New comics for 04/16/08 are running on empty!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

This week one of the things I’m most looking forward to is X-Men: Divided We Stand #1 featuring art by Jamie McKelvie of Suburban Glamour. I know. I’m as shocked as anyone.

Bonus Question: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

In my sophomore year of college there was a stretch of about 41 hours where I didn’t get to sleep (damn you, Doc Research!). At the end of it I apparently had a conversation with my mom on the phone that I do not recall happening at all.


  1. I’ve been loving Hellblazer and it is the book I’m most looking forward to.  Believe it or not, I’m also looking forward to the last few issues of Countdown (and I don’t mean that sarcastically.) Of course it hasn’t been the greatest thing ever, but I love the idea of the weekly book, and Countdown has been good enough.  Not a ringing endorsement I realize – but this is just comics afterall.

  2. BQ: I work third shift, and over the summer for a while I work a second job to help out a friend. This combined with needing to run errands or trying to have a social life keeps me up for days at a time. Over this past summer there was a point where I hadn’t slept in 5 days. And then I slept for about a day and a half.

  3. A small week chock full o’ goodness for me.  Only 5 books this week, probably I’m most looking forward to Captain America.  Ghost Rider’s climbing the charts though, that’s just a fun book. 


    Bonus Question: Probably about the same.  Somewhere in the 40-45 hour range.

  4. It doesn’t look like I’m picking up anything that’s coming out this week. I may pick up the first two issues of Young Liars if my store has them to see if Ron is a liar;)

    BQ:  I think the longest I stayed up for was back in high school at an overnight church thing, probably about 36 hours only.  I like my sleep:)

  5. Kind of a ‘meh’ week for me.  I guess Batman and the Outsiders is the it book for me.  I’m thinking Fear Agent might’ve run it’s ground with me.  HAven’t been able to get into this current arc.


    BQ: I’ve got sleeping issues, so it’s not unsual for me to go two or three days without any kind of real sleep.  I think the longest I ever went without any kind of decent sleep was about 10 days.

  6. Light week for me. Only DMZ and Gotham Underground. I’m gonna get Pigeons From Hell, based simply on the name only, I have a feeling that’s gonna either be amazing or god-awful.

    BQ: It was at Glastonbury ’04, from the Thursday til the Monday night, so like 5 days. Never again! 

  7. Captain America and Infinite Horizon are my two most anticipated by far this week. Also excited to re-read Green Arrow Year One again with the hardcover coming out this week.


    *BQ: Like 30-40 hours 



  8. Lite Week

    Lone Ranger 11

    Grendel 6 

    BQ: Probably 40 hours too.  You know when everything starts happening in slow motion.  Your brain and face fell numb.  You have taken two major finals that you failed.  And you know you have to take another major physics final that you know you’re going to fail.  You end up playing mario kart or nhl 95 until its time to take the exam, instead of sleeping or studying.  That was me.

  9. I’m not totally overwhelmed by this week’s choices.  That said, I am looking forward to Captain America, Fear Agent, Bat Lash (I’ve really taken to this series), Powers Annual, ASM, Incredible Hercules (I never would have guessed that I would dig this as much as I have), X-Factor, and the Lone Ranger.  I’m also looking forward to picking up some issues I missed the last two weeks: Kick Ass, Suburban Glamour, Echo and Young Liars.  So if I count the later along with this week’s books, I’d say I have some good reading ahead of me.

    BQ:  I’ve gone as long as 48 hours without sleep.   Like Luthor, I have sleep issues too.

  10. Just four for me this week (Cap, War is Hell, Lone Ranger, and Infinite Horizon).  Probably most excited about the Lone Ranger this week, it finally shipped.  Was thinking about picking up the Powers Annual, but I read that strictly in trades, and I’m thinking it will get printed in the next, next volume maybe?

    BQ:  Longest I ever went was probaly close to 35-40 hours back in my freshman year of college, which was, uh…12 years ago.  I’m lucky if I can make it 15 hours without a nap now.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #557 Batman And The Outsiders #6 Captain America #37 Countdown To Final Crisis #2

    BQ: Probably adaot the same.That and i sleep off and on i have to have the Tv on.

  12. I’m excited for Cap and the Powers Annual… other than that? Not much… looks to be a lighter week… Only eight books… Although I am looking forward to Captain Marvel… That looks spiffular…

    BQ: I think I went thirty hours once… That was so, so rough…

  13. You have to pull weight on your end as well. I’m seeing a very empty set of pictures on this pull list. It makes it easier to pull if there are images attached.

     Most I’ve stayed awake is 36 hours. Pretty poor for the son of a nurse. I just did it because I was a kid hanging with other kids goofing off after bedtime.

  14. @VichusSmith: Jump on They don’t even have a cover picture to Countdown to Final Crisis#2.

    As for my list. Lone Ranger #11 (finally), Countdown to Final Crisis and the Amazing Spider-man.

    Bonus Question: About 48 hours. Although it felt like a lot more! 

  15. I forgot to mention how much I’m looking forward to the Iron Man Omnibus that’s coming out this week.  It looks sweet!

  16. What a crappy week! The only book I’m really looking forward to is Captain Marvel.


    BQ: about 36 hours – pulled an all nighter working on a paper, got a ticket on my way to school, zombied my way through my classes and slapped myself silly all the way home trying to stay awake. Ah, the good ole days.

  17. a medium week for me with 10 books

    Avengers the initative #11, Batman and the outsiders #6, Captain America #37, Countdown to final crisis #2, Gotham Underground #7, Robin #173, Salvation Run #6, Superman #675, X-Factor #30, X-Men: Divided we Stand #1. Nothing that im really looking forward to, apart from Countodwn getting closer to finishing. Think divided we stand will be a good read and Gotham Underground, Robin, and Batman and the Outsiders should be good.

     B.Q. Don’t know prob about 36 hours while at Uni. Tend not to go to long, I do like my sleep


  18. Seven books this week.  Countdown 2 and Robin 173 are what I’m most looking forward to.  Gotham Underground, Batman & Outsiders, Catwoman, and Brave & Bold are usually pretty decent.  I’ll let you all know if Flash turns around….please God!!

    BQ: Probably about 30 hours during finals back in college. There were a couple classes where no one paid any attention and we all just crammed the information into our short-term memory before the final. For the most part I’m the type of person who falls asleep at 10pm, no matter where I am.

  19. Big week – and I don’t think I ever thought I’d say this – but I think I’m most looking forward to Ghost Rider. The return of The Damned is a close second – plus there’s a lotta other horror-ish stuff -Pigeons from Hell, and Un-Men TPB – that I can’t wait to get to.

  20. I have about 5 books this week.  Cap and Outsiders are the two I am looking forward to.

    BQ:  How many hours has it been since Feb. 17?  That’s when I believe I started this weird shift.  I really haven’t slept well since then and at least once a week got 30-40 or more hours.

  21. Looks like a light weeke for most people. There are two books I can’t wait for on my list. Infinate Horizon and The Sword. If you want to pick up something to add to your week. Those are great pulls.

     BQ about 48-52 hrs. I hate it when you stay at work so long you go back to straight time.

  22. Hard to believe this could be a light week for anyone with so many gems being dropped. No doubt the fifth and final installment of Captain Marvel will top my list. Why noone else has mentioned this is beyond me. Can anyone who’s made it this far into Countdown possibly resist the last two issues? Not I, McFly.

    BQ: Way back in the 90’s I once stayed up for four days partying. It was a terrible experience I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.  

  23. BQ – 2.5 days.  Back in college – I had a project due, a show opening (that needed paint) and a portfolio review.  I’m pretty sure I showered before my portfolio review…but I’m pretty sure I didn’t wear socks.  Awesome.

  24. I’m a resident physician so every 4 days i’m on call and get to work a 30 hour shift.  i usually don’t sleep during this time.  moral of the story: don’t become a doctor if you like sleep.

  25. I’m most looking forward to ’76. Fans of Criminal/Hawaian Dick/Scalped should take note of this book. It’s excellent so far. Also, Hellblazer ’cause it’s been so honkin’ good of late. Suicide Squad has been very satisfying. Hey! LOOK KIDS! POWERS! (stupid distract-y Skrulls).

    I think I’m finally going to put The Flash out to pasture this week. Sigh.

     BQ: I think around 40 hours. 

  26. I don’t have "light weeks" anymore.  15 books!

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


    the evil pigeon thing possibly

    Mutant Glamour


    And the next week is just as light.  I’m gonna get hit hard soon.   

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: 5 days.  

  29. Man, super light week for me. Just Captain America and Ghost Rider. I dropped Flash and Salvation Run last month. I think I might give Noble Causes and Hellblazer both a shot, I have been contemplating both series and they both seem to have a new story arc this week.

  30. Looking forward to Cap and X-Factor.  That’s about it.


    BQ:  Used to routinely go five days without sleep during summer camp as a kid.  If you actually fell asleep, there was no telling what would happen to you. 

  31. I’m most looking forward to Captain America this week. I’m dropping Wolverine Origins after this issue. I’ve enjoyed the Deadpool arc and the Cap arc before was okay (a bit muddled).

    BQ: I think it was 40 hours. I visited Germany and when I got there, in order to get used to the time difference, I was told to stay up. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane ride over and it was 8AM when we arrived. I grabbed a beer with my Dad on the Rein tour, around 4 in the afternoon and after 1 sip, we were out. We woke up two hours later, and it was the best sleep ever.

  32. Captain America is at the top of my list this week. As it is every week it comes out. Nothing else comes close this week for me. Maybe Fear Agent, but haven’t been enjoying that book as much lately.

    BQ: Oh my. About 4 or 5 days straight on no sleep is the longest I’ve gone. Though I have gone for weeks on end with very little sleep.

    Actually it is not uncommon for me to go a couple days without sleep now. Never been a much of a "sleeper" and it takes a heck of a lot to exhaust me. I am one of those dudes that can go a week on 4 hours of sleep and not feel tired.

    Pull list for the week;

    Batman And The Outsiders #6
    Brave And The Bold #12
    Captain America #37
    Countdown To Final Crisis #2
    Fear Agent Hatchet Job #20
    Gotham Underground #7
    Infinite Horizon #3
    Lone Ranger #11
    Red Sonja #32
    Robin #173
    Salvation Run #6
    Superman #675
    Sword #7

  33. No comics for me this week, because they are filming part of a Johnny Depp film called Public Enemies here in Oshkosh, WI.  Part of the filming is in front of my LCS. So my LCS won’t get anything in until next week.


    BQ: Not very long, I don’t think I’ve ever gone longer than 40 hours or so.

  34. I’m really looking foward to Hellblazer, Incredible Herc and The Sword this week.  I’m thinking one of those may be my pick.  Also, I’m really excited for the fourth volume of Strange Girl, which closes out the series.  I’ve been looking for a good reason to re-read the series and this seems to be it.

    BQ:  In college, I had an ulcer, so it wasn’t uncommon for me to not sleep for a few days as constantly feeling like you’re going to vomit keeps you up at night.  Since becoming a teacher, I have a hard time sleeping in past 7:00 in the morning, regardless of when I go to bed.  Needless to say, this guy gets very little sleep during the week. 

  35. I’m Dying for that Ghost Rider and I can’t believe it. Jason Aaron was born to write this. Also there is a lot of nice cover art this week.

    BQ: I live for sleep so rarely ever more than a day. But once I did take some acid that just would not freakin quit, that night sucked. Kids, DON’T DO DRUGS!!

  36. Oh crap, forgot I was jumping back on issues with Hellblazer this week. New arc, no? Looking forward to it.

  37. A very light week with only Ghost Rider and Grendel. But they are both books that I have been looking forward to; especially Ghost Rider (never thought I would say that; Aaron is a miracle worker, everything he touches turns to gold for me). 

    BQ: A few all-nighter study sessions in college and a few random nights otherwise here and there. So probably about 36-48 hours max. Generally I love sleep, so I try not to go without it. 

  38. @Labor Yeah it’s a new arc, lasting 2 issues.

  39. Looking forward to Boy who made silence.

    I have gone a couple of days without sleep when my grandfather died a few years ago. 

  40. Has the first six issues of the Sword been announced in Trade form?

  41. Let’s see.  Highlights of my 13 books this week include Brave and the Bold #12, Captain America #37, and Countdown #2.  Most looking forward to:

    Batman & the Outsiders #6

    Low expectations for – Superman # 675

    BQ: Not sure how long it was, but it involved being up all night for a term paper.  Procrastination is not your friend kids.

  42. my reading Captian america in trade and i couldn’t care less about amazing spider-man so it looks like i’m not getting any single issues this week.

    oh, and this one time, i went about 16 hours without sleep. Boy! was i tired!

  43. Smallest week I’ve had in a long while, just getting Captain America.  I’m jumping back onto that series after dropping it in the late teens, hopefully the pressure of it being the only book I’m getting won’t ruin the enjoyment of the issue.

  44. Avengers Initiative #11

    Not too shabby, only six books and I’m guaranteed to love them all. Captain Marvel I believe marks the last mini-series I’ll be buying in issues. Most looking forward to X-Me: DWS, though Iron Man is a close second.
    BQ: Longest I’ve ever gone without sleep is about 36 hours, when I did two shifts of work and an election in between.
  45. I;m getting Annihilation Conquest #6 (OF 6), Avengers Initiative #11, Captain America #37, Ghost Rider #22, World Of Warcraft #6, World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #5 (OF 5), X-Men Divided We Stand #1 (OF 2)

    total of 7 books

    BQ: 20 hours my friend and i went on a road trip to check out a college he wanted to go to. I was driving.

  46. Kind of a so-so week for me – nothing standing out right off the bat, but there is plenty of promise.  Return of Noble Causes, 76, X-Men DWS with some sweet Skottie Young, Spider-Man, Captain America, Catwoman is always a solid read, Captain Marvel could be good in light of Secret Invasion, Countdown’s been good the last month or so. I might pick up Dreamwar, but I wouldn’t count on it. Also want to check out Nixon’s Pals GN – the premise sounds like it could be a decent crime story. Oh, good times.

  47. Looking forward to XFactor unabashedly, to Cap & Xmen: Divided We Stand with a little trepidation (as I’m anxious about where the story might be going, in both cases).

    Does anybody know the story on the Iron Man vs. Doom thing?  I love David Micheline’s stuff from the 80s, but is this some long-unpublished story or a sequel/rehash I’m going to be sorry I bought.  (And man, why can’t it be a Tony/Doom buddy comedy by Bendis?)

    BQ: When I was in grad school, I used to miss a night’s sleep every month or so for some reason or another — papers, smoking and booze too close to bed time, general anxiety and lack of routine.  I’d usually stay up watching DVDs and get by the next day on coffee.  (I’m sure the classes I TA’ed those days were hilarious, too).  Then I’d just go to bed the normal time that night, so I guess, like, 40 hours total?  The last time I remember this happening, I went to see ‘sin city’ on the evening of the second day.  I’d like to say that sleep deprivation made the movie more enjoyable, but actually I had to walk out after 20 minutes and be sick. I still can’t even think about watching that film. 

  48. Light week for me. Only 3 books. ASM, X-Men: Divided We Stand, and World of Warcraft. I guess I am most looking forward to X-Men. I want to see where this whole Divided We Stand thing is going.


    BQ: Back in my younger, wilder days, I stayed up for 3 days I think on speed. I Don’t do that stuff anymore though. Haven’t in years. 

  49. @ohcaroline? Why no love for Sin City? It’s one of my favourite movies (& comics of course).

    Pretty light week for me, so Ill be checking out Noble Causes based on Ron’s constant pimping of this title.



  50. Only two pulled this week: Captain America and The Book That Tore the Internet In Half, Brave and the Bold.

    BQ: Probably somewhere between the 30-40 hour range, where you reach that weird/wired state of being so tired you can’t sleep, then crash (literally or figuratively) without warning.  

  51. @WadeWilson — Did the sick, hungover, and incredibly sleep-deprived part not come through?  *g*

  52. This week is light but my wallet needs those now and then.  I am excited for Brave and Bold #12, enjoyed ever issue so far. 

    @ohcaroline — I was wondering what brought about that Iron Man/Doc Doom series myself.  It’ll probably be good but I wish they would have bite the bullet and done the Marvel verison of 48 Hrs.  Hearing Doom talk like Nick Nolte would change my life.

  53. @Kimbo — Or maybe it could be like  ‘The Defiant Ones.’  They’re handcuffed together. . .

  54. Most looking forward to: The Sword, Captain America and Captain Marvel.

    Everything else looks good, nothing I’m worrying too much about.

    BQ:I’m not really sure how long, All I know is that I tried to stay up for a 24 marathon, but I’m pretty sure I dozed off midseason, thats when things usually slow down. 

  55. Here is what I am going to get this week.


    Amazing Spider-Man #557

    Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #8

    Batman Strikes #44

    Captain America #37

    Catwoman #78

    Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Hc Vol 01 Granov 

    Robin #173

    X-Factor #30


    I am going to wait a bit for the Iron Man Omnibus but it is something I want to get for sure and maybe I get the new X-Men book but I am not sure yet. About the bonus question  3 days when I was in college playing in photoshop.

  56. dude, i wanna get that novel causes vol. 1 so bad… and something like two days and change without sleep. 

  57. I will be picking up the following issues, listen in order of my excitement:


    1. Captain America #37 After last issues ending this book tops my list

    2. Captain Marvel #5  Can’t wait to find out the truth

    3. Avengers Initiative #11  My favoriteMarvel team book. About to get a major overhaul

    4. ASM #557  Best arc of BND by far. Bacvhalo’s art is amazing

    5. X-Men Divided We Stand #1  Been wondering what is happening with some of the "New X-Men" since MC

    6. X-Factor #30  This book is so solid, Arcade is cool again.

    7. Wolverine Origins #24  Usually hate this title, but I need my Deadpool fix from somewhere

    8. Countdown to Final Crisis #2  I’m hoping the last two issues can salvage this title to an extent

    9. Superman #675  Last issue for Busiek on this title,  Looking forward to the new team next month.

    10. Iron Man #28   Books been pretty solid lately.


    I may pick up Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, but I have to take a look at it first. I will do the same for any Indie books that look interesting.


    The longest I ever stayed awake was for 5 days at a music festival, thanks to lots of LSD, ecstacy, mushrooms, and cocaine, alcohol and pot  Ah… To be 20 again….  If I tried that now I’d probably die by day 2. 

  58. Kinda slow week for me. I only got four books, would’ve been five, but apparently Crawlspace isn’t coming out this week. 

    Been thinking about picking up X-Men Divided We Stand instead, but I’m not sure yet. If I’m honest with myself, I really can’t take another series right now.  

    Looking forward to Outsiders and Salvation Run. The latter has been really f***ed up in my opinion, in a good way.

    I went three days without sleep while I was playing my brother and his friend in Age of Empires II, Quake III and Call of Duty. Oh my, those good ol’ times…

  59. @cylonpete — From what I understand, ‘Divided we stand’ isn’t a series but an anthology book (only two issues as far as I know) with small stories about various X-characters.  It seems like something to flip through and pick up, or not, depending on how the various parts look.

  60. I said it in the Brave and the Bold thread, but I’ll say it again.  I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of the Megistus storyline.  I just love the wacky imagination behind it.  Guess I’m in the minority though.

  61. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Most looking forward to Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle #1.

    BQ: 30 – 40 hours.