Marvel, ABC Developing The Hulk and Cloak and Dagger for TV

On the heels of the announcement two weeks ago that producer David E. Kelly is developing a live action Wonder Woman television show, we have word from both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter that new corporate partners ABC and Marvel are developing a live action television show about… The Incredible Hulk!

Grab your bell bottoms, it's the 70s all over again!

Oh, and ABC and Marvel are looking to develop a live action television show about Cloak & Dagger, too.


Marvel Studios' TV division is now being run by Jeph Loeb and according to The Hollywood Reporter, developing shows for The Hulk and Cloak and Dagger are their two top priorities. According to the same report, Marvel Studios presented ABC with a list of characters for possible live action treatment that included:

  • The Hulk
  • Heroes for Hire
  • The Eternals
  • Agents of Atlas
  • Alias
  • Moon Knight
  • The Hood
  • Ka-Zar
  • Daughters of the Dragon
  • The Punisher

Nowhere on that list was Cloak & Dagger, but apparently they and The Hulk are the two hot items in development right now. The report also mentioned that The Punisher is also being looked at for a possible cable series, but that would happen after establishing the first two shows on the air.

A Cloak & Dagger TV show? Sound familiar? Back in July, after Jeph Loeb was named the head of Marvel Studios' TV division, our own Ron Richards wrote a piece called Top 10 Marvel Comics TV Shows Jeph Loeb Should Develop in which Cloak & Dagger was number two on the list. Ron should call his agent so he can get his producer credit.


  1. I want to see Jessica Jones get a series. 

    Agents of Atlas would be awesome if Gorilla Man would be done right.

  2. Hulk strongest ratings there are!

  3. Yay for Cloak and Dagger….great characters that need a resurgence. 

  4. I’d watch any of these shows

  5. Wait…They put Ka-Zar on the list? Freaking Ka-Zar? That was on the list?

  6. if it’s more like Bruce Jones’ run, a Hulk show would probably be pretty good.  and it’s kinda comical that they struggle with an approach to Cloak and Dagger that works in modern comics, but TV doesn’t seem like a problem.  maybe the right live actors would make the difference

    anyway, I’d love to see Alias (probably have to call it something else though), The Hood, or Ka-Zar.  I think any one of those would translate well.  only time will tell if any of that list makes it past early development.

  7. The Hulk could be cool. Punisher would work as a weekly drama.

  8. Everything on that list makes sense.  Common elements: few costumes, which always look silly on TV, and low CGI requirements (except for The Eternals, which will never happen).  Ka-Zar would be an excellent cartoon, because it has dinosaurs and animal sidekicks.  It would also be an excellent syndicated series, because it could be shot in Fiji and involves women in bikinis.  

    In most cases, like Moon Knight, Alias and Heroes for Hire, Human Target could be used a proof of concept, since the pitch could go, "It’s like Human Target, but with characters people know and women in the regular cast."

  9. @Quinn: If you click through to the article the summary for Ka-Zar is jungle man comes to the big city. (Which souds exactly like the Tarzan show from five or so years ago…)

  10. I hope some of these shows make it, would love to see The Hulk or Cloak and Dagger.

  11. The Hulk is the show I have the least hope for. In order to do it right would require a budget that would be prohibitive for most networks. The rest are all fairly ‘low level’ heroes taht require much less cash intensive productions. Get some good actors, good writers and a good crew… you could make a hell of a series with any of the others.

  12. At-@At  – Zombox – I agree with you being skeptical about a hulk show- it would take a massive amount of cgi to do it right

    hell even the movies recently barely pulled it off- unless the plot was centered around watching bruce banner walk down that road and who wants to really see a bruce banner centered story every week- No it’s not quite time for live action Hulk on tv quite yet.

    Cloak and Dagger could work though- make it gritty – almost emo oriented with actors to sell that edge- throw in a little

    drama and sex – and some powers and a few special effects on top and bam.

  13. Heroes for Hire would work extremely well has a live action I think. The Hood is a good idea but I’d rather see a Punisher show and Hood as the main antagonist.

  14. I think Heroes for Hire would be great. Ka-Zar could be interesting. Hulk doesn’t really interest me, but Cloak and Dagger could be a great show if it’s got the right tone and decent special effects. Alias was such a great comic and probably the one that would translate best to TV. Daughters of the Dragon could also be a great show. I always liked those characters and I think they would work very well in a weekly drama. I don’t really know too much about Agents of Atlas, and I don’t see the Eternals working well on TV. Moon Knight is an interesting character comic-wise, but I don’t see it translating to TV. The costume is a very integral part of his character, but it would look too silly on TV. Punisher would be good if it was on HBO or Showtime or something where it can be balls out violent and gritty. 

  15. Being owned by Disney is paying off. Nice.

    I’ll second (or third or fourth at this point, I guess) an Alias/Jessica Jones show. 

    Cloak and Dagger – could work on a teen angst level – keep them teenagers and keep the gritty "they were injected with drugs" origin. 

    Hulk – yeah, Bruce Jones kind of ‘hush, hush’ secret kind of series. Don’t see how the CG (and it would have to be CG at this point) Hulk effects could be within a decent budget – maybe if the series took place in an empty room?

    The Hood and Ka-Zar – really two shows that could happen without the Marvel connection. As Conor pointed out, Ka-Zar is Tarzan (for all intents and purposes), but seeing a giant sabretooth tiger on TV weekly? Yeah, that’s cool.

  16. Will Cloak and Dagger really work on ABC family? They are always dealing with drugs.

    I really like the Hood and I think his story has come to a satisfying end in comics so I really wouldn’t mind a good TV show about him. And of course they need a comics tie-in so I would get some more of that as well.

    Heroes for Hire would work well as well. Could switch between episodic and storyline driven with the set up they have. 

  17. I can actually see Heroes for Hire being almost like the first few seasons of Angel, where he and the gang fought monsters for money. That would be pretty cool. Especially if Iron Fist is on the team. Luke Cage and iron Fist are the ultimate "buddy heroes" in comics. 

  18. I’m not terribly interested in seeing either Moon Knight or The Hood, but I’d tune in for any of the others, particularly if they’re done with the right tone.  Daughters of the Dragon could be super-sweet for example, but I don’t think it should be an Alias or Nikita clone.

  19. Ka-Zar would be best if the whole Savage Land stuff is very definitely included.  He needs to have a sabretoothed tiger sidekick and fight dinosaurs (and Thanos.)

  20. Cool! CLoak and Dagger is a nice concept!

  21. I like the idea of a Hulk show based on the Bruce Jones run.  I like how that run started off with a loner on the run from the feds while trying to deal with a monster inside of him.  It shared some of the same elements from the 70s show.  I guess it would have to be CGI.  I hope they make it work.