New Comics for 06/03/10 are happy for air conditioning

Get to pulling this Thursday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, David, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Now that summer has officially begun, what are you most looking forward to between now and September?


  1. Just Invincible and Heralds for me this week.

    BQ: Going back to school!

  2. Looks like a light week. I’ll just be getting Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Irredeemable, and Spider-Girl.

  3. Wow only Avengers Prime #1 this week for me.

    BQ:  The Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup!

  4. Light week for me. Looking forward to Brightest Day the most.

    BQ: This is more immediate, but since I’m recovering from hernia surgery, I’m gonna say walking and picking things up normally. Beyond that the annual beach and camping trips. Also, quitting my job.

  5. Fairly light week. Invincible, Brightest Day, IZombie, Irredemable and first ever issue of Superman/Batman. Looking forward to seeing Terry McGinnis back in action!


    BQ: Earning my driver’s license 

  6. Heh. 7 books. This will either be easy or hard.

  7. Demo #5, iZombie #2, Sparta USA #4, Sweet Tooth #10

    BQ: Going to a Cubs game at the end of the month for my husband’s and my 15th anniversary.

  8. The great pull list purge of the last month seems to have worked.

    I cut my books by a bit over 50%.

    Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1

    Jonah Hex graphic novel

  9. Bonus Answer:

    Limiting my "most looking forward to this summer" answer to comics-related things, I would have to say that the Thanos Imperative is by far the favorite.

  10. Nice light week. Invincible is my big anticipation book, it feels like we’ve been crawling towards the war for issues now. Time for business to pick up.

  11. I have a severely light week, which is good because I have large stack.

    BQ: working 60-72 hour per week and not having time to do anything I like…oh wait, things I am looming forward to!

    Scott pilgrim. Both the final volume and the movie.

    Also USA TV summer line-up, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Psych, etc.

    And catching up on my video games. Finally gonna finish Dragon Age and The Witcher.

  12. sweet tooth!! yes please!! 

  13. I’ve got 7-9 books, plus a book that I missed last week… and I still haven’t even finished last week’s books. 🙁

    Fantastic Four Annual, Batman and Robin, Uncanny X-Men and SHIELD are all late though.  Kinda sad that even on a bi-monthly schedule, they’re already not able to keep up with SHIELD. 

    BQ: Going to HeroesCon this weekend, I guess. Just wish the South wasn’t so awfully hot.

  14. Avenger’s Prime, Sweet Tooth, and the Thanos Imperative. I’m dropping Irredeemable. It hasn’t been grabbing me as much as the earlier issues.

    BQ: Me and my girlfriend are taking a trip to Portland and then driving down to San Francisco. Watching Friday Night Lights (sadly only 9 episodes left) and True Blood. And taking a huge chunk out of my reading stack (reading the Blind Side now, then 61 hours by Lee Child, and then the Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death).

  15. Avengers Prime #1
    Demo Vol. II #5
    Franken-Castle #17
    I Zombie #2
    Invincible #72
    Irredeemable #14
    Sweet Tooth #10
    Thanos Imperative #1

    BQ: Air conditioned days and sweaty nights!

  16. Ten comics with the standouts at this point looking like FrankenCastle, Demo, iZombie and The Killer.  I will also have the Moving Pictures Tpb, Freakangels 3 and also Torpedo Vol2 (which Diamond failed to ship over here) and End League Vol 2 (which they shipped damaged!!!).

    BQ:  Holiday in August to France..desperately need to get away right now.

  17. Superman 700,Batman 700 & Wonder Woman 600

    Superman Secret Origin #6

    Spider-Man OMIT

    Walking Dead #75

     Hopefully a new Swamp Thing title back to DC.






  18. Very slow week. Only 3 books (possibly getting a 4th).

    Brightest Day, Hercules: Twilight of a God, Sweet Tooth, and (possibly/maybe) Jokers Asylum: Riddler.

    BQ: Looking forward to lazy days, a new job worth having, and a week with no one in the house but me. 

  19. Avengers Prime #1

    Maybe I’ll buy a trade or some back issues.

    BQ: Turf #2 if it ever comes out. Actually Steve Rogers: Super Soldier looks interesting. The rest of Return of Bruce Wayne. Neal Adams returning to Batman in Odyssey and the rest of the Manapul Flash and ASM: Shed. If Bachalo’s going to draw the way he is now, I hope he does ASM past shed.

  20. Since it’s a light week, may I suggest you give HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD a try?  It’s $3.99, but it’s bonus sized with a cool feature in the back.  After that it’s $2.99.  David Lopez’s art is amazing & it’s a book I have to say I am really proud of.  We’re going to be around for a while- lots of secret stuff planned coming up, so this is a series (IMHO) worth checking out!  🙂


    Thanks in advance!

  21. BQ: World Cup and my favorite holiday–my birthday

  22. Light week. Where is the next chapter of 2nd Coming?

    Sweet Tooth, I Zombie, The Stand: Hardcases, Avengers Prime looking good to me.

    BQ: Nudity. Outside.

  23. A nice week for me this week.  Looking forward to Red Robin, Franken-Castle, Thanos, and iZombie.

    BQ:  Being done with school, and finally having time to catch up on comics, movies, and games.  Also, the wife and I house hunting, so that should be cool too.

  24. Demo, Thanos Imperative, Sweet Tooth.

    BQ: Moving to Egypt tomorrow.  Unfortunately, that also means I will be effectively comic-less until January at the earliest.  Sad and happy times.

  25. Red Hood Lost Days!  Another Winick title to make my day. 

    BQ: Sometime this summer, I plan to go to this amazing zoo in Oregon where you can pet the creatures! 

  26. Brightest Day and Adventure Comics are looking good!

    BQ:  So much to look foward to and be thankful for!  As my girls end their 2nd and 8th year of dance and my whole family gets ready to go to SeaSideHeights NJ for a week,  I most look foward to hot days at the pool and easy overtime at work.

  27. I’m picking up Brightest Day #3. I’m dropping I Zombie because I never finished the 1st issue. BQ: Seeing CoCo in NYC tonight!

  28. BQ: doing absolutely nothing for 2 1/2 months and getting paid for it.  Now that’s fucking hot!!!!

  29. I’ve got a really light week.  May actually wait until next week.


    BQ:  Getting a bad case of posion ivy.  It’s my summertime tradition. 🙂

  30. Yeah, yeah, comics

    BQ: Well, as it’s the first day of winter in australia’s coldest capital city. I’m looking forward to getting home after it’s dark and then running in the rain or workout in a freezing gargage. on the other hand, it’s almost skiing season so that kicks arse

  31. sweet tooth, thanos, brightest day and mouse guard


    BQ – Star Wars Celebration V

  32. BTW, I am signing at Midtown Comics Grand Central from 6:30-7:30 if you’re in NYC on Thursday! Come on down!!!

  33. i’ll be signing at Impact comics in Canberra between 5.45 and 5.52pm this friday.

    Signing what? Shut up, that’s what.

  34. A whopping one book for me this week, Irredeemable!

    BQ: I don’t actually have anything to look forward to in that time frame 🙁 

  35. 8 confirmed pulls this week, with possibly 2 or 3 add-ons so far and who knows that the ifanboys will suggest and possibly persuade me not to miss!?!


    BQ:  SWIMMING!/Reading comics by the pool!

  36. 14 books.. yep, it’s a light week to me. It’ll help me catch up from the past few weeks. Avengers: Prime, Incorruptible and Invincible are my highlights, but really there are a bunch that I’m looking forward to.

    BQ: SDCC. It’ll be the first weekend away for my wife and I from the newborn and 5 year old.

  37. and.. quick update.. not just because @JimMcCann is in the thread pimping the book.. I’m really curious about the Hawkeye/Mockingbird issue coming out this week.  My interest was piqued after hearing his chat with Siuntres a while back.

  38. Sweet Tooth + Hawkeye and Mockingbird

    BQ: School and short film shooting.

  39. Ugh, what a brutal week for books.  Only Brightest Day, Thanos Imperative, and the Superman/Batman Annual catch my eye this week.  I’m already Avengers-fatigued, so please let me know how Avengers Prime goes.

    BQ: Possibly going to school to take drawing classes.  If not that, then just BBQ’s and getaways to friends’ places.   

  40. A lightich week, which is a relief for my wallet. Although my LCS will have to come off the steak he has been gorging himself on the last few weeks.

    Avengers Prime #1 (OF 5)
    Brightest Day #3
    Dmz Tp Vol 08 Hearts And Minds
    Electric Ant #3 (OF 5)
    Sweet Tooth #10
    Thanos Imperative #1 (OF 6)

    BQ: I’m most looking forward to the traditional 2 days of hot weather we get in an English summer and hoping that they fall on a weekend this year. 

  41. A lightich week? What the hell is that, damn keyboard betraying me. I meant of course a lightish week.