Marvel Announces GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY INFINITE COMICS Miniseries, Available Today Digitally

After Marvel Studios announced they were doing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you knew the comics division would be doing its part to dust off the team once more. First they brought them in to Avengers Assemble, and then announced a new series by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven. Now we glimpse another Marvel plot to entice readers to better know their Guardians: a four-issue miniseries released bi-weekly, online, written by Brian Michael Bendis

Announced this morning on Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog, Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics pairs Bendis with his Powers partner Michael Avon Oeming  to tell individual stories of four of the members of the team — Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Gamora.

“Each one is sort of a prologue to the very first issue that lets the readers know who these characters are and what their individual goals are outside of the team,” Bendis told EW. “What makes Gamora tick? What secret is rocket raccoon hiding? What cost comes from being one of the galaxies most famous warriors like Drax the Destroyer?”


Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics isn’t just your typical digital comic (or thankfully a dreaded motion comic), but the fourth outing for Marvel’s “Infinite Comics” platform. At its heart it’s still a comic — static images telling a story using words and pictures — but the Infinite Comic format uses variations on key panels for transition moments or to slow movements in a panel. Hard to explain, but easy to understand once you try it.




  1. Intriguing. I really disliked motion comics, but might try this out digitally, as I’m a fan of the Guardians (though, I haven’t read Bendis’ 0.1 yet). What have others thought so far of Infinite Comics? Have any of them been given print versions as well?

    If Oeming is supplying the art for this, does that mean we already know the excuse for the next Powers delay . . ? 🙂

    • 2 out of the 3 infinite comics for AVX were really good. They’re absolutely nothing like motion comics, I hate that they even get compared with them. And yeah they were included in the big AVX hardcover. No idea how they look in print though.

    • I’ve loved the infinite comics! The AvX ones were good to ok but the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man one was really awesome. There’s a lot more they can do with storytelling and panels in infinite comics.

      I don’t think they’re available in print at all but I could be wrong. I’m pretty sure they’re produced specifically for digital reading.

  2. It looks like Emo Drax has been sobbing uncontrollably, especially in that second panel.

  3. I’ve loved the Infinite comics that came before. The Nova one was awesome!

  4. Are these going to be available in print?

  5. This is the first infinite comic I read and I thought it looked amazing and loved how it worked. Also I dont really like reading on my tablet as much as regular comics but if the were all like this I might have to change how I read.

  6. Looks like a Mignolaverse comic, yet more colorful.

  7. I can never have enough Oeming art in my life.

  8. Things like this really annoy me as a physical book reader, if they don’t publish this in print. At least DC prints their Digital comics eventually, but wasn’t there an Infinite AvX? And as far as I know it’s remained Digital Exclusive. That feels exclusionary to readers like me.

  9. This should have been named – Drax vs Panthro!