Marvel and Disney Publish DISNEY PIXAR PRESENTS Magazines

Today Marvel and Disney announced that they will publish a new comic magazine series called Disney•Pixar Presents monthly, for $5.99. The first issue will hit the shelves in May 2011, starting with Disney•Pixar Presents: Cars Magazine #1.

Each magazine will contain 96 full color pages, with all ages material from comic stories, to games, puzzles, "classic adventures" (re: reprints), and more. You'll be able to buy them at retail chains, bookstores, AND comic shops. On paper, we're looking at a progression a lot of people have been waiting for. Take the publishing know-how of Marvel, and combine it with the reach of Disney properties, and, God willing, maybe some kids will start reading comics. It might take Cars, The Incredibles, Toy Story and those neurotic fish to do it, but they're good movies dammit!

We recently learned that the Pixar books being published at BOOM! were going away, and now I think we can ascertain why. Many people predicted as much when the Disney deal to buy Marvel went through, and I can't argue that it's a logical step. While I'm certainly not the target market for this, my kid may very well be, and anything that gives comics some breathing room is a good move by me.

Says Marvel EIC, Axel Alonso: “We’re committed to providing a great product and ensuring these books are available in locations that parents and kids frequent. The Disney/Pixar library includes some of the most popular characters of all time, making DISNEY•PIXAR PRESENTS exactly the kind of comic magazine that kids and parents have been demanding!”

The lineup for the first issue has Alan J. Porter and Mark Cooper writing, and Allen Gladfelter, Magic Eye Studios, and Travil Hill on pencils.


BOOM! Studios CEO and Publisher Ross Richie commented on this story:

"The team over at Marvel is some of the best in comics publishing — Dan, Joe, Axel, and Tom are great at what they do, and I'm sure the characters will be in excellent hands. I certainly love the material they're collecting from our CARS: RALLY RACE graphic novel. Landy Walker and Marcio Takara were unable to finish their last arc of THE INCREDIBLES so I hope Marvel's able to complete the story, I for one would love to read it. Working with Disney and Pixar was a highlight in my 6 years of BOOM! publishing. Those are some great folks! Meanwhile, Mickey, Donald and Darkwing fans can look forward to some great stories from BOOM Kids! and all the BOOM Kids! fans need not fret — BOOM Kids! 2.0 is right around the corner."

It seems that the Cars material this magazine will be reprinted is taken from BOOM's Cars series, including the trade paperback, Cars: Rally Race, which is already available. So if you're waiting for something to give you kids who love Cars, it's already out there.


  1. I wonder if they’ll try poaching hiring the creators that worked on the Pixar books at BOOM! for this project of theirs 

  2. A fresh start would be best in my opinion.  Aside from Incredibles most of the Pixar comics at BOOM! could use some new creative blood.

  3. are these going to be similar in size and production value to the Spiderman and Iron Man kids magazines that i see around. Those are pretty fun looking…its a bit pricey, but at the same time i could see how a kid could be entertained for a while with it. 

  4. …And no iPad app to accompany it? What the what?

  5. goddaughter LOVES all things Toy Story. I already have the BOOM! Toy Story comics. glad that these comics will be available OUTSIDE of the direct market; we’ve got to get new readers.

  6. @Slim Yeah cause the target audience, little kids, all have iPads.

  7. @TheNextChampion  There are many kids who do.

  8. @conor: I wish I was spoiled as a kid then.

  9. @TheNextChampion  –you’d be surprised at how much tech kids get access to these days. My little 5 yr old niece has been playing touch screen games on our phones for a long time now. She loves her little leapster and can fully navigate netflix streaming and web based games by herself. I saw an article about how kids under 10 are becoming more and more savy with touch screen devices and so on. In short interfaces and tech are becoming the new norm. Did you hear about that private school in Knoxville TN that is requiring iPads for all its students? Its definitely the future. 

  10. How can fruit bear more fruit without becoming a tree?

  11. @jpdash  this one will be a lemon.

  12. I might pick this up. I’ll probably give it a read-through, then pass it along to a friend’s kid who is gaga for CARS stuff.