Marvel’s SIEGE Trailer

As the anticipation builds for the Marvel event, SIEGE, we’ve got some more goodness for you.  Yesterday we had some images from SIEGE, and today, Marvel’s been kind enough to provide us with a nifty trailer for the event:

Say what you will about the event cycle of Marvel books, I am kind of impressed by the linear arc that Bendis has taken us on ever since Avengers: Disassembled and Secret War, but I am ready for it to wrap up and be over.  Could this be the first step?  I have to admit, I didn’t expect Osborn to go after Asgard of all places.  I feel like that’s a losing battle, but Norman is crazy right? Maybe he’s so crazy, it just might work….

The official words from Marvel:
SIEGE is coming! It’s all been leading up to this universe shattering four issue limited series from the superstar team of Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel! Following the events of Dark Reign: The List, Norman Osborn sets his sights set on Asgard and nothing will stop him from completing his mission. But what does he want? How do Loki and Thor figure in? And just how does this relate to the inner strife between the Cabal? Marvel’s greatest heroes unite against the deadliest threat they’ve ever faced, but even they have no idea what’s coming next. It’s time for the most jaw dropping comic book event of the decade begins in December with Siege: The Cabal and continues in January’s SIEGE #1!



  1. Y’know, I kinda like this. It takes all of the events and puts them into a linear arc, as Ron mentions. It emphasizes a continuity where things really do change.

    And a burning Asgard is kinda cool. I mean, I know maybe JMS wanted to set up Asgard and do his own thing with it, but… if I’m an architect of the Marvel Universe? That’s one awesome friggin’ set piece that I’d like to use in the climax of a massive story years in the making…

  2. Event fatigue, shmevent shmatigue! I have enjoyed every ounce of storytelling since ‘Disassembled’. I can’t wait to see this climax (if that’s what it is)!

  3. No one is prepared for how many tie in books there will be!

  4. So I don’t have to do another event after this, right?

  5. I´m very lntrigued about it. Coipiel drawing more asgard makes me very very happy!

    But the promo of these crossovers it´s getting kind of ridiculous. It´s all leading up to THIS!!!. "THIS" meaning whatever´s next. So next event will be "nine years in the making" and so and so.

    But again, i´m looking forward to THIS (this)

  6. When the first issue comes out in January, technically wouldn’t it be the first event of the decade? So it doesn’t have much compilation for jaw-droppingness. Hell, the entire series could just be Cap and Osbourne playing a really heated game of Connect Four…..  Now I kinda what the Siege to just be a huge Marvel Universe wide Connect Four tournament. or for Steven Seagul to show up and save the day.   

  7. It is nice that it’s become an arc, or at least a marketed "arc". But years from now…what will be the effect of this on the entire Marvel Universe?


    And thank god for it.

  8. Nobody can play the "OMG SO MANY TIE-INS" card on this one; it’s almost completely contained to the Avengers books. Drop your whiny preconceptions and look at the facts.

  9. I must say Marvel has been really kicking butt these past few years.  Originally I thought the status quo set up after Civil War was so original that they squandered it by moving through the post event so quickly.  I had similar criticisms of the status quo changer Secret Invasion.  But looking back, they have all been stops on a journey to Dark Reign… and wow what a great job. 

    Dark Reign has been awesome and well written.  Compared to Blackest Night where characters like Psycho Pirate appear, spend a few pages explaining why we should know them and their powers, then exit… the character development in dark reign has been epic.  Dark Reign Venom was great… what a ladies’ man, Dark Wolverine seems very Machiavellian, and Pym’s Avengers/Agents of Atlas have all been put over in such a great way since they had Osbourne as their foil.

    If it all comes full circle and the band gets back together in Siege… well bravo, what a journey its been.

  10. I have looked forward to every one of these events, and I will continue to do so. A plot is nothing more than a progression of events. Plenty of books have been given room to breathe outside of the Dark Reign tent. I’m sure that the trend will continue during Siege. But, if you look past scheduling issues, which some of the posters seem incapable of, and read everything in a row, I believe that most would find these past few years very enjoyable.

  11. I’m keen. Marvel knows how to tell a good story and this looks like quite the blockbuster.

    And to any who are complaining about tie-ins, nobody is forcing you to buy more books. 

  12. Is it just me, or a lot of these users sound samey?

    I am sick of Dark Reign. It feels there hasn’t been a single week in the past year where Norman Osbourne hasn’t appeared in a comic-book. In fact, there hasn’t been a single week in the past year where Norman Osbourne hasn’t appeared in a comic-book. He’s EVERYWHERE! Also, was it like this when Lex Luthor was president? Did he appear in every book going "Fuck you bitches! I am #1".

    You know what’s really wrong though, a few years from now when the Cap movie comes around and one of my friends ask me for a Cap story and I give him Cap reborn he says, "WTF man, what is Norman Osbourne doing here?"

    Bendis is one of my favorite writer, but I have never liked his Avengers stuff, baring Dark avengers(I know, irony) and the execution of Secret Invasion was just plain sloppy. This looks exciting though and if we disregard the over-bearing presence of Norman and the thunderbolts, Iron Man and Captain America had one of their best stories ever. I’ve heard similar things about Thor, haven’t read it though.

  13. I started reading marvel with "disassembled" so this is kind of the culmination of my entire life as a comics reader.

  14. @goat77 8 books a month (including Thor obviously) on one story is too much for me. We don’t even know if those are going to be all the tie ins.

  15. @tomhayday

    Again the shorter issue count means that they have learnt from their previous mistakes.

  16. @muddi900 yeah i guess it is a lot less.

  17. Yay! More comics! I’m in! I like my comics and my stories and the art in them and knowing about the writers and artists. I consume comics but Im not consumed by them. They make me happy! Stop reading if you dont like your comics. Stop posting if you hate the industry. Buy yourself a lollipop instead! Or start your own comic! Ok then, back to doing stuff I love (guitar, recording crap), Thanks Marvel, Quesada! You made a grown man happy!


    Cheers mates!

  18. @captainamerica 101 man you’re lucky, this will have extra appeal to you then:D


    I support what Telecarlos said 100 per cent, I like this events, I won’t be sad when they end but for now I’m enjoying them which is what comics are all about.