NBC’s The Cape Preview

Here it is, the first look at The Cape from NBC. You might recognize Vince Faraday as actor David Lyons from ER. You might recognize Keith David as, well, Keith David. You might recognize the costume from Brian K. Vaughan's The Hood. I could probably go on.



I didn't really expect it to be as serious as it is. It makes the whole thing a little melodramatic, and after the perceived failure of The Watchmen, I'd think they'd go with a little more of a humorous slant.  But then, who needs another Greatest American Hero?  For my part, this doesn't look like a show I'd be terribly interested in, because, just because a dude reads comics, he doesn't have to like everything vaguely superhero related. I know, it's a giant shock. But if I was 12, I would think this was the most wonderful thing ever.  Will it succeed? They're definitely going in the opposite direction of Heroes, by grounding it with the father/son story, and keeping it to one main character.


  1. Summer Glau. Does that doom it?

  2. I can’t imagine it’ll be a great show, but I’ll watch. It definitely could scratch the "so-bad it’s good" itch.

  3. I’m a bit surprised at how dramatic it is. But this could be fun. If this were a show from the 90’s it’d go perfectly with something like M.A.N.T.I.S or Sliders or Earth 2. One of those fun 90’s shows that were, perhaps a bit to serious, but good at what they were doing. From the 3 minutes here, thinking this show might go the way of BIONIC WOMAN with 1 13 episode season, but if it hits it hits. I’ll be watching it. 

  4. Wait, this is replacing Heroes?

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oops! There’s a carnival in it! Time for legal action! 

  6. Canceled after 2 airdates.

  7. It’s got the Juggernaut in it, bitch!  How could it be anything other than spectacular?

    You put Verne Troyer in a room with Vinnie Jones and you have gold.

    This could be fun and/or terrible.  I’m hoping for terribly fun.  I’ll give it a shot.

  8. flop

  9. wow….10 years from now we’ll say:

    "You remember that campy superhero show on NBC?…..No, it’s not from the 80’s but looked like it could come from that decade!"

  10. it just gives me the feeling it was written and produced by people who have never seen a comic book in their lives, so they just loaded it down with every TV and Movie Cliche.

    "in a world, in a time, in a place, ONE MAN has the courage to do whatever"

  11. Sorry to say, the screen cap is enough to put me off of this … YAWN …

  12. I can tell that the kid is just going to annoy the hell out of me.

  13. hehe… I think it looks kinda fun. With the Human Target and now this, it feels like the 80’s all over again (seriously, couldn’t this fit right in with Beauty and the Beast, Knight Rider, and Manimal?). But I like the carnival origin and ‘The Shadow’ vibe. If we can get past the cheesy production, it could have a fun modern adventure pulp vibe.

    Okay, I might kinda be hoping.

  14. @stuclach That wasn’t Verne Troyer, it was Martin Klebba


    Looks like it could be fun!

  15. This crap looks ten times worse than Heroes. Smooth move NBC.

  16. no thanks

  17. @gobo – Sorry. I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus last night.  I got them confused.  I apologize to Mr. Klebba.

  18. The trailer is much better than expected.  I’ll watch it, though.  

  19. Canceled!

  20. This could be a nice, 6 episode mini series. I really don’t see this working out for more then a season if it even lasts that long.

    Don’t get me wrong, this trailer shows me a pretty fun and exciting series. A bit hammy, but it could be in the same vein as Human Target. Still….I just don’t see this lasting for more then a season. 

  21. Wait…did they move April Fool’s Day to May?

  22. Say Hi to Dorothy Bitch! Hahahahaha That is histerical! But the kid has got to go he is just so annoying. Keith David might actually make this worthwhile, but yeah like all of the other comments before me I do not see this being a huge phenonenom or ever a high ratings show & am a bit disappointed that they canceled Heroes for this. I mean at least have something that might look as good as the first season of Heroes.

  23. I didn’t see anything here that was any worse than what I’ve been seeing from Smallville.  Then again I stopped watching that after the 4th or 5th season.  I can’t remember.  I would give this a shot.  I think it is dramatic but has a sense of humor about it.  It certainly isn’t worse than what I saw in Heroes after season 1.

  24. @JasonB35 – I was thinking the same thing. I mean, by and large I think most folks here dug the Johns-written Smallville JSA episode. That seemed cheesier than this, if I’m being totally honest.

    If I was twelve, and this was 1984, I totally would have watched every single episode of this without fail.

  25. And no one’s mentioned this, but I think the serious tone and the look/feel are aiming for TV represenation of what we saw in The Dark Knight. That movie was totally serious and had a guy in a cape who was trained by ninjas and talked about whether or not one man could make a difference (and other lofty "ideas"). And that film had broad popularity and critical acclaim. So I can see why TV would try to capture shades of that.

  26. @daccampo – well played sir.  I couldn’t get past some of the trailer earlier, but I totally see it now.  I think you could easily do this with another property that they tried to turn into a TV series once before, The Spirit.  A Spirit show would be awesome.  Especially if they could pull off the "ambiguous times" like Batman the animated series.  Now that I would watch.

  27. I don’t know.  On one hand, I think this series looks dumb, but part of me gets the vibe that this could be one of those "dumb but good" kind of things.  I’m not the biggest TV watcher in the world, but I may scope this out when it premieres. 

    It sort of reminds me of Bionic Woman, which had a similar feel, but was subsequently cancelled.

  28. Man, some of you guys are being pretty unfairly harsh. It looks fine to me. It could go either way. It certainly can’t be worse than Smallville, and that show’s gone on for 10 bloody years.

  29. Wait, I’m confused. Can he let his son think that he did those things?

  30. I admit it does look like it’s taking itself seriously it at least has a sense of humor, much more than Heroes (which was just Hiro if I’m not mistaken, haven’t watched the show in a while) and could end up being promising, and even if it doesn’t we could hope that it has a good first season that stands on its own at least.

  31. It doesn’t look all that interesting to me. Just wait and see if it’s good I guess.

  32. There are just a lot of cliche’s seen here…to the point that it could be overdone. I might give it a chance. I do like the idea of a cape that does stuff.  

    as far as smallville. While there are a lot of fanboys into it, I think a big portion of its staying power had a lot to do with the casting and heart throb teen appeal. My friend’s teeny bopper little sister and her friends have watched that show since launch because they had a obsessive crush on that Tom Welling guy. She could care less about superheroes. 

  33. Doesn’t look any chessier then Smallville..which is Gawd-awful..

  34. i could digg this

  35. looks better than I expected when I only saw a pic of the promo ad.  I’ll give it a shot.  I need some new shows to fill the voids that Lost and 24 are about to leave.

  36. I might give it a shot. it doesn’t look all that great, but i don’t think it looks as bad as a lot of people have been posting. I’d give it a watch. 

  37. I think it has a good chance of being pretty good, and holding a place of awesomeness in my heart. Vinnie Jones, Summer Glau, vaguely Shadow/Batman/Spirit hero, stuff exploding, circus freaks… I’ll at least give it a chance.

  38. CRAP!

  39. The preview…what can I say?  *sigh*

    Remember "Batman Begins"? One of the things I liked in that movie was Jim Gordon.  Specifically, we get a chance to see how a good cop (Jim Gordon) can work/exist/live with corruption all around him.  Jim Gordon a good guy, but he’s no idiot either.  He’s not on the take, but he doesn’t rat others out.

    This Cape-Dude looks like an idiot. Yes, yes, yes it’s just a preview…but…

    Just imagine how the preview might have looked if our hero is a good cop like Jim Gordon (good but not dumb) and perhaps at night he’s The Cape!  (Combining Gordon and Wayne into one character.)

    Perhaps if this were "The Shield", but with all the roles reversed. 

  40. @daccampo, sorry, I just read your comment about the Dark Knight. I think we’re saying the same thing.

  41. @KreiderDesigns, Hahahaha! (I just couldn’t stop laughing at yourr comment. Very funny.)

  42. Also, I didn’t like the "Caprica" like aspect where the wife appears to believe the hype that her darling husband was the bad Mask-Dude.

  43. @josh, you mention you’re not interested in another "Greatest American Hero" show (which I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind a possible remake of), but with the success of "Glee", perhaps we could get a remake of "Cop Rock" or maybe something like a "Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along" sort of show.

    Each week I could really go for some heroes, side-kicks,  villians, henchmen, love interests, all singing away about their lives and plans.

  44. haha Study your math lol I would totally watch this for the cheese factor 🙂

  45. Hmm. I think this has potential. No harm in giving it a chance, I’ll probably watch the first few episodes.

  46. Hey that’s that doctor actor from ER, isn’t it?! Yeah…I never really liked him.

    This other super hero show, No Ordinary Family, looks promising though.

  47. Spawn


  48. Anyone remember that show Nightman? getting flashes from this clip

  49. The good: Summer Glau

    The bad: Everything else

    InfectiousFunk – Yeah, I remember Nightman, from the Ultraverse comics. This looks like a cross between that and M.A.N.T.I.S. as far as quality goes. Better effects though.

    Man, I can’t even see "Nightman" without thinking "Dayman, A-AAA-AAAA, fighter of the Nightman, A-AAA-AAAA, champion of the sun, a master of karate and friendship for everyone!" Sunny has ruined me.

  50. I am feeling on the top of my world.