New Comics for 05/06/09 are setting phasers to stun

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike and Sonia.

An interesting week with books like The Flash: Rebirth #2, Destroyer #2, Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #1, Human Torch 70th Anniversary Special, Superman: World of New Krypton #3, and Irredeemable #2.  But the book that I might be looking forward to the most is Power Girl #1.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
Got a favorite Star Trek film?


  1. Good week. Excited for some more Buffy and Flash. Although I’m on the fence about the Final Crisis aftermath…

    BQ: Wrath of Khan. Hands down. =)

  2. So much goodness this week, I won’t even know where to start.  Agents of Atlas, Exiles, and XMen First Class = a Jeff Parker trifecta.  Also more Flash Rebirth and New Avengers Reunion.  I will poor, but happy.

    BQ: I’m not so proud of it, but I like 6.  Christopher Plummer as a Shakespeare (mis)quoting Klingon.  And when the alien girl puts the moves on Kirk, and McCoy is all, "What IS it with you?"  Also, I’ve never seen 5, and I haven’t seen any of the movies post-First Contact.  Not even sure how many there have been.  But do I want to see the new one?  Oh, yes, I do.

  3. *I will be poor but happy.


  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

  5. Iron Man!  Seaguy!  War of Kings!  Pretty good week for me.  Dropped Bang Tango, not doing it for me anymore.

    BQ: KHAAAAAN!!! KHAAAAAN!!  No contest

  6. Such a big week I have 7 books.

    BQ: Star Trek First Contact.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!  Flash Rebirth! New Krypton! Destroyer!

    BQ – Not a Trek film fan. Excited for the new one though.   


  8. heavy tpb week for me.

  9. Undiscovered Country

  10. Flash: Rebirth #2, ASM #593, Walking Compendium.

    BQ: I really liked Generations. Something cathartic about the destruction on TNG era Enterprise.

  11. Bit of a quiet one, but looking forward to Rebirth and LOEG:Century.  Still getting Buffy but for some reason I see it on the list and I’m not excited for it the way I was a year ago. 

    BQ:  Has to be Khan every time-an out and out action movie wrapped in Star Trek packaging.

  12. Star Trek III The Search For Spock…who doesnt love Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon??

    Letsee Flash and New Krypton and some others lol

  13. Definitely Amazing Spider-Man and World of New Krypton, and hopefully the second giant volume of Noble Causes. I am eternally grateful to Ron for introducing me to the Faerberverse.

    BQ: Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Seriously.

  14. Atomic Robo – everybody should go check out the first issue of this series. I’m also really looking forward to League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Amazing Spider-Man and Irredeemable.  On the chopping block is Iron Man, if this issue doesn’t wow me, I might have to drop it till I find a job.

    BQ: I’m not a huge Trek fan, and I haven’t seen any of the original movies.  I’ve only seen the TNG movies, so I’d have to say my fave is First Contact.

  15. New Mutants! Will be my first ongoing book purchase for Marvel!

    BQ: Wrath of Khan, but I also LOVED the Enterprise TV series

  16. @Paul-I totally forgot that Leagoe of Extraordinary Gentlemen was coming out this week!!  Could have sworn it was next week.  I’ll be picking it up fo’ sho’.

  17. Really looking forward to Power Girl. I cannot get enough of Amanda Connor’s Art!!!

    The standard answer is usually Khan, I actually liked the 4th film, The Voyage Home. First Contact wasn’t bad but i really don’t think there should have been a ‘female’ Borg queen….

  18. I am so stoked for the new League.

    BQ: Never been a Trek fan but I will probably end up seeing the new movie. 

  19. Amazing Spider-Man
    Atomic Robo
    Flash: Rebirth
    New Krypton

    Somebody convince me on Power Girl. Is she cool or something? I’ve never read JSA, although I’m going to jump on when Willingham/Sturges take over. Should I take a chance? This is up to you, iFanbase!

    BQ: The only film I’ve ever seen start to finish was the first. Vyger! However, I love TNG. Enterprise wasn’t bad either, and I could never get into Voyager. DS9? Never seen an episode. I guess I just love mesome Jean Luc.

  20. This Week:

    Flash Rebirth #2
    Batman Battle For The Cowl The Network #1
    Power Girl #1

    BQ:  First Contact! 


  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Rusty – The JSA is my favorite comic team. I’ll be trying the Willingham/Sturges run, but if it’s your first exposure to them, don’t let it be the litmus test. Go back and read the earlier stuff. Try the more recent Justice Society of America, and if you like it, you might want to go back to the original JSA series. 

    Power Girl is awesome. I’d say to give this new series a shot. The creative team alone is reason enough.   

  22. You know what’s awesome about having few comics on your pull? When they arrive, I’m psyched ’cause I like all of ’em!

  23. Oh and I predict the Mighty will be my POW. If the solicits are any indication…

    Let’s place bets on What Ron’ll pick once he does his pull.

  24. @Paul – really? I love Amanda Conner’s art, but I have to be honest and say that Palmiotti and Gray have never really done it for me as a creative team. I like some of the concepts, but I’ve never been wowed by the execution.

    I think I’m probably most looking forward to LoEG this week, followed by Iron Man and New Krypton. Most of the other books I’m either kind of ambivalent about at this point. Flash is one I want to like, but we’ll see how the story goes…

    BQ: Even though Wrath of Khan is probably classically the best, I really like Undiscovered Country and First Contact quite a lot.*


    *But secretly, it will always be the whales.

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Dave – I like Jonah Hex.  

  26. Tried Hex — didn’t stick.

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Do you want me to apologize or…?

  28. The puppy-dog eyes will have to suffice.

  29. I’m hoping Flash Rebirth #2 will be better than the over-hyped lackluster #1

  30. A pretty exciting week for me. LoEG #1, Atomic Robo #1, Destroyer #2, and Flash: Rebirth #2 all top my list. 

    BQ: Never much been into the show, let alone the movies.  I am stoked for the new movie though. Can’t wait to see it. 

  31. Not the biggest of weeks for me so I’m going to explore some DC titles.  The Blackest Night preview that was given out of FCBD really impressed me.  Thought it was a great kind of catch-up, I appear to be missing out.

    BQ – KAAAAAAAAHHHNNNNN!!!!!!  With a battle at second between First Contact and Voyage Home.

  32. Slooooooooow week.

    My pull bin is just Deadpool #10. While that comic is more then enough for entertainment; I need more then just 1 comic. So I’m also gonna get Human Torch 70th Anniversary. Hopefully it’s just as good as the Namor issue was.

    BQ: By Stark Trek do you mean Star Wars?

  33. Man, there are a bunch of books I’ve recently added that show up this week.  Not cool random comic scheduling, not cool…

  34. The Boys, new Astro City, new LOEG, Buffy, Destroyer, Hack Slash jumping on issue (give it a try – please!!), Overlook, Power Girl, Flash Rebirth 2 – just an awesome, awesome week.

    BQ – Kahn – is there any other?  

  35. I was excited when I heard that Amanda Conner was on Power Girl, but the preview DC has been running seems like really run-of-the-mill superheroing.  Do I give it a shot?

  36. Cable #14 – never thought I’d be jumping on to Cable b/c of an X-Force tie-in, but here I am

    Fin Fang Four #1 – Don’t know who Roger Landridge is, but I like his Muppet Show and I love old Marvel villains

    Amanda Conner on Power Girl? Yes, please! 

    X-Men First Class Finals #4 – this has been a disappointing wrap-up of the series. I should really drop it, but…

  37. I thought it was a slow week, then LOEG and Groom Lake pop up.  Gonna be a $30 week all tolled.  Ugh.

  38. Battle For The Cowl: The Network #01
    Flash: Rebirth #02
    Amazing Spider-Man #593
    Daredevil: Noir #02
    Human Torch Comics #01 70th Anniversary Special
    X-Men First Class: Finals #04
    Boys #30
    Irredeemable #02
    Destroyer #02
    Power Girl #01
    New Avengers: The Reunion #03


    I’ve no reason not to give Battle For The Cowl: The Network a chance, as almost all of the other tie-ins have been good, and this one sounds pretty nifty. Hopefully it’ll follow suit.

    My most anticipated book this week is probably Flash: Rebirth, absolutely loved everything about the first issue, and I’m a huge Flash/Geoff Johns fan. I’m not too excited about Barry taking the mantle of the Flash again, but so far Johns has been able to weave an excellent tale.

    Amazing Spider-Man isn’t my favorite book, but I’ve noticed that more than any other book, it’s the one that I miss on it’s week off. It may not always be 5-stars or POW, but it’s consitently good and fun, so I’m always happy to see it on my pull list.

    I very much enjoyed the last issue of Daredevil: Noir, but I’m not sure how relevant this is going to be now that I’ve picked up the regular Daredevil series, but I’ve no reason to stop reading it, and I’m interested in some of the directions they’re taking things in.

    All of the other 70th Anniversary specials have been great, and I’m a big fan of the Human Torch, so there’s no way I could miss Human Torch Comics #01 70th Anniversary Special.

    Midly excited for X-Men First Class: Finals, but I’m even more excited for it to end and the upcoming Uncanny First Class to start.

    Boys has been meh lately, but the last issue was above average. It’s still teetering on my drop pile, but I’ll give it a few more issues.

    Really interested to see where things go in Irredeemable as, although the first issue wasn’t POW or anything, it’s the book that I’m most intriuged by, if that makes sense.

    Always up for more Walker/Kirkman goodness in Destroyer! One of my favorite creative teams ever working on a bucket-list type story in the Marvel U? Count me in.

    I’m willing to give Power Girl a chance, just because I’m interested in the character because of what I’ve read in JSA. I’m a little worried about the book as I didn’t enjoy the Terra series, but what can one issue hurt?

    New Avengers: The Reunion has been consistently good. Not amazing, but not terrible, and usually leaning closer to the former. Anticipated.

    BQ: Kahn!

  39. Wow, this week is mega huge for me. My pull list is coming in at 7 titles. Looking forward to Destroyer, Flash, Irredeemable, and Mighty the most. I’m also praying that Buffy will have Buffy in it and be good again.

  40. Wow, shit load of stuff. Flash, sups, seaguy, FC, League, spidey, too many awesome comics!

  41. Controversial but my favorite is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. While it certainly has its action-y scenes, it has a far more hopeful message than the others. The idea that even the worst enemies could become allies in time is pretty much the root of Star Trek. And for that I love it. Also, Christopher Plummer yelling "I am constant as the Northern Star!" And Chekov’s "There is old Russian story of Cinderella.."


  42. not much for me this week. Soulfire 9 *(i"m the only one reading this right?) Flash, ASM, that’s it



  43. I’m reading Soulfire too dude. You’re not alone.


    ASM, Marvel Zombies, War of Kings GI Joe Movie Pre (the Duke one was great, Destro was ok, we’ll see how this one is)


    BQ: Star Trek 4 was briliant! 

  44. Pretty decent week for me. 10 books i think? Most looking forward to Irredeemable #2 and Flash: rebirth #2. 


    BQ: Star trek 4 prrobably. or 6.  

  45. @voodoomama – no. Thanks for reminding me. I read the Soulfire SC #1 and need to get the other issues and check out the minis once I get some spare loot.


  46. Just Power Girl (Adam Hughes cover) and Seaguy for me this week.


    BQ: Not really.


    @Rustyautoparts: I would highly recommend Power Girl if only for the Amanda Conner artwork. She’s such an excellent cartoonist, always packing her panels and backgrounds with interesting eye-catching details that always make her comics such fun to read even if the story itself isn’t so hot. For instance, there was an issue of Terra where Power Girl and Dr Mid-Nite were examining Terra and at one point Dr Mid-Nite’s owl takes a crap on the floor and he cleans it up with a wet wipe over the course of several panels. Ok, that might not sound so appealing but see also the various goings on in the background of the bachelorette party in the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special (or whatever it was called) or the nightclub scene at the beginning of Supergirl #12, both of which are excellent examples of what I’m talking about.

  47. Gotta be the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen getting me most excited this week, with Flash Rebirth a close second. 

    Star Trek IV was the first Trek movie I saw in a theatre.  I went with my dad and I had NO idea what was going on.  I still thought it was super cool. 

  48. It has been a while. I was surprised to see a Buffy comic coming out, and just as surprised to find that I didn’t care at all. I feel like I’ve pulled quite a few books this week that won’t actually get bought when I’m standing in the store.

    That having been said, plenty to love this week. Astro City? Really? All right. Irredeemable? Why, yes please.

    BQ: Oh, I like First Contact for a variety of sentimental reasons. TNG was integral to my roommate bonding experience in college.

  49. Wrath of Khan is probably my favorite though I haven’t seen Undiscovered COuntry in a while.

  50. I thought a new Terror Inc. mini-series started up this week?  If that’s not at the store I’m only getting 2 books; Irredeemable and Marvel Zombies.

  51. BQ: 2, 3, & 4 are always great; like a mini trilogy in the greater ‘decology."

  52. Looking forward to the debut issue of Power Girl and the next chapter of Flash Rebirth. Also Deadpool. All three series have some great art on those pages.

    BQ: Probably Insurrection.  I liked Generations except for Kirk’s demise.

  53. Scott Wegener Week
    Anyone else notice he was 3 books in one week.
    Human Torch 70th, Atomic Robo & Killer of Demons.
    Not bad.

  54. i think i am on a roll, i’ll had a couple of really good week in a row now.

    I’m most excited for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Super-excited.

    there we have:

    Flash: Rebirth.

    The Destoryer. I’m digging this. Clint Eastward plays this character in the movie adaptation i have imagined.

     Superman: World of New Krypton. who knew this would be good? i didn’t

    Seaguy: the Slaves of Mickey Eye. Sorry, if you don’t ‘get’ this but it’s your fault.

    Irredeemible. Good stuff.


    BQ: i’ve NEVER seen a Star Trek movie but i DO have a girlfriend. Coincidence?

  55. I was very excited for Powergirl #1 when I ordered it through Previews, but when I saw the preview in every DC book that came out in April, I gotta say I’m not loving the art.  But I didn’t read any previews so I hope it reads well.

  56. I’m excited for Flash: Rebirty (obviously) and Jonah Hex. I’m also curious about the new Power Girl and New Mutants series.


    BQ: I like the Undiscovered Country.

  57. @edward Circumstantial? :-p I mean you are posting to a comic book community… But I’m glad to hear people are super excited about League. It didn’t seem to be getting a lot of love in its section.

  58. @PraxJarvin. Hmmmm, i suppose you’re right. Any example i set with the ladies must be considered circumstantial because it is ME that you’re talking about

  59. This week could be awesome & it could suck, there is no books I have absolute faith in, but a lot of books that COULD be awesome. Most lookin’ forward to – Superman WONK, Power Girl, Killer Of Demons & Flash Rebirth!

    BQ – I’ve only seen about 2 or 3 Trek movies & none of the orginals. I liked Nemisis & I think the new one looks pretty good too.

  60. Wade, dude, pick up League of Extraoridinary Gentlemen. trust me, it’ll be worth it

  61. Forgot the BQ: I’m gonna go with 5, just because no one else ever will, and I enjoyed laughing at that movie, and god was a big curmudgeon, and it had jetpacks and camping. 

  62. So excited for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I’ve even read the Beggars Opera in preparation.

    BQ Neve much cared for Star Trek but forced to express a preference I’ll go for Khan

  63. Light week for me (Spider-man, Flash, New Krypton, War of Kings), but I didn’t pick up last week’s books yet so that will add up.  I will give Flash another shot, but I wasn’t as jazzed after reading #1 as I was after reading GL:Rebirth #1.  Maybe I’m just not a Flash guy, but I’m trying.  Really looking forward to War of Kings, love how the story is going here and in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Spider-Man is always fun too.

    I think Ron will pick New Mutants #1.  First issue, X-book, classic characters, etc.  Probably will be wrong, but at least it’s a reasoned guess.

    BQ: Like many, Wrath of Khan is my favorite.  Oddly, ST: The Motion Picture is a favorite too, but more for sentimental reasons than quality of story- it was my first contact with Star Trek, following on the heels of Star Wars.  And I was 2, so what’s a two-year old know about quality?

  64. It’s a mighty week. I’ve never had so many books in a week. That’s after I’ve dropped one.


    I am so stoked for LOEG: CENTURy.



    You remeber that far!


    BQ: Don’t know.

  65. Looking forward to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Hope to pick up Irredeemable, but it sold out before I got there last time.

    On the fence about Power Girl. Will flip through and decide. The preview didn’t do much for me.

    BQ: VI for sentimental reasons. Remember going to see it with a bunch of the extended fam the Christmas it came out.

  66. @muddi900- I remember seeing it (before the days of everyone having VCRs), I remember wanting the pop-up book when I saw it.  That’s the same year I saw Star Wars (the ’79 re-release, not the original ’77 original- born a few months too late for that).  I have a weird memory like that.

  67. I gotta say that I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o excited for the Dark Horse HC of the classic Gold Key Boris Karloff stories.  Seriously, I saw the painted cover and I was instantly 8 years old again. (of course, for it to be a truly authentic flashback this book would need to be in the Gold Key Comics Digest size!

     Also, Undiscovered Country is the best Star Trek movie.

  68. I’m not pulling anything this week. I might buy "Creepy" Hardcover sometime down the road

  69. I’m looking forward to *everything* on my list: Buffy The Vampire Slayer #25, Human Torch Comics 70th Anniv Special #1, Invincible Iron Man #13, New Mutants #1, War Of Kings #3 (OF 6)

    I’m also gonna pick up another Exterminator’s trade, I think.


  70. My comics of interest are:

    Superman:World of New Krypton

    Flash Rebirth

    Agents Of Atlas (one of marvels best books!)

    Batman BFTC: The Network


    FC Aftermath: Run! (looks very good)

    Seaguy Slaves of Mickey Eye (more kooky goodness)

    and i might give Power Girl a try and will probably pick up Fin Fang Four for my nephew.

    BQ: Its a tie between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

  71. Nevermind; definitely not picking up a new Exterminator’s trade after the $124.80 I just spent on a new car battery. I’ll wait a few weeks. 😉

    BQ:  Hard to say; probably First Contact.