More Fear Itself Tomorrow From Marvel – Live?

Marvel Comics have called a press conference for tomorrow afternoon, February 15 at 2:30 PM EST.  It promises to be around Fear Itself and while the attendees of the press conference have not been announced yet, we've been told they will be, "a New York Times Best Selling creative team for a top secret Fear Itself related project"

Some questions for you, the iFanbase:

– Who do you think will be the creative team we'll be talking to?

– Would you like us to live blog the press conference?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Yes, please do the live blog. I thoroughly enjoy those.

  2. Fred Hembeck, Al Milgrom

  3. +1 for the liveblog. Always enjoy those.

  4. liveblogs are the shizz

    that’s a yes

  5. would love to hear a podcast of the full audio later, but, I’m guessing that’s a nonstarter.

    I’d vote for whichever format whoever’s covering it among the iFanboy crew prefers and does best at, liveblog or all-at-once-afterwards blog, either is cool.

  6. Will it actually be a press conference this time?  Last time, if I remember correctly was more of a press release, wasn’t it?

  7. liveblog! er, yes.

  8. @MisterJ  It’s a press conference phone call. Marvel does them about once a week. It won’t be a live, in-person press conference like the last Fear Itself press conference.

  9. @conor  Thanks for the info

  10. I have strong notion that Ed Brubaker’s writing it…

  11. Neal Adams and Neal Adams

  12. In a huuuuuge turn of events Alan Moore agrees to come back to the mainstream and give us his take on what it means to fear………LOL, I can’t even keep a straight face while trying to type that.

  13. Ok folks – we’re going to live blog this tomorrow – so tune in at 2:30 PM EST for it!

  14. I’m going to say Fraction and Larocca since Matt seems to be a rising star in the company and has yet to head an event.

  15. @English  He’s writing the central Fear Itself mini. This is something connected to that. 

  16. Chris Claremont, surely.

  17. Meltzer maybe?

  18. Mark Millar,  Steve McNiven. Almost definetely. They already have him and Leinin Yu in ultimates. those are the last two millar team ups. And i don’t know a highest selling team. At least in this market.
    Other possibilitys. Brubaker & Epting. Bendis & Coipel. ¿?Morrison & Quietly?¿ That would be awesome

    I would like coverage of what happens. I’m not really interested in it being Live.

  19. New York Times Bestselling Author…..

    Oh I know!


  20. I’m hoping it’s Stephen King, but it’s probably someone else that’s really cool, maybe someone i’ve never even heard of