My Comics Just Needed Some Attention


So, I have been in Las Vegas most of this week for a work conference and realize that, for the first time in I don't know how long, I actually didn't bring any comics to read. This is unusual for me, especially given that I have been so behind on my books that I actually have a pretty good sized stack to go through sitting at home that now I realize I might be avoiding.  
This is not a good thing to write down, that I am "avoiding" comics, right?  But it happens–I got my books and found myself opening them and putting them right down because I wasn't in the the right frame of mind to remember everything that was going on beforehand– I am just having a hard time remembering what happened in the issues before, and I realize that this is just a way of me not being able to actually care about the comic in the first place. I just…the's not there, you know?
Oh, comic, you still look good, I am still attracted to you, sure, but when I look at a few of your pages, it's's…I just– look I have a book on screenwriting that my buddy Chris let me borrow and I think he might want it back soon so I am just gonna read that for awhile. and if I am still awake, I promise I will look at your fourth and fifth pages because yeah, I know I said I would before, but this time sure thing I will definitely check it, is it that time I already? Sorry, I just..I gotta sleep, so tired..but tomorrow night, absolutely, promise..
This is, of course, how I really feel. It's a phase– look, comics: it's me, not you.  But it's frustrating. There are email threads happening right now in my inbox with the rest of the staff that I actually even open, let alone read, because I just haven't had the time to keep up with the books.
We've talked about this before; how life gets all distracting, but I think in this case, it's not that I am annoyed with comics or even feeling all that overwhelmed, it's just that I am not getting drawn into the books that I usually enjoy.
Let's take a look at what I've been reading so far:
DV8 #1 – I think I read that somewhere that DV8 featured characters from some other book or some other story and it was a big deal that Brian Wood was getting this book out, but I had forgotten all about that when I saw the gorgeous cover and Wood's name on it.  I bought the thing and was thoroughly confused, which is fine, it's a first issue, I get it.  But I have been at the point where I am so behind I am reading comics during breakfast, you know?  The issue certainly seemed like it was supposed to be interesting–like, a group of people basically crash land on a planet and, since they seem to have powers, are treated by the denizens of the planet as gods and goddesses.  Cool idea, right?  Reminds me of what could have happened during the last episode of Battlestar Galactica.  But still, I was just…do I need a new story in my life right now? And… who is who? Do I really need to go to Wikipedia before I read #2?
Batman #698 – I had to start that issue a few times before I burst through that "what is going on again?" membrane and by the end, I was back into the story and very pleased with what was going on.  But I need, basically, to keep that issue around because I just know that by the time #699 comes out I am gonna have forgotten what happened.  Regardless, it just seems like everyone's getting all ready for #700, so I wonder if this stuff is all filler before the big event, right?  
Here's what I think should happen for DC books. If you don't want to have a "story so far" mobile website for memory-challenged folks like me, print the last page of the previous issue before the story begins. Like, do it small, even. I learned this trick from my comic book store owner–just get the last issue and look at the last page.  If you don't remember it, then you didn't read it and probably need to buy it.  
Detective #864 – First off: awesome cover, which made me all excited, but then I have started the book at least three times and the art just.. it kind of scared me how much I didn't like it. I still have no idea what is going on and am wondering if maybe, just maybe, I will be dropping this book.  I had long ago thought it was superfluous, but obviously started back on again with Rucka and Williams, but now, I am edging back out of the party. 
How many of you are digging the previews of other issues, not in the upcoming issue, like we all seem to kind of dig, with scenes from what's gonna happen over next year, but previews of books like Zatanna?  I know that Conor never reads them because then he feels cheated out of 1/3 of the book when he picks up the issue, but what do you think? I gotta admit, I don't really like them. I do my previewing when I am at the shop and physically previewing the issue by flipping through the pages in a quick motion.  Is that wrong? 
Green Lantern/Corps/Brightest Day – I have to tell you, I think this whole thing is the most exciting story in comics today (keep in mind, I am living in the past a bit and haven't caught up to Siege).  I am really enjoying these comics and almost feel like I could just read these books and feel satisfied (I would have to pick up The Flash too, which I loved). Maybe it's because I have been reading the story for so long that it's basically impossible for me to forget what is going on?  I'm not sure, but I am still down with the story. Tip of the hat to Geoff Johns for being able to keep this thing moving.
Of course, as I have been rummaging through my head trying to remember the books on my shelf a few hundred miles away, I visited a few websites and realized that I have been missing out on a ton of books!! I mean, I remember Jonah Hex being good, but also realized I missed the Pick of the Week issue), I know now that I missed a Batgirl, and Power Girl.  Oh crap and then oh now–that whole Doc Savage thing…what happened?! What was I thinking???
Guys and gals, this is why digital comics are going to save my ass. I need to be able to click on a link and download the damn book right now.  As I am writing this, I feel that pain of missing out, and suddenly understand that far from avoiding comics, I just miss them so much I don't know how to come back.  You know how that is?  It's like a relationship where you think you are pissed off at your significant other and avoiding them, but what you really should be doing is running back and spending time with him or her so you can remember just why you liked hanging out with her or him in the first place!
I mean, am I nuts?!  I love reading comics on trips. I just didn't have the right books around!  I want to know what this whole Green Arrow thing is– he killed Prometheus, I remember that (though I am not sure I want to. I was able to finally get through Justice League: Cry for Justice and couldn't believe how bad the art got by the fill-in artists were). I want to see if Superman is any good or not. I miss Batgirl.  I haven't even begun to look at Marvel books I'm missing out on. I feel like I have absolutely no idea what is happening at Marvel at all.  When was the last time I read Iron Fist (is that book even around)? Or Daredevil?  Or heck, even the New Avengers
Oh man. It's clear I have problems, but not liking comics is certainly not one of them. I miss the art. I miss the adventure. I miss the stakes. Sure, books can get slow–I still haven't finished DMZ, partly because it opened with so much narration that I just got bored–but, heck, all ya gotta do is wait a few weeks and it can be good again, you know?
We all know that it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of books out there. It's easy to get indignant about all the irritations of tie-ins and the occasional "nothing happened at all" issue, but, again, like a relationship, it's the overall journey with comics that make being a fan so rewarding. I just have to remember that there will be times when I will get annoyed by the stack sitting by my bed–and that's okay. What it means is that I should take a deep breath, and take the stack someplace else–like take the stack on a date, you know? Show it that I still care.  You do that, shake things up a bit, and you'll start remembering why you liked comics in the first place. 
All right. I gotta get back to it. Thanks for bearing with me! I'll be catching up in my comics this week..after looking at my pull lists, I think there are a few first issues that need to be rounded up…see ya next week!!
Updated 5/13 – Sorry about the typos and cut and paste errors earlier. I have been having connection issues all day and while I was able to look at my page with my phone, I couldn't edit it with it.  So, yeah, sorry about that.

Mike Romo is an actor in LA who would love to get back home to get his comics. He can be reached via email and his twitter feed is filled with vitamins.


  1. Great article Mike, we’ve all been there.

    And for the record, you didnt miss a damn thing by not reading Dac Savage #1.  

  2. What is DV8?

    Seriously; I’ve seen countless reviews, the solict for it, and bunch of other things…..I have no idea why this is put in such high regard.

    That’s not a slight on anyone, I just didn’t expect this to cause such a firestorm of praise. 

  3. Nice article Mike, whole time I’m reading it thinking I need to get through my books.  So you’ve inspired me to close the laptop, turn off the tv and catch up on last few weeks of books.  Thanks.

  4. Good article

  5. Great article but you guys really need to start doing a better job of editing and looking at your work after it’s down.  There are several spelling and grammer mistakes as well as the names of certain comic titles being wrong.

    I love this site, I love the articles, but tell your editor he’s got to get on the ball.

  6. Don’t they self-edit?

  7. I agree with that feeling Mike, I’ve been going through this a bit myself. If it’s not a title I’m 100% excited for then it gets put to the side for a week or two. It has a lot to do with time managment as well, I feel guilty reading comics when I have to write a review for some video game or book.

  8. I’ve started to just relegate myself to those monthly books that I cannot wait to see what happens in. Everything else goes to trade-waiting. If/when the trade comes out, I usually make the big determination whether or not I really, really cared about reading the book in the first place.

     Money’s tight these days. Only the strong books survive.

  9. @preacher – uhm, sorry about the typos. I had a cut and paste issue that I didn’t catch. Usually, and I think most of the readers will agree, my articles are usually free from that kind of thing.

  10. @Preacher – what book titles are wrong? Was it that I didn’t add "Justice League" to the beginning of "Call for Justice"?

    just curious–usually my articles are pretty free from that sort of thing, but I admit, I was rushed and didn’t have a lot of time for editing…plus I had connection issues all day that made it impossible for me to correct the errors.

  11. Huh.

    See, I have this weird thing where I feel compelled to read my books before the podcast comes out and I need to listen to the podcast before I buy the following week’s comics. If these things don’t happen, everything is out-of-whack and I don’t like it. So I don’t let my single issues pile up (except my Free Comic Book Day comics, which are kind of sitting around). It’s my trades that pile up because there’s no urgency to read them; those are old stories, so there’s no rush.

    Letting new comics pile up sounds horrifying.