New Comics for 03/11/09 Can’t Seem To Find That Hour They Misplaced

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Could this finally be the small week I’ve been waiting for? If it is it will be dominated by Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 and Action Comics #875. Not to mention Green Lantern Crops #34 and Captain Britain and MI:13 #11. I love me some Dracula action!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What was the last totally-unnecessary-but-you-still-really-wanted-it thing you bought?



  1. oooooh new GLC and captain britain


    BQ: Gidget Season 1, honest to god. I’m 26 years old and totally in love with sally field. sue me

  2. Small week but still some good flavors

    Batman Battle for the Cowl #1 (This better be good)

    Batman Confidential #27 (The start of this small arc on the previous issus was fantastic! The colorist alone for this should be up for an Eisner)

    Green Lantern Corps #34 (Mongul: That’s all you need to know)

    Punisher: Frank Castle MAX #68 (This has been a very good arc by Duane S. so far. I hope for more great insight in the Philadelphia crime scene in here)

    BQ: A Duck Hunt T-shirt….was gonna wear it all the time…now it’s collecting dust in the closet.

  3. Iron Man, Iron Fist, X-Men Noir, and the Ex Machina special.  Looks like a manageable week for once.

    BQ: That’s pretty much everything I buy.  Today, potato chips.

  4. I’m really looking forward to Captain Britain and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I’ve really been loving both of those books, especially Captain Britain. Yay for Drac!

    BQ: I used some Christmas money to buy a X360 while my old one got fixed (and is now out of warranty).  What can I say? I really wanted to play Fable 2 and Fallout 3. 

  5. Big week for me. Looking foward to Walking Dead and Scalped the most.

  6. Battle for the Cowl, Battle for the Cowl, Battle for the Cowl, Battle for the Cowl, Battle for the Cowl, and this little Indie book called Battle for the Cowl.

    I am very excited. Also excited for Captain Britain and MI13, Iron Man, and Iron Fist.

    BQ: Red Frogs during a particularly bad afternoon at work yesterday.

  7. Always looking forward to Fables and I think I’m going to cave in and start buying Green Lantern Corps.

     BQ: Just ordered the Kindle 2. With my growing comics collection, at least now i can save space when it comes to books.



  8. Yep, it’s a small week indeed: Batman Battle for the Cowl; Captain Britain ("I don’t like to make a fuss."); Green Lantern Corps; Green Arrow & Black Canary – GA&BC is on notice, but I enjoyed the last issue so I’m giving it another chance.

    BQ: the PS3 PVR. I already had a PVR but it was huge, so I gave that to my Mom and got the teeny weeny Sony PS3 PVR. So cool, but so totally unnecessary.

  9. Only three books this week, which is my smallest in about 3 years. Action Comics, Scalped, and Green Arrow/Black Canary. Of those three, 2 are on the chopping block and as great as Scalped is, it isn’t compelling enough for me to go to the store this week.

    BQ: Dinner last night. I didn’t want to spend money on eatting out, but my wife didn’t want to eat at home, so she tricked me by suggesting my favorite Mexican place in town. After a few minutes of contemplation, I relented and allowed her to think she was making us go. 

  10. How this is a heavy week for me six titles.

     BQ:  This is extremely nerdy.  I got a TI-89 Titanium calculator for my physics class.  My old one still worked fine but this one can solve for variables, do integrals, and derivatives.      

  11. @Spoons: Don’t be embarrased. Let the nerd flag fly!

  12. Wow ridiculously small week for me, the culling of books is finally paying off!

    I’m pretty happy, REBELS #2 comes out!

    BQ: Beer probably.

  13. Batman Battle For The Cowl #1 (OF 3)

    FINALLY!! This shit better be good.

    Action Comics #875

    Shit, I’ll give it a try.  Why not? It’s a lite week.

    Punisher Frank Castle Max #68

    I’m rather enjoying this story.  So Garth Ennis didn’t write it?!  OH WELL, stilll like it.  How about those apples, bitch?!

    Superman Batman #56

    Yay!! Bruce Wayne!!


    Batman Confidential #27

    I sure hope they don’t cancel this title.  I have a really odd feeling they are about to though.

    Hmmmmm.. most unnessary thing I have around here…?  Condoms?



  14. I’m really looking forward to Scalped and Captain Britain. I’m surprised to see Special Forces on there but I’m really looking forward to that too.


    I’m curious about Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider based on the strength of his Scalped and Wolverine stuff. And ever since James Sime highlighted Super Human Resources for their promotional campaign a few months ago, I’ve been kind of curious about that too.


    BQ: Probably the New Frontier Wonder Woman action figure I bought at WonderCon.

  15. Just Iron Man and X-Men Noir for me. I’ve got some trades to keep me busy anyway.

    BQ: Rorschach bust from Amazon. My office needed more comic figures.

  16. @Spoons-TI-83 Plus FTW!  That thing served me well through all my engineering classes and up to differential equations. 

    Another heavy week for me, 9 titles.  Excited for an issue of Ex Machina mostly, but everything has me giddy.

    BQ: A Cyclops tumbler at WonderCon.  I use it every day to justify the purchase though.

  17. When it comes to Daniel writing "Battle for the Cowl" I can’t help but think of Jurgen writing "Booster" and how it destroyed it. Can it work? And where is the second half of Gaiman’s story anyway? I need that, dammit!

    BQ: i bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance again last weekend after i found out part 2’s not coming out for another year. what a fun game.

  18. scalped and captain britian (since this will be my second issue with it and i want to see if that first one was just a fluke)

    BQ: the new U2 cd.  bought it saturday, have barely listened to it, and have little interest in doing that.

  19. Battle for the Cowl, Action Comics, Fables, Charlatans Ball, Cap Britan……good (and small) week. I’m pretty stoked on it. I’m gonna try to find the Battlefields/Nightwitches trade to go along with it as well. Good times for Spring Break.

     BQ: Seasons 2 & 3 of Babylon 5. I got the 1st for Christmas, and just finished it and found the other two online for cheap. I enjoyed the 1st, so I’m looking forward to the next two. Next I’m gonna start collecting Battlestar Galactica.

  20. Battle for the Cowl and maybe the Wonder Woman Hardcover this week, since I resolved to try more Gail Simone.

    BQ: Well about everything I purchased at Wondercon and the collection I got from Six.  Didn’t need any of it, but damn did I want it.

  21. I don’t see anything begging for a pull, so I’ll see if Battle for the Cowl has good word of mouth before getting it and some others.

     BQ: My Watchmen ticket. 

  22. Battle for the Cowl, Northlanders, Scapled, Walking Dead, GotG, and B.P.R.D.

    Thinking about dropping Northlanders, I haven’t really been enjoying it since the first arc.

  23. Iron Fist, Iron Man, Scalped, Action Comics, and Walking Dead. Probably most excited for Scalped. Still undecided on whether I am going to pick up Battle for the Cowl.

    BQ: An LP, 3 7"s, and an Infest T-shirt 

  24. Tiny week ;
    Black Terror
    The Stand : American Nightmare.

    Though I’m thinking of dropping The Stand. Like I dropped Avengers : The Initiative and Daredevil last week. I’m trying to save money for some Criterion DVDs. Talking of DVDs, Let the Right One In and Synecdoche NY come out this week, gotta get those.
    Oh, maybe my Scott Pilgrim volume is gonna ship this week. That’d be sweet.

    BQ: That’d be Buffy Season 2 and a huge bag of bbq flavored peanuts.

  25. Good week for comics.  I’m looking forward to a number of titles:

    BPRD The Black Goddess – I love BPRD and the late issue in particular rocked my world

    Action Comics – Can’t wait to see the new direction it is taking

    Batman: Battle for the Cowl – Very excited about this one

    Batman Confidential – great series, just wished more people bought it

    Booster Gold – still awesome

    Fables – love the stories of what happened in light of the war on the Empire

    Green Arrow/Black Canary

    Green Lantern Corps

    Rebels – tried the first issue and it was okay, but if the 2nd one isn’t grooving, then I’m dropping it


    Walking Dead

    Captain Britain and MI 13 – I LOVE this book – great team and Dracula too!

    Guardians of the Galaxy – fun, fun, fun!

    Immortal Iron Fist – can’t get too much Danny Rand

    Invincible Iron Man – this is rockin’ on all cylanders

    BQ: Watchmen Absolute Edition – I could have gone with just the regular $10 version, but I was so jazzed by both the movie and the iFanboy video podcast on the book that I decided to go for Absolute.  No regrets.

  26. I’m back on Captain Britain this week.  This is a book I have to read….

    BQ: Buying a $3 coffee and a $2 sticky bun this morning. 

  27. Batman: Battle for the Cowl #01
    Fables #82
    Green Lantern Corps #34
    The Walking Dead #59
    The Stand: American Nightmares #01
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #04

    Small week for me, but with Fables, GLC, Walking Dead, and WWoZ, it’s bound to be a very good week. Throw in the possibilities of Battle for the Cowl and the continuation of The Stand, and this could be the best small week ever!

    BQ: My Flash themed costume hoodie. To be fair that was months ago.

  28. Action Comics, Battle for the Cowl, GL Corps, Iron Man and I’m jumping back onto Ghost Rider now that there is a new artist.

    Iron Fist may join the land of the dropped.  I love the story, but I’m not a fan of the art.  I’ll see how I feel when I get to the shop.

    BQ:  Comics

  29. This week I’m most excited about Ghost Rider.  Jason Aaron’s run has been amazing, and this issue he’s joined by Tony Moore on art.

    Also jazzed for Scalped and Captain Britain– possibly my two favorite comics.

    BQ: pretty much any comic.

  30. Batman Battle for the Cowl, booster gold are the two im most excited about

    BQ a greg horn painting at a  con.

  31. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: marvels: eye  of the camera# 4

  32. BQ: watchmen and philosophy book and soundtrack.  Before that most likely the Spirit bust but it made me so happy to slide into my backback at NY comic con.

  33. I’m looking forward to all my comics, especially Iron Man.

  34. Interesting week..

    a couple of weeks ago, Shockwave and Bumble Bee Mighty Muggs.. 

  35. So excited for Tony Moore on Ghost Rider

  36. Scalped, Fables, Walking Dead, and Captain Britain! Good week.

    BQ: A bunch of Mighty Muggs… I cannot resist the damn things. 

  37. I am so not feeling this weekm which is too bad.


    BQ: The full set of MacFarlane MGS figures. It was like $10 on Ebay and they were in mint condition. Can’t argue with that.

  38. Can’t wait to get my mits on Scapled, Top 10, Immortal Iron Fist and GLC.  It’s a small week, which means I should have the scratch to pick up All Star Superman this week, so that’s pretty awesome.

    BQ: I haven’t done this in a long time, thanks to the wedding budget and the unbridled (pun intended) rage that would overtake my soul from my fiance if I tapped into said wedding budget.  Before that though, it would probably be a stack of trades and HCs from when I only had like $4 to my name.  It all worked out, of course, but at the time I remember thinking, "This is so dumb…but I so want that book!" 

  39. cap brit, ghost rider, iron man, walking dead, iron fist, and the nightcrawler one shot…



    bq. the emma astonishing emma frost bust sitting on my tv stand… so freaking wasteful…and she has better abs then me. 🙁

  40. @Neb geeeez i hear you about the wedding thing! to think i wanted to use my tax return for a tv. boy did that get shot down!

  41. Captain Britain, GLC, Battle for the Cowl, and Green Arrow/Black Canary for me… I could get used to this light week thing.

    BQ: I bought a Logan Mighty Mugg the other day (Cowboy hat, t-shirt and jeans with a big ol’ "X" belt buckle), not entirely sure why since I don’t really like Wolverine all that much 

  42. BQ:  I suppose my Rorshach toy, for 16.50 at my LCS.  It was just sooo cool.

  43. Awesome week this week – Walking Dead, GLC, Battle for the Cowl, Action, Iron Man, Scalped, new The Stand arc. Really, really solid stuff this week.


    BQ: Just about everything that isn’t edible or wearable. Probably the first four seasons of Buffy in one go – but I got them for $10 each after rebate, so it was a deal that could not be passed up. That was about three weeks ago, though, and I haven’t watched an episode yet. 

  44. Stoked On: GHOST RIDER (Jason Aaron & Tony Moore?!?!), SCALPED (MORE Jason Aaron), WALKING DEAD (Walking Dead)

    Kinda Excired For: CAPTAIN BRITAIN & THE MI13 (always a pleasure), BATTLE FOR THE COWL (Hope they don’t milk this), GREEN LANTERN CORP. (FUN!)

    Suspect: GREEN LANTERN/BLACK CANARY (last issue was better, hope it keeps up), BOOSTER GOLD ( >:/ ), TITANS (I feel like this book is going to fall apart soon)

     B.Q. The Synecdoche New York DVD, it coulda waited but I’ve been dying to see it!!! I hope it’s good 🙁

  45. Most excited for Iron Man, but holy crap is this a light week. Looks like another Y: The Last Man trade is coming home with me this week…


  46. really light week all the goodies that come out this week I read in trade.

    Only BPRD and The Wizard of Oz for me.

    BQ: Wow  I suck at impulse control. Probably the Caran d’ Ache Pablo artist grade colored pencils. Granted I am headed to art school but i bought there mostly because my favorite artist used them 

  47. Very solid week for me, not too many books, but a lot of the stuff I love.


    BQ: I bought a kitten. Her name is Dagny Taggart. She is percotious and fickle with her affection.


     @tiocore, that was my favorite movie of the year and contender for favorite of the decade. I think it’s a 12 mile leap forward creatively for Charlie Kaufman.

  48. BQ: Dyanmo 5 Vol. 2, Kafka’s Metamorphosis. I tried to spend frivolously on getting Fear Agent Vol. 1, but literally no comic store in NYC has it! Amazon said it was "In Stock Soon" and InStockTrades I had no luck! What the hell? is it out of print? I also tried to purchase my iFanboy membership today… didn’t quite happen. One, I had to use paypal, ick! According to PayPal I haven’t logged in since July 16, 2007. My card expired and I now have to wait 2-3 days before I can get my card validated! Harummph! I miss the old sketchy days of PayPal when in five minutes you could spends countless of millions of dollars!

  49. Most lookin’ forward to Scalped, Walking Dead & Battle for the Cowl (I hope it’s not a dance battle & Nightwing tells someone "You got served, bitch"

    BQ — I’d say comics, but that would go against my DNA to call them unnecessary, 😉 So … I dunno? Killzone 2 probably. Good game, but too hectic online for me, I still play COD5.

  50. Big DC week.  I’ve only got two Marvel pulls.  Hurm.

    BQ – Probably the peacoat I won in an eBay auction tonight.  I probably won’t even be able to wear it until next winter.

  51. Only one book really matters to me this week – Captain Britain & MI13 #11. Saw the preview at the weekend. This one looks immense.

  52. it’s a pretty small week for me, only young liars and battle for the cowl. i’m happy about that,

    i’m in the mode for some prose books. i just finished In Clood Blood by Truman Capote, it was fantastic. does anyone have any recommandations for a good book

     BQ: last tursday i brought a new car, sweet

  53. Small week: CB & MI13, Iron Fist, Guardians and Top Ten.

    BQ, that would be a Hurm t-shirt. Unnecessary but wanted.  

  54. The comics I’m most looking forward to are: Battle for the Cowl(really hope Daniel’s writings up to snuff), Walking Dead, Action Comics(Rucka!!!), DMZ, The Stand, Ex Machina Special and Young Liars.

    BQ: Icecream and Chocolate sryup for tasty tasty Milkshakes.

    BA: An amazon order I’ll be making in about 5 minute.

  55. D**n, I’m stoked for Ghost Rider.

  56. only eight more hours!!

  57. BQ: Catwoman figurine for my computer (also kinda for me)

  58. BQ: A few anime box sets and the Punisher Omnibus