New Comics for 03/03/2010 Miss The Olympics Already

Ultimate New Ultimates #1Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Chris.

Not only do we get the next issue of Ultimate Avengers, but the first issue of UltimateNew Ultimates. Huh. Well, it's got Frank Cho on art duties (for now) so I'll be giving it a look. Check out the cover to the right. Click on it to get the full, panoramific version.

The next issue of Detective Comics is always an event, and I'm really looking forward to First Wave #1. Oh! And Frank Tucci on Jonah Hex! That's not to mention Chew and the return of Ron Garney on Wolverine: Weapon X!

Wow, I guess there is a lot to look forward to this week!

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: In the Olympics of the every day life, in what event would you be a gold medal contender?


  1. Good week for me…..still waiting for my copy of Joe the Barbarian #2. Come on LCS!!

    Batman Confidential, Chew, Punisher MAX: Butterfly, and Sweet Tooth.

    BQ: Sunkist Drinking Competition. Oh yeah.

  2. Amazing Spider-Man, Chew, the end of Underground, and Girl Comics, if for nothing other than the Amanda Connor cover.

    BQ: The 400 Meter Passive Aggressiveness.

  3. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This was going to be my first all-DCBS week, but DETECTIVE COMICS got delayed so I need to go into the store to pick it up. That might be an awkward conversation…

    I am looking forward to GIRL COMICS along with MILESTONE FOREVER, FIRST WAVE, and SWEET TOOTH. But those I’ll have to wait a bit longer for.

  4. Wow, 4 out of 5 books I should have had are late this week.  All X-Books too, hmmm…  If it weren’t for Detective and Chew being late, and X-Men: Hope being early, my only book this week would be Sweet Tooth, and that would be weird.

    BQ: Some sort of biathlon consisting of not being able to find a job and being a really picky eater. 

  5. Very light week for me: Ultimate Comics: Avengers and Invincible Iron-man. Lots of stuff that I have picked up in the past and dropped: Detective, Chew, Adventure, and others. A lot of stuff that I might consider picking up if I had unlimited funds but not much I feel compelled to pick up. Even though I’m tempted to pick up more, a nice light week is good because a light week is becoming rarer and rarer for me. 

  6. BQ: Survival

  7. Wow just one book this week,

    Maybe that’s a sign that it’s time for me to jump on Detective.

  8. Only 5 books for me…looking forward the most to Detective Comics #862 and Sweet Tooth #7. I’m very behind on Chew, but I’ve been buying all the issues, so I just have to sit down and read them all at some point. I might get First Wave #1, it’ll be a snap decision on Wednesday when I’m standing in front of the stands.

    BQ: I would get the gold medal in Annoying the Cat, and possibly a close one in Eating Dumplings.

  9. Nice, medium week – not too much, not too little, with a lot of promising premieres. First Wave, Green Hornet, Girl Comics, Ultimate Ultimates (or whatever) with Cho art, Lapham on Sparta USA (maybe) all debut, plus most looking forward to Crossed finale, True Story Swear to God (insert usual blather about lateness here, but I’ll hunt high and low for this issue is my shop doesn’t get it), the other Ultimate not-the-Ultimates book, Adventure Comics with Robinson, Chew, Detective, Sweet Tooth, Sword, Demo, Forgetless (thanks for turning me on to this series), Boys, Buffy, Amazing – all huge books for me.

    Probably going to pull the trigger on dropping the JSA books starting with All-Star this week. It’s going to hurt like hell – I’ve been reading since issue 1 of the last series – but Willingham and Sturges, no matter how much I like Fables, just aren’t working for me.

    BQ: Oversleeping yet still managing to make it to work on time.

  10. ASM, Iron Man, Sweet Tooth and Ultimate Avengers.  I might pick up a fifth issue, any suggestions?  I can’t make up my mind.

    BQ – Procrastination

  11. Just Chew this week….Forcing myself to buy Trades on most of my books.

    BQ: Hitting the SNOOZE alarm; eyes closed.

  12. Ultimate… New Ultimates… dare I give it a try? If I do it, I’m a glutton for disappointment.

  13. BQ: Marathon watching of any TV show.  I killed 5 seasons of lost in a couple weeks.  It’s sad, depressing, and a little impressing to some people.

  14. This is the biggest week I’ve ever had. Thirteen books.

    I’m dropping Ultimate Avengers after this issue and will be waiting on the oversized hardcover. The book isn’t coming out monthly anyway.

    I’m also dropping Invincible Iron Man after this issue and will hardcover wait as well.

  15. The touch of The Loeb means no Ultimate Ultimates for this kid.

  16. Green Hornet #1 

    seriously is that it?  I need to look again.


    BQ:   Gold medal in Beer Shits.. lol 

  17. Plenty of good stuff with ‘Tec, Invincible iron Man and Spidey.  Glad to see the back of Cry For Justice, and intrigued by Girl Comics and Stephen King’s N (Maleev!).

    BQ:  Making lunches for the whole family, maybe?  It’s become such a routine that I’m pretty fast….otherwise I’d go for parking.  Every day it’s a challenge to find the closest free parking space to work.

  18. Just two this week – Sweet Tooth and Demo.

    Dropped Cinderella – it was boring.

    I miss Bad Dog and Four Eyes and I’d love to know when Ex Machina is going to wrap up but I feel like I’d have better odds at the Super G.


  19. A nice light week for me.  I’ll finally have the scratch to get some bags and boards to put my mountainous stack of comics away.  Looking forward to First Wave, ASM, Invincible Iron Man, Underground, Sword…and more!

    BQ: Having my contacts dry out and cement to my eyes. 

  20. BQ: Microwaving Hot Pockets.

  21. A nice sized week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man


    Detective Comics

    Invincible Iron Man

    Jonah Hex

    Sweet Tooth

    Wolverine: Weapon X

    and I may also pick up Mesmo Delivery

    BQ: Bullshitting and Sleeping

  22. Definitely Demo and Detective Comics.

    Big maybe for Girl Comics. I love a lot of the writers and artists attached to this project but I’m still a little dubious about it.

    BQ: Sitting on the couch, smoking weed, eating pizza and reading comic books. I would OWN that event! (It’s a lot harder than it looks.)

  23. Amazing Spiderman #623

    Ultimate Avengers #5

    Sam Kieth  Sketchbook


    BQ:The mommy marathon 

  24. Scratch that maybe for Girl Comics and make it a no. I just read up on all three issues and realized that the only creators I’m really interested in are Colleen Coover, Kathryn Immonen and Jill Thompson. (What, no Jo Duffy?) At five dollars a pop, that’s not nearly enough bang for my buck.
    So I think I’ll stick with Kathryn Immonen, Sara Pichelli & Christina Strain’s X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back miniseries and Gail Simone & Nicola Scott’s upcoming Wonder Woman arc for my all (or at least mostly) girl comic book fix.

  25. Holy crap, half of DarkHorse’s solicitations are for Buck Rogers paraphenalia

  26. Sweet Tooth

    Invincible Iron Man

    Detective Comics

    and if i get my Underground Economic Strategy rollin in some extra cash:

    Girl Comics 


    Cry for Justice

    BQ: Keepin it real, Spotting the Nicest @SS in the room, and liking people (I like everyone except for PDiddy and ass kissers/poeple who lie to please you)

  27. Good week with Sweet Tooth, Chew and Demo.

    BQ: Eating. 

  28. small week for me (which is nice)


    Detective Comics

    Sweet Tooth

    Jonah Hex

  29. 4 books: Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Crossed.

    BQ: Rage induced verbal onslaughts 

  30. I said it over at the page for the book, but it bears repeating: this is our best issue of Forgetless yet. This is our baby, the one I started writing the book to do in the first place. If you have a few extra bucks, give it a chance.

  31. 11 books smallest week in a while but still seems a lot more than all of the posts, is there something wrong with me?

  32. oh yea any one know when the dynamo 5 vol 4 trade will be released. thanx

  33. Just a note: Chris’s link directs to his profile, not his comics page.

  34. I love weeks where I have only a couple books (Detective Comics, Chew, and Sweet Tooth) and all are some of my favorites.

  35. perfect sized week for me:  6 books. 

    Half of which I know will be solid. hands-down:

         Age of Reptiles

         Jonah Hex

         Sweet tooth

    two that are newer for me, but I have good feelings about:

         Amazing Spider-man  (I’m pulling this thanks to recomendations from the ifanboy community,

                                        despite some bad reviews of last ish.)


    and one that might be a deciding factor to drop or not (at least until issue 200)



    Bonus:  irritating the girlfriend


  36.  jmack, there is nothing wrong with you as long as you have the disposable income. If your buying habits are hurting your ability to buy necessities then it is a problem but if not, your good. Your lucky that you can stay on books longer and give more new series a shot. Im in law school and money is tight so I have to be pretty strict in my buying habits. Every couple of months I cut back on books that Im not completely on board with and reduce my pull list if Im checking out a new series. I could easily make this a bigger week but I have to take advantage of these light weeks, in order to support my big weeks. Hopefully when Im out of law school, Ill be able to have a light week that includes at least 11 books because more comics is always a good thing.    

  37. Detective Comics and JLA: Cry for Justice. Pretty light week, I’d buy at trade if I didn’t this past weekend. But hey it’s nice to save money here and there. 

    BQ: Movie watching, or sleeping. I’m a gold medal sleeper.  

  38. Only 9 books this week. Leaves me plently of time to implement the lesons learned during Stack Week!

    Most excited for:

    1) The Authority #20 (I would have given you a blank stare if you had told me this six months ago)

    2) Sweet Tooth #7 (The last issue got me and I think I’m in issues for the long haul)

    3) Sparta USA#1 (The premise of this is so much better than just football)

    BQ: Looking Busy and Procrastination (example of both: I pulled my books while at work but waited all day to comment on them.)  🙂

  39. Detective Comics and Chew is what has me excited this week!


    BQ: I take the gold in dependability… Ask my dogs, they have been fed every day for the last eight years…



    BQ: Cardio

  41. Bq: the toilet triathalon!

  42. I can stop Crying for Justice now plus Green Hornet #1, yay! Also New Ultimates will rape my brain cells

    BQ: House work decathalon.

  43. Small week packed with potential awesomeness for me (Iron Man, Girl Comics, Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet). Should be exciting. Glad I don’t have to do a pick of the week podcast.

    BQ: Eating cheeseburgers.

  44. 9 books this week, so not too big, not too small:

    Adventure Comics #8, Detective Comics #862, First Wave #1, Invincible Iron Man #24, Green Hornet #1, Mighty Avengers #34, Ultimate Avengers #5, Ultimate New Ultimates New #1, Wolverine: Weapon X #11

    BQ: Marathon Cosby Show Watching

  45. Nice lite week, WooHoo for the WALLET!

    Detective Comics
    First Wave
    Iron Man
    and picking up for the first time Jonah Hex (Hope it lives up to the hype).

    BQ: Men’s Super Combined Sleep Deprivation

  46. Adventure Comics 8, Chew 9, Detective 862, First Wave 1, Forgetless 3, Green Hornet 1, JL Cry for Justice 7, Sweet Tooth 7, and Tezuka’s MW (only 1 pull?).  Also for my son, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure #6.  And yes, it’s really for my son. 😉

    BQ: The Law and Order marathon.( (c) Bravo, TNT, USA, Oxygen,…)

  47. Buffy The Vampire Slayer #33
    Detective Comics #862
    Girl Comics #1 (OF 3)
    Invincible Iron Man #24
    Mighty Avengers #34
    BQ: The Five Hour Drunken Sleep

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  48. One more reason to love the iFanboy community:  Only here will you find Sweet Tooth and Chew in the Top 5, ahead of every Ultimate, X-Men, and Avengers book offered this week.  Don’t ever change, you crazy kids.

  49. BQ: Best looking guy with my social security number, as long as they disqualify that guy who stole my identity, who was admittedly quite a handsome fellow. 

  50. @jeffR this is also my first week on DCBS, but I realized I didn’t pull books like Green Hornt, and Demo so I need to go in for those. Also, I didn’t even realize Detective was delayed so I’m assuming even though it released in March it’s not on my pull list!. Arrgggh..

  51. Apparently I’m also pulling Fantastic Four from last week again.  I guess my shop forgot to cross it off my subscription sheet.  Whoo, free comics.

  52. BQ: I’d win a medal for the ridiculous, and ever growing comics, and gaming back log!