Marvel Releases X-MEN: FIRST TO LAST Teaser Image

It wouldn't be the end of the year if Marvel didn't start releasing teaser images about their 2011 storylines. This one's for the X-Men fans:


Update – Marvel has added a tagline:

X-Men: First to Last

Starting with Giant Size X-Men #1 and continuing in X-Men #11

May 2011

Speculate away!


  1. Do we know whose art that is?  It looks Dodson-ish, but not quite.

  2. Paco Medina?

  3. He’s the artist on the regular X-Men title?  That makes sense.  Still no idea what this is or why Beast is replaced by Wolverine.

  4. Because Beast left the X-Men sometime ago.

  5. Hmm…some kind of time travel story perhaps? I’ll read it if it’s in the book I’m getting.
    Still can’t decide if I’m gonna read Uncanny X-Men or Adjectiveless X-Men, though :/

  6. @CountAbyss  Yeah, and Jean is DEAD.  But that doesn’t stop her from being in the picture.

  7. @ohcaroline Well I felt in this story it seems like it’s going to be a reflection of then and now. Emma being the current telekinetic X-Men in replace of Jean and Wolverine being shoe-horned into Beast’s spot cause Beast isn’t on the X-Men anymore. I don’t know how the then and now come into play but that’s what I got from the image.

  8. It just doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to have Beast show up for whatever this story is going to be.  Not that it really matters, but it’s just kind of weird to leave him out.

  9. Having wolverine helps show the evolution of the X-men from then to now. The X-men are a much more agressive and militant team then they used to be.

  10. @gkb444  I like that.  No-prize!

  11. Secret Invasion part 2? lol

  12. Time Travel gone wrong.

  13. They did something like this right before they introduced Phoenix…probably Uncanny X-Men #100. It was a set of lookalike Sentinels then, which I doubt this is, but the framing of the shot is almost exact.

  14. Isn’t Bobby like 13 in the Original X-Men? They’re beating up on a bunch of kids!


  16. I’m placing my money on the team on the left…

  17. Emma Scott > Marvel Girl.

  18. @JosephDanielsTCR7  Emma Frost.

  19. Maybe the bad X-men that kept showing up in the New Excalibur series?

  20. an X-Men time travel story?  Ron will be very happy.

  21. I’m thinking this has something to do with First Class. Especially considering the movie and the sudden First Class one-shots (were those one-shots?) just solicited for March.

  22. I don’t read x-men but that’s an intriguing image. I might give this a shot.

  23. Oh, that’s another point, the art in this is great. Sorta reminds me of New Avengers, which is a good thing.

  24. I would welcome a story where Professor X wasn’t respnsible for everything wrong with the X-Men.

    As many intreresting individual character developments that have come from dismantling the x familly
    It’s that very sense of family starting with Professor X that
    made us care about the X-men in the first place- made us believe that their teamwork and training really could get them through anything.
    Now it seems that the x universe is all about how amped up their powers are and how bad and horrible every situation they are in can be.

    Nothing feels like a team anymore.  Just too jaded a theme
    running through it all.

    Maybe the hope series will help with that.

  25. Why is there only one Professor X? Must be the Xavier from the past since he’s still in a chair.

  26. Updated with Marvel’s tagline.

  27. Well I guess I’m gonna pass if this is all Gischler writing it.

  28. Could they be doing a Walking dead and releasing weekly back issues?

  29. @Minion  Look at the teaser copy update – it’s an upcoming story.