New Comics for 01/02/09 swear that this will be the year they get back in shape!

ATTENTION! Some places (like Canada) are getting new comics on Wednesday, some on Friday. If you’re in the United States, it’s most likely on Friday. That’s when the Pick of the Week will be posted.

Get to pulling this Friday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This is a crazy insane week. Scalped, Incognito, Kick-Ass, Superman, Final Crisis: Secret Files, Captain America, Wolverine, Magneto: Testament, Proof, Batman, Green Lantern, Justice Society of America… the list goes on and on. It’s the kind of week you both love and dread if you have the Pick of the Week, so of course…

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions?



  1. my new years resolution is to learn how to use more of the cool programs on my mac, and eventually become really good at video editing and audio editing

  2. I made a pack with several girls last night: to not have a boyfriend in 2009

    Seeing as I am a straight male, It shouldn’t be too hard =)

  3. Cap, Green Lantern, Incognito, Superman, Wolverine, X-Force, X-Men Worlds Apart.

    BQ: Keeping track of how much I spent on comics each month, and making sure I spend the equivalent amount on something that I *need* to be buying.  I don’t know if this actually going to lead to budgeting how much I spend on comics, but at least being honest and conscious about it.

  4. What a week! Can’t wait for Green Lantern, Captain America, Wolverine, and I think I will check out Incognito.


    BQ: To write as much as possible.

  5. Huge way to start off ohnine.

    Back To Brooklyn, Scalped, Goon, Cap, Incognito, Kick-Ass, Northlanders, Proof and Madman #12 should finally be in for me this week.

    BQ:  First half of the year is preparing for my wedding… second half, recovering from said wedding.


  6. Look forward to Incognito, Scalped, Green Lantern, etc…

    A question: Can anyone explain what’s up with the new Batman? It says its part 2 of 2, but where’s the first part? Didn’t last week’s issue finish up a two part story? (I don’t know this because I’m still out of town and haven’t gotten my books from last week yet…)

    BQ: Trying to be less narrowminded about things, spending less money on junk I never use, and getting in shape for the summer wedding.

  7. @Neb – The first part was in the last issue of DETECTIVE COMICS.

  8. After the lackluster of last week, I’m excited to see all the awesome coming out this week. Excited about all of it.

    BQ: I went for a jog this weekend. Felt really good. I wanna try and get that going again. I feel all lethargic…

  9. Wolverine!  FF!!  Green Lantern!!! Kick-Ass!!!!  Going to be a great and busy week for me.

    I sadly have yet to jump on the Criminal band wagon, so I’m gonna try out Incognito this week.  Pretty excited about it.  

    After Denny’s last issue, I’m not exactly excited about this next one, but who knows.

    BQ: Finally actually learn to play one of those guitars that is sitting in the corner.  Oh, and to find the ultimate pair of slippers and buy them

  10. I’ll be getting Superman, Captain America, Batman: Cacophony, Galaxy Quest, and Incognito, assuming the reviews on this site are as good as I’m assuming they’ll be.

  11. Most looking forward to Incognito, Captain America, and Superman (Part 9 of New Krypton). I might drop Kick Ass depending. Not sure yet.

    BQ: Lose more weight and travel more. 

  12. Stoaked On: Wolverine, Justice Society of America, Scalped

    Kinda Excited For: Back to Brooklyn, Northlanders, Incognito

    Suspect: Kick-Ass, Justice Leagu of America, Ultimate Hulk Annual

    B.Q. To get more exercise in!!!!! I’m starting to look like a gerbil over here!!!!!

  13. I have a real light week this week. I’m only getting 3 books and one of them was actually supposed to come out last week. This is the perfect week to try Incognito and War Machine, but my resolution is to cut back on spending, even comics. I’m giving all my books till February and the ones I’m unhappy with I’ll finally drop. Picking up two new series will just make things worse.

  14. I’m dropping New Krypton this week I really just can’t enjoy it anymore. Picking up: Gotg, Proof, Scalped, Wolverine, Incognito, Batman, Kick ass, JSA, Northlanders, Green Lantern, and FC: Secret Files. Big week.

    B.Q. Weigh 190, and trying to hit 200 lbs by my 21st birthday on May 5th. That should be a doozy.

  15. @Ruo21 – You know this week’s issue is part 9 of 10, right? Might as well just finish the thing up.

    Big week for me. Superman, Wolverine, Batman, Kick-Ass, Scalped, Incognito, and maybe Green Lantern too. 

  16. BQ: To stop watching football. My team choked the last four games and missed the playoffs.  It’s not a good week for me.

  17. 13 comics for me this week.

    I am really excited about The Stand.  Any Stephen King fans out there should pick up the tp when it comes out and start reading the next mini for it which comes out later in 09.

    Also excited about batman, green lantern, and Captain America.

    Wolverine comes out so sporadically, it’s hard to remember what happened, maybe I’ll wait and read them in one sitting.


  18. Seven comics for me this week, plus maybe Green Lantern. Definitely most excited for War Machine, though.

  19. I’m tempted to make my resolution that I don’t spend more than $30 in comics in a week, but I don’t know if it’s possible to keep.


  20. 6, possibly 7, books for me this week. That’s pretty big. Looking forward to another Kick Ass finally and the new Incognito.

  21. Captain America #45
    Guardians Of Galaxy #8
    Doctor Who Forgotten #5

    BQ: Be more social.

  22. Great way to start off the new year!

    Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Incredible Herc, JSA, and Wolverine!

    Let the good time roll!

    BQ: Go a whole year without reading a Bendis book, Lose weight, kill conor…..whoops that’s a typo sorry….*note to self: This site knows too much now*

  23. To use my sleeping hours effectively (more dreaming) and to cook more rice.

  24. Old Man Logan….Steve Mcniven + Wolverine=comic ‘gasm

    BQ: Finally, totally, completely to understand…..DC’s Final Crisis

  25. I’m definitely pulling Batman like always.  Probably Superman also.  I already got every other part of New Krypton so I might as well read it though.  I don’t understand how Amazing Spiderman ships three times a month now, but it hasn’t been out for two weeks now??  Anybody care to fill me in on that one…?

     My resolution is to smoke less cigarettes and get my ass on the treadmill more.

  26. BQ: this year is all about cutting the fat, in a number of ways. There are a lot of things I do not need to spend time on that I keep spending time on because I allegedly enjoy them, but which have become like grim homework. I read a lot of comics out of a sense of misplaced obligation. I continue DVRing The Colbert Report and letting it pile up like I am required to watch every episode to keep up with the plot or something. I record and watch late night talk shows full of guests I couldn’t care less about. And the podcasts. Oh, the podcasts.

    All of this needs to stop. There is a culling coming in ’09.

  27. Boy-howdy, what a way to kick off Oh-Nine. And Wintermen is finally finishing up at the first of the year — if the rest of the year is going to be as awesome as the first week of January, I’m anticpating a radical year.

    B/Q: Grow my freelance practice, get my brown belt, see more of the world, finish writing/drawing more comics.

  28. @ MR. Mister – Every single time I’ve picked up one of the issues it has been my least favorite book of the week. 0 for 8.

  29. this wednesday may just be the best wednesday ever. And for Mark Millar too, actually. Anyways, plenty of cool stuff.

  30. Millar x 2 = Sweet.

  31. Oh crap, a big week: Bats; Supes; JSA; Cap; Fantastic Four; Green Lantern; Teen Titans; Wolverine; X Force; Young X-Men.

    I’ve got to start dropping so I’m putting Young X-Men on notice. It may have two gays in it, but it’s had its chance and it’s not gripping me. And though I love X Force, I’m not keen on that upcoming Cable crossover so I may drop that as well until all that palaver is over – hate crossovers!

    BQ: to sort out all my shit to sell on eBay. 

  32. BQ To continue writing 1000-1500 words a day (three months straight, now!), and to start reading one book a week.  If Karl Rove could do it, I can too, and he was way busier than I am. 

  33. I still want my comics from last week. My shop didn’t get their shipment last week due to all the snow and ice here in Seattle (this place shuts down when snow ‘s on the ground), but I’m looking forward to FF#562, and for some reason which I don’t truly understand I’m interested in the Ultimate Hulk Annual.

    I’ll probably add Fear Agent to my subscrption list at my shop, instead of picking it up piecemeal every so often.

    BQ: Typically I try to make resolutions which are a bit off the wall, such as seeing if I can go a year doing something differently. One year I gave up soft drinks for no reason, just to see if I could do it (really not that strange I suppose, and I suppose it was good for my health). The best resolution I ever made was three years ago deciding to start using my computer mouse with my left hand (just wanted to see if I could learn to do this). Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I’m still using it left handed to this day. (Yes, I admit it, very strange idea, but it was fun to try.) This year I’ll be focused on the more mundane tasks of improving my overall health through exercise and eating right, but perhaps I can figure out some novel way of exercising, like…using a unicycle or something. Who knows.

  34. Big week for me: 9 books, plus the stuff that shipped Christmas Eve (Damn you, transatlantic postage!) – 14 books in total! Looking forward to Green Lantern, Greatest Hits, Flash (but only to see it put out of it’s misery), and Northlanders. Intrigued by the Teen Titans recruitment drive issue as well.


    BQ: Sort out the finances, stop recording crap off TV onto the hard drive, get fitter and do more creative stuff… I’m thinking some writing, write a couple of songs and I have had a mandolin lying around untouched for a year that I swore I was going to learn to play..!  Oh, and I will start reviewing some of my pull list weekly. Especially the least picked books. 

  35. 18 Books…ugh! Green Lantern, Superman, JSA…..

    BQ: Stalking Geoff Johns until he makes me his disciple.

  36. Wow, big week.  12 books.  Most excited for… well, at least half of them! 

     BQ: Make enough money that paying $3.99 for a book I really want won’t bother me. 

  37. Pretty stoked for this week, not many books but all seem gravy; Batman, Lantern, Kick-Ass and I’m giving Incognito a shot. I would’ve been most excited for Kick-Ass but so much advance news about the movie has kinda given away most things I need to know. So it’s a no-brainer, Lantern’s the book I’m most excited about.

    BQ: Career change. Definitely career change. I’d like a job I actually care about, rather than one that just pays the bills. Oh, and quit smoking… again 🙂

  38. Big week of comics. I hope War Machine turns out well. I’m not sure who has POW but it looks like it’s going to be a tough one. On a side note, I can’t wait for the Magneto: Testament trade to be released. 

    BQ:  Gym, gym, gym. I’m getting lazy. Damn comics! 🙂 

  39. Is anybody reading Northlanders any more?  I am ridiculously stoked for Green Lantern.

    BQ: Lose 15 pounds

  40. @Conor~  Ok, thanks.  I gotta go dig out that issue because I completely forget what happened in that one. 

  41. Wow, huge week! Incognito! Scalped! 2 Millar Books! JSA! The Stand! Ennis Punisher! Green Lantern!! Kevin Smith Batman!!

    BQ — 1) –To not use exclamation marks every time I list a comic I’m excited about.

    and, 2)– to be more awesome.

    I’m not sure if the second one is possible. 

  42. Really great but huge week. Batman; Back to Brooklyn; 30 Days of Night by Lapham had a strong, strong first issue; Proof; Incognito; JSA and JLA; Kick-Ass; The Stand has been marvelous; second issue of a Kevin Smith comic (eat it, naysayers); Captain America; FF. Great, great stuff.

    BQ: The usual fanboy lament – trim the pull list. I say this every year, but it never sticks. This year, though, I’ve fallen behind too many times with the weekly purchases to justify continuing spending as much as I do every week. Serious trimming starts next week, and that sucks. 

  43. The first new comics of 09, I’m most looking forward to are: Green Lantern(hoping for more evil kitty), Superman, FC: Secret files, JSA and the book that will almost definitely my POW INCOGNITO!!!

    @conor: you have one hell of a week to have POW

    BQ: Get back to my late 07 early 08 wight, draw more/make more comics, write more often, read/finish all the books/trades i have piled all over my room and start fighting crime as a masked vigilante. 

  44. BQ-Finish Preacher, Beatles, Zeppelin, Who, and maybe the Stones. Get a girlfriend.

  45. To lazy to post what I’m picking up right now but in the new year I’ll be trying to pick up more DC books.


    Resolution is to write my first comic script and write more in general.

  46. Incognito, Incognito, Incognito.

    Resolution: Read all of my Marvel DVDs. FF, ASM, Hulk, Cap, Avengers. That’s about 2500 comics. I’ll probably skim the 1000 or so I’ve read before. Now, if I can track down the X-Men disc….hello, 2010 resolutions.

  47. Friday!!!! I have nonthing to do on wed and thursday then
    My resolution is to get a job, get in shape, get a girl and get some hair back on my head. Please work rogain, please

  48. Only one pull this week, but it’s Wolverine #70, so no complaints here.

    BQ: Get my shit together or else 2009’s going to be a bad sequel to a horrible 2008. 

  49. I have something like 8 books this week, it’s insane that Cap, GL, and JSA all come out this week… how will I ever choose a POW?!

    I resolve to be less self destructive and more destructive towards others.

  50. 14 books this week, i’m looking forward to ignito and wolverine the most


    BQ: quit reading comics

  51. went to my comic shop this afternoon to find comics in Oregon have been delayed to monday because of the bad weather. Damn the weather and damn ups who can’t man up and deliver anyway. oh well, what’s another several days. (knuckles turn white) well I didn’t want to read those comics anyway. (keep lying to self till I believe it). what’s the definition of addiction again? oh well.