MORE BREAKING DC NEWS – The Return of Bruce Wayne

We knew it was going to happen eventually, much like the death and return of Captain America, you knew the moment you saw that shadowy figure drawing on the cave wall at the end of Final Crisis that Bruce Wayne would be back at some point.  Today, DC Comics confirmed our suspicions with the announcement that a miniseries launching in April, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, written by Grant Morrison will detail the journey of Bruce Wayne as he battles his way through the time stream back to our present day. Apparently the series will rotate "a cast of all-star" artists, with the first issue being drawn by Chris Sprouse.  DC did not reveal the other artists but did provide character sketches by Andy Kubert, featuring a Caveman Batman and a Pirate Batman:

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for time travel stories and while I'm not a regular Batman reader, the idea of a Batman during other time periods is one that I could find mself enjoying, I always did enjoy the time period Batman stories from the old Elseworlds line.  And if Chris Sprouse is any indication of the the kind of artists they're going to be utilizing for this series, then it should be quite fun to read.  Also, if there was ever a series that was made for spinning off action figures, it's this one.  Can't you just see the DC Direct Pirate Batman figure?

Is it too soon to be bringing Bruce Wayne back? Is this how you'd want to see the story told with Morrison behind the pen?  Like I said, I'm not a regular Batman reader, so I'm curious what loyal Bat-fans think.  Also, what artists do you hope to see on this series? I'd love to see an issue by Chris Weston myself.

For more info, check out the Grant Morrison interview over at USA Today.


  1. I would have love for them to delay this as much as possible, just imagine four or five years without Bruce Wayne as Batman and how awesome that would be in allowing them to change Gotham and the DCU, but havivng him come back was a foregone conclusion so it’s to at least have Morrison handling this.

  2. Wow, i feel the exact same about this as I did when i heard the news about Captain America Reborn. Conflicted. I love Bruce Wayne Batman, but I am facinated by the Dick Grayson/Batman and Damian/Robin dynamic. they are a great pair that plays off each other extremely well. I hope this doesn’t mean the two of them will go by the wayside. Still, this mini will be written by Morrison so I can only expect that it will blow my socks off, I can’t wait

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    In a word, this sounds FUN. If we can’t have Elseworlds, this is the next best thing. Enjoying the current Batman status quo with Dick and Damian, but you can’t deny this is an exciting way to bring Bruce back. Looking forward to it. 

  4. I’m hoping if Bruce comes back it will be in a mentor role, I’m digging Dick and Damian as the Dynamic Duo a lot, a year or so just isn’t enough with them.

  5. sigh

  6. The comic fan in me that loves good+hilarious stories is very happy.

    The comic fan in me that wants status quo changes to matter is upset, but fortunatly has indie books to cling too.


    To those who are upset, go and read an indie book instead of a book focusing on a 60 year old character, you’ll feel better.

  7. Bah. I wasn’t reading Batman before Dick and Damien (or at least, it had been a very long time since I had picked up a Bat-book). It’s unfortunate that Bruce’s reemergence might kill a new, fresh dynamic that hasn’t been properly explored yet.

    I’d bet that Damian stays Robin though, so that might be interesting…

  8. Also I think I mentioned how much I love the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen before and this looks like its going to try to touch at a similar codex to the Black Dossier in regards to the heroes that were around in the DCU before the modern age.  I also noticed that he seems to skipping the kind of obligatory "Batman-as-a-Knight" incarnation

  9. ugh, look as much as I like Bruce Wayne at this point I think Dick Grayson has more storytelling potential. We’ve barely gotten into "Batman and Robin"(delays: Gimme my Cameron Stewart!) I mean sure this wont be launching untill april and most likely end in december/january but really if you break it down that isnt a whole lot of time in comic books. I know he would eventually come back, but at least captain america got two years and batman’s been down for barely a year! I just want to see the relationship between Dick and Damian grow and evolve, not to mention having a batman who isnt an enourmas dick is kind of a breath of fresh air. But as skeptical as I am…Pirate Batman does look pretty cool.

  10. This could end up going two ways in the hands of Morrison – either it will be good crazy or bad crazy.  And I’m hoping it’s not in the latter like Final Crisis got in its final stages.  You know what you get with Morrison, so let’s just wait and see how that pans out.

    I, like @Heroville and @mikegraham6 here, am conflicted too as to if it’s too soon to bring Bruce Wayne back.  Much as it was inevitable, I too was enjoying the dynamic between Dick Grayson and Damian and Dick’s adjustment into his mentor’s role.  It’s the same feeling I have with Captain America – for almost a year after Steve Rogers died, Brubaker crafted a masterpiece of slowly building Bucky into the new role along with building a nice plot involving Red Skull’s economic takeover behind the scenes.  With Bucky just getting used to the new suit, it seems unfair for Reborn to come in and take away that spotlight from him.

    I could be proven wrong in the end with both projects though.  That being said, Pirate Batman does sound awesome. 

  11. @heroville Morrison already has a ‘Batman-as-a-Knight’ in the form of Knight from the club of heroes


    Come to think of it, if Morrisons run on Batman finishes with a confrontation between darkseid and the club of heroes + a batman from each time period and think I’m going to cry tears of joy.

  12. @incredibledave No I mean that Batman is the "Dark Knight" so when people talk about sending back through time they almost inevitbly send him to the Middle Ages and have him be an actual knight with bat-themed armor so it’s nice to see Morrison avoid that.

  13. Have we seen a Pirate Batman before in an Elseworlds tale? it sounds familiar…

  14. As long as Morrison’s the one bringing him back, it’s A-OK with me. I also would like to see the Dick/Damian duo stick around a bit longer, but we’ll just have to see if or when Bruce gets back in the cape and cowl.

  15. I’m okay with this. It was going to happen sooner or later, but hopefully we’ll get a good story out of it and perhaps by this point RED ROBIN will have a new focus with Bruce back. As always, I’ll wait until the story is out before judgement.

    Question though: how big were the bats during the caveman days? Were they big enough to skin and wear their skulls as a helmet? Because that is freakin’ scary. Givin’ me the willies over here. Or did Man-Bat come back to save Bruce and did Bruce then kill him for warmth a la a Hoth tauntaun.

  16. Really even as a caveman he dresses like a bat? Really?

  17. Yup. Really. 

  18. That actually makes a lot of sense since he could be using the bat as a totemic animal

  19. @Patman2 Wait the new Batman isn’t an enormous "Dick"? HA!

    I’m biased as I am a Dick Grayson fan but I feel the same way as I did about the Captain America Reborn. I want the new Cap and Batman to stick around for a while. I agree with @gobo and hope that Bruce comes back but not as Batman for a while.  I’d like to see him in the mentor role like he was in Batman Beyond, just not old.  I know that in comics the status quo always goes back to normal even if it takes a few years.  I just wish that "deaths", mantles passing, and other "changes" would last a little longer.  The stories loose significance if everything reverts back to normal in the blink of an eye.  After reading Dark Avengers Annual, I have gotten my hopes up that Marvel and DC plan on keeping the new Cap and Bat around for a while.

  20. once bruce is back, i don’t see Damian sticking with Dick unless bruce only comes back in a mentor role (which won’t happen). Damian is his son and the kid has made it known that he would prefer working with Bruce over Dick and damian doesn’t strike me as a character who will listen to reason (even his fathers)

  21. damn….I really enjoy Grayson and Damian as Batman and Robin.  In his interview, Grant said "Batman needs to be eternally young, renewed like some pagan Fertility King to suit the changing tastes of his audience in each fresh generation. Batman can never grow old or die."  But Bruce Wayne, the man, can die and grow old!  Grayson is doing a great job as Batman, DC let him take over (pipe-dream, i know).  I know Grant is going to make this work, bring back Bruce, but I don’t want him back…..yet.  Maybe come summer 2010, I’ll be ready.

  22. Like many others have said, I have mixed emotions on this.  Part of me really wants this because since I’ve come back to comics, I haven’t gotten barely any Bruce Wayne aside from Paul Dini’s run on Detective.  I won’t mention Morrison’s run on "Batman" because that was just, to be nice, not exactly my cup of tea.  The other side of me, however, really likes having Dick and Damien be the Dynamic Duo for a while, and, ironically, I’m really enjoying Grant’s run on "Batman & Robin."  Maybe because Dick as Batman and Damien as Robin are shocking enough on their own, that no mater what Morrison does it all seem cool and new.  Bruce as Batman was so well established that I just couldn’t stomach what Morrison did to him.  I hope this mini-series is better.

     Question 1: Since Batman fights crime, and pirates are criminals of the high seas (or more accurately, coastal waters), will Pirate Batman be fighting pirates that attempt to storm merchant vessels?  And where does he stand on privateers since they’re just pirates acting under the aegis of government approval?

     Question 2: Does this time-traveling hero reborn thing echo too much of what their doing to Steve Rogers for people?  To be fair, while Brubaker may have planted seed for his story earlier, Morrison got out the fact that Batman is lost in time first. 



  23. they need to hold this off as long as possible. DC has a good thing going with the bat family right now…

  24. @mikegraham6  – there was a Detective Comics annual in the 90s, an Elseworlds themed-one, that had Batman as a pirate. I can’t remember the actual number though…

  25. Too soon, just like Cap.

  26. Way too soon. The Dick and Damien dynamic works so well!

  27. @Webhead   Agreed, and it involves time travel too which is just odd

  28. Too soon, completely unnecessary, and dressing up as a bat in the caveman get-up just looks silly. Foregone conclusion? Of course. We knew he’d be back. But these sketches look ridiculous, and the premise that he’d have to travel the time stream to get back doesn’t work for me. 

    Plus, I don’t trust Morrison anymore after Final Crisis. He needs to have a few more acclaimed runs on a few more titles before I’d trust him with a major DC storyline again. I hear Morrison’s bring Bruce back, I say to myself, "I’ll wait for the TPB, and even then, it’ll be a hard sell". 

  29. Its very interesting to see the parallels between Cap and Batman. Both stuck in the time stream and both having seasoned sidekicks as their replacements. The most important will be how they handle the transitions of Steve and Bruce back to Cap and Bat. People like the feel of those books right now. 

  30. As long as Batwoman can stay in Detective Comics, I’m good with it. I just wonder how Batman will battle his way through the time stream, I guess he’s got to be hoping to come across some time traveller back in the caveman days.

  31. Happy about this, but wish we could have had more time with Bruce out of the picture.

    I fall into the same category as those who see this as the same as what Marvel has done with Steve Rogers.  It’s really good stuff, but I want it to last longer.

  32. Unless the Omega Sanction wears off or something and he starts bouncing around the timestream a la Steve Rogers.

  33. This kind of harkens back to a pet peeve of mine. While I’m speculating here, by issuing this miniseries doesn’t it make the whole premise of Red Robin moot? Tim Drake is searching for Bruce, but Bruce won’t return in the Red Robin book. He can’t, he needs to come back to more fanfare than that book can offer. So that leaves me wondering what the hell is the point of Red Robin? The same can be said for the Cable book. Readers follow Cable and Hope but the big reveal that everyone has been waiting for since Messiah Complex will not happen in that book, it can’t. comics just don’t work that way. So again, what’s the point of the Cable book? It feels just like a cash grab that is treading water.

  34. Well, you knew it was gonna happen…it seems they will be taking their time in getting him back to present day…so that’s good. I could do with them taking as long as possible to return to the status quo.

    Those old Elseworlds trades were what got me into reading comics in the first place…way back in the 90’s when everything was apparently horrible. I didn’t know the difference. I just loved the twists and creativity in the stories and relationships of established characters.

  35. Too soon.

    Maybe they should have created a new ongoing Batman through history title for a couple of years before merging them again.

    I doubt things will go back to they way it was in September 10 when this wraps up. I can’t see Dick going back to being Nightwing etc They might have an extended Bat family type team at the end of it all under one standard costume design.

    Or maybe Dick is agonna be dead, Damian turns out to be Bruce reborn in time and Tim comes back as Robin.

  36. @mikegraham – The point of Red Robin is that it’s about Tim’s Quest. Bruce’s return won’t be contained in this series, but it’s not about Bruce, it’s about Tim. Same could be said for Cable, I guess, though that seems to be more about Hope these days. And Bishop, to an extent.

  37. All I can do is think, "How did he make a cave-bat outfit in caveman times??" and laugh and laugh.

    This is not a criticism. Can’t wait.

  38. Even though Bruce Wayne return will throw the Dick & Daimian partnership into question, this mini series seems like alot of fun before we get to that point. In any other writer’s hands, this whole mini series would be nothing but a gimmicky bore. Morrison, however, will treat this as seriously as he can and still maintain a fun atmosphere, and thus make some great stories. Im really looking forward to this.

  39. Eh, I tend to enjoy killing sacred cows, so I’d prefer Bruce remain gone.

    However, the only Batperson I really care about is Kate Kane, so it’s no biggie. 🙂

  40. SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?! By that I mean readers like me who started reading after ‘battle for the cowl’ I mean I really like the Dick/Damien dynamic. But I’ll give Bruce a chance and read this series since I did read captain america reborn.

  41. Love hearing this news! A great way to start my day! I can’t wait for this series, and having Bruce back in the DCU. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed Dick/Damian as well…but…Bruce Wayne! I’m also really intrigued at how they are going to handle the whole Robin thing when Bruce comes back…what will happen to Damian if Tim is expecting to come back as Robin? Personally, I think we’ll see Tim stay as Red Robin, or something else but not return as Robin. Damian will probably remain Bruce’s Robin (if Bruce does in fact re-claim the mantle of Batman, which I hope he does).

    Glad Grant Morrison will be writing this. His past Batman work has been phenomenal. Counting down the days 🙂

  42. I’m looking forward to the stories by Morrison but think the batman family of books is doing good without Bruce. Waiting longer would have given the event a lot more impact.

  43. In the USA Today interview, Morrison says he has another year of Dick and Damien stories ready to go, couple that with the fact that Return of Bruce Wayne is 6 issues, there will be plenty of non-Bruce Batman action to enjoy. I for one am excited about this. Morrison’s run on Batman has always been an attempt to get away from the grim and gritty feel, and what better way to do that that Caveman Batman?

  44. Awesome! And super fantastic sketches.

  45. Well, I’ll kinda agree with a lot of the general sentiment:

     1.The announcement is too soon. I don’t know that the actual return to the modern day is too soon, because in the interview, Morrison says he has at least another year of Dick & Damian stories. So putting that alongside Bruce’s historical adventures… I don’t mind that. The problem for me is the announcement. It takes some of the gravity away from Batman & Robin. It’s got everyone looking forward to the big moment where Bruce returns to the present. It assumes that Dick is only a temporary placeholder, and that goes into our reading of the story. 

    2. I’m with Paul. This sounds fun. I can’t wait to see a Solomon Kane Batman. It is like Elseworlds, but I love Morrison’s description of "Batman vs. History itself!" That’s a great, fun way to look at the epic adventure of Bruce. i mean, like it or not, he’s a great character, and in the same way it was cool to see Kal-El put onto New Krypton, it’s cool to see Bruce taken out of Gotham and put through the wringer. 


  46. BOOOOOO! I started reading the Bat books just recently, because I thought to myself, "Hey, for once a major publisher is shaking things up, and I have this great feeling that it will be long term!" Looks like I was suckered, and I can start to look at these runs of B&R, Batman, and SoG as overblown minis. Why are they doing this now? Doesn’t the fact that the Bat books are selling well tell them that people are enjoying things how they are NOW? Or has there been a drop in sales since Dick/Damien took over?

  47. Just to put in my two cents, I love the new Batman and Robin.  I feel that there’s more to that one as well, but also recognize that we have no idea what to expect post his return.

  48. I wonder if this series will be rated "ARRRRRRRR"?

  49. Cool. Not terribly happy it’s happening this soon, but I think the concept can be sound. From what we know of Sonny Sumo’s experience, it appears that Bruce will just be living successive lives until he gets back to the present and that this mini will chronicle parts of that, but we shall see. 

  50. GOL(giggle). I’m fine with the companies having similar concepts and storylines, but would they mind spacing them out a bit. Necrosha and Blackest Night at the same time, now this timestream rebirth of Cap and Batman at close times. I believe that both companies could have thought of these ideas and didn’t actually copy each other, but its just a crazy coincidence.

  51. I’m not a regular Batman reader, but I am a regular keep-up-with-what’s-going-on-in-various-comics-via-the-internet-and-then-read-the-trade-paperback-er.  I figured this would come soon – though, like a lot of others, I was hoping they could hold off on returning to the status quo a good deal longer.  The fact that everything always has to go back to status quo is my biggest qualm with Marvel and DC in general. 

    I’m eager to hear the reaction this story gets and, eventually, to read it for myself.  Fans of non-supernatural Batman stories will be pissed, but they’re already pissed, so no big deal.

  52. I can’t handle anymore big dc annoucements anymore

  53. I’ve pretty much liked all of Morrison’s work on Batman and this looks a natural progression from what he’s done previously. Sign me up!

  54. Here is batman as a pirate:


    Pirate Batman 



  55. The designs look amazing, hopefully Kubert will do a  bunch of issues too!

  56. I agree with Paul.  This looks very fun in an Elseworlds way.

  57. I would’ve expected this to be the big Summer event of 2011… oh well.  It just makes me wonder if Dick’s going to return to Nightwing or whoever it is at DC that keeps trying to kill him will finally get his way.

    Or maybe there will be two Batmen with nearly identical suits, except for the fact that one has a different nose and is -slightly- darker.

  58. If Quitely shows up I will be a happy camper.  And if I had my little way, for year one era stuff they’d some how bring in Mazzucelli.  

  59. It’s the "Return of Bruce Wayne", not "The Return of Bruce Wayne as Batman".

    If you look at the interview Morrison just did with USA Today (it’s linked in the article), he says that he has ANOTHER YEAR OF "BATMAN & ROBIN" STORIES TO TELL WITH DICK AND DAMIAN IN THE TITLE ROLES.

    To answer the question, Morrison on Batman has been the best writer-character pairing in comics so far this millennium, imo. Individual arcs or stories might get different fan receptions in and of themselves, but when you read Morrison’s "saga" of Batman (beginning in 52 #30 and #47 and continuing through his "Batman" run and then to "Batman & Robin"), the whole thing is incredibly cohesive and interesting. The thematic vibrations that run through the whole saga are just thrilling. (Yes, thrilling vibrations.) 

    Guys who were a bit shocked to find yourself liking the first arc of "Batman & Robin"–guys who didn’t like "Batman RIP"–I can’t recommend the rest of Morrison’s Batman stuff enough. Once you read it all and start to REread different parts of it, the parallels and foreshadowings that you find emerging are extremely rewarding.

  60. This is hilarious!

  61. It would be so awesome if there could be more than one Batman but I know they’d never do it that way.  I hope Grayson makes up a new persona for himself other then going back to being Nightwing again though.  That costume just never worked for me.

  62. This does sound like a fun time for all. I mean Bruce Wayne going through time? Like Back to the Future or Quantum Leap? Maybe he’ll learn some valuable lessons while changing outfits.

    I do think this is a bit too early to announce. I mean Dick will only be the new Batman for barely a year, if that. But then again we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I couldn’t image DC actually keeping Bruce dead for longer then a year. Just like Captain America and Brubaker…..

    Jesus the more we get info on Bruce Wayne the more I think Brubaker just copied from Morrison.

  63. TMNT 4 – Turltes in Time was one of my favorite video games when I was a kid.  I would totally play a Batman in Time video game.

  64. It’ll be good to see Bruce Wayne back. I doubt they will put the Bat costume back on him right away seeing as how Dick Grayson has been succeding as Batman nicely.

  65. Too soon.  I think by doing this so early it diminishes the return.  I have argued the same regarding cap.  Clearly I am in the minority.

  66. You know, I had mentioned how I thought the Omega Sanction works a few times, and it appears I’m partially correct. If any of you have seen the more recent Doctor Who series, you’ve most likely seen (and loved) "Blink." The Omega Sanction seems to work on the same principle as that of the Lonely Angels method of killing people: sending them back to the past so they die there. This would explain why Bruce has a skeleton in the present, but is alive in the past. And then in a sort of quantum leap sort of way, Bruce keeps leaping from life to life, all the while setting right what once went wrong, and hoping that the next leap will be the leap home. 😉 

  67. It feels too soon now, but by April, it may not feel that way.  I’m really excited about this though.  This sounds like it’s going to be really, really fun. 

  68. Cannot wait for this, and I definitely don’t think it’s too soon.  I think there are too many people thinking about the death of Bruce as some big editorial effort to shake the status quo, when it was really just the next chapter in Morrison’s larger story.  I wouldn’t have wanted to wait another year or even 4, it wouldn’t be the correct structure.  More than anything though, this is going to be fun.  Not to forget of course, we’ll still get another 6 months of Dick and Damian, as the Batman and Robin book can continue while Bruce’s story is told.

  69. sounds cool.. i’ll bite… but does seem a bit too soon.  of course, its only the announcement.  Come April maybe not.  How long has he been gone officially now?

  70. Let’s paly a little game. Which time Period Batman would you like to see?

     I would like to see Super-fresh early Ninties/Run DMC Batman with fly reebox pumps, an adidas track suit with those strips on the sleeves and legs, a big gold bat symbols chain and a bat ear pointed baseball cap tilted on a 45 degree angle.

  71. Holy shit!!! This makes me so excited its insane!

    @edward: I’d like to see 60’s excremental Artist/Musician Batman hugging out at Warhol’s factory.    

  72. interesting side note: Andy Warhol had an IQ of 86

  73. I like this a lot, what I hope they do is two years of Batman lost in time and allow the Bruce Wayne fans to have some fun but keep the story of Dick and Damian going too. 

    The designs look fantastic. 

  74. I am not as pissed about this as I was with Captain America because they never tried to make it out like Bruce was gonna be gone for ever.  With Cap they made it sound like it would actually be while.

  75. bad choice of words, I’m not pissed off by this or Captain America coming back, just varying degrees of dissapointed.

  76. The inevitble question is: If he’s bouncing around time is he going to try to stop his parents’ death?

  77. Good I hate Dick Grayson.

  78. I would love to see a Chimney sweeper Batman, you know like Dick Van Dyke.

  79. This is great news.

    And to think we thought 2010 was going to be the year of Superman and Green Arrow. Between this and Johns on  Earth One,  2010 is looking to be a very exciting time for Batman!

  80. ha fooled me with r.i.p and final crisis not this time morrison. damn im a sucker for alternate versions tho…ok ill flip through it but thats it. WONT BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!!

  81. ……………………………………..________……………………

    this could be bad.

  82. If you can’t get excited about Pirate Batman, you should probably give up on comics.

    It’s like Tom Katers and his talking tigers with jetpacks.

  83. @josh Exactly.

  84. What Josh said.


  85. awesome..

  86. Oh boy. Just when we all thought Morrison had gone too far with his crazy storytelling, he gives us caveman Batman and pirate Batman. While the die hard Batman fan in me thinks this is BS and Batman should stick to the street level type stories, I have to admit I am intringued. And thats saying for me since I havent been the biggest fan of what Morrison has been doing on Batman(dont even get me started on what hes done with Joker and Jason Todd). Also, like some one before said, it’ll be cool to see Batman re-imagined in many eras? Samurai Batman? Conquistador Batman? Private Investigator Batman? those would be awesome if you ask me

  87. @Bryce31: Is that Capt. Picard?

    @Jimski: His Cave-Bat outfit looks like he skinned Man-Bat.

  88. Hey DC, feel free to publish something that doesn’t have Superman or Batman in it, just saying is all.

  89. @incredibledave: You’re complaining that they are showcasing their two most popular characters?

  90. I’m excited about this, I can’t help but think about the Miracle Man seven soldiers story though, written by Grant Morrison. I have to say I did not really dig that although this sounds like it should be quite different.

  91. @incredibledave: Also read The Mighty, or you know Blackest Night.

  92. Miracle Man by Grant Morrison would be awesome!

  93. haha I meant Mister Miracle, but that would be awesome!

  94. I don’t know if I’d could choose a better writer for this book, overall. Not that Morrison is my favourite writer (tho he used to be), not that Morrison makes excellent choices when playing puppet master over a Superhero universe (Final Crisis), but because this is the 3rd act of a potential masterpiece – several years in the making. And that is exciting.

    But just for fun I’d love to see Hickman team up with Paul Pope and my dream team…at the moment. I think Hickman proved to us all, of late (F4), that he is great at telling a story of a man with a lot on his mind and contious. And I think that’s what Bruce will have.

    Who knows what Morrison will show up folks. As a fan on faith here, I’d like to think all those haymakers Morrisons been wiffing at us over the past year(s) (minus Batman & Robin) may just clip our chins in the end – and knock us straight on our ass.


  95. Ahhhh

    contious = conscious  

    Worst. Spelling error. Ever! 

  96. The sketches are too cool.

  97. "a Caveman Batman and a Pirate Batman"

    why am i seeing the Fonz on waterskis?

  98. Becuase you’ve been watching Happy Days isntead of reading any Batman stories in the past 70 years?

  99. My God! I am so excited! Bruce Wayne’s epic journey through time to find his back to our world, are you kidding me!? This has huge potential.

  100. could ther epossibly be a battle for the cowl again? or a who wield the cowl?? i have grown accostomed to dick grayson as batman. i wodner what is going to happen??

    i am excited for this though

  101. any fear/nervousness i had about this seriously went away when i read @conor say "awesome!".  i literally exhaled and am totally cool with it.  plus, like everyone else seems to be saying…  pirate batman kicks @ss!

  102. Does this mean he’ll have a real live Giant Dinosaur in his Cave?

    and just who exactly would he be fighting? Hunger, scurvy, sharks?  YAAAAAAAY (not)

  103. @Jesse1125 DC has a lot of historical characters and Morrison seems to hinting at having them play a role in the story

  104. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I think April is too soon. I love Bruce Wayne and I miss him, but like others here, I think the Dick Grayson and Damien stories are really great and have a lot of fantastic potential..I think DC should wait at least until late 2011 to bring Bruce back.

     just my non¢.


  105. So…there use to be gigantic bats, back in caveman times?

    Pirate Batman looks so ridiculous. Fantastically ridiculous!

  106. I am digging the Dick Greyson Batman , so I hope they can make Bruce Wayne a mentor type , like he was in Batman Beyond, for awhile anyway . I am not looking forward to the return of the Bat Nazi charecter that was so popular , before Grant Morrison showed the world what Batman should be written like .

  107. It should take at least years so we could miss them so much, we riot outside your offices. Then you bring him back.

  108. I’m very excited for this batman journey! Should be fun…..

  109. This has been a favorite mini series of mine and when I add Batman and Robin to it, I’d say Morrison is on his game here.   There is a doc about the man that may actually shed some light on his writing…..but I digress.

    The similarities between this and Marvel’s Captain America reborn is glaring. The only big difference was the villains were actively trying to keep Rogers from returning, while Batman’s friends are the only ones apparently on to his emminent return.

    Back to the writing; I like how Morrison is exploring different lit genres with each issue. # 5’s noir setting was perfect. Looking forward to the finale here