New Comics for 05/13/09 are dealing with seasonal allergies

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor (when he returns), Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This week I’m looking forward to a Paul Cornell double-header with Captain Britain & MI13 #13 as well as Dark Reign Young Avengers #1. Plus we’re looking at a big new issue of Guerillas #4, a trade collection of I Kill Giants from Image! But really, when it comes down to it, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 by our good friend Chris Eliopoulos hits the stands, and that can’t help but be a good thing, right?  I have a ton of books.  My god, it’ll be an intense wednesday!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What are you allergic to?


  1. Is ‘Echo’ new this week or is that a reprint?  I thought I already had issue 12.  Other than that I’m pretty light — just XFactor and the I Kill Giants trade.  I’m tempted to try ‘Pet Avengers’ or maybe pick up ‘Action’ (because I heard a summary of the last few issues that made me think this might be worth picking up).

    BQ: Tartar control or whitening toothpaste.  Fortunately I have naturally good teeth; unfortunately it’s hard to find toothpaste that doesn’t give me canker sores.  (Man, I cannot WAIT to see what other medical details this BQ will produce!)

  2. Looking forward to Captain Britain, I Kill Giants Trade, Green Lantern Corps #36 and Umbrella Academy: Dallas #6.  This might be the make or break issue for Secret Warriors.

    BQ: I might be allergic to Klingon Hockey Jerseys.

  3. looking forward to action and green lantern corps. both have been awesome over the last few issues. i have 10 books and am trying to reduce this but am tempted with pet avengers. defo going to give dark reign young avenegers a go but if its terrible thats it for dark reign tie ins which im doing well to avoid at the mo 🙂

    B.Q. money so i keep it away b giving it to my LCS every wednesday

  4. A fair amoun to look forward to, but mostly keen for Unwritten, MI13, Green Lantern Corps and the John Paul Leon art in Howling Commandos.  Action should be good too.  @ato220, much like you Secret Warriors will have to convince me in the next couple of issues…

    BQ: Nothing so far……..but you never know……..

  5. Shoot I’m not even caught up with the last two weeks and I got a hugh pull this week! Got to get to readings!


    I think I’m allergic to Strangers in Paradise. Everytime I pick it up, I read Katchoo! O_o

  6. Pet Avengers is going to be wicked!!  Plan on trade waiting for Dark Young Avengers, but I’m so weak I’ll probably just buy it on Wednesday.

    I dropped Secret Warriors, it just wasn’t doing it for me.

    BQ: Everything man.  Rabbits, dogs, cats, grass, trees, dust, dustmites (they live in your bed and eat your dead skin cells!!) sawdust, weeds, pollen, etc.  Worst of all, I’m allergic to the rants of champions, especially the next ones.

  7. I’m a big Greg Rucka fan so the new Action comics, also I want to give Paul Cornell’s new Young Avengers mini series a try.

    BQ: I’m allergic to certain chemicals they put in things like shampoos, soaps, sunscreens and deoderants. I have to use all natural products.

  8. Ooh, I’m so looking forward to my comics this week – Action Comics, Captain Britain, Green Lantern Corps, Secret Six, Ultimate Spider-Man and the Pet Avengers! I’m already giddy with excitement.

    BQ: cat hair, wheat, sharon fruit, strawberries. 

  9. Not sure of my PoW yet. as far as the BQ goes: Strawberries, seafood, wheat, corn, pet dander and dust mould. Some of this stuff i used to like. Could be worse at least I’m not like a friend’s boyfriend who is allergic to Whiskey. We’re convinced God hates him.

  10. I’m really enjoying the Dark Reign Hawkeye.  It may just be Bullseye porn and do nothing storywise, but I’m okay with that.  Secret Six is always solid.  Rucka’s Action is great.  And I’m gonna flip through Pet Avengers and Young Avengers.

    BQ:  Luckily, nothing. But oddly enough I am friends with two people who are allergic to wheat.  That’s gotta suck.

  11. You shouldn’t be sure of your PoW yet, because you havent read any books yet.  Then again, can I just go ahead and pick my favorite then write the review?  You know, get it out of the way?

  12. Action, GLC(Mongul Vs. Sinestro finally? please!), Captain Britain, Fables and Ultimate spidey round up my day!


    BQ: I am allergic to seasonal changes, or something. every time, I get a rash on my wrist, sometimes on my back. Once I got a voilent rash arround my crotch area, but below the man parts. It wasn’t fun!

  13. Looks like a light week for me (which is good, since I’ve been spending a lot lately). I’ll be picking up Secret Six, DR: Hawkeye, and Pet Avengers for kicks.


    BQ: general sinuses, and Loeb.

  14. BQ: life. I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming, but I need to pay a shitload and also pay customs for another package of comics. Sucks but what can you do?

    Lots of Batman stuff,  JLI HC 2, LEOG TP 2, FROM HELL, and the second package is Teen Titans stuff, JSA stuff, JLA stuff, 1602 #1, x-men first class – several issues, etc.

    I’ve got a couple of french guys staying with us, but they only drink wine… It’s a shame. 

  15. Looks like Captain Britain, Umbrella Academy, and Star Trek: Mission’s End for me. I might give Unwritten a try.

    BQ: An honest day’s work.

  16. Pulling:

    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight
    Secret Six


    BQ: Poison


  17. ooh, forgot about Secret Warriors. Both "Secret" books, for sure.

  18. BQ: Plaid

  19. So looking forward to the latest Hellblazer trade which collects the last of Diggle’s run (sadly).  And new Guerrilas!  Finally!  And R.E.B.E.L.S.!  Anyone not reading that series should.  It is so good, and I’m not really up on DCU cosmic stuff.


    BQ: Got an hour?  The big one is nuts (both tree nuts and peanuts), those will kill me.  Lesser ones include dust, smoke, grass, bird feathers (such as in pillows), and dogs.

  20. Mike Carey’s new Vertigo series starts up this week. The first issue is only a dollar and it’s oversized! Give it a shot!

    I am also anxious to finally getting my hands on i Kill Giants.

    BQ:Nothings, but I am having a good time reading all yours. 


  21. I’m looking forward to the new issue of Savage She-Hulk and also Ultimate Spider-Man (feels like forever since the last issue).

  22. I have 13 books this week, and I don’t think I’m really looking forward to that many of them, honestly. I’m behind on my reading, so it’s kinda a blah week for me.

     BQ: Chris Claremont’s new X-men title. 

  23. super light week for me so I will certainly be checking out the ‘I kill giants’ trade.

    BQ: People at work on Mondays telling me about their weekend when I didn’t ask.

    My own BQ:  Any fellow iFanboys heading to the Motor City Comic Con this weekend?

  24. Don’t forget "G.I. Joe: That Good One."

    BQ: I have not been able to breathe properly for years, and I have this terrible suspicion that I am allergic to my wife’s hateful, stupid, quality-of-life-detracting cat. I have not gotten this confirmed by a doctor, because it will just cause nothing but trouble.

  25. Light week for me, just "Green Lantern Corps" and "Pet Avengers", which means I get to pick up a trade…yea!! Of course, that means I will totally blank on all of the books I’ve been meaning to pick up the second I hit the store.

    BQ: Cats, and therefore I psychosomatically hate them.

  26. Umbrella Academy: Dallas #06
    Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #03
    Fables #84
    Green Lantern Corps #36
    Oracle: The Cure #03
    Unwritten #01
    Guerillas #04
    Savage Dragon #148
    The Walking Dead #61
    Dark Reign: Young Avengers #01
    Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers #01
    Secret Warriors #04
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #06

    BQ: Not much, actually. Pollen and dust, I believe.

  27. Young Liars, I love its whole David Lynch mashed into sci fi and indie rock thing.I Kill Giants trade,I was going to read it in issues but I knew I’d just get the trade then chuck them.Guerrillas art is so sweet I can’t pass on it. Images of chimps wielding firearms make me happy,its irrational.

    BQ: Nothing…and sadly its the closest I’ll ever get to a mutant power 🙁 

  28. I was just thinking to myself a couple days ago, "Hasn’t it been a while since Ultimate Spider-Man and Secret Warriors came out?" Evidently, it has been about a month since they came out. I am also looking forward to the Unwritten, despite not ever loving Mike Carey’s stuff.

    BQ: Like Jimski, I am allergic only to one very specific cat. When I was about 11 or 12, my parents got my sister a kitty cat. No problems. 6 years later I left for college, but whenever I came back to visit I had trouble breathing properly. After college I lived with my parents for one year of miserable breathing. I’ve lived with other people who have cats and haven’t had a problem. What’s worse, when my sister left for college my parents got stuck with it so it looks to stay there until it dies. Also, I have a psychological allergy to vegetables, which are gross.
  29. BQ – Penicillin.

  30. I’m excited for DC’s offerings this week with Action Comics and GLC.  Also, looking forward to the Lockjaw book only because it just looks different than everything else.  I wish I had the scratch for the I Kill Giants trade…

    BQ: Quarter sized hives, vomiting and itchiness prove that I’m allergic to shellfish.   

  31. Just Guerillas and Echo for me.

    BQ: Cats and cut grass. Hence I’ve never mowed the lawn. Or a cat.

  32. Very good week in my eyes. Got 2 DC and one Marvel book; first time in a long time I have more DC to read then Marvel.

    Azrael Death Dark Knight #3 (End of a surprisingly good mini. If people havent tried this yet, try it! It’s only 3 issues)

    Green Lantern Corps #36 (Coming off of last issue’s POTW I’m hoping the art stays just as consistant as it did last time.)

    Punisher: Frank Castle MAX #70 (The end of Daune’s S./Lacombe/Staple’s run. If the rumors of Aaron/Dillion taking over this series at #75 is false; then I want this to be the next long running team on this)

    BQ: In the spring, apparently everything.

  33. looking forward to the I kill Giants trade the most


    Allergic to coldcuts (anything with MSG actually) and chocolate

  34. Captain Britain & MI13 #13

    Walking Dead #61

    Unwritten #1

    Very small but a nice set of books to look foward too this week.


    BQ: Nothing that I know of!

  35. captain britain

    ikilled giants

    dark young avengers

    Bq pollen and peanuts


  36. I’m really looking forward to Captain Britain and Echo.  I might pick up the I Kill Giants TPB but I already have all but one of the issues, so I might wait a bit.  At the store I’m going to check out Wolverine, Unknown, Unwritten and Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers to decide if I’m going to get them or not. 

    BQ: I have hayfever (which is great, cause I also love working outside in the Spring and Summer) and I’m allergic to nuts.

  37. Oracle


    Green Lantern Corps

     BQ: Commitment.

  38. I’m interested in Pet Avengers, I’m thinking I’ll get the trade.


    Oracle has been very enjoyable as well, although I guess I failed to notice issue 2 came out.

  39. All these people with a light week – why don’t you pick up something new? Half the time on here I feel weird just for checking out so many new titles. This week Unwritten, Unknown and Unthinkable are out. Unwritten is 40 pages for $1. It could so very easily not be a light week. *sniff* People just don’t care.

  40. BQ: shrimp and tomatos. but i love tomatos and they only make my nose run a little so i just eat them and keep napkins handy

  41. My Comics of interest are:

    Action Comics

    Young Liars

    Savage Dragon

    Secret Six

    Walking Dead

    Ultimate Spider-man

    and Unwritten(Really looking forward to this)

    Might pick up the I Kill Giants trade,too

    BQ: Zombie bites. They make me crave brains.

  42. @Megnolia  I Kill Giants!

    @deadspace  I think your suggestion is good, but I suspect most people who say ‘light week’ aren’t complaining but saying ‘Thank God I don’t have to spend 40 bucks like I did the last 3 weeks in a row"

  43. Not sure if everyone’s aware, but Unwritten is priced at $1.00 for a 40 page intro issue, so there’s virtually no excuse not to try it out. If you are only familiar with Mike Carey’s superhero work, I’d suggest you try this out, as I’ve LOVED his Vertigo work and LOATHED his capes work.


    BQ: Bees (Beads?) 

  44. BEES?!

  45. What an odd week. Guess I’m most excited for Black Panther and Echo, trade-waiting on Dark Reign Young Avengers.

    BQ: Dust and possibly aggressive amounts of pollen. I have constant low-level congestion, so it’s hard to know.


  46. @ohcaroline – yeah a light week can be good for the wallet but still… picking up even just one extra comic can’t be impossible can it? this week with the unwritten being $1 i honestly don’t know why every comic reader that exists isn’t picking it up unless they read the preview and decided it was rubbish. of course it could just be that people can’t afford to add another book to their pull list… but it just seems that there’s a lot of great stuff out there that largely gets ignored… overshadowed by the billions of superheroes i guess *sniff again*

    but anyway, glad i got that off my chest. back to topic 😀 

  47. Secret Warriors 4 – i kind of like this but if i forgot it at the store i wouldn’t exactly lose my shit

    Umbrella Acadamy Dallas 6 – Right ON! Pick of the week prediction

    Unthinkable – looks pretty cool. IT’s about one of those post 9/11 thinktanks that had to imagine all the possible ways terrorists could attack the USA. JOSH it could be good! come on?

    UNkrown- we’ll see if i actually pick this up

    Unwritten – Another vertigo series about stories coming to life? you need to get over that shit Vertigo. Sandman came out years ago and Fables is doing exactly the same thing right on

     Dark Riegn Young Avengers – yeah, sweet,

     Young Liars – again, yeah, cool, whatever

    BQ: nothing, bitches, nothing

  48. BEADS!!!

  49. oh and muddi900, you shouldn’t have played with it so much if you had a violant rash there

  50. Looking forward to the Batman related titles:  Oracle and Azrael.  Fables crossover has been good so looking forward to that as well.  Also Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  If you haven’t been reading this one PICK UP THE TRADE WHEN IT COMES OUT.  The story and art are truly awesome.  Dumped Zorro last month, never lived up to it’s potential in my opinion

    BQ:  never thought I had one,  but now I’m allergic to a certain kind of blood pressure pill.


  51. My pull-list is currently at 16 books. Gotta try to weed that down to around 10 before I get my comics. Life’s choices can be tough sometimes *sniff*

    Most lookin’ forward to – Green Lantern Corps, Secret Six, Guerillas, Deadpool vs Punisher! (in Suicide Kings) & Walking Dead.

    BQ – I’m allergic to crap comics.

  52. I’m getting Secret Six, Umbrella Academy, Unwritten (just $1 for a 40-page #1? sure, why the hell not!) and Wolverine for the Jason Aaron story.


    BQ: Cats, dogs, cigarette smoke and dust mostly. I generally try not to make a big deal out of the first two because I’ve found that cat and dog owners get really sensitive and butthurt about it. Like I’ll be sitting there sneezing my head off and my eyes are all puffy and red and the dog keeps coming up to me like it wants me to pet it or something but I keep pulling away and trying to avoid contact with it and then the owner is all like (to the dog) "Oh, come over here! It’s okay, he doesn’t love you but I love you!" Note to pet owners: I don’t hate you pet, I am simply allergic to it. Just keep the thing away from me and don’t be so fucking sensitive about it!


    I guess that might make me sound like kind of a dick but it’s just something I’ve noticed over the years.

  53. Howling Commandos #1 gets pulled just for having a nicely drawn fw190 on the cover… crossing my fingers.

     BQ:  I have temporary allergies to things surrounding stuff I don’t want to do.  I feel my out-of-state wedding sniffles coming on this weekend…

  54. oop.  On second look, that’s a JU-87.  My bad.

  55. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

     I Kill Giants! Action Comics! BPRD!

     BQ – seasonal, most foods, cats, pretty much everything.  

  56. @deadspace  If you want to talk up something you’re excited about, go for it!  That’s what these threads are for. 

  57. secret six yessssssssssss…………..gail simone very underated

     beeeeeeeeeeees are killers

  58. Howling Commandos looks tempting. I don’t know. I’m getting to the point where I have to drop good books so I can afford to buy other good books. Where are all the talentless hacks?

  59. GLC, Secret Six, Unwritten and SW: Clone Wars.

     BQ: Nothing that I know of.

  60. Action Comics #877 (This has been great)
    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight #3 (Can’t wait to see how this ends)
    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #13 (Really enjoying this arc)
    Green Lantern Corps #36 (This has been some great leadup to Blackest Night so far)
    Secret Six #9 (I’ve liked the BFTC tie-ins, and everybody loves it, so why not?)
    Unwritten #1 ($1? New ongoing from Vertigo? Yes please!)

    BQ: I used to be a spring allergy teary eyes, runny nose kind of guy. Now I’m an end of summer, itchy eyes, throat, nose kind of guy.

  61. Why is there an ad for Astepro on this page?… Oh, right. The web is trying to join our conversation.

  62. Action Comics #877

    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight #3 (OF 3)

    Black Panther 2 #4

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #13

    Dark Reign Hawkeye #2 (OF 5)

    Dark Reign Young Avengers #1 (OF 5)

    Fusion #1 (OF 3)

    Gi Joe Cobra #3

    Green Lantern Corps #36

    Oracle #3 (OF 3)

    Secret Six #9

    Secret Warriors #4

    Trinity #50

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #6 (OF 6)

    Unwritten #1

    Wolverine #73

    X-Factor #43


    Starting to lean on the fence bout Secret Warriors….looking forward to Unwritten, the premise sounds very interesting, hopefully it reads well as a single issue.


  63. Hey guys, Echo #12 shipped to our stores this week, but I don’t see it on the This Weeks Comics page.  Is this another case of Diamond shipping it out selectively last week, or is it some sort of glitch.


    In addition to Echo, I picked up a couple of Dark Reign titles, some Battle For The Cowl, Guerillas, Deadpool, Pet Avengers,  Astro Boy, Unwritten, Fables, and the I Kill Giant trade, to name a few.


    Totally allergic to penicillin.  So, no gonhorrea for me.

  64. Nevermind.  "Terry Moore’s Echo".  Found it.

  65. GLC and ACTION…nice small week, always good when youre broke