Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Amazing Spider-Man – Ends of the Earth

As 2012 approaches, so does the 50th Anniversary of Spider-Man, along with Amazing Spider-Man #700. Earlier today, Marvel Comics hosted a press conference with current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott to let us in on the next big story arc happening in Amazing Spider-Man, which paves the way towards the anniversary celebrations.

The next story arc is titled Ends of the Earth, and will be a six issue story arc beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #682 and lasting for 6 issues. Slott will be joined by artist Stefano Caselli, who will be drawing the first two issues, the last two issues and the covers for the story arc. They did not reveal the artist who would handling art duties on the middle 2 issues of the story arc.

Slott revealed that Ends of the Earth is a story that he has been building to since Amazing Spider-Man #600, focusing on Doctor Octopus, who is left with a mere weeks to live and has rallied the Sinister Six again to exact his revenge on the world. We’ve seen Doc Ock appear in the pages of Invincible Iron Man and Avengers Academy, and these appearances have been all according to plan, as Doc Ock prepares for this one, last, big global threat. The Sinister Six that will be at play in this story arc as Slott revealed will be Doctor Octopus, The Rhino, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio and The Chameleon, a very formidable lineup.

One of the aspects of this story arc that has Slott the most excited is the scope. “This story’s focus in on action and adventure,” explained Slott, which is a departure from his usual character based storytelling.  Additionally, the theater of this story goes beyond New York City, as it branches out to be a story that takes place all over the world, as the title Ends of the Earth suggests. In addition to Spider-Man, Slott promises that the Avengers will appear, as well several notable Marvel characters, although the story will take place solely within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

To combat this threat, as we’ve seen in past issues, Spider-Man will unveil some new Spider-Tech and a new costume that he’s designed while working at Horizon Labs to help fight the Sinister Six. While Slott wouldn’t reveal the details of the costume, we do get a glimpse of it in the preview art below. Similar to how Spider-Man created a suit to deal with Hydro-Man, Slott says that this costume is designed specifically for the members of the Secret Six. One of the issues of the arc has Slott super excited, as it’s an all villains issue, that centers on the Secret Six, depicting them in all their super villain glory.

With the 50th Anniversary coming up and issue #700 of Amazing Spider-Man, the timing seems primed for the upcoming movie release of The Amazing Spider-Man, set to come out in the summer of 2012.  When asked about any sort of tie ins, Slott revealed that there will be around the time of the movie release, there will be  “an epic Spider-Man/Lizard battle” which should work nicely with the villain in the movie being the Lizard.  The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Point One issue that Slott is co-writing with Christos Gage with art by Matthew Clark will feature a tease of this battle.

It’s clear that Slott is a writer made to write Amazing Spider-Man, as his excitement for the character is infectious. Ends of the Earth is an arc that he’s been laying the ground work for throughout his run, and as a reader of Amazing Spider-Man, I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Ends of the Earth begins in Amazing Spider-Man #682, scheduled to come out in March of 2012.

Check out this preview of Stefano Caselli’s art from the first issue of the arc:


  1. Wow this sounds like its going to be amazing, some of my favorite older spidey stories involved the sinister six and with Casselli on art for majority of it is going to be a treat. Its a shame that hes not doing the whole thing

  2. Huge news love slotts run

  3. Haven’t read Spidey in years. But this sounds really cool. And those preview pages look fantastic.

    Hmmm …

  4. Glad I recently just got back into reading spiderman.

  5. Art looks great but I’m waiting for a new writer too before I get back into ASM.

  6. Amazing Spider-Man #600 happened WEEKS ago? Christ, these characters are slammed.

  7. As a huge Spider-man fan I can not wait for this!!

  8. Spider-Man is clearly the super hero with the most costumes and I love it. Although he rarely wears them.

  9. So glad Caselli will be doing some of the issues. He is a perfect fit for this book. If Stegman did the middle section of the arc, it would be an awesome looking story arc.

  10. This sounds awesome and I want to collect ASM, but I can’t do Dan Slott anymore. I enjoyed his Hobgoblin arc, but I just don’t think he’s funny, and for a character that spends a lot of time being funny, it’s a deal killer. Reading bad jokes is almost uncomfortable.

    Zeb Wells’ arcs on Brand New Day and now The Avenging Spider-Man are so good and so funny, I wish he’d take over this title. And where the hell is Joe Kelly? I think most of us can agree his issues have been the strongest since the JMS run ended.

  11. Yes, yes and YES! 😀

  12. I’m excited for Caselli and the event itself.

    I cringed at the mention of yet another costume change.

  13. this sounds like I’m going to love it. Dan Slott is a writer who pushes a lot of my buttons (in a good way) and the artist is not Humberto Ramos, who I don’t personally like (although I get why a lot of people do like him. Just not my style.) and the Sinister Six is always good fun!

  14. I have the best boner right now.

  15. Damn, too bad Ramos isn’t on this but I’m liking Slott’s run…

    Oh well, there are bigger crimes at work in this post. Does anyone else find it a tad offensive that Marvel chose a Romita Spidey over a Ditko one. I mean, seriously, show a little f*ckin’ respect !!

  16. Caselli does a great job. His art goes well with the tone of Slott’s writing. Really enjoying this book right now.

    And at $1.39 an issue, it’s a steal.

  17. haven’t cared for Spider-Man in years. But i’m a sucker for the Sinister Six. Super Chameleon fan! He’s the most underused villain.

  18. This sounds rather good, I haven’t read Spidey in years, but this makes me curious….

  19. Looking foward to this!

  20. Spidey; I am on board old freind! I have been since the begining of Spider Island and I must say it has been a great title and have not missed and issue! This new story arc sounds very appealing and reminds me of Supermans travels across the USA and fighting all kinds of baddies popping up all over to get him. Only this seems to have the fighting part first and sends Spidey across the world to stop it, much better way of doing it.
    The artwork looks incredible and the funny thing is I am from Chicago and right off the bat they show the bean down town, very cool.


  21. “…a six-issue story arc…lasting for 6 issues…” – Ron, get some sleep, dude! I’m looking forward to this, too.

  22. Hey! That’s the bean! What’s spidey doing in Chicago?