m guessing that’ll be my POTW…that and because it’s my only pull, besides Wednesday Comics.

     BQ: Californian coastal weather (70s-80s with low humidty) or brisk east Texas autumn (60s with a brisk chill in the air). Least favorite weather? Uh probably summer in Texas with the car’s AC being broke.

  59. I needed a big week….all my trades I’ve bought won’t be in till early next week at best.

     Really looking forward to the Blackest Night stuff and Adventure Comics.

  60. We’re missing Marvels Project #1 this week from this list.

  61. Not sure why Marvels Project isn’t on the list.  Obviously, something got screwy with Marvel’s submissions.  We’re gonna try to add it to this list.  But look for it at the shop!

  62. @josh: It’s already in the shop! I read the first issue at my LCS last week.

  63. For some people.

  64. Apparently all LCS’s are suppose to have a party over ‘Marvels Projects’ today. Yeah I’m sure their going to do that.

  65. Yeah, i hate it when companies "promote" their "comics" also.  Jerks.

  66. @josh: Touche. 🙂

  67. Blackest Night 2 and Batman Blackest Night are my most anticipated. I’m waiting for you guys to give the go-ahead on the Ultimate universe reboot.

  68. I found Marvels Project a moment ago so it should have at least one pull.

  69. Hey!  There it is!

  70. I bought Marvel Projects last week.  It is pretty good.

  71.  BoosterGold,  RedRobin,  BatMan,  J.S.A.  Vs  Kobra,  Adventue & WEDNESDAY comics.

    I like it HOT when I’m off from work to enjoy it (either at the beach or the pool). 

    But it sucks when it’s hot on work days!

    My least favorite is wet, when every thing is muddy and it sucks going outside.

  72. Most excited for X-Men Forever. 🙂

    After that, Uncanny and Blackest Night.


    BQ: My favorite kind of weather might be rain. We rarely get it in L.A., so I tend to enjoy it. My LEAST favorite kind of weather is absolutely heat + humidity. HATE IT. My first trip to NYC in the summer was fucking godawful. I do not understand why or how people decided to build a city IN HELL.


  73. Batman #689
    Blackest Night #2 (OF 8)
    Blackest Night Batman #1 (OF 3)
    Cable #17
    Captain America Theater Of War To Soldier On
    Deadpool #13
    Green Lantern Corps #39
    Red Robin #3
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #1
    Uncanny X-Men #514
    Wednesday Comics #6 (OF 12)


    I’m most looking forward to  Blackest Night #2, GL Corps #39, and Cap TOW: To soldier On

    BQ: Right now I’m liking cloudy days.  It’s not to hot, nice and mild.  I f’n hate rai!!! all it seems to do here in KY is rain this season.

  74. Every Tuesday night, I fill the shelves at whichever store I’m working at on Wednesday, and then I pull my preliminary stack of comics.  The series I’m already invested in, as well as number ones that I’m excited for.  I sit down, read them, write my reviews, and then shuffle back to the shelves for things I suspect might be good, or alternatively awful, and then I read those.  By the time I’m done the trains have stopped running and I have a peaceful walk home, get a few hours of sleep, and then hoof it back to the store for Wednesday.


    Tonight, my preliminary stack is over twenty comics for the first time that I can remember.  That doesn’t include the trades, or back issues that I need to read to catch up.


    I’m most looking forward to bed, but there is the thickedt blackest night looming between me and that destination.


    BQ: My favorite and least favorite weather is snow.  Love it while it’s falling and new, hate it twenty minutes later when it’s polluted into sludge. 

  75. Wow, big exciting week.  Can’t wait!

    In BQ news: I love sweater weather.  Jeans, a hoodie and the tang of woodsmoke in the air as the days get shorter and the nights get colder.  The sun shines bright and the sky is azure blue, but you know that the snow is waiting in the wings.

  76.  A descent week for me:

    Blackest Night #2

    Green Lantern Corps #39

    Red Robin #3

    Walking Dead #64

    Cable #17

    Deadpool #13

    Ultimate Comic Avengers

    A few maybe’s:

    GI Joe #8

    Batman #689

    Blackest Night Batman #1



    Sunny and 65                 100+ and no wind

  77. My favorite weather would have to be overcast and windy, kind of static in the air with no rain. And of course the worst weather is cloudless and sunny with a heat index over 44 degrees.

  78. I got my comics already, so I’m a little late in responding, but oh well.  I only had two comics this week and I’m looking forward to both.  Amazing Spider-Man and Unwritten.  I’ve been loving both series. 

    BQ: I love it being sunny and about 20 degrees Celsius.  I hate winter…which sucks cause here we have quite a bit of winter.

  79. BTW, TNC, my company did do a Marvel party in one of our stores.  We did about four thousand dollars in business between 8 and 10.  The owners now regret not doing it in all of our locations.