Marvel NOW! Slott, Stegman, Ramos, Camuncoli are Lookin’ “SUPERIOR”

Alright, sport fans, we’ve got ourselves another Marvel NOW! teaser with a very intriguing combination of creatives and adjective. While Gillen & McKelvie were branded “Amateurs” in yesterday’s teaser, the team of Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, [Humberto?] Ramos andĀ Giuseppe Camuncoli are “Superior.”

Here’s the teaser from USA Today.

Worth noting, the above image is titled “superiorspiderman_marvelnow_teaser2-4_3_r560.jpg.” That’s either the publisher’s branding, or a reflection of USA Today’s speculation that this is a bold new direction for Spidey. Given the creative team involved, it’s a pretty safe bet. Slott is the current showrunner for our favorite wall-crawler, and the artists all share credits on various Spider-titles. Plus, we’ve yet to see hide nor hair of Peter Parker in previous Marvel NOW! announcements.

Then again, there’s the outside chance that this involves She-Hulk, that tall, cool drink of Ecto-Cooler from Slott’s past. Stegman also has a history with Ms. Walters. It’s possible.

Smart money though? Spidey. But what do you make of the notion of a “Superior Spider-Man”?


  1. Superior squirrel girl!!!!

  2. File name failure!

  3. So Dan Slott is the “showrunner?” Who’s the Key Grip? Who’s the First A.D.? Who does the casting?

    I kid because I love…

    — Jay

  4. *cough* spidey gets doc ock’s arms *cough*

    • I’m not buying that theory….but it would be a bold move for Slott if true.

    • Metal arms instead of extra spider arms… it’s too plan jane to have been done before. My money either goes to A. Uatu is Miles Morales or B. Doc Ock forces Pete to kill him.

  5. Peter Parker is fired from Horizon Labs and has to become his buildings super to make ends meet. Spider-man’s next foe? The clogged toilet in 4B!

  6. STEGMAN!!! Stegman back on a spidey title!!! Nuff’ Said!

  7. Doesn’t “Superior” have too much baggage? Is Spidey going to turn into a Spider-Supremecist and spout “Wake up, Spider-people!”

  8. if it’s spider man i think i’m out don’t like the name and i thought marvel now was about change this seems the same other then art.i like sloot but no turing back and alpha lost me did like last issue. i wish nick spencer or D&A were given this then i’d be sold. well i made it since 529 to 700 not bad and who knows maybe longer.

  9. Surely we haven’t run out of adjectives that start with the letter “S” have we?

    Stylin’ Spider-Man
    Studly Spider-Man
    Stabby Spider-Man

  10. Pretty cool with Slott remaining on Spider-man as I think he’s done a mostly good job on Amazing and I like Ramos on the book as well, but I’m super happy that Stegman is going to be doing it, he draws an awesome Spider-man and Co. Not crazy about the title being “Superior Spider-man” but as long as the stories are good it’s not going to bother me that much.

  11. Why leave Slott on a Spider title and shuffle everyone else to different books? That does not fit the Marvel Now profile.

  12. “Superior” doesn’t mean that it will be the adjective in the title, people. It’s a simple one-word teaser.

  13. Not all of these teasers are direct quotations of the new titles of books. Some are. Some aren’t.

    I don’t think the new Spidey title will be called Superior Spider-Man. I think it will just be a re-launch of the book as Amazing Spider-Man #1.

    I think the ‘superior’ is rather a reference to events in the book and what situation the title character finds himself in at the start of the re-launch. I don’t want to speculate what that is, others have already done so in these comments. But there are many ways that the adjective ‘superior’ could fit a re-launched Spidey title given the plots building up to the new #1.

  14. What’s so Superior about Spider-man, though? Is he going to go hardcore or something? More proactive? My stretch is that it involves homo superior, AKA an anti-human group of mutants.

    • I’m with you. Except for the file name, of course. It does look more like Magneto’s colors than Spidey’s.

    • Magneto? You color-blind? That’s not purple.

    • On my monitor its more purple/silver than blue.

    • That’s the big change: Peter Parker is replaced as Spider-Man by Cyclops, who spends every issue ranting about how much more awesome he is than everyone else: his life is harder, his responsibility is greater, his powers are cooler, his dead ex-girlfriend is more amazing, and no one talks about the red-head that he used to be with anymore. Come to think of it, all of those could apply to Peter, too. Mostly, it’s about people who feel superior to the rest of the universe. Guest stars include Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and Red Hulk.

  15. have they clarified what these teasers are ultimately going to be for? Admittedly i’m not hunting around the internet to find out, but from my perspective i’m seeing a disconnect between these endless teasers and what they’re ultimately supposed to be for.

  16. I’d be fine if they relaunched the book as Spectacular Spider-man.

    Now we need to spectulate about the rumors on Amazing Spider-man 700.

    Is OMD being reversed? Or is something else big coming?

  17. Hmmm. Maybe Spider man is going to be entering a phase where he is just focused on being Spider Man. Where he really embraces becoming a top tier Superhero like Cap or Iron Man and starts using resources like Horizon Labs. It might be interesting to see a confident Peter Parker.

  18. What a boring, non-event. Spiderman will get re-numbered (like it would have even if not for Marvel NOW) and it will keep the same writer.

    and to think people thought this might be Marvelman.

  19. I really, really wished Zeb Wells was involved in Spider-Man full time. In my mind he writes the best version of the character in a long time.

  20. I love Dan Slott but don’t like Humberto Ramos. I was hoping he would be put on another title. I have been enjoying the writing in Spider-Man for a very long time now, but have not been excited about the art in a long time.

  21. Damn I was hoping Slott was done with Spider-Man so I could maybe think about reading it again. Im really starting to miss reading Spider-Man

    • Nah, you’re good. I like reading about Peter not being a failure. Slott’s made Amazing Spider-Man the most consistently good book on the stands for like, a year. He’s got a ridiculously long run that’s just enjoyable to read month in and month out. If you don’t like that, its on you.