Marvel’s TRON Variant Covers

We're not much of a "variant cover" kind of website.  Those guys are out there, and that's, y'know, cool, if you're into that kind of thing.  But, sometimes… sometimes it's just fine.

Today we see that the upcoming release of TRON: Legacy has crept its marketing fingers on to some of Marvel's variant covers, for no other reason than they're trying to get you to go see a movie.  That and it's pretty cool.

Secret Avengers #7 by Mark Brooks


Amazing Spider-Man #651 by Mark Brooks


Captain America #612 by Mark Brooks


Incredible Hulks #618 by Mark Brooks

There are plenty more at  But honestly, you're not gonna beat that Ghost Rider.


  1. The Moon Knight and Ghost Rider covers are exactly as good as the Captain America one is poor.

  2. They all seem to be pretty sweet.

  3. Cap is lame but for some reason i love the "A" design on his mask.

     Someone put Mark Brooks on a Tron/Ghost Rider book right now!

  4. I don’t like these.

  5. Mark Brooks is the man, his art always fun and gorgeous.

  6. HAHA. those are silly and awesome. Love it. Ghost Rider and Moon Knight are my favorites. 

  7. Why bother with Spider-Man? his new costume is already a Tron variant

  8. I clicked on the link to see the other variants. I like how Spider-Woman in the Tron-verse still has massive bajingas.

  9.  That Ghost Rider cover is sweet,must have,drooling on floor,where’s the mop?

  10. Stupid

  11. the ghost rider one is cool, but I thin the spiderman one is the best myself

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    These are pretty cool. Arbitrary? Sure. But it’s an undeniably fun idea for a series of mashups. 

  13. This is part of continuity, right?!

  14. I always love a good mash-up. and that ghost rider one reminds me of Ghost Rider 2099

  15. What’s so wrong with Cap? He looks cool to me.

    I like them all, but I find Moon Knight the most "boring"…having trouble find the word. "Least interesting", perhaps?

    Ghost Rider is great!

  16. epic epicness

  17. Cool… not really, but, you know 

  18. MAN BROOKS IS HITTING IT OUT OF THE PARK! I’m so glad he’s being used more. He’s been one of my top favorites since 2000.

  19. WOOOOWWWW!!!!! SO PUMPED 4 TRON!!!!!

  20. For some reason, when I heard "Tron variant covers," it sounded lame. I don’t know why. Seeing them now? *Awesome*.


  21. Already said it somewhere else; BUT:

    Iron Man’s and Ghost Rider’s are the best out of the bunch. I would read a comic of Ghost Rider’s if it turned into a cyberpunk kind of deal…..Or in the very least a 2099 mini.

    Captain America’s (and now Moon Knight’s) however…..Oy let’s not see that again. Horrible designs and coloring. 

  22. At least they’re only variants

  23. Moon Knight and Ghost Rider are definitely the winners here.

    Iron Man and Quicksilver are pretty sweet too.

  24. Ghost Rider takes this cake. I think moon knight just looks like moon knight, i like the texture of the spidey one, and the wolverine one made me laugh out loud and i woke my wife up on the 2nd floor of my house haha.