New Cliff Chiang 12″ Remix “If You Leave” with the X-Men

Cliff Chiang's 12" Remix pieces have yielded some amazing art, like the Breakfast Club piece for example.  Cliff just posted on his blog the latest piece, "If You Leave" which takes the classic 1980s' movie Pretty in Pink's soundtrack album cover, and re-spins it with an X-Men vibe, giving us Cyclops, Wolverine and Dark Phoenix.  The original art for this piece will be auctioned off at the upcoming Heroes Con (which I'm now kicking myself for not going to, as I would have totally bid on this – let's hope Cliff makes some prints of this)

Here is the art:


And here is the inspiration:


Needless to say, this is my favorite 12" Remix piece as it mixes my favorite characters with one of my favorite movies.  Nice work Mr. Cliff Chiang!


  1. Amazing work, not my favorite (Batgirl/Purple Rain) but still amazing!

  2. I guess in the sense of their triangle this picture makes sense but Wolverine is the furthers i would have picked as Duckie, though this is still awesome

  3. Thats so awesome. Perfect.

  4. @twistedkaijuu07 – Jean picked Cyclops, Molly Ringwald picked Blaine – ‘dems the breaks, Wolvie’s Duckie


  5. Wolvie’s totally ducky. Shorter and odder. A misfit among misfits.

  6. Wow I can not express how perfect this is! Just WoW!

  7. That’s pretty awesome. I like this Pretty in pink mash up personally


  8. Ah, Molly Ringwald…

  9. The Breakfast Club one is fantastic!

  10. The Breakfast Club one is fantastic!

    Agreed!  And I’ve never seen the movie or read an issue of Teen Titans.

    Tiny Titans, on the other hand, I love.

  11. I wish that these were prints that I could purchase.

  12. Duckirine.

  13. New wallpaper.

    And for the record, Andie chose Ducky; Molly Ringwald chose Andrew McCarthy, her then pseudo-boyfriend. They actually shot the Andie/Ducky ending but axed it largely due to Molly’s inability to exhibit boyfriend/girlfriend chemistry with Jon Cryer. Friend chemistry, sure, but no romance.