Mike Norton’s 24 Hour Comic: The Curse

If you’re not familiar with
24 Hour Comic Day, you take some stalwart comic creators, give them 24 hours to create, write, draw, ink, and letter a 24 page comic, from scratch.  Comic shops held events all around the county (maybe even the world), where creators pro and amateur alike, toil to stay awake and finish the challenge.

I’ve got to say, if you’re doing this, you must friggin’ love making comics.  I mean, maybe 10 years or so ago, I could make it 24 hours, just doing nothing, but to voluntarily risk those cramps, just for the sake of personal completion, is something special.

In that vein, our friend Mike Norton, both a DC exclusive artist and pug owner, took up the challenge on October 3.  Here’s a guy who’s probably got more legitimate comic book work than he can handle, and decided to do it anyway.  That’s how you know a guy just loves making comics.  Then again, by about hour 22 or 23, he might have been questioning that decision. 

Mike posted his finished comic, “The Curse” and I was damned impressed.  It’s a fun concept, and even under the gun, Mike delivered some great, professional quality pages. 

And what do this mean for you?  Free comic story on a Monday morning!

Post up any other 24 Hour Comics you’ve seen, especially if you did one yourself!


  1. Thanks for this.  

    Im home ill with the flu, but this made me feel a little better.  Funny stuff and really impressive considering the 24 hour deal. 

  2. awesome.  24 hours?  WOW.  The art is great. 

  3. were-pirate = genius

  4. One from Emi Lennox <a href="http://gennyfaith.blogspot.com">http://gennyfaith.blogspot.com</a&gt;

    (please work link) 

  5. A few years ago Ryan Ottley did this as well and did a stand alone issue called Death Grub.  Image actually released it and I picked it up at my LCS.  I loved it.  Great Ottley art and just a fun story.  He actually ended up putting the "Death Grub" in an issue of Invincible shortly afterwards.

    I’ll make sure to read Norton’s comic as soon as I get into the office later this morning. 🙂 

  6. Yeah the art was great, but 24-hours isn’t enough to write a comic.

  7. Don’t lie. You only liked it for the bulldog.

  8. It’s a pug. Completely different than a bulldog.

  9. that pug’s eyes are huge!

    loved that little comic.

  10. @josh well, they’re basically the same thing… /sarcasm

  11. oh you have to highlight it first. ok:

    Emi Lennox 

    James Stowe 

  12. Did he ink and grey wash this himself too?  That seems like alot of work for 24 pages.

    This was funny and paced perfectly throughout.  Excellent 1 shot comic.

  13. That was great! Is that supposed to be Ninja?

  14. I love 24 hour comic day. I’ve been doing it the last two years and even though I’m not an artist in any sense of the word, I enjoy the challege.  Watching the despersation of the other people in the Comic shop around 5 am, only to look at your own page count and remember that you have no idea how the hell your going to end your story. Fantastic stuff. worth the sore neck and fingers.

    Plus, I get to see some of the local artists sweet work.

  15. considering the time frame, it was decent.  art=good, writing=meh

  16. I really enjoyed the concept, the jokes and the art. I wasn’t a fan of the excessive swearing. Normally swearing doens’t bother me, but it was the rhythm and usage. Some of it just felt unnatural and forced. Maybe that’s just me. Loved the comic. That’s just my small nitpick.

  17. Starring Ron?

  18. I really wanted to do the 24hr comic at the local comic shop in DeKlab but it was my sisters birthday the next day and we were doing stuff from early on….. maybe I just do it myself when I get home and see what happens 🙂

  19. Also, Mike’s comic is pretty freakin’ sweet, all this is 24hrs…. DAMN!

  20. That was damn good. Mr. Norton sould do an OGN like very very very soon.

  21. Amazing, amazing work done in a very short period of time.  The dog killed me!

  22. My brother and I ended up partaking in the competition again this year.  

     We were more prepared this year and paced ourselves, unlike last year.  

     I should get the master pages back soon.  (Although Mike Norton’s lettering is far superior than what we did.)

     But it was fun, and we both got done in 18 hours.  

  23. And to add,  Norton’s is stunning, even after participating in the event.  He out shined every project I saw. 

  24. My new catchphrse:




    Mike Rocks. 

  25. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


  26. That was awesome.  Thanks for sharing with the world Mike and Josh.

  27. Can’t believe that thing was put together in 24 hours.  That looked great.  And it was funny to boot!

  28. Really impressive and I enjoyed the looseness of the art.  Did he do this on his Modbook?  Must’ve to get the lettering and panels like that.  Really sweet.

  29. I think it’s definitely digital. 

  30. Favorite line: "One trip to the park with you and I’ll be knee-deep in the booty".

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