Love is in the Ink: Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Comic Geek in Your Life

With all the awesome comic books and graphic novels being released recently, it’s easy to let your affections fall to the wayside. “Not now honey, I’m reading Batman!” has oft echoed around the world. Well, win back your love’s affection with an awesome, geeky gift on February 14th – you didn’t forget, did you?

For Him


 Superman Soap

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While we ladies love our fancy, frilly soaps, men are much easier to please. Slap a superhero logo on a bar of soap and you’ve got yourself a winner. Let him know he’s YOUR Superman with these awesome handmade soaps from the hallowed halls of Etsy.


Batman Underoos

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 Bruce Wayne never reveals his identity… unless you undress him.


Iron Man Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are a super classy, intimate gift. They’re ever classier if they’re super badass Iron Man cufflinks.


Bow Ties are Cool

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 So he looks suitably geeky AND dapper for your Valentine’s Day date. Also: bow ties are cool.


In Brightest Day, in Darkest Night… Shots

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 Nervous? Take some sweet Green Lantern shots. It will make the night go muuuuch more smoothly.

For Her



 The Amazing Spider-Bra

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Spider-bra, Spider-bra, does whatever a normal bra does…



 Wonder Woman Earrings

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Every woman is a Wonder Woman, but she’ll feel mega powerful in these awesome handmade WW stud earrings.


 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Jewelry Box

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This is actually incredibly sweet. Jewelry always needs a cute home, and Spider-man loves Mary Jane is a pretty adorable, persevering love story. *I* would want to receive this!


 Batman Panties

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Nothing says “I love you Bruce Wayne!” like putting his logo on one’s butt. Er, I mean, “I love you significant other!” (But really, Batman. C’mon.)



 True Love Necklace

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Harken back to the days of kitschy, classic comics with earth shattering kisses and rampant misogyny with this “true love” necklace made from an actual page from a vintage comic book. Diamonds are boring, anyway.


There you have it: the quintessential list of awesome gifts to get your geeky other half. You don’t need to thank me – I peruse Etsy like a mad woman anyway.


Molly McIsaac eats too much ice cream and sings long songs about superheroes to her dog. You can follow her weirdness on twitter or at her personal blog, the Geeky Peacock.


  1. Problem could be on my end, but none of the “Buy Here” links work.

  2. Oh I need Batman panties

  3. the guy in the Batman underoos… his thing looks suspicious.

  4. I have two pairs of Batman underoos. Two. From different ladies. Neither of which I talk to anymore. The underoos still work though.