New Comics for 06/17/09 will be played by Will Smith in the movie

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

For some people, Captain America #600 already came out, for others it hits big this Wednesday. For everything not Steve Rogers-related, there is the second-to-last issue of Captain Britain, Ultimate Spider-Man Requiem, the long awaited third issue of Phonogram: The Singles Club, Paul Dini’s Streets of Gotham, and a new printing of Hitman: Volume 1!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Who will play you in the movie?


  1. Holy hell, very slow week for me.

    Just Young Allies 70th Anniversary issue this week. So I will introduce a special guest for the week: Captain America 70th Anniversary. Never got around to buying this yet.

    BQ: Zack Galifianakis

  2. i’m waiting till Wed to get Cap, i don’t feel like driving over there for one book. MI13 makes me sad now, knowing it won’t be much longer


    BQ: Paul Rudd or Nicholas Brendon

  3. It’s Captain America, Captain Britain, Madman and Supergirl for me this week.

    BQ: I’ve actually put a lot of thought into this. I’m going to have to go with Rainn Wilson.

  4. Last Week was Mayhem, I bought 20 comics (includes back issues).

    Light week:

    Captain America #600
    Gi Joe Cobra #4
    Invincible #63



    A Robot duplicate voiced by James Earl Jones. 

  5. Not a huge week this week, but I’m looking forward very much to what I am getting. Any week with Phonogram is a good week.

    BQ: I’d want it to be Lance Reddick, but seeing as I’m not black (or that cool) it’d be Danny DeVito.

  6. Pulling Herogasm, GI Joe Cobra, Jack of Fables, Phonogram, X-Men Legacy, X-Men Origins Gambit, and Tales of the TMNT

    Looking forward to Phonogram (if I could marry a comic it would be Phonogram. Ok well actually if it were me I’d just really crush on a comic and then not really do anything about it and hope it picked me out) and Jack of Fables – Loving the crossover. Makes me want to read past the first trade…when I have the money.


    BQ: So tough. going to go with Josh Charles even though he’s too old for the part.

  7. Pre pick of the week?


    Tiny Titans.  SOOOOOOO GOOOOD.



    Colin Ferrel. 

  8. Ron Livingston!

  9. Cool, a nice tight week of just four books for me: Captain America (I must be an idiot as I’ve read the spoilers and I still don’t understand); Captain Britain; Incognito (I don’t care what anyone else says, I like it); Tiny Titans (aw yeah, Robin’s birthday party!)

    BQ: Brad Pitt, of course. 

  10. 17 books.  SEVENTEEN BOOKS!

    I’m sorry, I have to make some cuts.

  11. 20 books… a trade (maybe two)… and an omnibus.


  12. Above-average week in terms of quantity, with none of my favorites.  Kinda makes me sad…

    Superman/Batman, Power Girl, Iron Man, Madman, Action Comics Annual, Supergirl and Streets of Gotham

     BQ: Alan Ruck circa Ferris Bueller 

  13. Power Girl #2! Only about 8 others…


    BQ: Jack Black with a shaved head.

  14. I don’t know if this week is heavy or if it just feels heavy because I have unread books from the previous two weeks. Either way, we’re on the cusp of entering homework territory.

    BQ: I got a lot of "Doogie" growing up, so I guess we should start by calling NPH’s people and go from there.

  15. 10 books!  That is. . .more than I usually get.  I’m most psyched for Cap, but also glad to see ‘Iron Man’ back, and ‘Ex Machina’ apparently actually back on schedule.  This will likely be my last X-Men: Legacy.

    BQ: Linda Cardellini 

  16. Big Marvel week!  Three Dark Reign titles, 18 books in total.

    BQ:  Jonah Hill (minus the Jew fro)

  17. Hey, Incognito’s out


    BQ: Philip Winchester

  18. smallest week for me in a while

    BQ:  Dan Aykroyd

  19. Oh I thought you meant who do I want to play Cap in the movie.  I think only Gael Garcia Bernal looks even remotely like me but I have a bigger nose and lips

  20. This is probably the biggest week I’ve ever had: 11 books and a hardcover.

    I’m looking forward to all these comics, but I’m most excited to be upping my DC comics intake. 

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I finally get to find out if Hal survives the Sinestro Corp War! Trade 2 is finally out in paperback!


    BQ: Hugh Laurie.   

  22. Batman Streets Of Gotham #1

    (Can’t fucking wait! Money well spent, all four fucking dollars!)

    Incognito #4

    Incognito #4

    The last 3 issues were cool as hell.

    Punisher #6

    Fucking A!  Another four dollar book?!  Batman is one thing but $4 for Punisher?!  Come on, man.

    Supergirl #42

    If this goes up to $4, it is definitely getting dropped.



    BQ: What movie?

  23. I it slow here because people are trying to aviod Cap spoilers?  Seems to be happening on other sites at least.

    7 books, a pretty good week.  Every single one of the books I’m picking up are ones that are usually at the top of my stack, so I’m really excited for Wednesday.  

    BQ:  Is this a trick question to try to find out which actor we all think most resembles us?  If so, Zac Efron.

  24. Sleeper Season One and Incognito #4. Plus last weeks stuff.

     BQ: JGL 

  25. A nice week for me.  I’m really excited for Cap, Incognito, Streets of Gotham, Madman, and Phonogram.  Also, I’m stoked to see the newest Starman Omnibus hit the shelves.  I might just need to get that, the FC HC, and I Kill Giants from Instock later this week. 

    BQ: Nathan Fillion.  He will make me way cooler and way more handsome.   

  26. Weird week for me. It’s a big week but nothing I’m very excited for. Most looking forward to Captain Britain.

    BQ: A chubby Chris O’Donnell

  27. A lot books for me this week and whats the deal with the Young Liars solicitation.

    BQ: Bradley Cooper! That’s right I am that vain to say it!

  28. Destroyer, Incognito, and Iron Man for me.

    BQ: Neil Patrick Harris, only straight.

  29. Iron Man, Cap, Dark Reign FF, Incognito, and Streets of Gotham

    BQ: I’d like for John Simm but I’d be lucky to get Simon Pegg…

  30. BQ: Simong Pegg (affecting an central NJ accent) or Jason Lee, because I’m pretty much Brodie Bruce. 😉

    Most excited for Iron Man, Supergirl & Power Girl. Also, there’s some book coming out called Captain America. Apparently it’s a big deal.

  31.  Shia Labeouf.  yeah, im not happy about it either

  32. captain america

    jack black

  33. Isn’t Empowered vol 5 supposed to be out this week? Dark Horse still has it listed for June 17. 


    BQ: Anne Hathaway

  34. @WonderAli: It’s not on anyone’s list for this week – Diamond, Midtown Comics, etc.

  35. 8 books this week, kinda low for me. After the awesome start to the Bat book relaunch, how can i NOT be most excited for Streets of gotham? and Incognito should be great as well.


    BQ: I’ll play myself. 

  36. I’ll be Paul Montgomery Jr. Except I might just be the Doombot version 🙂

  37. it’s looking like a nice little week for me


    BQ: Tilda Swinton

  38. Viking #2 should also be coming out…

  39. @miyamotofreak: Also not on anyone’s list.

  40. 8 books – that’s turning into a normal week.  The Starman Omnibus ups the bill a bit though..


     BQ – No movie, but instead an off-broadway one-man show by the ghost of H.G Wells and a chorus line of dancing girls.  There was a man!  …

  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Speaking of Orson Welles, Michael Gladis who plays Paul on Mad Men could be me in the movie too.  

  42. Incognito, Invincible, Dark Reign Fantastic Four, Madman, and Amber Atoms.


    BQ: Andy Garcia or a young Al Pacino, that’s right i’m a handsome devil 🙂

  43. Erggggg…. 24 books. I really need to drop some stuff.

    BQ: John Cusack.

  44. I can’t find cap 600. My mission is not to be spoiled.

  45. Incognito and Young Liars.I’m on a budget.

    BQ: I want the whole cast to be played by finger puppets.

  46. Super excited about Invincible #63! Of course Cap got the most pulls, but c’mon, who didn’t know he was coming back the day he died! Icognito should be good as always as well as Destroyer! 

    BQ: Wait about 50 years before the movie gets made and I will go with a CGI rendering of Wilfred Brimley! 

  47. Not a super heavy week for me.  I’m excited for GI Joe Cobra, the last issue was fantastic!

    BQ: Evil Jason Bateman, because then he would have a goatee. 

  48. The wonderful world of Oz #7

    wow light week is right


    BQ: Lisa Bonet after a three month Crispey Kreme bender 

  49. My comics of interest are:



    Ultimate Spider-man Requiem

    Phonogram(The Knife!!!)

    Action Comics Annual

    Ex Machina

    Batman Streets of Gatham(Dini!)

    Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance!

    Young Liars


    Wonton Soup Vol.2


    and i think i might drop Powergirl. 

    BQ: The baby of Seth Rogan and Jason Schwartzman

  50. BQ: After seeing the trailer for Taking Woodstock I think Emile Hirsch + about 30 pounds could play me quite well.

  51. Light week. Excited for Batman Streets of Gotham because I’ve been lovng the hell out of the new Bat books. Plus, it’s Dini!

    BQ: Winona Ryder

  52. the mvoie about my life woould be whitewashed and I would be played by Danny McBride.

  53. i would want Daniel Day-Lewis to play me in a movie.  he would be more like me than i am

  54. I can’t wait to read Superman / Batman……….


    BQ: Tom Welling 

  55. Feels like a "break-week" for me, after last weeks big one, it’s good for my trade pile to have a smaller week. Most lookin’ forward to Streets of Gotham, Power Girl & Incognito.

    BQ – Jessica Alba, & in the movie I wear a bikini EVERYWHERE I go.

  56. Power Girl, Super Young Team and Captains Britain and America for me this week. And what’s up with Empowered 5 not being on the list? Over on his DeviantArt page, Adam Warren said this:

     "As I’ve already received my advance copy of EMP 5, I can definitely say for the certain that the book’s actually been printed… I’ll check with DH tomorrow on this, but I’m assuming that EMP 5 will still "drop" this week."

  57. BQ: I often hear that I look like a particular actor, but none of them come to mind at the moment. I also often get "You look just like my cousin Mike." or "You look exactly like this guy I used to go to high school with." or "You look just like this guy my sister used to date." etc… So I think I’ve just got one of those faces.


    Oh yeah, I just remembered one. I was told a couple of years ago that I looked like Jeff Stryker (I guess if he was fat) and I’ve also been told that I look kind of like a Tom of Finland drawing (once again, if they were fat and not super buff).

  58. PS If you google either of those, it probably won’t be worksafe. Just for your FYI. 😉

  59. Invincible, Dini’s first new Batman book, Cobra, Superman/Batman (which has improved 1000% in the last year), Ultimate Spider-Man, Boys Herogasm (which I thoroughly enjoy), Fables crossover, Skottie Young’s Oz, Faction’s Iron Man – a very solid week. Oh, yeah – some book about a guy with a shield.

    Being a fan of this new Spider-Man direction, I may pick up the Mr. Negative mini, but I just don’t see how it could possibly be a Dark Reign tie-in.

    BQ: Edward James Olmos, even though he’s about 25 years older than me, I don’t have a pox-scarred face, and am not Hispanic. I just love his Admiral Adama and that "can’t tell if he’s angry or about to cry" simmer he does.

  60. I am trying to keep my pull list down to $20 a week so I had to make a lot of cuts because half of the stuff I read went up to $3.99!!  I’m still going to buy Dini’s Batman regardless.  I don’t think I’ll be willing to pay $3.99 a month for Punisher though!  That isn’t going to last long.

    Surprisingly, Supergirl hasn’t been cut yet neither!  I don’t know how much more money I can keep giving all these Super-folks with the way the economy is, even if they managed to get me interested again with New Krypton.  I so want to read the ACTION Annual, I just don’t wanna pay five fucking bucks!  Isn’t that insane? I’ll probably end up buying it anyway if I get my $ right by tomorrow.

    But if I really had control over my spending habits at all. I’d just get Incognito and Streets of Gotham and get the fuck out of there unless he had a Streets Of Gotham variant for me.

    Bonus Question: I think Brad Pitt is the only guy with enough balls to try and play me. Leonardo Dicrapio would shit has pants from just checking out the script.

  61. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @robby – Why not cut the variants? Is a second cover worth more than another story? Your choice, but if you want more bang for your buck…

  62. BQ: I want Admiral Ackbar to play me.  That way, when there’s a trap sprung during the final act of the film, he’ll be able to tell you.

    It will be a very loose interpretation of my life.

  63. Killapalooza #2 


    first issue was highly entertaining 

  64. Looking forward to Mr. Stuffins.

     They call me Mr. STUFFINS!

    BQ: Artie Lange 



    Air #10 (I don’t see much love for Air here???)

    Boys: Herogasm #2

    Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2

    Ex Machina #43

    Hellblazer #256

    Invincible #43

    Power Girl #2

    BQ: I’ll play myself, thank you!

  66. Oh god.. I wrote HG instead of Orson… lame.. so lame.  Moviefanboy fail.

  67. Summer School kicks in for me this week so the cash flow doubled and i can buy more books.  very sad life.


    Bonus:  A younger Bill Paxton, Aliens era, with a bit less hair and 20 extra pounds.

  68. @Spb:  Lange going crazy on the Joe Buck show?  or Artie Lange circa 1995?

  69. Oh boy, another big week.

    BQ: I dunno, does Jeff Bridges have a son?

  70. What are the odds of Ron picking Phonogram as the PotW?

  71. @s1lentslayer  Oh, hey, I think this is the first day it’s been Ron’s pick since the new volume started.  Even with everything coming out today, I don’t hate those odds.

  72. Action Comics Annual #12

    Batman Streets Of Gotham #1

    Cable #15

    Captain America #600

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #14

    Dark Reign Fantastic Four #4 (OF 5)

    Dark Reign Hawkeye #3 (OF 5)

    Dark Reign Mister Negative #1 (OF 3)

    Dark Reign Young Avengers #2 (OF 5)

    Destroyer #3 (OF 5)

    Gi Joe Cobra #4

    Green Arrow Black Canary #21

    Incognito #4

    Invincible Iron Man #14

    Outsiders #19

    Punisher #6

    Supergirl #42

    X-Men Legacy #225


    I didn’t get to pick up last week’s either yet…so 30 books for me…my wallet is filling the pain


    BQ:  I would play myself….cause I’m that talented.

  73. Nick Cage from Adaptation.

  74. BQ: Ving Rhames, he’d have to grow a goatee, I’m pretty sure it would be a revelatory movie about the shames of crimes committed in the past and a rediscovery of ones self with an attempt to right wrongs committed in the past. In the end, down trodden by said attempts at redemption turning on our lead, he would start to head to his ultimate fate gun in hand towards a detroit police station to end his life and the life of the cop who continually destroyed every attempt at redemption he took. With the officer in sight, my niece would come up and beg our hero (me) not to do it, because in the end they only had each other everyone else was already dead, the gun would be dropped in the sewer. Our heroes would pile in an old beat up pickup and drive to the west coast seeking a new life. Only stopping for food and comic books.

    The end credits would tell the eventual success, by becoming a screenwriter, my above bio-pic would be all the rage, millions would flock to me as a transformative African American from a down trodden Detroit. When I appear on Oprah she would tear me a whole new hole, for A. being a white guy B. Being Canadian and C. Not having a niece. 

    Trying to explain myself that it was a homage to my life, I would be turned from every circle, no doors would be opened, I would eventually turn to booze and then drugs and die in a  sewer in L.A., TMZ and Inside Edition would be the only one to take note and then an actual bio-pic would be made and it would star Ryan Reynolds, with Darker Hair and make no money.

  75. Ulti-erm I mean Spider-man Requiem.

    BQ: Denzel Washington.

  76. BQ: Helena Bonham Carter.