New Comics for 05/21/08… shall… not… pass!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

This week I am finally… sigh… dropping Ultimate X-Men. I was so hoping that they would cancel the book after Robert Kirkman was done writing it so that I wouldn’t have to make the decision myself, but I’m done with that book. That leaves me with only Ultimate Spider-Man at this point. (I have decided to drop The Ultimates 3, not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because of the lateness), which is sad because I really like the Ultimate universe. Maybe the big universe changing event will bring me back in.

Bonus Question: Of the two, which is your favorite Sir Ian McKellen role — Gandalf or Magneto?

This is a tough one because I think that McKellen’s Magneto was one of the big reasons that X-Men was elevated above most other comic book movies and thus one of the big factors in the new comic book movie renaissance that we are now in year eight of, but I have to go with Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are so many lines of dialogue in those movies that a lesser actor would probably make sound cheesy but coming from him, it’s all believable.

It’s quite cool.


  1. I dropped Ult. Xmen a looooooooong time ago, along with all the other ultimate titles. I just got bored with them. I can’t beleive Ultiates 3 s late. I mean come on, they have been working on this book way in advanced before it was soliciated.

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Can’t wait for Dresden Files #2.

    BQ: Magneto 

  3. At 7 books, it’s a big week for me. JLA and JSA in the same week? Is this the first time that’s happened? Looking forward to both, as well as Cap, Hellblazer (Josh was right, it’s awesome), and Hawaiian Dick. I’ve enjoyed Brave and the Bold for the most part, but it may be on the chopping block soon. I don’t dislike it or anything, but it also doesn’t get me excited at all. We’ll see how this month’s issue is.

    BQ: Without a question, Gandalf. Probably the best casting choice of the entire trilogy, as he completely owned that role (it also helps that LOTR are my favorite movies of all time). I sure hope he returns for the upcoming Hobbit films. "Youuu….shall not….PAAAASS!!!" Gives me chills every time!!

  4. A mercifully light week after the last couple, and before the deluge at the end of the month —

    Like Conor, I’m dropping Ultimate X-men (God, I hope my LCS guy was listening when I said that, I hate arguing about this stuff and I’m totally afraid I’ll break down and buy it anyway if he pulls it. . .) Skipping Iron Man: Director of Shield with the new writer.  So that just leaves Captain America, (which I’ve been loving), X-Factor (which I’m hoping will pick up again), and the second part of X-men: Divided We Stand (mixed feelings on the first one, but hope springs eternal).

    BQ:  Magneto, because I think there are a lot more interpretive possibilities for the character than for Gandalf, so he brought something really unique to the role.  He was awesome in LotR too (I always forget it’s the same guy), but I think there are a lot of distinguished British actors who could have played that part about the same, but Magneto he really owned.  Plus, he got to play off Patrick Stewart there, and I’m not sure there was anything equivalent in the ‘Rings’ movies.

  5. Super excited for Justice League of America this week. Libra and Human Flame. Final Crisis begins and I am practically dancing in my seat.

    Also, Captain America. But that’s a given. Everyone should look forward to Cap each month.

    I don’t know why I am buy Dreamwar or  the Tangent thing. I forgot to take them off my pull list last month. Awful comic books. Do not buy.

    My pull list:

    Batman And The Outsiders #7
    Brave And The Bold #13
    Breathe Hc
    Captain America #38
    DC Special Cyborg #1
    DC Wildstorm Dreamwar #2
    Godland #23
    Justice League Of America #21
    Justice Society Of America #15
    Robin #174
    Tangent Supermans Reign #3
    Terry Moores Echo #3

    BQ: Can I pick none? LoTR series was pretty enjoyable. But those X-men movies were dire. I am ashamed I even saw them.

  6. Amazing Spider-Man #560

    Avengers Classic #12

    Avengers Initiative #13

    Captain America #38

    Captain Marvel Ms Marvel Si Infiltration

    Dynamo 5 #13

    Fantastic Four #557

    Mighty Avengers #14

    Star Wars Legacy #24

    Terry Moores Echo #3

    Walking Dead Special Ed #1


    Cap tops the list this week


    BQ: Gandalf 

  7. Looking forward to Hellblazer #244, and both Jason Aaron books (Scalped, Ghost Rider).

    BQ: neto- It’s not even close.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #560 Hellblazer #244 Justice Society Of America #15 Mighty Avengers #14


    BQ Gotta go with Gandalf on this one. But he’s my favorite part of both trilogies.   

  9. I understand Kirkman’s run was awful but this is a new team, new arc.  Its being written by Aron Coleite a writer on Heroes plus the arc reveals Ultimate Alpha Flight plus the xmen are finally back together.  Who cares if Ultimates3 is late it sux just hope that they’re fixing it.  Don’t give up on Ult. U yet there’s still Spidey and F4 is good plus Ult. Origins is coming out in June.

    BQ:  Gandalof, it was a better written role.  The Xmen movie franchise has lost its glamour over time. 

  10. Thank god it’s such a light week, just Echo and Checkmate (interested to see what the new direction might be). I’m also gonna pick up Tank Girl: Visions of Booga, love the character and Jamie Hewlett’s world.

    BQ: Ooh, tough one. Loved him as Magneto, but X3 kind of tainted the franchise for me, even though that wasn’t his fault. So I’m gonna go with Gandalf, he was just an amazing presence in all those films, tellingly even sometimes when he wasn’t onscreen. Psyched for The Hobbit too.

    (but his best performance was in Extras!) 

  11. Gandalf, easily.

    Just getting Captain America and Scalped this week.

    There is no excuse for people not to read Scalped, such a great book. Really looking forward to the conclusion of this arc.

  12. I never saw Lord of The Rings………. Dont judge me.  I want to see it in bluray before i watch it for the first time.  I may end up turning to bluray before I buy a PS3.  So I guess I am going to have to go with Magneto; however X-men 3 doesn’t count because I dont consider it an actual movie, its like an excuse to sell a DVD that happens to have a movie on it.

    Concerning Ultimate X-men,  I have some faith in the new writer, Aron Eli Coleite, he wrote 3 episodes of Heroes and in particular the one where Sylar killed his mom.  I hope that he doesn’t screw it up because he also wrote the episode in Season 2 when Peter sorta left his girlfriend in post apocalypse New York.

  13. Captain America is my most anticipated by far, followed by JSA and JLA


    Also, Lord of The Rings is the greatest film trilogy of all time. I will fight anyone who disagrees. So Gandalf. 

  14. Gandalf:  Conor already posted my favorite line. 

  15. I’m excited for Cap and JSA. The last issue of JSA was fantastic and I’m eager to see where the story goes. I dropped Ultimate X-Men as well, and I’m possibly dropp Fantastic Four after this issue. It all depends on how this arc ends.

    BQ: Gandalf

  16. Only two books this week, Echo and the Invincible Primer.

    BQ: Gandalf of course 

  17. I’m confused about this Indiana Jones adaptation.  So… part one comes out this week, along with the trade, and then part two comes out later… but the trade comes out first?  I don’t get it.

    They’re really trying to catch Mighty Avengers up with New Avengers, aren’t they?

    Really excited for more Marcos Martin Spider-Man this week.

    I actually really liked the first Divided We Stand, so I’m excited for that.

    Also, awesome to see that Terry Moore’s Echo is a top ten book… on iFanboy, at least.  86 pulls!


    BQ: Damn, that’s tough.  I’ll go with Gandalf, though because because there were three good Lord of the Rings movies rather than two and then a crappy one.

  18. No love for Herc? I must say Incredible Hercules has become one of my favorite titles, and I’m excited for the God Squad. Also looking forward to the JSA, JLA, Spiderman, and the final Countdown to Mystery sans Gerber (RIP). Fantastic Four and The Spirit are on the chopping block, which is a shame because i really want to like ’em but its just not happening.

     BQ: Magneto, despite X3. Anyone know if there is still talks for an Magneto orgin movie, or did that get scrapped?

  19. I dropped gave a Ult. Xmen a shot for a couple of arcs a long time ago, I think it was when Bendis was on the book. I didn’t really stick with it after that. I also might go a get last weeks Amazing Spider-Man along with this weeks after hearing you guys rave about the artist.
    BQ: Magneto. I like the Lord of the Rings movies but have never felt the need to ever rewatch them though. Magnetos line in X2 though about being the god among insects is amazing.

  20. Wowee, wow, wow…I’m really looking foward to this week.  Can’t wait for: Cap, Scapled, Hellblazer, Incredible Herc, and JSA.  This is going to be some good reads people.

    BQ:  Gandalf.  While he was menacing he was menacing as Magneto, Gandalf could make a ship out of smoke from his pipe.  Real talk.

  21. This is the week something happens in Mighty Avengers. The law of averages is on my side.

    Given the slate, I think I’m most looking forward to Spider-Man or X-Factor, actually. Cap seems to be afflicted with a certain sameness of late.

    Ugh, that Uy is back on The Initiative. Do not like. Not for me.

    BQ: Magneto. I feel like LOTR would have been all right without him unless they’d cast Michael Madsen or Pat Morita or something. I’m probably way off base, because I was always a little bewildered by the LOTR cult, but I feel like those movies are so much bigger than the people in them that they almost don’t matter, whereas the x-movies were entirely dependent on the people in them and how they related to one another. I need to watch the extended hobbit editions, though; my knowledge is incomplete.

  22. Avengers Initiative #13

    Captain America #38

    Hellblazer #244
    Justice League Of America #21
    Robin #174
    Superman Batman #48
    Wolverine Origins #25

    BQ: Gandalf for sure.  

  23. 12 comics this week. Probably look forward to Echo the most, currious to see where Might Avengers is going, cuz I’m liking the whole Nick Fury starting his own group thing, and glad to see Avengers: Initiative with a new story arc. Nothing seems on the verge of dropping.


    BQ: Gandalf, totally. He made all of the movies believable, he was the glue that kept all of the characters together and Ian kicked ass doing it. 

  24. Pretty big week for me! Books I’m most lookin’ forward to – 


    Scalped – (AWESOME cover!)

    Superman/Batman … I can’t believe I typed that, but the last couple of issues have been sweet. 


    BQ – Magneto. See Randal’s LOTR/Star Wars rant in Clerks 2 for my thoughts on LOTR.

    Star Wars is THE trilogy! 😛 

  25. @ Eyun – I think you mean Patrick Stewart in Extras, but you’re right, he was awesome! His movie ideas had me in tears laughing.

    His voice & accent talking about movies where girls clothes fall off — priceless.

  26. @WadeWilson – Sir Ian was also in EXTRAS (series two) and was also very funny.

  27. Godland #23 – sucks this series is done with #36

    Spawn #178

    BQ: Magneto.

  28. Cap

    Iron Man



    Mighty Avengers (maybe)


  29. @Eyun & Conor – My bad! I forgot that episode. Sorry about that Eyun.

    Note to self: Don’t correct people when they are already correct. 

  30. @WadeWilson – Dude, no need to apologise. Your post made me remember Patrick Stewert’s ep and nearly had a laughing fit at work thinking about it!… "But it’s too late, as I’ve seen everything"… Classic!

  31. Great week for comics – Echo, Scalped, FF, Grendel (lots of Grendel), JLA and JSA, Mighty Avengers, Dynamo 5 and many, many, many more. I’m really interested to get the Walking Dead #1 reprint – I’d like to see the process for this book.

    I think I’ll hold off on the Grendel and Hellboy trades (or companions or whatever) just so the wife doesn’t flip out.

    I am probably going against my better judgement and picking up Checkmate at least for this first issue to see what happens, and I don’t think the Spirit is long for my list. I hate to do it, but it’s just not that great anymore, even with Aragones on it.

    BQ: I agree with Eyun – Extras was easily his best role. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are gods among men – I have never not laughed at one of their shows. The bit with McKellen going on about not being a real wizard was brilliant.

    Of the two choices, I’ll go with Magneto. I just don’t get LotR – guess I’m of the Kevin Smith opinion on the trilogy. His Magneto, though – when I heard he was cast, I was a little weary, but he owns that role.

  32. @jackwtweeg – Godland is over after #36? Where did you read that? Crap…it’s all my fault after I decided to switch to trades (I love the book, but was simply trying to cut back on my single issues). Maybe I’ll jump back on and stick it out to the end. Such a great series!

  33. good week for me. 13 books for me. spidy, cap. FF, hellblazer, herc, JSA, mighty avengers, superman/batman, wolverine: origins, x-factor, ghost rider, and the flash


    BQ: gandalf all the way baby. i remember seeing the first one and crying my eyes out when he "died" 

  34. migty avengers, thats about it.

     and lord of the rings was "shithouse" as we say in australia. so magneto but i don’t care

  35. my god huge week. $100 2nd week in a row. the trades & hc are killing me and i still havent gotten hellboy hc, and starman omnibus & jack kirby omac are still coming. ultimate ff & xmen are being removed fomr the pull list this week, but ill probably buy a few more as the new writer on xmen may be ok, and i like mike perkins. brave & bold gets a few more issues and countdown to mystery is done. im not buying any more of these split books. i liked the dr fate stuff but eclipso sucked. ill wait for trade on this kind of thing from now on. 

    LOTR  were better movies, but magnet is a much more interesting character, and sir ian makes him more so. i like that hes not the 70 yr old mass of muscle that he is in the comics, 

    Brave And The Bold #13
    Captain America #38
    Countdown To Mystery #8 (OF 8)
    Doktor Sleepless Manual #1
    Dynamo 5 #13
    End League #3
    Fantastic Four #557
    Grendel Behold The Devil #7 (OF 8
    Hellblazer #24
    Hulk Visionaries John Byrne Tp Vol 01
    Incredible Hercules #117
    Iron Man Director Of Shield #29
    Justice Society Of America #15
    Mighty Avengers #14
    Showcase Presents Green Lantern Tp Vol 03
    Tangent Supermans Reign #3 (OF 12)
    Terry Moores Echo #3
    Ultimate Fantastic Four #54
    Ultimate X-Men #94
    X-Factor #31

  36. I am probably most looking forward to ASM and Divided We Stand.


    BQ: Tough one. He made the X-Men movies for me, but I enjoyed LotR so much more as a whole than the X-Men. I think I will go with Gandalf 

  37. Avengers Initiative #13
    Black Panther #36
    Captain America #38
    Incredible Hercules #117
    Iron Man Director Of Shield #29
    Mighty Avengers #14
    Terry Moores Echo #3
    X-Factor #31
    X-Men Divided We Stand #2 (OF 2)

    Turns out my store didn’t get Black Panther for some reason, but I did end up with Incredible Hees. Maybe it won’t suck.

     BQ: MAGNETO! Why? Because the line he gives to Pyro ("You’re a god among insects, never let anyone tell you different.") MAKES ME TEAR UP.  There is more going on in that one scene than in a thousand scenes in a thousand other movies (LotR included).


  38. @ Paradiddle – In the July solicts it said final year of Godland, that was later confirmed by Tom Scioli on the Image boards.