Nathan Cosby’s Every _____ Story in One Comic

If you've been following Marvel editor Nathan Cosby on Twitter (@NateCosboom), you might have seen his "I Drew Every _______ Story in One Comic" series.  I collected some of our favorites here.  Make sure to follow him for the, and I'm not kidding here, continuing adventures of Nova and Vision.

Captain America


Iron Fist

Iron Man


Professor X



The Sentry

There are more. Give him a follow.


  1. LMAO/

  2. I have loved reading these on his Twitter feed; good stuff!

  3. These are F’IN awesome

  4. Do shit!

  5. As someone who just read Disassembled, NOT LIKE THIS! will crack me up every time. What a crappy death.

  6. Heh, nice.

    That Sentry strip has a beautiful subtlety to it…

  7. Nothing beats that first strip.

    "I miss record players!"

  8. Eh not Ey…

  9. luv wolverine!

  10. @scrawl: I’m canadian too. It’s ey my man. Ey. Took forever to get rid of it.

  11. Genius!

  12. This reminds me alot of those Chris Giaruso ‘Mini Marvel’ strips. Those were awesome.

  13. for some reason I read this as "Norm CROSBY"!  I would give my left kidney to have classic comedian Norm Crosby write a Super Hero comic….

  14. @Mangaman I can tell you as a canadian myself it is spelled Eh not Ey.


  15. @Hawkboy: I’m not talking about spelling. I’m talkin’ pronunciation my friend.

  16. Good lord!
    Don’t rile up the Canucks!
    They might resort to….. Harsh language!

  17. What a pointless diversion you’ve discovered.

  18. Sidney Crosby makes comics, eh?


    the Tiki 

  19. Hawkeye’s tombstone is fantastic.

  20. "Not like this!!!" Continues to amuse.

  21. Josh – is there any other way to get these other than via Twitter (just not my thing)? What about RSS?