New Comics for 03/25/09 is Partial to Fall

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

A lot going on this week! Great stuff from all corners of the comic book world: the conclusion to Battlefields: Dear Billy, Captain America, and Daredevil from Ed Brubaker, a Commissioner Gordon one-shot, the first issue of a Barbara Gordon mini-series (it’s a good week for the Gordon family), The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Superman, Proof, Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man… oh, it should be a good week of comics!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Hey! Friday was the first day of spring! What’s your favorite season?



  1. Definitely interested in the Kingpin’s return to New York in Daredevil, also Peter David starting on Wolverine: First Class (though I think Fred Van Lente’s just about irreplaceable).  And more Avengers books, plus Iron Fist (which is apparently NOT cancelled, despite Newsarama seeming to say this, earlier today).  Will wait for early reviews on the Commissioner Gordon book, but definitely getting that, too, if it sounds good.

    BQ: I’m a fall person, for the most part, but really looking forward to spring after this dismal winter we’ve had.

  2. Mostly looking forward to: Amazin’ Spidey; Captain America; Daredevil; Nova. It’s just like my childhood reading list all over again!

    BQ: Summer – long, lazy summer days, going to the beach. Simply love it. 

  3. Oh dear, this is a ridiculous week for me.

    Most looking forward to Battlefields and Umbrella Academy.

    BQ: Winter! Snowmen!

  4. Jeez, didn’t half these books JUST come out? I was reading Iron Fist, like, yesterday.

  5. Looking forward to a week of the Gordon Family!!

    BQ: Summer for sure!! No students or work, traveling, relaxing, rejuvenating

  6. Love those Iron Fist one and done issues.  You can never have too much Iron Fist Josh, you just can’t!

    Might drop Superman.  I am hoping this issue is great.  Robinson got me pretty excited for this, but I am still on the ropes.  Mighty Avengers is on the chopping block as well.

    BQ: I’m a sucker for Summer.  Nothing in the world tops a Cali summer.  Except for a Hawaiian summer I suppose.

  7. GotG, Unknown Soldier, Proof, Daredevil, New Avengers.

    BQ: Summer.

  8. Umbrella Academy ! I am really on love with this series

    And The Darkness  I have been reading this sense the begining.

    BQ: I am from Seattle the seasons here are raining and about to rain. 

  9. Baseball Season

  10. Not a single thing for me this week. Guess I can catch up on my trades:)

    BQ: Summer – no students on campus taking up parking spots

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    CONAN and MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. fall. Nowadays since things are screwed up it doesn’t really matter. It’s really hot during winter with barely any rain. The wind is now considered a myth or a childhood fantasy. It barely does anything. No longer do the great days of almost flying away, getting a new umbrella totally wrecked, getting a ton of leaves to your face etc, exist.
    No more huge puddles to throw rocks at.

    But on the other hand, Summer is no longer so hot you can’t sleep. 

  13. thanks paul, now I want a conan/muppets crossover….

    BQ – there are things I love and hate about each season, but if I must I will say fall

  14. @ Paul there’s a Muppet comic coming out?!!!

  15. Interested in the Gordon book and excited for the Muppet book.

    BQ: Summer–long sunshine-filled days!

  16. Mighty Avengers gets the chop (for real this time, I initially dropped it when Bendis left, but picked the last two up on a misguided whim) and replace it with the Commissioner Gordon book. Maybe this will be successful and DC will start up Gotham Central again, this time starring James Gordon! 

    BQ: Baseball season. Bilko beat me to it.

  17. 5 books for me.

    BQ: Fall definitely. Football Season and love the cool breezy weather. hate racking leaves though… 

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @cool people

    Muppet comic

    Conan comic

    Pull them both!

  19. I’m pulling Conan!


  20. That reminds me I need to buy the full Muppet pirate game sometime and see what happens further… Claw is great but couldn’t scratch the muppet itch.

  21. YAY an iFanboy getting Conan!

    Avengers Prem Hc Hawkeye

    Batman Battle For The Cowl Commissioner Gordon #1

    Captain America #48

    Conan The Cimmerian #9

    New Avengers #51

    Oracle #1 (OF 3)

    Also Josh am I the only person getting the Hawkeye hardcover this week?

    BQ:  It’s a tie between Spring and Fall. Both have the right temperatures outside for me not to be cranky.

  22. Daredevil #117

    I was never a Daredevel reader before but this looks like a good time to try out an arc.  

    Amazing Spider-Man #589

    yay!!  Spidey!

    Superman #686

    Well the Flamebird and new Nightwing story in ACTION proved to be interesting…  I hope this is done up the same way or it’s headed right to "currently unemployed’s" chop block.

    Batman Battle For The Cowl Commissioner Gordon #1

    Of course I’m getting this, it’s Batman!

    Oracle #1 (OF 3)

    How come this one doesn’t have the whole Battle For The Cowl banner on it?  Looks intereting nonetheless.  I’m not really into Birds but Oracle is my honey.


    Garth Ennis Battlefields Dear Billy #3

    Really looking forward to this one!

    X-Force Cable Messiah War Prologue

    The IGN article got me on the bandwagon!


    Dark Avengers 2nd Ptg

    I am just getting into this now.


    Oh, and Spring is definitely my favorite season.  It’s mating season time!!



  23. I love Marvel’s strategy to put everything out near the end of the month.

    BQ: Definitely winter or fall. I am a fan of coats and long sleeves. Heat is the bane of my existance. Yet I love in California. 

  24. @Paul – A Muppet Comic –  i hope my LCS has this. Thanks for the heads up. 

  25. Great diggity damn, Paul, am I glad you reminded me about that Muppet book. I had neither pulled nor remembered it.

  26. Nice little week for me – Spidey, New Avengers, Captain America and Thunderbolts (which I’m hoping is decent – I’m only picking it up for the Deadpool crossover).


    BQ: It’s a tie between winter and spring, mostly because both mean I can get out on my skis.

  27. A lot of maybe’s this week. For sure:

    Unknown Soldier (need to find issues 3-5)

    Battlefields Dear Billy #3

    BQ: Summer! 

  28. No, I’m not terribly interested in that Hawkeye book.  Oddly enough. It’s just a mishmash of stories they could put together. I’m still waiting for the definitive Hawkeye story.

  29. Wow, a light week for me.


    my favorite season is spring. baseball season is beggining and basketball season is still in full swing

  30. Light week again for me….

    Incredible Hercules #127 (Another favorite title gets shoehorn into Dark Reign)

    Nova #23 (Last page reveal last issue was kinda lame…hopefully this issue picks back up on track)

    Thunderbolts #130 (Deadpool crossover!!! Please let Diggle be a better writer then Mike Benson)

    and finally by the good chances my LCS carries it:

    The Muppet Show #1 (If only there was a Fraggle Rock comic…)

    BQ: Summer of course. No school, relaxing all day….paradise for 3 months

  31. Stoked: Daredevil (Last issue was one of the best in a while. Anyone know if this is Brubie’s last arc?)

    Kinda: Crossed (Last issue made me realize this is *could* be more than the typical Ennis shock & gore!)

    Suspect: Oracle (Let’s see how this goes…)

     B.Q. I think I like the idea of Fall. I never feel satisfied here in SoCal though, weather is generally always the same. Don’t get me wrong I love Summer, but I think I’d really appreciate a brown & orange Fall. Anybody feel me?

  32. Quite the hefty week, cap, Dear Billy, Top Ten, New Avengers, whew.  Also, so excited for next weeks return of Seaguy.  

    I am a fan of fall, leading into the wintertime. 

  33. Umbrella Academy: Dallas #05
    BFTC – Commissioner Gordon #01
    Oracle #01
    Amazing Spider-Man #589
    Captain America #48
    Dark Reign: Elektra #01
    Mighty Avenges #23
    New Avengers #51
    Runaways #08
    Crossed #04
    The Incredibles: Family Matters #01
    Battlefields: Dear Billy #03

    A lot of great stuff this week! I’m not sure about Crossed & Elektra, but other than that this week is full of stuff I’ve always loved, or am going to give a solid try.

    BQ: Spring for me, all the sunshine and happiness of Summer without all the sunburns and bee stings. I love in WA State, though, so we cherish whatever non-snow/rain we can, heh.



  34. Whew, big week for me.  ASM, Captain America, Battlefields, Guardians (is this coming out every 2 weeks now?), New Avengers, Nova, and Proof (yay Springheel Jack!).  Might pick up the Muppets comic.

    BQ: Spring and early Fall.  Late fall usually involves the cold and snow, two things I really don’t like (good thing I live in Alberta….).

  35. @josh: But….but….it’s Hawkeye!

  36. Yeah, Josh, I’ve so far collected all of those Marvel Premiere Classics, or whatever they’re called, and I have yet to be let down. Plus, they look reeeeally nice on my shelf. You’ve got three of the best Wolvie stories ever, and Frank Miller’s arguably best Marvel work in those HCs. Not to mention Hulk Future Imperfect. I’m excited to add the Hawkeye "mixtape" HC to that collection.

  37. Looks like a solid week!! I’m most lookin’ forward to Commissioner Gordon’s book, Oracle, Daredevil, Crossed & mostly — Dear Billy! It’s been awesome.

    Dropping: Superman. It’s a big deal for me, because I haven’t dropped it in years. Robinson doesn’t have the voice for the Superman family of characters AT ALL (IMO) & I could care less about Mon El, so … yeah. Dropped.

    BQ – Wabbit season!

  38. BQ: Fave season is Winter. If for no other reason than hot chocolate and playing with my St. Bernard in the snow. Also, I don’t really get cold easily.

  39. I just want to mention that while I don’t usually get the series, issue #21 of Hack/Slash apparently has ME (and two other old friends) drawn into the book as police officers who meet a gruesome end. 😉

    (A buddy of mine from high school is the editor of the book.)

    So if you’ve ever argued with me on the forum on in the comment threads, you’ll want to be sure check out this week’s issue of Hack/Slash. 😉

  40. Large week.  Seems like Marvel always puts out my favorites on the same day. Most often with Herc and Nova.

    BQ: Winter!

  41. Big week for me. Am I the only one looking forward to MARK F’N WAID writing an INVINCIBLES comic? I’m assuming that will be my POW. Although with a Muppet comic also coming out, anything is possible…..


    BQ: Fall? 

  42. small week for DC ……………the fall is the best …………ny jets football

  43. Captain America #48 

    Guardians of the Galaxy #12

    Nova #23

    BQ: Spring, how can you not love everything coming back to life?

  44. Muppets, GI JOE, Incredibles…seems like the kid in me will be very satisfied this week. And then there’s DD, ASM and Dear Billy for the mature side. Great week. It’s an awesome eclectic week to be a comic fan.

     BQ: Hockey season.

  45. Amazing Spider-Man #589

    Batman Battle For The Cowl Commissioner Gordon #1

    Captain America #48

    Daredevil #117

    Gi Joe Origins #2

    Immortal Iron Fist #24

    Incredible Hercules #127

    Justice League Of America #31

    Ms Marvel #37

    New Avengers #51

    Oracle #1 (OF 3)

    Superman #686

    Thunderbolts #130

    Trinity #43

    Umbrella Academy Dallas #5 (OF 6)

    War Machine #4

    X-Force Cable Messiah War Prologue


    Like Conor, I’m gonna take a look at the JLA, plus that cover looks awesome.


    BQ: I can’t believe WadeWilson was the 1st person to say Wabbit season….as soon as I saw the BQ I went Duck Season, Wabbit Season, Duck Season, Elmer Season.

  46. This has to be my biggest week ever. I’m getting Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Nova, Battlefields, Mighty Avengers, Umbrella Academy, Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods, and though I don’t have high hopes, I’m giving Superman-free Superman a shot. I’m also going to try out the Incredibles mini and Star Trek: Missions End.

    BQ: The very beginning of Fall.

  47. Nice light week which is good since I am not there to get them.

    BQ: Spring becuase summer is always a let down for me but in spring I still have some hope for it.

  48. son of a bitch! I thought it was strange that none of you had Incognito #3 on your list so I looked it up and its been delayed

  49. looking forward to Umbrella Academy and Dear Billy.


    BQ: in the southern hemishpere friday was the first day of fall, so i don’t want to talk about the seasons.

  50. It’s all about Kingbreaker, War Machine, and New Avengers, followed by X-Infernus.


    BQ: I like Fall, also; partly ’cause that’s when my birthday is.


  51. Umbrella Academy and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose for me. The preview I saw for that Muppet Show comic looked like fun so probably also that.


    Maybe the X-Force/Cable thing, maybe not. I was thinking about possibly dropping X-Force to make room for Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider and Wolverine so this crossover might make a good jumping off point.


    BQ: I was just recently pining for those warm Summer nights so I guess I’ll go with that.

  52. Superman, The Darkness and Proof (although I’m dropping it after issue 19)

    BQ: Autumn because that means Bonfire Night, my birthday, my wife’s birthday and my eldest son’s birthday!!

  53. Superman!

    -I am LOVING this New Krypton stuff and am just devouring all the Superman books (Supergirl, Action Comics, Superman: World of New Krypton, and this).

    Tarot-Witch of the Black Rose

    -Hot Raven Hex’s adventures!  Stories used to be good, it’s peetered off wuite a bit, but I am still giving it a chance to regroup.

     The Muppet Show

    – Holy SHIT!  Need I say more?  I hope it has Alice Cooper guest starring again!!!

    The Phantom – Ghost Who Walks

    -This is a brand new reboot of the Moonstone Phantom.  Loved the Moonstone series before this.  My favorite hero of all time… the Phantom!

    Conan the Cimmerian

    -I read the whole past Dark Horse Conan series, getting these but haven’t read any of em yet.

    Battlestar Galactica Cylon War

     -Another series I plan on getting later on to so picking them up.

  54. The comics I’m most interested in are: Batman BFTC: Comish Gordon, Superman, Usagi Yojimbo, Daredevil and The Muppet Show!!!

    BQ: Fall…. and Spring….. But I do really love snow… and sometimes Winter.