New Comics for 03.02.2011 would cast its ballot for THE KING’S SPEECH

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick!

Bonus Question: If you had had a vote, who would you have voted to win Best Picture at last night's Academy Awards?


  1. BQ: Winter’s Bone

  2. Finally Joe the Barbarian #8 is coming out.
    Does anyone know if Chew #17 is released digitally day and date?

    BQ: The Social Network 

  3. Thor: First Thunder
    Batman: Time and the Batman

    BQ: I just saw The King’s Speech today and I thought it was amazing, but I’ve only seen two of the other 400 nominees (seriously, why did they include more?) so I cannot make an informed decision.

  4. Another lame week for me. I really need to make some changes to my pull list. Lookin forward to Brightest Day and GL.

    Haven’t seen the majority of the nominees, but of the ones I saw I would’ve voted for Inception.

  5. Joe the barbarian 8 is finally our! Yes!

    BQ: The Social Network was the only movie there that I didn’t fall asleep while watching 

  6. out

  7. BQ: King’s Speech hands down

  8. Light week (well compared to marvels dump last week). But looking forward to Thunderbolts and Heros for Hire.

    BQ: The Fighter. (side note: I would have loved to seen Eisenberg win just so I could say “That guy won an academy award” while watching Zombieland on HBO)

  9. BQ: Inception. It was the only completely original concept on the ballot, and deserved it just for that.

  10. Brightest day is my only big buy of the week.

    Now that ASM has dropped down from tri-weekly, anyone got any good nominees for a monthly replacement book?  I was thinking Hex or Avengers Academy.

    BQ: Toy Story 3 or The Kids are Alright.  Didn’t see all the nominees.

  11. BQ:  I really liked all of the Best Picture noms with the exception of The Kids Are All Right…it was just okay for me.  I had a tough time choosing between the Social Network and Kings Speech for my favorite, so I was happy with Kings Speech winning.  Most of all I wanted Natalie Portman to win so I was very happy that she did.

  12. It’s a fairly small week for me, but I’m really looking forward to Daomu #2, Carbon Grey #1, Ethan #2, and 5 Ronin #1.

    BQ:  Black Swan.  It was impeccable on every conceivable level.

  13. Hooray for the Joe the Barbarian finale!! Also stoked for the new edition of Hellblazer: Original Sins with the Swamp Thing issues. Also on my list is Takio, Ultimate Cap, Witchfinder, and Sweet Tooth featuring awesome indie guest artists! Great week for me!

    BQ: I really loved True Grit, but I still have to go with 127 Hours. I loved everything about it.

  14. 7 Books : Annihilaters, 5 Ronin, JBNM, GL, Academy, Intrepids, T-Bolts.

    BQ : I would have picked True Grit or Inception.

  15. All i’m getting is Brightest Day…..its one of those weeks. Might look and see if anything else interesting to jump onto…or get something from the past few weeks that i skipped on. Maybe Ultimate Spiderman from last week…we’ll see. 

    BQ: I only saw 2 on the list…and I loved INCEPTION so that gets my vote. Just not a going to the movies year for me. 

  16. BQ: True Grit or Toy Story. Only saw 4 of the Best Picture noms, and although Black Swan was very good and Inception was… well, it was Inception, those two movies elicited more emotion than anything else this year.

  17. BQ: The Social Network. I really don’t think I could get tired of watching that movie.

  18. BQ: any flick with a Jedi/70s Show Hippie love scene is going to score my vote no matter what.

    …even if said film melted my mind.

  19. Love the Giant-Size Man-Thing cover of Thunderbolts!  I’m definitely stoked for IDW’s release of the old Forgotten Realms comics in TPB as well.

    BQ:  My favorite movie of last year, based on how many times I’ve watched it on DVD, is How To Train Your Dragon.

  20. 5 Ronin is supposed to come out this week according to Midtown Comics, but it’s not listed here.  Anyone know why?

  21. Brightest Day #21
    Green Lantern #63
    Secret Six #31
    Secret Warriors #25
    Takio Gn Hc
    X-Factor #216

    BQ: I enjoyed, to some degree, all of the nominees. And I absolutely loved a lot of them (Fighter, True Grit, Toy Story, Social Network). But Inception would’ve gotten my vote hands down.

  22. BQ: I saw all the nominees and I would’ve gone with Social Network. King’s Speech was great but it was distilled Oscarbait. Social Network was riveting on several differnt levels. More importantly director should have gone to Social Network or Black Swan.

  23. Light week for me.  I only have Green Lantern and the Hellblazer TPB on my list, which is good because I’m short on funds this week.

    BQ:  I’ve only seen 6/10 movies but I would say The Social Network deserved the win.  I have yet to see The King’s Speech but it just seemed like Geofrey Rush Oscar Bait. 

  24. Only Green Lantern for me this week, bummer.

    BQ:  The Social Network and it ain’t close.  I’m always a little bothered when movies like The King’s Speech win because nobody is going to watch that movie more than once.  It was good, but I have ZERO desire to ever watch it again.  To the contrary, I have watched the Social Network 6 times, Inception 3-4 times, and I’ll be watching Toy Story 3 again as soon as it’s out on DVD.  Those movies are much better than The King’s Speech because they have the same level of quality but they’re actually entertaining as well.

  25. @Malecema  I saw The King’s Speech twice in the theater.

  26. BQ: I’ve seen 9/10 movies (probably just going to grab 127 Hours tomorrow on BluRay), and I would definitely have voted for The Social Network. They were all very good films, and a good chunk of them are great, but I think TSN has the best combination of all of the technical filmmaking aspects with great performances all around.

  27. @Malecema  I loved The King’s Speech. I definitely want to watch it a few more times. Also Toy Story 3 has been out on Blu/DVD for a couple months now.  FYI

  28. @conor: Why?

    @Thursday:  Thanks, looks like I’m making a trip to Best Buy after work. 

  29. @Malecema  Why did I see it twice in the theater? Because I loved it. It was the best film I saw in the past year.

  30. BQ: Inception, just because Sci-Fi always misses out, also, I would have liked True Grit to have won something, anything really.

  31. @Malecema  I feel that way about Inception. Sure it was awesome and a really good original story but damn it is long as hell and i just can’t see myself plopping down on the couch during my day off to sit through the whole thing again.

  32. @Malecema  I plan on buying King’s Speech as soon as it comes out on DVD and I’m sure I’ll watch it a lot, same for the Fighter, Black Swan and True Grit (already own Toy Story 3, Social Network, Winter’s Bone, and Inception). 

    I won’t probably see 127 Hours again because it made me claustrophobic, but it was very good.  Prob won’t see the Kids are All Right again because it wasn’t good enough to make me want to see it again.

  33. I just don’t get it I guess, it was a fine movie but I didn’t walk out of the theater wishing I could go buy it like I did with the others I mentioned.

  34. @Malecema  It’s just different tastes. I enjoyed The Social Network but have no real desire to see it again.

  35. Light week for me: Just Chew, Sweet Tooth and maybe Takio.

    BQ: eh, Lets just go with Inception. It hit my sweet spot

  36. BQ:Dunno, can’t think straight i think i have an OSCAR FEVER hang-out.  i did see this french film called Enter The Void – that was pretty messed up. anyone else see that?

  37. *hang-over

  38. Wow, I have a decent week compared to the others posting here – I must be reading the wrong shit:

    5 Ronin #1 (OF 5)
    Batman Confidential #54
    Boys #52
    Brightest Day #21
    First Wave #6 (OF 6)
    Green Lantern #63
    Incognito Bad Influences #4
    Secret Six #31
    Witchfinder Lost & Gone Forever #2 (OF 5)

    BQ: Of what I saw, I would pick The King’s Speech. Saw several of the others, including The Social Network, Inception, Toy Story 3, but still need to see The Fighter, True Grit, and Black Swan. Also curious about Winter’s Bone. I also wish Geoffrey Rush would have won, but again I can’t compare it to Bale in The Fighter since I have not seen it yet.

    And what’s with 10 Best Picture noms? I usually try to see them all before the Oscars, but there’s no way with that many.

  39. I would have liked Inception to win even if there was no way it would win. So Social Network.

  40. Good trade week with a new Cobra, Takio and the next Wildcats 3.0.  Also Thunderbolts, Secret Warriors and Joe, finally!  Glad also to see the back of the train wreck First Wave

    BQ:  As a sucker for a top notch script I’d go with Social Network (also because I saw it while in NYC for the first time, so there’s a personal reason admittedly).  I also loved The Town but it’s not best oscar material, as well as The Secret in their Eyes, which was best foreign language last year but wasn’t released in Britain til the Summer.

  41. BQ: The Social Network.

  42. @RapidEyeMovement  @kennyg  Increasing the number of nominations from five to ten was a reaction to The Dark Knight getting snubbed. They are trying to add more mass appeal to the nominations/broadcast. It wasn’t unprecedented: for much of the 30s and early 40s there were ten Best Picture nominations.

    I ended up seeing 9 of the 10.

  43. BQ: The Social Network. It was a damn shame it got robbed last night. Fincher was also robbed of an award. The King’s Speech was a safe, by numbers Oscar-bait of a movie. The Academy just eats that sh*t up for some reason.

  44. @conor  Fair enough. I’m all for The Dark Knight type movies not getting snubbed. Inception might not have made the cut with only 5.

    But odds are slim I can see 10 nominees before the show! For example, I really wanted to see Black Sawn, but it’s not the kind of picture I can take my kids to.

  45. @conor  BTW – what was the one you were unable to see before the awards show? Man, you love film more than me!

  46. @kennyg  I didn’t see 127 Hours, out of choice not necessity. I just didn’t want to watch a guy cut his arm off no matter how good the film.

    I do think that they should go back to five nominations but I think you’re right that there’s no way Inception makes the cut without 10. Also, Nolan was totally robbed of a Best Director nomination… again.

  47. I only have two books this week? time to browse the rack!

    BQ: King’s speech. I’m a sucker for World Wars era/British history films

  48. House of Mystery, Damou and Chew= small, but psyched for all three.  

  49. Picking up Brightest Day, X-Factor, The Stand: No Man’s Land, G.I. Joe: Infestation.

    Saw all 10 nominees; I don’t mind having that many.  The Social Network and David Fincher have my vote. 

    Tom Hooper is going to have a hard time living down an Oscar win over Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Joel and Ethan Coen, Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan.  Hell, even Edgar Wright showed more craft/skill as a director. 

    Best comparison I can draw is John Avildsen and Rocky winning over Sidney Lumet and Network/Alan J. Pakula and All the President’s Men.  A crowd pleaser won, but who remembers John Avildsen?  I also question if The King’s Speech will remain as well liked as Rocky.  I think The Social Network, Black Swan, Inception have a better shot of being well-regarded over time like Network or All the President’s Men.

  50. BQ: The King’s Speech was very well done. The movie had me wanting to applaud the speech at the end (though I didn’t because I don’t want to be that person who claps at the end of a movie) because by that point in the movie I was so emotionally invested in the main character’s lives. My hope was the King’s Speech would win. It’s nice to see others agree.

  51. @dgazzuolo Both audiences I saw it with applauded not at the end of the speech but the end of the film.

  52. BQ: Would have given it to The Social Network. Also would have given Best Director to Fincher. He deserves one.

  53. Four books for me this week, most looking forward to heroes For Hire, the most FUN book Marvel is putting out these days.

    BQ: I only saw Black Swan and Toy Story 3.  

  54. I think I would have had Blue Valentine as my pick for Best Picture. That or The Illusionist.

  55. @conor  Nolan deserved the nod at least – Inception was great. I think if he can make a non-sci-fi or superhero movie that is as good as Inception or The Dark Knight, he’ll win. Not to slight his work so far, I loved both of those movies a lot and I think he’s immensely talented. Unfortunately he may have to make something more “normal” to win over the voters. They just don’t go for sci-fi.


  57. Black Swan. The King’s Speech–sappy; Inception–a Dark City ripoff (w/kitten-faced aesthetic); Toy Story 3–Toy Story AGAIN; The Social Network–yuppies. all the others were probably rubbish too, Black Swan was the only good film this year, write that down.

    p.s. he was THE KING you know–it didn’t matter if he had a stammer; he was LITERALLY the king, most of our royal family are crazy anyway. no-one would have noticed.

  58. Looking forward to Chew and Axe Cop.  Axe Cop was actually a titled that piqued my fiancee’s interest so I can’t pass up that opportunity.

    BQ: The only film I saw out of the nominees was True Grit, so it gets the nod.  It was also darn entertaining.

  59. BQ: Inception. Nolan blew my mind (again)

  60. Big week for me cause I might be getting some older issues too of Thunderbolts and Deadpool Team Up (I must have this epic Watcher issue!)

    BQ: The King’s Speech. It’s just a well made, fantastically acted film that is compelling to watch even with a seemingly bland premise. People seem to want Social Network to win because it’s the more ‘hip’ or popular choice. I think Social Network is a great film (and ironically I did pick it to win because I thought the popular choice would win) but when you compare the two films I think it’s easy to see which is the better film. King’s Speech has better acting, directing, and writing to it. Social Network is definitely no slouch in those departments, but I found King Speech to be better. 

  61. BQ: The Social Network (Also would have given it best director)