Neil Gaiman Talks To Craig Ferguson

Two weeks ago, while he made a stop in Los Angeles on his book tour, writer Neil Gaiman swung by The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to chat a bit on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his acclaimed novel American Gods. He also talks a bit about writing a Doctor Who episode.



Despite the fact that he is Neil Gaiman and his on the show because of his novel and TV writing, it's still nice to see a comic book writer get some national television exposure. I just wish that they had had more time to chat, Gaiman is a fantastically entertaining speaker. Also, I miss the old Geoff Petersen.

Thanks to Dave for reminding me that I needed to post this.


  1. Thanks for posting this, i always enjoy listening to Mr. Gaiman.

  2. That was great.  Craig Ferguson’s show is one of the best late night shows out there. 

  3. As a life long insomniac I have spend countless hours either reading Neil’s work or watching the Late late show with Craig Ferguson. To see them together was a bit mind blowing.

  4. This was so good. We are in a Golden Age of Late Night T.V. right now. Golden.”Or indeed, lovers.
  5. There’s a future nerdist podcast episode with Gaiman and Ferguson if anyone’s interested. They haven’t posted it yet but it was recorded close to that interview’s date.

  6. I missed this when it first came out so thanks for posting it!

    I’m sure Gaiman was a bit cross when he heard he comes AFTER Paris Hilton. 

  7. I’ve started American Gods a few times, but just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  8. I love Neil Gaiman and thought this was an excellent interview. He’s always so charming and wonderful.

  9. Craig Ferguson is one of the funniest people on television. If i weren’t such an old man, i’d stay up to watch his show every night

  10. I am a longtime fan of Craigy Ferg. The man’s a genius. He’ll replace Letterman. Mark my words. These two really hit it off. Great interview. But Craig rarely has a bad interview.

    @Conor: I didn’t like the new Geoff either at first. But he’s growing on me. It’s worth it just to see him trip Craig up once in a while.

    Also, for those casual/new fans of Late Late; I strongly recommend Craig’s autobiography “American on Purpose”. It’s truly a touching success story. He’s even more brutally honest than he is on TV. Check it out.