New Comics for 06/10/09S

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots and lots of stuff to look forward to this week from The Flash: Rebirth, two of the new Batbooks (Batman and Red Robin), the Un-books (Unwritten, Unknown, and Unthinkable), the new volume of Resurrection, and Sherlock Holmes.  I feel bad for whomever has the Pick of the We

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: I can’t stand the sound of people filing their nails. Drives me up the wall. I have to leave the room. What sound can’t you stand?


  1. Looking forward to some more Pet Avengers!  Not to mention The Walking Dead which kicks off the next crazy arc.  Can’t wait for that stuff.

    BQ: The sound to packing tape being ripped up and pulled and used.  Horrible horrible noise.  Also, although I have yet to hear it, probably the sound Ron makes when he’s at a Morrissey concert.

  2. OH damn, i missed the flash so much


    BQ: when I turn a corner in my car I can sometimes hear a folder or papers moving in the backseat. It makes me want to jerk the wheel into a goddamn bridge embankment

  3. Red Robin #1

    Stupid name, but the story sounds interesting.  I think this is going to jump off good but get boring after a while like Robin’s third series.  I’m down for the first arc though.

    Amazing Spider-Man #597

    Can’t get enough Spidey these days.

    Batman #687

    Oh thank you God, the regular Batman series is back!  I don’t know if it’s going to be better then Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin, but the cover sure looks good.

    X-Men Forever #1

    I can’t believe this only has four pulls!

    Batman Confidential #30

    Still buying this.  Still pretty decent.

    Punisher Frank Castle Max #71

    I’ve so been in a Punisher mood lately for some reason.  I’m thinking about picking up Garth Ennis’s run after I finally finish reading Preacher.  Either that or The Boys, but I’m going all Ennis for a while trade’s wise.  It’s gonna be a LONG while too, I feel.

    Action Comics #878

    Action Comics #878

     I don’t wanna drop this, but it’s the least interesting pick on my pull list right now and dollars are TIGHT right now, if u know what I mean!?

    BQ: People FREESTYLIN is the most annoying sound to me.  Especially when it gets past two in the morning!!  OMG

  4. Most looking forward to the nex wave of Bat books, Unwritten and Sherlock Holmes (bought the new Hound of the Baskervilles GN by Ian Edgington today in London, so it’s a bit of a double whammy).  Curious about JSA vs Kobra as Trautmann worked on Checkmate with Rucka.  I’ve dropped Escape after just 1 issue as it really didn’t wow me and the future solicits look like more of the same. 

    BQ:  A tough question, but it’s got to be loud crunching of food while watching TV or a movie.  For my wife and I, most of our movie watching is done on DVD at home, and when she breaks open the crisps/chips, I become a man on the edge!

  5. Definitely getting ASM, Savage Dragon, Batman, Red Robin, Lockjaw, GL Corps, Unwritten and Flash.  Debating on Action, Beta Ray Bill, and Titans.

     BQ: I had an alarm clock for about a year that had no radio, so now when I hear the standard alarm noise on TV, my body kicks into "I dont wanna wake up" mode as a reflex.

  6. Amazing Spider-Man and Unwritten, and I might pick up the first issue of the Beta Ray Bill mini. I love that horse-faced bastard.

    BQ: Babies in movie theaters. I had to yell at someone for bringing their toddler into The Hangover last night. I wasn’t proud of doing it, but it had to be done.

  7. BQ: People talking. Especially when I’m reading. I’m not reading a 400-pages Stephen King book where he even specifies how the warden feels after he takes a piss – because of his penis inflammation, because I want to be interrupted by small talk. If you’ll speak to me while I’m reading – especially if it’s meaningless crap, I’ll want to slit your throat. The writer is trying to get me invested in the plot by setting it up slowly. Don’t fuck it up.

  8. Can’t wait to see what Dick Grayson is going to be like written by other writters in the new Bat Books.

    BQ: The sounds that my old nintendo makes when Mario dies with no lives left. Hated it for years.

  9. @chlop

     Paul’s not the warden 🙂 

  10. I’m really on the fence about Batman and Red Robin. I hear really shitty things about Winick’s recent work, and I’m not sure if a book about Robin will hold my interest. I’ll probably page through them at the LCS, see if they look interesting.


    BQ: When someone rubs a balloon hard with their fingers and it makes that streaky sound. Definably the worst sound of all time.

  11. Flash, Ressurection, and the new Runaways Digest trade.

    BQ: Most of my parents music.

  12. Jesus 23 books, what the hell have I become?..again


    Scratching on vinyl, not like on a record but like vinyl blinds or shirt decals if that makes any sense.

  13. BQ:  "rock and roll" music.

  14. Flash Rebirth, GLCorps, Action Comics (on notice though, you hear me Rucka, step it up!), Amazin’ Spidey, Batman (what the heck, I’ll give it a shot), Lockjaw and Pet Avengers, Red Robin, Uncanny X-Men (dropping this though, I’ve finally come around to hating Greg Land’s art though his Cyclops is hawt).

    BQ: People talking. Children. Mariah Carey.

  15. I’ve got: Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Flash Rebirth, Green Lantern Corps, Overlook (if they have it), Red Robin, Resurrection, Savage Dragon, and Unwritten. Should be a good week. I’m most looking forward to Unwritten and Flash: Rebirth, so we’ll see.

    BQ: As comicBOOKchris pointed out, I hate baloon sounds. Also, I absolutely hate nails on a chalk board. Makes my skin crawl. Both of those sensations are unpleasing to me when I actually do them, and I can feel it when I hear others do it. (For added fun, read only the last two sentences)

  16. @brian – *slaps Brian on the back* I should buy you a beer. Stupid parents bringing their mewling spawn to R rated movies drive me bonkers.

  17. Still deciding whether or not to ‘give up’ on Big Two superhero books for a while.  If so, Flash Rebirth and Action Comics will get the axe.

    I am, however, really looking forward to Unwritten #2, Sherlock Holmes #2 and the conclusion of Soul Kiss.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    JSA Vs Kobralalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!


  19. the link to this weeks comics on the homepage is gone. odd

  20. Resurrection Vol 2 #1
    Unwritten #2
    Batman #687
    Robin #1
    Flash Rebirth #3

    BQ: Sniffing

  21. Anna Mercury Vol2, Unwritten, Resurrection, Strange Adventure of HP Lovecraft… Maybe I’ll also get the reprint of Ellis’ RED…

  22. wwooooaaaahhhh also new PHANTOM: GHOST WHO WALKS.

    fun week 😀 

  23. I can’t wait to read Red Robin…


    BQ: I can’t stand the sound my dogs make when they clean themselves!  

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: The three beagles in my neighborhood. I love dogs, but beagles make the most agonizing sounds.  

  25. I am barely breaking 5 pulls here. Small week. Good for my wallet I suppose. Maybe I’ll pick up some trades I’ve been meeting to get.

  26. 8 books plus a pull leftover from last week. And my wallet is already empty. Ugh.

  27. Peter as Venom, Todd’s Batman, We are the ones who hunt, and the Red Robin story begins. Man, this week is good.

    BQ: The worst sound is styrofoam.Period.

  28. What?? i was sure that Red Mass For Mars #3 was (finally!!) coming out this week. Oh well next week is ok i guess =(

  29. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    man a lot of books for me.

    BQ: radio static. 

  30. This is the most "no, I am not just a Marvel zombie" week I’ve had in ages. Trying a lot of new stuff and loving it.

    BQ: There are some talkative people in my house who see me with a book and a pair of headphones and just cannot connect those dots.

  31. Does anyone else use for their comics? I cannot for the life of me find Resurrection vol 2… just the trade and issues of the first volume? waaahhh

  32. BQ: Whistling. Not a ‘grab your attention’ whistle, but whistling full tunes. Drives me crazy.

  33. BQ: The sound of a dull pencil on paper makes me want to scream. Luckily, these days most people use mechanical pencils in class.

  34. 10 or 11 books for me depending on if my LCS gets Unthinkable.  More so than ever, I’m glad I dropped The Flash seeing as my wallet is going to kill me.

    BQ: The yipping dog upstairs when he goes on one of his 20-30 non-stop bark-a-thons.  Have to retreat to the bedroom and close the door.

  35. BQ: The sound of a broom on concrete/pavement of any kind. Kind of ironic that my job usually entails at least a few minutes of sweeping on concrete per day. The good news is I’m BEGINNING to be able to tolerate it more and more…

     As for books this week, I have another pretty big week. Really looking forward to the new Bat books and the next installment of Flash: Rebirth. 

  36. On my list: ASM, Batman, Deadpool, Fables (really got good after those last two issues), GI Joe Origins, Overlook, Red Robin, Toy Story, Uncanny, Uncanny: First Class, Unthinkable, Unwritten, maybe X-Men Forever.

    That’s the most books I’ve ever had. Think I’ll wait for X-Men Forever and possibly drop Unthinkable…possibly Joe as well. Really looking forward to ASM, Fables and TOY STORY!!!

    BQ: Recently found out it’s packing tape guns. You know when you’ve got to tape up a box…I cringe every time.

  37. Batman #687
    Flash: Rebirth #03
    Green Lantern Corps #37
    JSA vs. Kobra: Engines of Faith #01
    Red Robin #01
    DMZ #42
    Fables #85
    Unwritten #02
    Proof #20
    Savage Dragon #149
    Walking Dead #62
    Amazing Spider-Man #597
    Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers #02
    Miss America Comics #01 70th Anniversary Special
    Doktor Sleepless #12
    Toy Story: Mysterious Stranger #01
    Sherlock Holmes #02

    Most excited about JSA VS. KOBRA: ENGINES OF FAITH this week. I know the writer (Eric Trautmann) personally, and no one deserves more success than he. He’s a great writer and an even greater person. If you liked Checkmate, have any interest in the JSA, have a light week or want to read a great book, I’d recommend checking this out. I’ve never been disappointed by anything Eric has written. Plus, he and his wife own, with no hyperbole, the greatest comic shop of all time.

    I’d also urge everyone on the internet, especially if you have kids, to check out LOCKJAW & THE PET AVENGERS and TOY STORY: THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER this week. Lockjaw was great last week, and BOOM! has been the most forward thinking company in comics when it comes to producing children’s books. The biggest thing this industry needs is children’s books.

    BQ: Nails being filed, rocks being rubbed together, a shovel breaking dirt, etc.

  38. Like sands threw the hourglass….it never ends.

    This week I am getting Deadpool, Green Lantern Corps, and Punisher: Frank Castle MAX

    Also have some ‘special’ reviews of the Final Crisis HC and the Deadpool/Thunderbolts TPB.

    BQ: My friend cracking his spine….*shudders*

  39. GLC, Walking Dead, Action Comics, Uncanny, Flash Rebirth.

     BQ: Styrofoam rubbing against anything esp more styrofoam

  40. Lots to be excited about this week.  I’m looking foward to the new Bat books, GLC, Flash: Rebirth, and Unwritten.

    BQ:  Motorcycles.  I can’t stand people that have loud ass motorcycles and want all the world to know.

  41. Comics this week a vast wasteland.

  42. I’m really looking forward to Proof, the second HP Lovecraft book and Resurrection.  I might check out the new books in the Batman family and X-Men Forever.  I don’t think any of the books this week are on the chopping block, but I might be picking up some new series.

    BQ: I hate the sound that happens when a shovel rubs on a rock.  Makes shivers run up my spine every time I hear it. Any other similar sound does the same thing.

  43. Was that Betty White?

  44. Maybe she’s the zombie version. She also uses "she" instead of "I". Celebrities are weird.

  45. I assumed it was Erik Estrada in a wig.


  46. BQ: The laughter of children. Little bastards.

  47. My comics of interest are:

    Savage Dragon

    Flash Rebirth

    Action Comics



    Walking Dead


    and I might try JSA Vs Kobra.

    BQ: Vacuums and about 90% of the music they play at work.

  48. I’m looking most forward to ‘Uncanny X-Men First Class’ and an issue of ‘X-Factor’ called ‘Dirty Sexy Monet,’ because how could that fail to rock.  ‘Uncanny X-Men’ is some kind of shenanigans with redhead resurrection that has my eyes rolling into my head so hard it hurts (but I’m totally buying it anyway).  ‘Life & Times of Savior 28’ by JM DeMatteis has been a really interesting miniseries.  And I’m sticking with ‘Flash Rebirth’ though I’m on the fence about it.  And I’ll probably get ‘X-Men Forever’, for the lulz.

    BQ: The flip top being pulled off a soda can.  Uggh.

  49. With 17 books I can finally claim a "lite" week. Although between now and Wednesday I will read Unwritten #1, which I never got around to doing, and determine if I need to change that number to 18.

    BQ: Just about any machine that makes a click or pop sound. It always sounds like something is going to break to me and the sound is always jarring to hear.

  50. I forgot to mention that ‘Miss America 70th Anniversary’ is out this week. If anyone hasnt tried these 70th Anniversary issues from Marvel then you should start now! They all have been really entertaining and a great throw back to the Golden age of comics. Now Miss America isnt the most exciting character for me in this issue, I’m with the track record I’m sure it will be good.

  51. So excited for Walking Deads new storyline.


    BQ: I hate the sound people make when they yawn. I dont mind it once, but no one ever yawns just one time. Its over and over again, makes me want to shove something down their throat, and Im not an angry person.

  52. BQ: The sounds that tv staions have recently started using when showing soports scors or any transitions.  I hate all of the unneeded sound effects!

  53. Not a super exciting week, IMO.  Most excited for GLC and ASM.  Red Robin could be interesting.  Avoiding Winnick.

    BQ: Ticking clocks.

  54. I have a ton of books, I usually pick up 7-10 books a week, but this week I have frickin’ 17!

  55. screetching sound on a chalkboard, ayyycaramba

  56. Now 10 books is a light week for me. Huh.

    Is it just me or is Flash Rebirth not as big a deal as it seemed it would be. It’s not bad, it’s just… who is this Barry Allen guy? I guess that’s what he’s struggling with. Why am I back?

  57. Flash, Walking Dead, GLC, Spider-Man, GI Joe, Fables, Overlook (which has been a great crime noir mini), two of the three Un books (Unthinkable, which I picked up on a lark, was very well done). I’m also going to give the second issue of Sherlock Holmes a look, even though the first was kind of lukewarm. I may finally have to give up the Doctor Who comics – these just haven’t been working lately, despite some great art from Templesmith and Grist. Also going to try Resurrection vol. 2, JSA/Kobra, Buck Rogers, and Red Robin – guess it’s experiment week.

    BQ:  the sound of silence

  58. BQ: 1) Loud chewing.  2) Jaws clicking. 3) The Sound of people eating spaghetti.  4) I agree with Paul that Beagles are terrible.  5) My students when they suck on candy.  God!  I’m a nit-picky bastard.

  59. Just Wolverine #74 for the concluding chapter of Jason Aaron’s story with Adam Kubert, which is so far my all time favorite Wolverine story of all time ever just based on the first chapter alone.


    BQ: I work at a call center so the most irritating sound for me would probably be annoying people yammering on about their entire life story and family medical history when all I want to do is get their name, phone number and a brief message and get the fuck off the phone. I used to try to interrupt them but now I just completely zone out and let them get it all out of their system, then I just ask for their phone number again or whatever other piece of information I was trying to get before they started giving me their whole novel length life story.

  60. Kind of a light week for me (thank goodness). The previews for BRB: Godhunter make me hesitant – the guy writes Ye Olde English Thor, which is hard to read nowadays – while the previews for F4 567 make me curious – I told myself I wouldn’t follow this arc, but now I can’t help it.


    BQ: As an audio guy, I’ve become quite critical of loud, unwanted sounds in general. That and when people drag plastic trash cans on concrete; they have wheels for a reason!

  61. Oh Flash: Rebirth, I love you so.

    BQ: People who bite their forks. It’s make this muffled scraping sound that makes me shudder. Ugh, my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

  62. Looks like a good week! I’m most lookin’ forward to Flash Rebirth, GLC & Walking Dead.

    BQ — The sound of a woman laughing … when you ask her out.

  63. Action Comics #878

    Amazing Spider-Man #597

    Batman #687

    Booster Gold #21

    Deadpool #11


    BQ:  I’m with you on that one, Conor.  By the way, who won the fight last week?


    Also, does anyone know of a good comic book store in Myrtle Beach or in that area?  I’m going on vacation and don’t want to miss my books.

  64. is the S is for speed or special?

  65. 11 books for me this week. Most looking forward to Sherlock Holmes, Red Robin and BETA RAY BILL!!!


    BQ: a ringing phone. 

  66. BQ: The sound of my ex-wife’s voice makes me want to reach for mjolnir

  67. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: the sound of an unbalanced keyboard whenever you hit the spacebar.