New Comics for 07/08/09 are gonna need a few more days this week

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Not a ton of books to look forward to out of Marvel this week (which means we stand a good chance of a X-Men Forever Pick of the Week…), so I’m most excited for the second Hulk trade! But this week DC presses on ahead with the quality books like Batman, Red Robin, Superman: World of New Krypton, Green Lantern, and The Unwritten!

Oh, and the exciting comic book experiment that is Wednesday Comics! I’m looking forward to that the most this week!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How’s your summer going so far? Everything okay with you?


  1. Wow, only 4 books this week. Guess I can go ahead and buy that TPB of powers #9

  2. OH!

    B.Q. = No, this summer sucks because the Mets can’t win a single game…

  3. Kinda odd week, 5 DC books and nothing else.

    BQ: Stellar

  4. Everybody go buy Jeff Jeff Lemire’s Nobody! 

    BQ: I’ve had a great summer so far yetI’m still recovering from the 4th. I’m leaving to go camping on Thursday and that should be good.

  5. Finally! A breather week. And I’m taking a stand against Uncanny X-Men First Class. First Class is dead to me.

    BQ: This 4th of July weekend ranks in my top five all-time 4th of Julies(?). So, not so bad. Thanks for asking!

  6. I will definitely be picking up Batman, Red Robin and Green Lantern this week. I also have to get caught up on what I missed last week.

    B.Q. My summer is going great. I just got back from being a camp counselor for a week. Although I missed the big release of Captaion America Reborn, it was one of the greatest weeks of my summer so far.  

  7. 7 books:

    Batman (wish the continuity would match with B&R, but have a feeling it won’t), Green Lantern, Red Robin, World of New Krypton, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Booster Gold & I’m gonna try Wednesday Comics.

    Booster is on the bubble of getting dropped. Everything else is just so good that I can’t afford books I’m not excited about.

    BQ: Summer’s been great! NYC trip – GREAT! 6 Broadway Shows – GREAT! 4th of July party – GREAT!

  8. Big DC week, only one Marvel book, the ASM Annual.  I am really excited for Wednesday Comics, though I’m not sure if each week is a seperate feature.

    BQ: Going pretty good, the Phillies just swept the Mets and that’s always a good thing.  Scheduled my vacation for August, though that’s starting to turn from a trip to San Diego (Spanish for a Whale’s Vagina) to a week down at the Jersey Shore.

  9. Green Lantern #43 (Finally a Blackest Night issue)

    Punisher: Frank Castle MAX #72 (First issue by Gischler was soild, hope it keeps up the momentum)

    Wednesday Comics #1 (Totally forgot this was coming out this week. Cant wait to see if it’s worth the hype)

    Special Guests: Amazing Spider-Man by JMS Collection vol.1 and Whatever Happen to the Man of Tomorrow? HC.

    BQ: Summer has been okay. Wish I had a better job at the moment..

  10. Small week, and with no marvel books (don’t think that’s ever happened before). Very excited about The Unwritten and Green Lantern.

  11. Superman: World of New Krypton, Unwritten, Wednesday Comics, and the Tom Strong #1 reprint, if they have it.

    BQ: Can’t complain. Thanks for asking.

  12. Hot damn! I didn’t even notice BPRD 1947 is starting. I can’t wait to get both Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.

  13. Green Lantern #43
    Batman #688
    Red Robin #2
    Unwritten #3
    Bprd 1947 #1 (OF 5)
    North 40 #1 (OF 6)


    BQ: Amazing summer as usual!! Yay!! 


    I have a bonus question of my own … what is this "Hot Moms #12" title listed? Aww probably about baking cookies. 

  14. 7 books this week, Green Lantern, Red Robin, Batman, Spider-man Annual, Dark X-men, GI Joe Origins, and I wasn’t going to but I think I will Check out Wednesday Comics.


    BQ: Haven’t been feeling well for weeks, it feels like I’m off my meds even though I’m not. Need to get back to work, tired of being laid off.

  15. Its all about the Unwritten.

    B.Q.: I’m on vacation all summer with my awesome 6 year old girl and we’re raising all kinds of hell and havoc up in our ‘hood. Haha! Perfect summer so far.

  16. I’m really interested in the Wednesday comic..


    BQ- My summer is going really well. The summer’s in eastern Washington are amazing! Not a lot of rain and just plain dry heat. 80-90’s decree weather until September. People who live in the humid area’s of the US, I feel for ya! 

  17. Wow. Small week. Good thing because in regards to the bonus question:

    I was on tour for a solid 3 1/2 weeks & within those 3 1/2 weeks I was banned from Canada for a year & jumped/robbed by an El Salvadorian gang. So I’m home now, trying to figure out where to go from here.

  18. Wow, not a lot for me this week!  But I’ll be picking up the Back to Brooklyn tpb, and trying out that North 40 #1, which looks interesting.  


    BQ:  GREAT.  GREAT SUMMER.  I saw PARAMORE last night. 

  19. I’m really looking forward to Unwritten and Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft (though I hope my store got enough in of that one).  So a really light week for me (which is good, because I’m becoming very broke, very fast). 

    BQ: My summer is going great.  Awesome first anniversary, got to go to the Stampede, and I have a great summer job that while it doesn’t pay the best, it does make me feel like I’m doing something important.

  20. Trades this week are amazing.


    BQ: I’ve been fishing at my cabin almost every week, and the swimming weather is finaly here in minnesota.

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Too many trades!!!!

  22. Unwritten, Proof, and No Hero.

    BQ: meh 

  23. Oh so much DC for me!!  Batman, Red Robin, World Of New Krypton, Wednesday Comics, House Of Mystery, and Unwritten!!  (Yes, I consider Vertigo part of DC even though it’s not in the DC Universe)

    I’m grabbing ASM Annual and possibly another copy of Punisher MAX even though it’s not looking like it should be worth $4

  24. Batman, RedRobin, BoosterGold and Wednesday COMICS! 


    Awesome summer so far! 

  25. Probably good it’s a light Marvel week because that lets me give the first "Wednesday Comics" a try.  Honestly, ‘X-Men Forever’ WOULD be the book I’m most anticipating, if Roger Cruz weren’t doing the art on ‘Uncanny X-Men First Class’. 

    BQ: I’ve had a decent summer — it’ll be better when I shake this cold.  Cons are disease factories.

  26. only six books this week. But all six of them are books I’m really looking forward to reading. Pretty sweet.


    BQ: This summer started out ok, but the last few days it became the best summer ever, as I found out my wife is pregnant. Although I have been informed that "Spider-Man Ferrigno" wouldn’t make a good name for our child to be. 

  27. Big DC week, Batman, red robin, wednesday comics, Super: WONK, Green lantern. i always considered myself a Dc guy but over the last few years i have been slowly drifting from the books. i’m right back now, baby!


    BQ: the winter sucks in Canberra, it’s the coldest capital city in australia. having said that, i had one of the best days i have ever had at teh snow last weekend. Edward rocks!!

  28. GI Joe Origins, No Hero, North 40, Tom Strong, Unwritten, Wednesday Comics and the Nobody HC.

    BQ: Hey, thanks for asking!   Well, I did just get married and just back from the honeymoon.


  29. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Wednesday Comics and the two Batman books.  That’s it for me.

    BQ: Well, this summer’s been marred by the governor of Ohio proposing cutting state expenditure of library funding by 200 million.  So, yeah.  Not so much fun these days.

     @JohnVFerrigno: Congrats! 

  30. Aren’t comics coming out on Thursday, since it was 4th of July weekend?  Would that mean "Wednesday Comics" is actually debuting on a "Thursday?"  Whoopsy DC!  Ron should be furious at this, or laugh uncontrollably.

  31. Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men First Class, Red Robin, Unwritten and giving Wednesday’s Comics a shot. But most looking forward to THE NOBODY, Lemire is brilliant.

    BQ: Great summer besides my seemingly go-nowhere job. My girlfriend just got her own place so that will rock! But every summer is better with baseball! Go Phils!!

  32. Yay!

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #36 is a great way to spend a Spider-Man breather week. I wish we could get it after the conclusion of AMERICAN SON, but I’ll take Spider-Man anyway I can get it. It sounds like this has something to do with the upcoming CLONE SAGA arc as well.

    BATMAN #688 should be good, as all of the Batman-related books have been lately. Really excited to see Batman try to train Robin, and the involvement with the standard Gotham villains.

    Will I be able to understand BPRD 947 #01 if I didn’t read it’s prequel? I wanna get started on reading BPRD/Hellboy stuff, but I’m not sure if this is a good place to start. I don’t care about being a little confused but if this is going to tie-in strongly should I just wait for the next mini? I’m pretty excited about this either way.

    Not too excited about the DARK X-MEN BEGINNING #01 tie-in, but the DARK X-MEN stuff has been decent to good so far, so I guess I’ll check it out.

    GREEN LANTERN #43! BLACKEST NIGHT starts here! Yaaay! The first Black Lantern is apparently born, as well, so that should be awesome. I’ve been reading GREEN LANTERN for a while, and from what I’ve seen, all the fans have been kind of pacing back and forth waiting for this to begin. Let’s hope this lives up to all the hype.

    When it came out last month, RED ROBIN #02 was POW, and, although it was up against some tough competition, this week may be even tougher. Excited to see more Spoiler-goodness too. I love the whole idea that the detective in Tim is overpowering, and he just can’t accept that Bruce is dead, y’know? Perfect characterization.

    I have to admit I don’t think THE STAND: AMERICAN NIGHTMARES has been all that great as of late, but hopefully #04 changes that. Not too excited about the book, but excited about the possiblities.

    Although I didn’t think the last FIRST CLASS book was all that great, I have faith in UNCANNY X-MEN FIRST CLASS #01. I’ll probably be a little more conservative and drop it after the first or second issue if it’s not up to standard, but I’d like to think positive for now.

    UNWRITTEN #03 could make a strong case for POW, as always. Really excited to see the continuation of the last few pages of issue #02.

    I’ve got to give it up to DC for WEDNESDAY COMICS #01. I’ve been saying for a while that one of the big two should put together a chea anthology by both up-and-coming and established creating teams focusing on smaller, under-used characters. While this isn’t exactly that, it is a step in the right direction for anthologies and for comics in general. Very intrigued by this.

    Another UTOPIA tie-in in X-MEN Legacy #226 doesn’t excite me too much, but the solicit sounds great. I really don’t want to get tied up in reading a bunch of X-books, though.

    Overall, a pretty strong week!

    BQ: My summer has been pretty good. We’ve gone camping, and we’ve still got a few BBQS to attend, a water park trip, Harry Potter in IMAX, and a Greg Rucka signing, and that’s just in the next few weeks. I’ve also avoided getting sunburn, which is awesome.


  33. Project Superheros!

  34.  I was excited for Dark X-Men, but the art is going to suck, so I guess I’m excited for X-Men Forever and Green Lantern.

     BQ: Eh, I’m not really digging the heat. But I’m hoping that I get to keep Sunday as a day off. And I’m looking forward to BURNING MAN!


  35. Just WONK and GL. Excited for both.

    BQ: Not bad. Finished my first year of teaching on the 25th been hanging out, playing wiffle ball, watching DVDs, and learning jiu-jitsu since.

  36. Wednesday Comics, WoNK, Batman, ASM Annual, Red Robin, Green Lantern  

    I read my books in order from least to most anticipated, and when WoNK is going to be the second book I read, I know I’m in for a good week.

  37. Most looking forward to Wednesday Comics(this is gonna be soooo good!!!), Green Lantern, Batman, Superman W.O.N.K., Unwritten and I might give North 40, The Nobody(if i can afford it) or Pixu vol1(if my LCS got a copy) a try.

    BQ: I’ve been carless since Feb. So, Its been very "meh". Hopefully, If things work out, I’ll have a car soon and my summer will improve too.

  38. Wed. comics and Unwritten.

     BQ:  It would be great if it would stop raining. 

  39. Spoooooooooooooon!  I’m a little biased when it comes to The Tick, but I’m excited that the series is back on its feet and ongoing as of this week.  The manga series has a four issue run, and then it’s on to a whole new storyline and creative team.  I’ve already read issue one, though, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a magical girl manga starring The Tick as the magical girl.


    I’m also looking forward to Green Lantern, Unwritten, and the Batbooks. 


    BQ: My summer has been all work and no nothing but work.  And, also work.  At least I have a somewhat cool job.

  40. Given the fact that I had to be begged and strong-armed into buying issue #1, I’m equal parts surprised and humbled to say Unwritten is my most anticipated book of the week. I’m buying little else, and almost everything is a "Hmm, we’ll see."

    BQ: pretty great, although I would dearly love to sell this effing house finally and literally move on to the next thing.

  41. I’ve got a mild week as well. 

     BQ: The summer started a little rough because my Wings lost to the Pinguins.  But my St. Louis Cardinals are doing awesome in baseball and summer vacation has been delightful.  I love being a teacher.

  42. Really glad to have an 8 book week again. Last couple have really hurt. Anywho, looking forward most to Wednesday Comics, and also the Bat books as always.

    BQ: It’s going ok. Working a lot and later this week starting to build a deck out back. It will be my first major construction project of sorts. I’m excited. The only other thing I’ve built in the past has been bookshelves and a cabinet.

  43. Stupid question, cause it could’ve been answered earlier for me.

    Are the new comics delayed at all? Or will it come out on Wednesday?

  44. @TNC: New release day on Wednesday, this week.  At least at the LCSs in New England.  General rule is: If UPS (who does all of the shipping for Diamond Distributors) doesn’t run on Monday or Tuesday, then comics are delayed.  Otherwise, business as usual.

  45. Green Lantern, the Bat Books, War of Kings Tie In and Wednesdays.

    BQ: Just lots of work. Which I hate. Need to keep the money train flowing though. 

  46. Nobody looks good.You know what I mean.

    BQ:This season (winter for me) has been rather average.I keep saying misinformed nonsense on the iFanboy site 🙁   So from now on constructive posts only 🙂  And I vow I’ll buy some form of membership as atonement.

  47. I’m back home!!  Oh how I’ve missed iFanboy and its crazy crew of members.

    Light week for me, which I’m really happy about.  Looking forward to Wednesday comics and Green Lantern.

    BQ: Awesome.  Just got back from Oahu.  Great stuff.  Saw fireworks on the beach, snorkelling, tons and tons of stuff, but glad to be home now.

  48. Ooh, Green Lantern, Spidey annual, Thor tales of Asgard and Wednesday comics for me.

    BQ: It’s been a good summer. Nice weather in England for once, and I finally got my baby tortoise so I’ve been having all kinds of fun watching the little fella. 

  49. Quality over quantity, when stacked against the mammoth recent weeks.  Looking forward to BPRD:1947, I am legion, Unwritten and Wednesday Comics.  There are some other treats as well, so it’s looking good

    BQ:  Going okay, gotta get moving soon to get to my son’s sports day.  Mainly though, it’s all build up to the family holiday to Paris in 3 1/2 weeks.  Can’t wait…mmmm…pastries and French comic stores…

  50. A quiet week, Batman, Red Robin and X-men Forever. Now that the X-titles have been sucked into Dark Reign I have a good reason to drop them. I’ve liked Dark Reign for the most part but I’m bored of the band wagon now. 


    I might picked up Ms Marvel and the WOK tie-in if I’m bored over the weekend. 



    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36

    Batman #688

    Dark X-Men Beginning #1 (OF 3)

    Green Lantern #43

    Red Robin #2

    X-Men Forever #3


    I’m really exicted for Green Lantern and X-Men Forever.

    BQ: Summer has been good so far. Looking forward to my vacation in August and tons of birthday parties.

  52. Man, I’m following the fold. The first 6 or 7 books on the pull list.  Ah, but I’m also grabbing the NEW WARRIORS TPB – early 90’s glory!!

    BQ:  Not bad.  Had a garage sale and sold my full collection of Mark Hamill memorabilia and made $700, then an extra $600 on ebay.  Poor, young, hairless Mark Hamill figure, mint on the card from 1980, in his bespin fatigues.  You will adorn the inside of a box inside my front hall closet no longer.

  53. Thank God it’s a light week. I’m most looking forward to Batman, Wednesday Comics, and The Nobody (but I will be getting that through the mail, and it will be the top of my book stack).

    BQ: GREAT. Started out doing some hiking and cheap shopping in Upstate New York, on my girlfriends Birthday. Had brunch a few times on a friends roof deck. Got to see Explosions in the Sky at Central Park. Had a great 4th of July weekend, where i got plotzed on the Friday before, and got to BBQ July 4th at my parents house. There were some GREAT fireworks too. Finally framed my Concert posters for Explosions and Kings of Leon. Except for the rainy weather in New York, I’ve been having the best summer yet.

  54. All DC for me this week, including The Nobody, which I’ve been looking forward to for months.

    BQ:  Pretty damn good.  The Yankees are playing well, I heard some fantastic music at Bonnaroo, and there’s lots of great reading ahead.  What could be better?  How’s your summer, Conor?

    @OddsBodkins:  CONGRATULATIONS!  Many happy returns.

  55. Nice, small week, which is very welcome. Looking most forward to Wednesday Comics, Batman, Green Lantern (Blackest Night – FINALLY), The Stand, GI Joe.

    BQ: No, summer has sucked major ass so far. Got a new vehicle, which should be great, but when you aren’t prepared for it, it sucks ass. I’ve got about a week and a half worth of comics sitting in my box at the store, plus this week’s books, and I don’t know for sure when I’ll pick them all up. Dropped close to $1500 on the old vehicle in June before it finally had to be put out to pasture. Had to put up with grandparents who can’t – or won’t – control their grandchild out in public even though he was running through the road or jumping on a hotel luggage cart near a busy road, and me getting chastized for trying to keep the kid safe. Work just keeps getting busier and busier with no help or end in sight.

    Summer has sucked, but at least it isn’t approaching 100-degree temps and humidity.

  56. Looking forward to Batman and World of New Krypton.

     May take a look at Wednesday Comics in the LCS and decide then.  I’ve been burned twice now by DC and the weekly comic.

     BQ:  Had a good vacation in Myrtle Beach about a month ago.  Nothing spectacular going on now…..actually kinda ready for September to be here.  FOOTBALL!!!

  57. Most looking forward to Wednesday Comics #1


    My pull list is big (that’s what she said) this week, pretty much DC nation for me. Though I think I’m going to spend more money on Marvel if I buy the TP…


    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36

    Amazing Spider-Man By Jms Ultimate Coll Tp Book 01

    Batman #688

    Booster Gold #22

    Bprd 1947 #1 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern #43

    Red Robin #2

    Superman World Of New Krypton #5 (OF 12)

    Unwritten #3

    Bprd 1947 #1 (OF 5)
    Amazing Spiderman Anual #36
    Amazing Spiderman JMS TP
    Booster Gold #22


    My summer started crappy because I’m a freelance architect, and my clients are behind on the payments so I have not been able to buy comics that much…hope they pay me before comic con or else this will become a sucky year.


  58. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36
    Batman #688
    House Of Mystery #15
    No Hero #6
    Red Robin #2
    Unwritten #3
    Wednesday Comics #1
    X-Men Legacy #226

    Nobody HC
    Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow HC

    BQ: Summer’s going great! New love, new job, new place, everything’s turning up roses!

  59. Wow, the first 5 top pulled books are DC!

    I guess DC has really got back in the momentum it lost….well at least for ifanboy members.

  60. Light week for me, thank god… Xmen forever, batman, red robin and No Hero… Is anyone reading this book? It’s an odd one.

    BQ: got a new job that’s outside and I live in Orlando, it’s possible that it wasn’t the best choice but hey, money’s money and heresto winter

  61. Light week.

    Just Unwritten and Wednesday Comics with maybe the $1 #1’s of Fables and Tom Strong. 

  62. This was a thoroughly dissapointing week in comics.  Apart from Green Lantern, X-Men Legacy (surprisingly) and the batbooks, the comics  range from mediocre to awful.  Even the graphic novels (not the trades, but the original material graphic novels) are let-downs.   On the plus side, Green Lantern and the bat books. 




    It’s still not enough.

  63. Actually, holidays seem to stop comics on Wednesdays an awful lot. I’m going to check Science if it has any affect on tides.

  64. BQ: Eh.

  65. Batman #688
    Green Lantern #43
    Red Robin #2
    Skull Kill Krew #3
    WoK: Warriors #1
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly #1

    I was psyched to see that a Drafted comic was coming out.  However a book about a mute Sen. Obama surviving a alien ravaged earth before becoming President sounds retarded.

    So far, my summer is great.  I just bought my first house a few months back.  I enjoying grilling at the new crib and I’l soon have A/C.  Until then I’ll continue to melt.

  66. Amazingly, six of the top seven are DC titles, including The Unwritten.  Question for our hosts or anyone else who might know:  When was the last time a Vertigo book maintained this level of popularity beyond the first issue?