New Comics for 02/17/10 Will Be Honoring Their Presidents By Watching The Olympics

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

Whoa! Exciting guest creators on books this week! People like Geoff Johns on Tiny Titans #25, Cliff Chiang on Supergirl #50, and Michael Lark on Amazing Spider-Man #621! It's always fun to see a creator you don't expect when you look at a book, assuming it's a creator you like. It's no fun when it's a creator you don't like. We all know what that's like. *shudder*Lobdelled*shudder*

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you had a national holiday in your honor what would it be called?


  1. Only 7 titles this week, WOW!  That’s now considered a light week for me.

    If I had a national holiday it would be called Marathon Day.  It would be a day where people celebrate one thing of media that they need to catch up on, only pausing for good and potty breaks. 

  2. BN Flash & Dr Voodoo end this week, sad. I’m really excited for JLA, GL/GLC, & Dark Avengers.

  3. Azrael, Batman, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Blackest Night: Flash, Captain America, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League of America, Power Girl, Supergirl, Uncanny X-Men.

    I hate weeks like this.  Ton of books, most of them are at the bottom of my most-anticipated list.

    BQ: Nose Day.  I’ve got quite the schnoz. 

  4. Big week for me. I might not be able to buy them though……Money is super tight and I might not be able to afford comics for a long time. I’m sure I’ll figure out a way though…..I hope.

    Azrael #5, Deadpool #19, Green Lantern #51, Green Lantern #45, Incredible Hercules #141, and Joe the Barbarian #2

    BQ: Me Day.

  5. GL, GLC, Batman, B:SoG, Flash: BN, Power Girl, JLA and Supernatural (for my wife, I swear!).

    FanboyFest ! All things fanboy!

  6. Only four books another light week.

    Amazing Spiderman 621

    Die Hard 6

    Uncanny 521

    Dark Avengers 14


    BQ: 80’s Cartoon day. Where all my favorite awesome and horrible childhood cartoons played all day long on every channel. From Smufs to Voltron and everything in between

  7. BQ: "Fuck Inner City Schools Day"

  8. I’d be buying a lot more Marvel titles if they weren’t written by Daniel Way or Jeph Loeb.  That’s no matter how good the artists are.

  9. 12 Pulls and the Kick Ass Trade. I’m hoping the regular Batman book gets better. It’s my least favorite of all the Bat Family books. Batgirl, Red Robin, and Detective have been multiple times better

     "Supernatural (for my wife, I swear!)."

     I love the show, and I love the comics. More people should watch the show, its great

  10. and cue the big week after I picked up a ton of books courtesy of the midtown comics 40% sale 


    Amazing Spider-Man #621

    Batman #696

    Batman Streets Of Gotham #9

    Black Widow Deadly Origin #4 (OF 4)

    Blackest Night The Flash #3 (OF 3)

    Captain America #603

    Daredevil #505

    Green Lantern #51

    Green Lantern Corps #45

    Guardians Of Galaxy #23

    Joe The Barbarian #2 (OF 8)

    Kick Ass Prem Hc

    Power Girl #9

    Psylocke #4 (OF 4)

    Spider-Woman #6

    Supergirl #50

    Uncanny X-Men #521



  11. 1 pull only – Joe the Barbarian.

    Langenfest – a celebration of micro-brewed beer, nerd culture, and Christina Hendricks.

  12. BQ First: Boozapalooza!

    Amazing Spider-Man


    Battlefields: Happy Valley #3 of #9 (Not that im complaining but 9?) 

    Streets of Gotham

    Blackest Night the Flash

    Captain America

    Dark Avengers 

    Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Corps

    GI Joe Cobra II #2 






     Good week.  Though I may make good on my threat to drop Streets of Gotham, but Paul Dini’s back. 

  13. A big week for me at 13 books, but all of them quality.  I’m looking forward to more Power Girl and a Michael Lark drawn Spider-Man.  Also, I can’t wait to order the next Starman Omni.

    BQ:  Couch Day…because that’s my favorite place.

  14. Holy crudballs, I’ve got a lot of good choices for possible POW.  Why does this always happen to me?!

    BQ: Bacon Day!

  15. @Josh – I’ll give you a buck if you pick Uncle Scrooge. 

  16. JLA and Batman, maybe the KickAss Hc trade.


    BQ: Write what you think, read a comic, drink a beer, say a rhyme  family fun day!

  17. Ignition City’s my big one this week.


    BQ: Thursday.

  18. 11 books this week.

    Most excited for:  1. G.I. Joe Cobra 2 #2  (Thank You iFanboy’s for introducing me to this series.)

                             2. Guardians of the Galaxy #23 (Magus leading into Thanos next issue!!!)

                             3. Dark Avengers #14 (If you read Siege #2 you understand.)

    BQ: Buffet/Sleep Day!

  19. Well, since my last name is Holliday, it’s kind of redundant.  

  20. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Corps

    Amazing Spider-Man

    Joe the Barbarian


    BQ – "It’s my holiday already? Can we do it tomorrow, I’m not ready yet."

  21. I’m most excited for Dark Avengers, Doomwar, Doctor Voodoo, and Uncanny X-Men. After that Captain America and Wolf-Man. I’m really ready for Blackest Night to be over.


    BQ: Yaoi Day, just because it’s *hilarious* 😉 

  22. Pulled about 13 books this week and looking forward to Power girl and Super girl the most

    BQ  I think we should have a "Ando Day"

  23. @ato220: Dini’s not writing this week’s STREET OF GOTHAM. It’s part two of Mike Benson’s noir-ish story.

  24. @ato220: Dini’s not writing this week’s STREET OF GOTHAM. It’s part two of Mike Benson’s noir-ish story.

  25. Joe the Barbarian, Power Girl and Invincible for me this week.

    BQ: There already is one and it’s called Kenmas. 😉

  26. BQ: Everyone stay home day.

  27. Here are my books, starting with the book I want to read first (i.e., read the most) and ending with the book I’m likely to read last (i.e., least anticipated).  This week is a little weird because ALL of these books would ordinarily be at the top of my list on any given wednesday. . . .




    BATMAN #696 






  28. Kenmas is my birthday and it is traditionally celebrated with copious amounts of sex, drugs and comic books along with a viewing of Showgirls. Although last year I played it pretty low key with just me and my buddy CHUNK ( stuffing ourselves full of massive amounts of meat. At the all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ place just down the street from the Isotope Comic Book Lounge, that is. 😉

  29. BQ Paid 6 weeks off weither I have a kid or not vacation holiday 



  30. Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1
    GI Joe: Cobra II #2
    Green Lantern #51
    Green Lantern Corps #45
    Invincible #70
    Joe the Barbarian #2
    Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #3

    BQ: National Pirate Broadcast Day. In which someone of impeccable taste gets to have a 24-hour broadcast on a TV channel available to all cable providers in the country. They have the freedom to play music videos, films (short or feature), TV shows (live-action and animated), uncut and commercial-free (unless the programmer wants to play some favorite commercials from any point in history, TV or radio).

  31. Nice big week.  Can’t wait for ASM, Joe the Barbarian and another lovely Starman omnibus for the shelf.  Might pick up Supergirl # 50 – convince me iFanboy:Don’t Miss!!  Will be glad to finally get the last part of the disappointing Marvels Eye Of the Camera

    BQ:  Well since I end up working on most public holidays, I guess mine would be Day-Off-For-Everyone-Day-No-Matter-Who-They-Are.  I know, it’s a mouthful, but I think we can make it work.

  32. Four books for me: Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Incorruptible and JLA. 

    BQ: Pop Culture Appreciation Day 

  33. @ CaptDS9, I do really like the show, it has been consistently great this and last season.  I’m not a big enough fan to read the books though, my wife though is a rabid fan.  Might have something to do with Eckles and Palidecki though…

  34. For me 7 books. Alhough I’m still on the fence about Doomwar.

    Blackest Night The Flash #3 (OF 3)
    Dark Avengers #14
    Doomwar #1 (OF 6)
    Green Lantern #51
    Guardians Of Galaxy #23
    Marvels Eye Of Camera #6 (OF 6)
    Spider-Woman #6


    BQ: Bed Day.

  35. BQ: Open-minded Economist Day

  36. A bunch of stuff this week – after the last two weeks, this one’s a killer. Lots of good stuff, though. The Blackest Night books, Ennis’ Battlefields, Dark Avengers, Hellblazer, the Fall of the Hulk books, Eye of the Camera (FINALLY!!! I know it’s been criticized, but I’m digging it), Invincible and Incorruptible (the I books), GI Joe Cobra, Joe the Barbarian, The Stand (way better than the Dark Tower books), Spider-Man (with Michael Lark!!!) – tons of great stuff this week.

    BQ: To anyone who said anything about sleeping or staying prone for one day, add me to that petition.

  37. This is a surprisingly big week for me. I’ll be pulling Amazing Spider-Man, Battlefields, GI Joe: Cobra, Power Girl, and Supergirl. I’d like to try out Atomic Robo since it’s the beginning of a new arc, but I don’t think I can afford it this week.

    BQ: I’m all for a day of not moving, but ato220’s "Boozapalooza" is too catchy to deny.

  38. GIANT week for me:

    Amazing Spider Man

    Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension (Now thats a mouthful)

    BN: The Flash

    Captain America


    Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural (really sad this is ending, I dug up an old interview with Remender where he talked about what would happen after the first arc and it would have dealt with old Voodoo gods, A shame we’ll never be able to see it.)

    Green Lantern



    Joe the Barbarian

    Justice League of America

    Power Girl


    BQ: Loot Day, the day where everybody becomes a viking treasure hunter for twenty four hours.


  39. Woah…Kenmas sounds awesome!

  40. Does anyone know if the books are delayed this week because of the holiday?

  41. Your experience may vary, but there shouldn’t be a delay this week.