Marvel’s Next Big Thing: DEADPOOL with Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Tony Moore

Marvel’s barrage of press calls continued today, focusing on Deadpool #1, out November 7, and featuring co-writer Gerry Duggan, artist Tony Moore, and editor Jordan D. White.

One look through the pages below, and you’ll see what’s in store. There are dead presidents and plenty of them. Duggan and Posehn clearly got into the idea of the presidents, and other than being superpowered undead presidents, they’ll be historically accurate. We were promised that, this close to the US election, the presidents will remain largely apolitical, and they hope that the book will work just fine for those seeking relief from the all encompassing political competition. Washington’s teeth might even be a plot point. I’ve said too much.

Tony Moore is said to be in just the right place here, where he can do pages with a full on EC Comics appeal, plus have lots of great jokes to build off, and push the boundaries of taste to the limits of acceptability. He’s slightly redesigned the merc’s costume, making it slightly simpler, but also adding that Deadpool’s “got a bajillion pouches.” Whatever he needs is in there though, guaranteed, and just silly enough.

When asked how the collaborative writing process works for a book like this, Duggan said he and Posehn (who have worked together on comics in the past, like The Last Christmas), try to work together in person as much as possible. Duggan met Posehn when working next to where Mr. Show was being produced. He used to hear the laughter from that production and feel jealous., and now he can try to live that out. When it isn’t possible to be in the same room, they take advantage of technology, and work on shared docs, using live chat and web cams, and there’s a lot of laughter. They’ll build a script, incorporate notes from editor Jordan T. White, make another pass, and then do a final polish after Moore adds in all his magic. That last pass is the secret ingredient apparently.

Duggan pointed out that there are people with preconceptions about when comedians or famous people who make comics, but insists they’re doing it for the love of the medium, and Moore vouched that they are both life long comic book fans. Personally, I remember seeing Brian Posehn at every west coast comic book show I ever went to all throughout the last decade. With their past comic credits, readers can be sure they’re the real deal. And with a veteran artist like Tony Moore involved, it’s hard to doubt their cred.


  1. Love it. Can’t wait. Moore. The guys from The Last Christmas… Can we get Remender on inks? DP action! Ghostly Teddy! Oh my!

  2. That’s wild, I am ready to read this!

  3. Is that cover by Darrow?

  4. Wait… Franklin wasn’t a President!

  5. will definitely check this out.

  6. Already got my LCS to hold onto all the copies for me to guarantee I don’t miss this…can’t wait and gonna be such a fun ride!:)

  7. Never been a Deadpool guy before, but after listening to the Word Balloon interview, I’m sold on this. And I love Tony Moore, too!

  8. It’s so funny how my feeling towards this new volume is now,

    When it was announced I was like, ‘Eh I’ll get it a shot’. Now? I’m putting it in my pull bin and I’m looking forward to see just how funny this can be. The previews look great and the creative team could put a real boost back into Deadpool.

    Considering I’ve read a book on every president I’ll probably like it a bit more then the average reader.

  9. I’m really excited for this. Just finished the last book of Way’s run. I love Deadpool, always have, always will.

  10. The art is superb! If Moore stays on the title this will be another monthly for me.

  11. Good Lord! So much talent! I might actually buy a Deadpool book.

  12. At my own risk of sounding like an un-educated noob, I had absolutely no idea that Brian Posehn wrote comics. I’ve been a huge fan of his stand-up for years, comdiens of comedy was an amazing tour, and will likely pick up this title, regardless of my distaste in Marvel, just to see what Posehn brings to the table for the Merc with a Mouth.