New Comics for 05/20/09 has a shovel and a bunch of garbage bags

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

While Batman: Battle For the Cowl ends, Captain America hits the 50 mark and we get a double dose of Fantastic Four books.  And more G.I. Joe!

But, really, it’s all about Invincible Vol. 10 this week.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you found out that your best friend killed someone (not in self-defense), would you turn them in or help them cover up the crime?


  1. i would help. but only if the victim wasn’t another friend. you have to help, thats what friends do, especially best friends

  2. Most looking forward to Cap 50, Ex Machina, DR Fantastic Four and a new Hellblazer.  Most scared of Battle For The Cowl 3…..just haven’t been impressed I’m afraid.

    BQ: Turn them in.  THEY KILLED SOMEONE!  And not even in self defence!

  3. I can’t wait for Invincible #62, especially after last week’s thrilling conclusion.  Other books of note: Cap #50, Dick Grayson finally taking up the cowl and I’ve really been enjoying Hickman’s FF.

    BQ:  Quite the Philosophical conundrum.  I guess it comes down to the motivation.  If my best friend killed Hitler (to put it into extremes) I would help him cover up the crime, if he killed my mother he would then cease to be my best friend and I would turn them in.

  4. I’m actually really excited for Aftermath: Dance even though its preview pages got stuck in my head

    BQ: Turn them in

  5. Yay.. new comics.  Hopefully as good as last weeks batch.

  6. Four Eyes and Locke and Key are coming out this week… I’m a happy camper. Also excited for the Cowl conclusion. I’m a little hesitant to pick up Weapon X even though I love Aaron I just wasn’t that impressed by the first issue.

     BQ: Turn them in, I’ll still send ’em comics though.

  7. Batman Battle For The Cowl #3
    Captain America #50
    Invincible #62


  8. 10 books this week.  That’s crazy for me.  Invincible, Four Eyes, Locke & Key, and Ex Machina have me giddy with glee.

    BQ:I knew it was only a matter of time before Flanagan snapped.  Turn his ass in.

  9. Battle for the Cowl, Captain America, GI Joe, Hellblazer, Superman/Batman and Uncanny X-Men.

    Trade wise, I’m getting Invincible Vol.10 and Rann-Thanagar Holy War Vol.1.  Looks like it will be a good week for comics.

    BQ: I would turn them in. Evildoers must be punished.

  10. BQ: Turn them in.

  11. Like @Heroville I’m also intrigued by the Dance mini.  It’s got a decent creative team in Joe Casey and Chriscross, and the super young team good be a fun set of characters if they pick up where Morrison left off.  Bought Escape last week and it was interesting, even if there seemed to be very little story for my 3 dollars

  12. BQ: It’s my best friend! Of course I’m helping them… and I’m fleeing to Mexico with them since now I’m an accessory.

  13. BQ: Wow. I thought *I* had a rough weekend…

  14. Amazing Spider-Man #594
    It’s been fun so far. Can’t wait to see what happens with this new Vulture.

    Batman Battle For The Cowl #3
    I’ve really enjoyed this so far. Looking forward to being either affirmed or suprised by the outcome.

    Captain America #50
    I’ve never read Cap before, so we’ll see how this goes.

    Killapalooza #1
    I read the preview for this, and it looks like it just might tickle me in all the right places.

    Wolverine Weapon X #2
    Last issue was so-so. If I don’t feel it here, I’m out.

    BQ: I’ve turned my friends in for less. Ignoble behavior cannot be tolerated.

  15. This week is pretty well divided up between books I’m very keen to read — Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four Dark Reign, Captain America and OMG I can’t believe that Ex Machina is actually coming out — and things that have me going, "Really, self?" that I’m totally buying anyway.  That would be X-Men Forever Alpha (most of it’s reprints but I don’t actually own those issues so it’s kind of a good deal maybe?) and Fantastic Force for the cover).

    BQ: Is ‘neither’ acceptable?  Can I be that wishy-washy?

  16. Only Angel for me (apart from a handful of titles I’ve switched to trade on most things).

    BQ: Turn them in, without a doubt. Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not an accomplice!

  17. Small week for me. Only 5 books. Most looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man. I’ve really been enjoying that title as of late.

    BQ: it would depend on who they killed.  


  18. I’m dropping Red Hulk after this issue. It isn’t good enough to keep buying. I only stuck with this arc cuz I love me some Defenders.

    If the tone of Thunderbolts isn’t what it was before the Deadpool crossover, I’m also dropping Thunderbolts after this issue. I loved that series until it became very silly.

  19. It’s actually all about Locke and Key and Four Eyes this week. And as last week was "Un" week, this week is Dracula week. A 1 in 5 mini series is out by Leah Moore and John Reppion and there’s a GN out by Ben Templesmith aka god of all things art especially creepy shit.

    BQ: I’d probably help them cover it up. Oh I dunno… it would depend on… stuff.

  20. Moderate week. Though I am looking forward to ASM, Incredibles #2, Herogasm, Jack of Fables and believe it or not The Simpsons Treasure Trove…it’s funnier than the show, but that’s not saying much. Oh and who could pass up Tales of the TMNT guest starring the C.O.W.Boys of the Moo Mesa!

     BQ: My best friend is going to end up a politician so really it wouldn’t surprise me. Though I feel like I would probably turn him in.

  21. I liked I Kill Giants a lot so I’ll be all over Four Eyes.Will probably pick up Gigantic too…even though it sets off the Pixies song in my head just reading the title.Or maybe because it does *shrug*

    BQ:I’m so not cleaning up after my friend. Blood stains are a bitch to get out…it was all that scrubbing drove Lady Macbeth crazy.I’d dob them in then move somewhere far,far away.

  22. Battle For The Cowl #03
    Jack of Fables #34
    Outsiders #18
    Four Eyes #03
    The Great Unknown #02
    Invincible #62
    Amazing Spider-Man #594
    Captain America #50
    Punisher #05
    Herogasm #01
    Cars: Rookie #02
    Locke & Key: Head Games #05


    Very excited to read the conclusion of Battle For The Cowl this week, but I think I’m even more excited to see all of the things that happen after BFTC. Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Red Robin, etc.

    Jack of Fables will hopefully bring the same level of quality that Fables brought this past week, to really heat up the crossover.

    I’ve been kind of weary about Outsiders lately, but I’m hoping that it’ll only get better post-Cowl.

    Four Eyes! Yes! I missed the first two issues when they came out, but after hearing so many good things I tracked them down, and this is absolutely incredible. It’s too bad we have to wait so long, but the art is so impressive that I’ll take it!

    The Great Unknown was another Image book that I didn’t get wind of at first, but luckily I managed to get the first issue easily, and I’m excited for this. Not my favorite book, but the first issue did some interesting things and I’m excited to see where it goes.

    The trifecta of Image books this week is rounded out by Invincible which I couldn’t be more excited about. I feel like the series, which is already fantastic, mind you, is going to really heat up in the next few issues with the Viltrumite war looming and all. Highly anticipated.

    The current arc in Amazing Spider-Man has been great, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. I noticed something the other day, as well. I don’t really get super passionate about Amazing Spider-Man like I do with some other books, however, it’s the book that, when it’s not on the list for whatever reason, I probably miss the most. It consistently gets high marks from me, but I guess I never realized how much it matters until now.

    Captain America I’m always excited for. Haven’t read the preview of it, but this is the last issue before they switch to #600, right? Should be good no matter what happens.

    It feels like too long since I read the last issue of Punisher. Whether or not that feeling is factual, I’m glad to be reading another issue. I didn’t ever think I would be into Punisher, but Garth Ennis and Rick Remender have changed all that, ha. Here’s hoping for another solid issue.

    I could take or leave Herogasm, but I figure since I’ve been enjoying the last couple issues of Boys, I should probably read this if I intend to keep up with the series. Mildly excited.

    One piece of the most important program in comics this year hits out laps this week with Cars: Rookie #02! You should all give it a try.

    Ah man, Umbrella Academy ended last week, and now we’re hit with the conclusion of Locke & Key: Head Games. This has been one of my favorite series, and, from the solicit, I suspect this issue will provide all the greatness that the past few have.

    All in all, a pretty great week for me!


  23. Smaller week for me, can’t wait for Battle and Captain America.

    BQ: How many dead bodies have you had to hide for Ron?  Also my best friends hide all… I mean I would totally turn them in. Because that’s the right thing to do.

  24. Ah, sorry for leaving two comments, but it seems I forgot a few things:

    Dark Reign: Fantastic Four
    Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special #01
    Tiny Titans #16
    Incredibles: Family Matters #02

    Very excited for all the above, especially Dark Reign: Fantastic Four, and Incredibles: Family Matters!

    BQ: It depends. If it was a straight-forward murder, I would turn them in.

    Also, it appears that the formatting for leaving comments isn’t working…or is it just me? Specifically, I can’t bold any text.




  25. batman, captain

    bq  i would be running away from him too the point i couldnt call the cops or help him

  26. Where is it? Where is Wolverine #72? Oh it’s not out…..*finishes frustration on rev3 forums*

    I guess all I’m getting this week is Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary #1. These anniversary issues have been really really good. I havent actually read the Cap issue though, maybe that will replace the BS that is Wolverine.

    BQ: I would totally pretend to help them; then knock him out with a candlestick.

  27. BQ: it seems unrealistic. I think psychos are much more like "I’m watching you from my apartment through my binoculars" rather than the "Hi I’m Bob, I want to rape you" sort.

  28. Looking foward to this week.  I’ve got only 7 books, which is great.  Most looking foward to Cap, Gigantic, Battle for the Cowl, and the Marvel Anniversary special.  I’m also taking a shot with the new Batman/Superman arc.  The art looks prety good, and frankly, I miss those two in their normal roles.  I really wish I had the scratch for that new Goon TPB.

    BQ: Turn them in most likely.  Though, I like to think the people I’m friends with aren’t willing to murder people, or if they do, smart enough not to call me. 

  29. Cap, Uncanny, Invincible, Supergirl, and Weapon X. Most excited for Invincible, that book has been great lately.           

    BQ: I don’t think I could ever snitch on friends or family. Don’t know if I would help cover it up though probably just keep my mouth shut about it.

  30. BQ: The thing is, if he killed once, he can do it again. I don’t know whether that’s an argument for turning him in or doing whatever he says.

    Twelve books? I’ll take it! Cap fifty… where does the time go?….

  31. Looking forward to Batmat and Captain America. Hopefully this is the week I finally *don’t* pick up Green Arrow/Black Canary…but I’m weak and dumb.

    BQ: Depends…do I like this person they killed?

  32. im looking most foward to batman/superman #60. I can’t wait for that franic manupal art.

  33. Cap!  Uncanny!  Dark Reign FF!  Oh, so much good!

    BQ: I’d strongly suggest she turn HERSELF in, but I wouldn’t do it to her.

  34. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: turn them in… ( in creepy voice ) when innocent blood is spilled, the ghost rider shall reap his vengeance!   

  35. The ones I’m looking forward to include:

    Batman: Battle for the Cowl
    The Brave and the Bold
    Green Arrow/Black Canary
    Agents of Atlas
    Captain America
    Dark Reign: Fantastic Four
    Fantastic Four
    Black Terror

    BQ: Turn him in.

  36. My comics of interest are:

    Batman: Battle for the Cowl (kinda glad its over. so we can get to Batman & Robin!)

    Ex Machina

    Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance!(Crirscross art!!!)


    Agents of Atlas

    Amazing Spider-man

    And Supergirl

    BQ:  Not sure. I’d have to know why they killed someone first.


  37. Gee Whiz, quite the heavy superhero week for me, i feel like a massive nerd-linger, anyhow,

     Batman, Battle for the Cowl:

    Captain America: i only started reading this after the death of captain america story somewhere in the 40s, i’m loving this title though

    Wolverine: Weapon X: there really does need to be a title where Wolverine is not completely gentrified. I hope this is it because i’m not interested in a PG-13 version of the character. have him drankly beat the shit out of someone instead of pondering the nature of his humanity

    Invincible: agian, i pick this up in issue around 56 after reading a few early trade. IT’s a hundred tim better in issue, a classic comic

    Final Crisis aftermath: Dance: i don’t know why i am getting this , do you know why i am getting this?

    Gigantic: just seeing the series though, it has not been fantastic

    Brave and the Bold: i’m interested to see what they do with Magog after Johns’ JSA run, he should become a major player


    BQ: i don’t know. TNC kill a hobo and we’ll see how i react


  38. The New Uncanny, and another issue of Punisher by Remender & Opena; highly dig-able.

     BQ: I’ve already phoned the police. Hopefully they get here before this hole is finished. 

  39. i havent been this exited for a shipment in awhile. BTFC#3 is what i waited for ever since morrison took over batman and i get to see the end of the beginning on the new batman. plus new invincible and invincible TPB!


    BQ: depends on who they killed

  40. YES, BFTC is finally coming to a close.  I can’t wait to check out all of these new Batman books starting next month!  Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of drops, mainly in the Punisher direction.  I don’t think I’m going to drop Amazing Spiderman though.  I might hang on to that just because it’s coming out twice a month, sometimes three times a month.

  41. Great.. on the road this week and will have to find a way to not have BFTC spoiled before I can pick up my books on saturday.  I may have to find a local comic shop in Minneapolis.

  42. BQ: I would help them cover.

  43. Quiet week for me, only 5 or 6 books & two of them are $4 Wolverine books (boo) … trade week!

    BQ – Question is way too vague to answer, but if someone rats you to the cops — they are not your friend 😉

  44. Pretty quiet week for me. Uncanny and Thunderbolts. Going to Agents of Atlas one last try, also. But frankly, so far, I’ve been so underwhelmed by that as an ongoing.

    BQ: Would very much depend on who they’d killed and why. Maybe they had a reason? Maybe it made things better for a few people?

    Oh and cheers for reading out my Captain Britain review on the last podcast, guys. Not actually had a chance to listen to the cast itself yet, because of PC troubles at home (Yeah, on my work PC – so sue me ;D ) but I saw my name in the Show Notes.

  45. I’ve actually got an empty week. Glad really as I haven’t even collected last weeks yet.

    BQ: Turn him in – it was murder there’s no arguement.  

  46. Shit, I haven’t had an empty week yet.  I’m averaging eight books a week easy, plus trades sometimes.  This habit is too expensive when you play video games too!

  47. Cap #50 is the ‘big’ book this week.  Spidey has been awesome and will probably be the most fun book.  Dance is the most intriguing book. 

     BQ:  From all of the ‘turn him in’ answers on here, I’m glad none of you are my friend! 

  48. @robbydzwonar – you wouldn’t believe how many great freeware games are out there… You need something like the full-game downloads at, the best-of features at , the freeware part of the website at .

    From there you’ll get to websites where you’ll find more games at – some websites have 4 or 5 extra games you can download for free from indy guys that know they won’t be able to sell it. Some of the titles in HOTU don’t have links to the original website or to a download so a google search is needed which sometimes works.  Also you can use the abandonware part of HOTU or Abandonia if you don’t mind it being semi-sorta-legal-but-not-really.

     There are always cheap downloadable games for 5 bucks and cheap PC and PS1 games, and add to that free Linux games and you’re set 🙂

    I don’t mind not playing the latest greatest game of the year – I’ll probably pick-up those type of games from time to time. Or you can switch to digital comics and online comics…

  49. Four Eyes and the new Invincible trade finally!

  50. Really small week this week: BftC, Spider-Man and G.I. Joe.  I’m tempted to check out Olympus #1 from Image but I don’t really dig the art.  Maybe for story alone I’ll try it, but it’s iffy.  Or I could get the Essential Spider-Man 9 that just came out. 

  51. Amazing Spider-Man #594

    Batman Battle For The Cowl #3 (OF 3)

    Captain America #50

    Dark Reign Fantastic Four #3 (OF 5)

    Gi Joe #5

    Green Arrow Black Canary #20

    Outsiders #18

    Punisher #5

    Supergirl #41

    Trinity #51

    Uncanny X-Men #510

    Wolverine Weapon X #2


    Glad Batman: BFTC 3 is finally coming out…I’m ready for the new books.

    Hickman’s Secret Warriors is waning…while I look forward to his FF stuff.


    BQ: Who told you about that? It was supposed to be a secret.

  52. BQ: I would set up a bonus question to poll the iFanboy on what i should do about my friend killing someone….

  53. Seriously light week for me, since I’m only getting Angel After The Fall #21, Captain America #50,
    Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1 and Uncanny X-Men #510.

    Obviously I’m most excited for Uncanny X-Men. 🙂


    BQ: My best friend? I’d *absolutely* help them cover it up. Real friends help you move bodies, goddamn it.

    Hell, I like iFanboy enough I’d probably help Ron, Josh, or Conor cover up a murder. I’d expect a free membership out of it, but I think that’s only fair. 🙂


  54. Just Joe Casey’s Super Young Team thing and Jason Aaron’s Wolverine for me. That’s what I call a small but solid week.


    BQ: Depends. Translation: I would probably crap myself.

  55. uhm, the comics list isn;t showing on the front page in firefox mac os x…

  56. @JJ: That’s because it’s not on the front page at the moment. We pulled it down for technical reasons.

  57. Ah. Thanks for the clarification.