New Comics for 07/30/08 Are Sore From San Diego!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

It’s a lighter week this week, maybe due to the Comic-Con, or just one of those things, but there are some good things coming out, like we mentioned in today’s iFanboy Mini with Joe Casey – Green Lantern #33, the Popgun Anthology, Volume 2 from Image Comics, and Wolverine #67. But there are others like Fantastic Four: Secret Invasion #3 and the Justice Society of America Annual #1! It may be light, but it will be a good week I think.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What bit of news coming out of San Diego are you excited about?


  1. Most excited about Kevin Smith’s Batman mini. This week i’m looking forward to Green Lantern #33 and Thor #10

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking forward to Dresden Files and Wolverine.

    BQ: Wolverine trailer 

  3. Getting Xmen First Class (second part of the Machine Man story — it’s been awesome); the conclusion of Huntress: Year One (a mini I’ve been loving); the Joker’s Asylum: Two Face book (Harvey!).  Also, at least two copies of the second (and last 🙁 ) TPB of ‘The Order’; for me and to share with friends.

    BQ: I feel like all the news is mixed; I’m happy about the ‘War Machine’ ongoing, but not particularly about the creative team.  ‘Inferno’ sequel is potentially awesome, and potentially scary.  ‘Flash: Rebirth’ could be cool, but I don’t really know enough about the DCU right now to judge.  So, not really excited about anything; intrigued by quite a bit. 


  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Most excited for Flash: Rebirth and New Krypton.  

  5. Thank goodness for a light week after con. only getting wolverine #67, Black panther #39 and FF SI #3.

    BQ: best news i heard was from Joe Q saying Marvel will let us breathe and have a break on events for a bit. 

  6. But with Inferno and War of the Kings announced who knows how much of a break.

  7. Just Black Panther #39 (for my Jason Aaron fix) and Wolverine #67 (for my Mark Millar fix). Finally a break for my wallet and time to catch up on my ever growing stack.

    BQ: Kevin Smith is writing a 3 issue mini-series from DC staring Onomatopoeia (a character he created while writing Green Arrow) with his friend Walter "fanboy" Flanagan on art. And for all you haters out there, the scripts have already been written and turned in according to DC. 

  8. Just getting Wolverine this week.


    BQ: Honestly I was expecting some bigger announcements at least from Marvel. Don’t care about a lot of their big stories like Millar coming back to Ultimate line and all the Stephen King stuff. Reading about the Superman panel has made me even more excited for the big cross-over coming up so I guess that is what I’m excited about.

  9. Only two books for me this week, thankfully, both of them penned by Geoff Johns (GL and JSA Annual).

    BQ: Neil Gaiman on Batman, even though it’s only two issues.

  10. Green Lantern


    JSA Annual

    Joker’s Asylum: Two-Face (since I hear such good things from the other "Joker’s Asylum" books so far)

  11. Can’t wait to get that popgun anthology

     BQ: Cloak and Dagger Mini + Agents of Atlas ongoing

  12. BQ: Flash Rebirth, totally.

  13. Only 4 books this week. Most looking forword to GL

    BQ: Kevin Smith’s batman mini and Flash rebrith.

    @paulmontgmery New Krypton? i did’t get that news.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    As for this week, my most anticipated book is JSA annual.  No question.  

  15. a very light week with only 5 weeks. prob looking foreward to jsa annualo most. green lantern will be great but i really want to see more blackest night etc play out now.

    B.Q kevin smith on Batman. how can that not be the best announcement??? flash rebirth may see a flash book become great again after the shit relaunch, fingers crossed

  16. @siratomofbones New Krypton is the name of the upcoming Superman cross-over taking place in Superman, Supergirl, and Action Comics. I believe it is a 9 parter but I could be wrong on that.

  17. The Geoff Johns books – Green Lantern and JSA Annual.  Looking forward to the light week.

    BQ: Get my CC news from the DCU podcasts and haven’t listened to them quite yet.  In general looking forward to Watchman and Wolverine. 

  18. scratch that…I’m still pulling 9 books this week!! Maybe it’s time to make some cuts.

  19. Only 2 books this week? Green Lantern and Two-Face Year One. Easily most excited about GL – in fact this may be the book I’ve been most looking forward to for the last month. I’ve had a lot of minis end on me lately, so my weekly pull seems to be getting shorter. Anyone got any suggestions for new titles, things that might be cool and easy to jump on to?

    BQ: Geoff Johns writing Flash (Never read it before. Don’t care. I’m in!). Geoff Johns writing Superman in 2010 (I don’t read it. I don’t care. I got 2 years to get up to speed, right?). Geoff Johns writing anything at this point.

    Also saw the Watchmen panel on youtube, which was pretty awesome. Matthew Goode’s anecdote about getting the role of Ozy was just brilliant and hilarious, as was Zack’s response to the dude in full Rorschach costume asking about "mature comic book movies". 

  20. ult. spidy, jsa annual, old man loagn, and GL?  light week but SOLID week.

    BQ: I should know better by now but I’m excited for the Legion showing up on Smallville by Johns.


  21. Some decent stuff this week – Ultimate Spidey, Dynamo 5, GL, JSA, Jason Aaron on Black Panther, Jonathan Hickman on Core – a lot of good, but not great stuff (on the surface anyway).

    BQ: DC in the coming year – Johns back on Flash; Gaiman, Smith, Morrison, and Dini all doing Batman; New Krypton; plus the Green Lantern saga continuing and Final Crisis. Just awesome, awesome stuff.

    Very disappointed in Marvel news this year – DC’s bringing their A game, and Marvel, with IMO the best writer-for-writer stable, is giving us lackluster ideas and rehashes.

  22. Only getting Wolverine this week. And if it doesn’t impress me a lot more than part 1 of the arc did, then I’m out. (Part 1 was neat, but I’ve read a million future stories, and this one seemed particularly senseless. The layout of the world was…different, but I just don’t see why it would make sense or be interesting.)

    BQ: Gaiman channeling Alan Moore’s Last Superman Story to make a Last Batman Story.

  23. SKAAR/ SON OF HULK – guess I’m just happy to see a Hulk being a Hulk and the art’s top notch.

    FF: Secret Invasion – at least there’s progress being made here.

    THOR and GL always givens – In JMS and Johns I trust.

    BQ: Yay, Johns’ Flash: Rebirth!

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Okay.  Reign In Hell.  Do I want this?  Is this going to be accessible?  I’m not well traveled in DC’s hellscape as far as I know.  

    How about Frank Frazetta’s Creatures?  It looks and sounds pulpy.  I am intrigued.   

  25. only one book: Dynamo 5!

    Yay IMAGE! Being and Image Monkey is much easier on my wallet that being a Marvel Zombie or a memeber of the DC Nation.

  26. I knew I was getting a small batch of stuff this week, nothing all that exciting (except X-Men First Class and Wolverine, the first issue of which I never expected to enjoy as much as I did), but I hadn’t realized this was the week for X-Men: Odd Men Out.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the last new Dave Cockrum art that will ever exist.

    BQ: The Cloak and Dagger announcement was exciting, and War of Kings may be the thing to finally get me interested in the cosmic side of Marvel.

  27. Most excited for Old Man Logan this week!


    BQ: Either Gaiman’s Batman or Flash: rebirth 

  28. Wait a minute…Neil Gaiman and Kevin Smith writing Batman?  Is this true?

    Wolverine #67, JSA Annual, Joker’s Asylum: Two-Face, and for some strange reason I’m going to pick up Fantastic Four True Story, maybe Paul Cornell has something to do with that.

    BQ- Flash: Rebirth, the Legion on Smallville and I guess Gaiman and Smith writing some Batman.

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Kory – Yep, it’s true.  

  30. @Paul- Thanks, that is some really exciting news

  31. Looking forward to SI FF #3. Hopefully a fitting finale.

    BQ: More Dr. Horrible! 

  32. Locke and Key #6

    JSA Annual


    Green Lantern

    Maybe: Jokers Assylum: Two Face

    BQ: Flash Rebirth

  33. Back-to-back light weeks = picking up the direct to DVD Stargate SG-1 movie tomorrow.

    BQ: Johns on Flash.

  34. I literally only have four books this week… So… JSA Annual or Green Lantern? I can’t believe that’s it…

    BQ: Probably Flash: Rebirth…

  35. Wow… its a no hitter for me!  Thats fine, my wallet could use the break.

     BQ: X-men Inferno II, Bendis/Hickman on Secret Warriors (I know this was announced before, but i’m STILL excited)

  36. Yikes!  I’m not even going to the comic shop this week.  Not worth it for two books.  That’s a bit depressing.

  37. Lighter week?!? I’ve got 8 books! That’s a near-high for me. Thor, JSA Annual, USM, Wolvie (and Power Pack) are what I (and my kids) are looking forward to most.

    Thinking of dropping GL. It’s been ok, but slow paced and I’m realizing that I’m not all that wild about Ivan Reis.

    I’m on the fence about FF: True Story. It looks interesting but I think I’d rather have this in TPB.

    BQ: The Ultimate Millar book, o maybe Infernus II. I haven’t digested all the news yet. (When will ifanboy cover it all? Why must you force me to seek info elsewhere?) 

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @patio – We’re not a news site primarily.  But I’m sure a lot of the big news will be touched upon at least in some way during the interviews in the upcoming San Diego show.  And I’ll be elaborating on some more of the DC news in my column tomorrow.  It’s all about the commentary!  

  39. O yeah, commentary for sure. But a bullet list of the big stuff would be cool. Or how about the top five list of everyone (on staff) who was at the con? Please someone tell me what to think. I even saw the Gaiman on Batman item, but it didn’t register until just now. But I am a geezer.

  40. Most looking foward to GL and The Order Vol. 2.  As everyone mentioned, it’s a pretty light week, which is good…it gives me time to catch up a little bit.

    BQ:  Flash: Rebirth and Kevin Smith Batman, plus the potential that the Superman family holds…

  41. Looking forward to Green Lantern and Wolverine the most….But add a JSA annual and you got yourself!……a very boring week. I mean after the first four titles, the rest seems like blah stuff so this is gonna be a calm week. Which is good cause you guys had a tough week with the con so it all works out.

    DnA (Abbnet and Lanning) annoucing a new Cosmic event for Marvel is so much gravy, I wanna swim with the pages we’re gonna get in this. If these guys can make Nova and GOTG great with barely effecting a whole universe….image what they can do with a war! This will be the moment where we compare their work to John’s Green Lantern.

  42. Yep, definitely a light week, but all these books should be good. I’m *really* excited for Black Panther and all of y’all wanting to see "something happen" in Secret Invasion need to be reading Ms. Marvel, ’cause she’s killing Skrulls like it’s the Captain Britain book. It’s sweet.

    And, since it’s a light week, we’ll probably buy another Y trade or another SiP trade…


  43. BQ: Inferno 2 sounds awesome!

  44. Most lookin’ forward to —

    Wolverine #67 & the JSA Annual.

    BQ — I’d be more excited for Kevin Smith writing Batman if it had an actual artist drawing it & not his mate … and hopefully DC waits to get all of Smith’s scripts in hand before publishing a single issue. I’d rather have no story than just the start of one, like Marvel gave us.

    The news that made me gasp (outloud) when I read it was that Jason Aaron will be writing The Punisher! A christmas special one-shot. Can’t wait for that.

  45. @WadeWilson – Flannagan did a series for IDW a few years back called War of the Undead. The art was actually pretty decent – will be a good fit for a Batman story. It’s almost like a Kelly Jones/Kyle Hotz mixed with a Steve Dillion. Personally, I’d like to see how his Batman looks. There’s a few preview pages at the bottom of the link:

  46. I’ve got Green Lantern, USM and Old Man Logan this week.


    BQ: I’m most excited for Flash: Rebirth and War of Kings.  Gaiman writing Batman has me pretty psyched too.  Johns dropping little hints about Blackest Night was really fun too.  (Here’s hoping Connor Kent is a black lantern.  Now that’s some emotional baggage type fighting going on there!)

  47. @Dan – It’s cool that Smith is sticking by his friends, I’m not hatin’ on it at all, I’ll be buying it, I’m a Kevin Smith fan & have all his movies on DVD & all the comic’s he’s written. It’s just that it’s a pretty rare thing to get any Kevin Smith comics, so I’d prefer to see a professional artist on the book.

  48. Just Dynamo 5 #15, should be a gooden

  49. @WadeWilson – I just want a good artist, and IMO, I think Flannagan is a good artist – his style looks like it will suit a Batman story to a tee. You can’t start out as a professional – everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, he’s got a number of issues under his belt – two multi-issue minis I can think of. To not consider him a professional is a little unfair. If DC didn’t think he could deliver, they wouldn’t have him on the book (even though it could be drawn by monkeys with crayons and still sell a butt-load of issues, but I digress).

    On a side note – civil comics debate. See, it can be done. 

  50. So far, I’m looking at 5 books.

    On the one hand, good.  On the other…the Pick could be tough.


  51. I’m most excited for Locke and Key 6. This has been a great horror series and the production on it is fantastic. I strongly recommend the series. I’m also looking forward to Dynamo 5 and Thor. It’s a light week for me as well but it should be a good one.

    BQ: The Wolverine trailer that was sneaked on the web looks cool. I want them to officially release it on the web. I didn’t realize David Benioff (25th Hour) wrote the screenplay, and that makes me extra excited for it. I’m also looking forward to the return of Cloak and Dagger.

  52. Prolly most looking forward to Comic Book Comics #2 and Remender on Frazetta’s Creatures – sounds wacky.

    BQ: Darwyn Cooke doing 4 crime graphic novels for IDW.

  53. Thing I’m most excited about coming out of Comic-Con: Marvel’s War of Kings.  Abnett and Lanning are hitting on all cylinders right now– Nova has quickly become my favorite super hero book. 

    This week: Locke & Key jumps out at me– I LOVE that series so far.  Black Panther with Jason Aaron; Dynamo 5; Green Lantern; JSA Annual; Thor; Ultimate Spidey; Northlanders; the two FF books, Secret Invasion and True Story.  Book this week I’m most looking forward to is probably Wolverine.

    Last couple of weeks have been fairly light and really BAD; with Johns, Bendis, Millar, and Aaron books this week, hopefully it’ll pick up.

  54. @Josh – So obviously the TPB didn’t convince you to start picking up Thor, huh? Or will you be reading it in trades? 

  55. I also only have 5 this week.  I’m a little distressed…I like the prospect of saving money, but I hate the prospect of not having anything to read.

    I’m looking forward to Wolvie I guess, maybe I’ll give Black Panther a try…Aaron and all…

    BQ: Pics of the ifanboy booth babes… 😉

    (and Inferno 2, but I mentioned that elsewhere on the site…)

  56. @Patio – I have some back issues saved up, but I haven’t been reading them.  I’m just not compelled.

  57. BQ: Most excited about Gaiman writing Batman and Flash: Rebirth.

  58. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Josh – I haven’t read the JSA annual yet, obviously.  But this is one of those rare occasions where, if it’s not picked, I might have to go Hawkman on your ass.  

  59. I’m looking forward to buying all my pulls from the last month! I only get paid once a month, so this week is it, man. I’m so into books this weekend. This week in particular I’m hyped for the Newuniversal Kieron Gillen one shot. and the wrap up of the firts Northlanders arc.

  60. Most excited about Huntress, me thinks, with JSA in close second. And, uh, Skrulls vs. Power Pack? Sure, why not. And Popgun, but I have to finish reading Vol. 1 first.

    As for SD news, definitely intrigued by Gaiman on Batman, and stoked about the Milestone characters and the Zatanna series. DC certainly had more going on with the announcements.

  61. As far as this weeks books go, I’m most stoaked on: Green Lantern, JSA Annual, Wolverine, Black Panther (Jason Aaron has gotten me to enjoy a Ghost Rider book, why not this?), and Huntress: Year One has been pretty effing solid, and on time, so that’s cool!

    As far as San Diego news goes I was pretty excited when I saw the Flash: Rebirth poster at Ethan Van Sciver’s Artist Alley table. However, now that I’ve heard about Neil Gaiman on Batman hmm… all I gotta say is 1602 wasn’t that awesome to me, but I do think he’s good, so who knows…  Someone told me about Geoff John’s plans with Superman and I thought that it was A REALLY COOL IDEA, I don’t wanna spoil it.  Also, Kevin Smith on Batman sounds like it could be a disaster waiting to happen, does anyone know if he and Gaiman will be actually writing for any of the Batman/Detective titles? Or will they be seperate mini-series?



  62. @Josh – [sigh] But Coipel’s art has been so beautiful. And Djurdovic (sp?) was great on that 2-issue storyarc. You read that one right? And it’s all really starting to move after a long, slow buildup. So, what? I bet you’re reading Fraction’s Thor tho right? 😉

  63. @patio: Fraction’s 2 Thor issues were awesome.  Just off the charts great, which I didn’t see coming from Fraction on that character.

  64. @Jim: yeah i heard the same, im bummed i missed that shizz……

  65. I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet, but I heard they were good. I feel a little bit of angst about it because I was just getting into what JMS was doing and here’s a whole new thing. But I’ll give it a shot.  

  66. @patio  The Fraction Thor stuff is all backstory.  Kind of like a ‘Year One’ if you could have that for an ancient god character.  You don’t have to like one at the expense of the other.

  67. Wait! XMFC is coming out?!?! I didn’t notice it. No picture = I no notice. I philisitine. Coolie-o! Can’t wait for the rest of that MM guest-star goodness. that pushes my total up to nine, which is possibly a record for me. Jeez. It’s not looking good for FFTS unless it gets POW (Josh).

  68. I only have 3 books coming it seems and clearly looking forward to Green Lantern the most. I’m dropping Teen Titans with this issue, that series just hasn’t been the same since Johns left.

    BQ: All the Bat news and Flash: Rebirth has me excited. Post Crisis looks like an interesting DCU.

  69. Light week, but some good stuff. Looking forward to GL, JSA Annual and Wolverine. Can’t wait to see where the Old Man Logan story is going. Thinking about starting on Uncanny, but I’m torn. Love Brubaker/Fraction, but HATE Land art. Is he on the book long-term?

    Best SD News: A new Kevin Smith comic that’s already in the can and more Dr. Horrible.

  70. @Dan – I’ve never seen any of Walt Flannagan’s books (besides the pages you linked) or his dog’s books, so I can’t judge if I like his art, yet. So long as it’s not distractingly bad I’ll be cool with it. Kevin Smith writing Batman is a pretty awesome prospect, I just hope it delivers … and that DC delivers all the actual books!

  71. @WadeWilson – I think Flannagan’s art will be a surprise to everyone who sees it and it won’t just be a case of Smith getting his buddy on the book. As to the second half of your comment, here, here!! Couldn’t agree more. Onomatopoeia was/is a great character and since it’s a Smith creation, it’ll be hard for him to screw it up. If it’s true that DC has two of the three scripts in, then in all likelihood, it should arrive on time.

    Off to the shop!