New Comics for 05/28/09 could use the extra day, quite frankly

Get to pulling this Thursday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Kind of a quiet week this week, but there are still some things to look forward to.  The next chapter of Old Man Logan is exciting, as is the conclusion to Back to BrooklynGotham Gazette: Batman Alive features more Jamie McKelvie art, and not only is Spider-Man: The Short Halloween written by two of my favorite Saturday Night Live cast members, but it’s drawn by my all-time favorite artist Kevin Maguire!

I’m also intrigued by Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight which is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Diego Olmos.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s your greatest weakness?


  1. oh man, spider-man the short halloween, finally.


    BQ: guilt trips, especially from my female friends

  2. BQ: Boobs, lovely boobs


    ..oh, and a kick ass cocktail! 


    the Tiki 

  3. Wolverine #72 is finally out.

    BQ: Anger.

  4. Gotham Gazette, Amazing Spider-Man, and Green Lantern as far as my regulars.  It seems like all the books I’ve been wanting to try happened to fall on this week too… Superman, Teen Titans, Nova, and who doesn’t love a Batman one-shot?

    BQ: Wanting to try every damn book

  5. Good week.
    Jumping onto Madame Xanadu and Northlanders here.
    Continuing Unknown Soldier and Battlefields: Tankies.
    Finishing Hulk vs. Wolverine
    And hopefully that Batman Barcelona one shot is great. 
    BQ: My Wallet
  6. Quiet week? Save me from this kind of quiet. I’m in for 20 books this week!

    The best War of Kings books are out. New Avengers is out. Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine drags itself over the finish line. The Short Halloween and American Son! Old Man Logan! Woo-hah!

    BQ: It’s a tie between attention span and willpower. I’ve gotten incapable of denying myself anything, even when I know it’s bad for me. I may have recently mentioned buying 20 books in a week.

  7. Nova, Amazing Spider-Man, and Tankies for me.

    BQ: Bullets.

  8. Big week for me. comics are back baby!

    Green Lantern, Incredible Hercules, Nova, Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, and……*coughs*Wolverine*coughs*.

    BQ: Crunchwrap Supreme

  9. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    BQ: Bullets.  Getting shot by bullets and high-grade explosives.  They’re my kryptonite.

  10. Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive
    Spider-Man: The Short Halloween
    Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight
    Green Lantern #41


    BQ: Toss up between radioactive material from my home planet or a Dame with legs that go on forever.

  11. Quiet week indeed.  So much so that I am giving Guardians of the Galaxy a shot.  Just jump in people!!

    BQ: Adamantium bullets and puppy dog eyes.

  12. GL, Batman, Madame Xanadu, and Muppets. Fun week.

    BQ: Geeky guys. Y’all make me weak in the knees.

  13. My comics of interest are:

    Muppet Robin Hood(Yay more muppet comics!!!)

    Gotham Gazett: Batman Alive


    Last Days of Animal man(Looks promising.)

    Green Lantern


    Usagi Yojimbo

    Batman in Barcelona


    And i might pick up Spider-man The Short Halloween.

    BQ: My lack of self confidence/Self esteem .  


  14. Spiderman: The Short Halloween, is that supposed to be a humorous Spiderman story?

    BQ: Probably my mortality and soft, penetrable skin. 

  15. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Gems for this week:

    Spider-Man: Short Halloween, Aliens (by John Arcudi of BPRD), The Conan: Cimeria trade (one of my favorite ongoing series, try it out!), Muppets: Robin Hood.  

  16. BQ: Kryptonite.  And redheads.

  17. I’m excited for trades this week, My inner Bimbo (that’s the Sam Keith one I think!) Kyle Baker’s Special Forces (although $17 for 4 issues seems like alot, but it’s listed at 200 pages, ‘m confused).  Even a Gravel HC!

    BQ: Punctuality.

  18. BQ:  Non-ridiculous heights.  i.e. Top of tall building I am cool, top of a ladder, not so much.

  19. Where was the quiet?? 20 books including 4 trades!!!!  There’s not enough hours in the day!  Most looking forward to some old school Batman with Batman in Barcelona, Kevin Maguire on Spiderman and the Dear Billy trade.  Curious about Animal Man as I love the character but not sure what Conway’s take will be like.

    BQ:  It’s my sweet tooth…pastries, chocolate, cheesecake, pie, anything that threatens to pile on the pounds.

  20. Most excited for Wolverine and The Sword.

    BQ: Bees.

  21. Yeah, nothing quiet for me. 22 books – all floppies.


    BQ: Women, Guinness and Diet Dr. Pepper – in that order.

  22. Ooh, two Spidey books this week! Plus, Green Lantern, (Old Man) Wolverine and Nova! I might get JSA but that’ll all depend on how much goodwill I’m feeling once I’m in the store.

    BQ: Reclusiveness.

  23. Picking up Dead @ 17 Ultimate Edition



    Ice Cream. 

  24. Most excited for Green Lantern, The Sword, and the beginning of American Son in ASM.

    BQ: Soft tacos and sweet tea.

  25. Blondes with long legs!

  26. @k5blazer  – Which publisher is putting that comic out?

  27. Giant week for me, the biggest in a while. Normally I have 6-10 books, but this week I have 16. Ughh. Should be a damn good week though, lots of promising books out.


    BQ: Procrastination. Many a times it’s gotten me in some trouble. 

  28. Blonds, brunnets, redheads and any woman with multi color hair, plus soft pretles

  29. Green Lantern #41

    Alright, I admit it. I’m jumping on the bandwagon way later on in life.

    Amazing Spider-Man #595

    I’m such a Spidey fan these days, still working on the DVD-ROM though.  The old days comics are so much to read!  I’ll get some in this summer though, if I bring my laptop to the beach anyway!

    Gotham Gazette Batman Alive #1

    I buy Batman everything but that doesn’t always mean I’ll enjoy it!

    Batman In Barcelona Dragons Knight

    Is this about Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson?

    Spider-Man Short Halloween

    Is this six months early or six months late?


    Bonus Question: What’s your greatest weakness?

    Skirts.  Really short skirts.

  30. I have 8 books–a personal high!

    BQ: Charming men. And Sour Patch Kids.

  31. Ugh. I have 19 books this last, plus the 6 I didn’ get to buy last week, leaving me with 25 comics to pick up Thursday. I have no clue how I will afford all this, plus put gas in my car, plus eat. Something must go and I’m guessing it will be food.


    BQ: procrastination.  

  32. Yo, don’t sleep on The Spirit. The last two issues have been fantastic and this is 3rd in a series from the same creative team. It’s been a great book lately and deserves a shot, especially since it’s somewhat of a light week.

  33. BQ: The color yellow. Duh.

  34. @Jonn: I would have thought fire.

  35. I’m excited for Avengers: The Initiative. I’m not sure why but i love that book! I’m kinda of excited for New Avengers, I’m just hoping that it won’t be another superhero board meeting. The roundtable talks are getting old. War Machine is picking up too, so we’ll see.

    BQ: My schedule or plans being interrupted so I guess, my biggest weakness is being Inflexible.

  36. Amazing Spider-Man #595
    That last issue of Waid’s arc was a bit of a letdown. I’m hoping this fares better.

    Final Crisis Aftermath Ink #1
    I loved this character in Final Crisis, so I’m hoping this is interesting. The art in the previews looks beautiful.

    Green Lantern #41
    I just can’t get enough GL these days. So exciting.

    Ignition City #3
    I think Warren Ellis made a new follower. I love his black humor, and this title has been great.

    X-Force #15
    This event has been interesting enough so far. How many more of these are left? I’m probably not sticking around for either title once it’s over.

    BQ: The desire to always be right. It prohibits me from taking chances. Also, sex.

  37. I have a crushing week of 12 books.  It’s all good though because I’m excited for each book.  I’ve finally decided to drop Incredible Herc.  It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I’ve lost interest and the art has gotten way bad.  I’m most interested in Rapture, the new Dark Horse series, and the Spider-Man one shot by the SNL guys.  Also–last issue of Mouse Guard!!

    BQ:  Anything described by the word "bulbous." 

  38. I’m fairly excited for this week’s haul. Really, really loving Ignition City in a way I haven’t loved much Ellis lately. I will buy JSA, but as usual I will appreciate what Ordway is doing more than I’ll enjoy it.


    BQ: Crucifixes, garlic, sunlight, etc. etc.

  39. BQ: Common sense and a guy in a wheelchair

  40. Quiet week my ass, I have 12 Books!  And 8 trades!  I have some trimming to do.


  41. BQ: Small dogs freak me out

  42. I’m pretty sure this week features the last issue of X-Men: Legacy I will ever feel obligated to buy.   I really adored the early issues of this run and. . .welll, that happened.  Excited to be getting on board with Guardians of the Galaxy, though, and both Old Man Logan and Wolverine First Class look to be a good time.  That’s right, two Wolverine books on the same day and I’m happy about it. 

    BQ: Square-jawed humorless Boy Scout types with great hair.  Basically, anybody Paul hates.

  43. Amazing Spider-Man #595

    Astounding Wolf-Man #16

    Green Lantern #41

    Guardians Of Galaxy #14

    Immortal Iron Fist #26

    Justice League Of America #33

    Justice Society Of America #27

    Last Days Of Animal Man #1 (OF 6)

    Nova #25

    Star Wars Legacy #36

    Superman #688

    Trinity #52

    Wolverine First Class #15


    13 books plus I just got the NOBLE CAUSES ARCHIVE #2 from Amazon


     bq: The fact that my identity is publicly known. 

  44. Uh…26 books for me. That’s kinda disgusting actually. But I enjoy every one of them! Halp!

  45. Just Ghost Rider, Ms Marvel and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose for me this week. Plus I still need to pick up Wolverine Weapon X and Super Young Team from last week and I also want to see if I can find all the issues of Secret Warriors.


    BQ: Hmmm… probably blondes? Although much less so after having dated and had my heart broken into a million pieces by one. Still though…

  46. New Avengers #53  = MOST EXCITED!
    War Machine #6 = NEXT MOST EXCITED!

    BQ: I have zero motivation. In all things. How I get out of bed each day is a mystery.


  47. BQ: music and loud music. I’m a closeted air-drummer.

  48. BQ: My greatest weakness, mortality.

  49. Quiet week? This is actually my biggest week in months, 11 books.

    BQ: Teenage Girls…

  50. bq: polite conversation, ya dickheads!

  51. Amazing Spider-Man #595

    Astounding Wolf-Man #16

    Avengers Invaders #11 (OF 12)

    Dark Reign Hood #1 (OF 5)

    Gotham Gazette Batman Alive #1

    Green Lantern #41

    Immortal Iron Fist #26

    Incredible Hercules #129

    New Avengers #53

    Spider-Man Short Halloween

    Superman #688

    Trinity #52

    Wolverine Origins #36

    X-Force #15

    X-Men Legacy #224


    BQ: Endings of shows I love.  Man that Scrubs finale really got to me.

  52. Green Lantern! Battlefields! Unknown Soldier! Crossed! Wolverine! Looks like a good week for comics!

    BQ – Cross-eyed midgets in tuxedos carrying baby chimps wearing daipers.

  53. @Connor Shhh! Ixnay on the Irefay. At while that Human Flame guy is still out there…

  54. 19 great-looking books for me, but I’m really excited to see Muppet Robin Hood.

    BQ: Spicy. So tasty, yet so painful.

  55. glamourpuss #7 for my girlfriend and others


    BQ:  complacentcy

  56. BQ: Being witty on cue. I just can’t do it.

  57. Being a returning to the fold kind of guy I just have to get Inferno in hardcover. Trinity sounds nice too and I want the Magneto aswell. I’m a tb guy as well as you can see since issues are a difficult to get in Finland and B) would take up too space.

    BQ: Life in general but I’m building up a tolerance kind of like Batman.

  58. Average week for me, about 7 or so books. Looking forward to Green Lantern, though it still feels weird to have a DC ongoing on my pull list! You’d think after all these months that feeling would fade…

    BQ: A huge pastrami sandwich, especially the ones from Katz’s Deli!

  59. Superman, GL and Darkness.

    Does anyone know when the comics arrive in UK stores? It’s usually thurdsay BUT if it’s a day later in US does that make it Friday here? PLUS the fact that it was a holiday in the UK on Monday which normally makes it a day later even if it’s not a holiday in the US, does that mean they’ll be later still? my head hurts.


    BQ: my wife

  60.  More Garth Ennis Battlefields.Can’t go wrong with that!


    BQ:Wanting as many comics as possible but only affording much less.