Lost – S05E07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Tonight’s episode: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

What exactly was Locke up to back in civilization (I bet he was getting a slice of pizza; that’s what I’d do) and why did he kill himself?

Let’s find out!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. iduno where else i could tell u but i got the ifanboy members package and its AWESOME! thanks a lot guys. my hurm shirt came in the same time also. I will frame the piece of paper of ron josh and conor signed for me!! just kidding lol

  2. So pumped for this episode. John episodes are always so intense! Also want to point out the 316 episode further driving home the Locke-as-christ angle; John/316 anybody?

  3. At first this episode seems pointless. I mean we know the survivors get back on the island, and thanks to the preview from last week….we know what exactley happens to Locke’s body.

    But I’m excited to see where this episode goes. Cause obviously there has to be more then just him visiting the Oceanic 6 then killing himself.

    All I know is I hope we get a great live blog like last week. 9 minutes to go!

  4. wee ha

  5. Yay it’s on!

    ….and is that the arab guy from last episode?

  6. looks like it

  7. Hail Caesar!

  8. Oh wow! Didnt see that one coming! *eye roll*

    Oh and Caesar is mexican…

  9. okay so, where are they?

  10. Locke feels like a new man….or at least a new alive man.

  11. Frank is also a coward if he left in the middle of the night

  12. Oh yeah Locke, explain to this random stranger you were dead….that’ll make you believable

  13. Throwing up in the Tunisan desert, sounds like my last Friday night

  14. lol hey, the first thing he told walt was that he used to be paralized and that didn’t turn out too badly

  15. It’s okay guys I dont mind being the only one talking.

  16. That Doctor looks fiamiliar.

  17. I hope John visits Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru in Tunisia.

  18. aparently we are the only ones here lol

  19. Creepy guy from Fringe!

  20. OW!!

  21. Why the hell is Widmore here!?

  22. I am so confused!! and i like it lol

  23. YAY for answers!!

  24. Widmore is like a creepy Bond villain.

  25. Thats the best description!

  26. War? Wrong Side? Gah….

  27. So did Widmore make it on flight also I wonder?

  28. "at least I’ve chosen a side!"   sorry…i was just talking x-men with a friend…

  29. I like WAR

  30. Maybe everyone else is too confused to live blog ?

  31. So what’s different about this episode from the last? In terms of comments I mean…cause I dont see any difference and it’s pathetic no one wants to comment.

  32. lol at least it seems like the feeds pretty much the same this week.  the "canadian’s are ahead 10 minutes" was really getting old

  33. For once if Widmore or Ben can just give a clear answer…..that would be great.

  34. Damn Goats!

  35. goats!

  36. I guess Sayid has been on that same spot forever/

  37. HAHAHA

  38. poor sayid

  39. Okay I dont get Sayid’s logic…

    I understand it was the happiest 9 months for him off the island. But the last 1 year and 3 months have been nothing but hell for him. Why stay?

  40. if i convince one, they will come

  41. This is like Driving Miss Daisy!

    Oh and what a ridiculous hair cut for Ben!

  42. I thought i was going to hate this episode, but so far i don’t.  i’m impressed.

  43. Yay Watchmen trailer!

  44. So what timeline is this anyways?   It is three years from the moment they left the island , but right before they went back?

  45. It’s a shame they never really did anything with Walt.

  46. Hugo thinks he’s dead, fantastic.

  47. thats an awesome response!

  48. Oh that’s right, the creepy guy visited Hugo in the forth season

  49. ‘Do you ever believe in love?’

    Just say no!

  50. I forgot about Helen too.

  51. …and she’s dead…

  52. awe

  53. NOOOO!!!!! HE’S DEAD!!!!

  54. MAN!!

  55. I thought Abbaddon would be more important than that….

  56. Lost sure likes to kill people.

  57. Me too.  He was awesome.

  58. Only 20 mins left .   I feel they have a lot left to do with only 20 mins left in the show.

  59. @s1lentslayer what is your icon?

  60. You dont want a drunk Jack to be your doctor.

  61. Jack the downer

  62. Okay telling Jack his DEAD father says ‘hello’ doesnt make you any more crediable.

  63. Man this is depressing

  64. Who to trust…?

  65. Man Ben and Widmore has good contacts.

  66. @Phoenixtorn The cover of Y the Last Man’s last issue.

    "Brooks was here.
    So was Red.
    And John."

  67. i love ben so much

  68. Seeing Locke cry is also uber depressing

  69. Awesome!

  70. Wait a tic….wasnt he pushed off the stairs?….

  71. Ben you dick!!!

  72. @s1lentslayer  awesome  I have to finish reading that series

  73. And another one bites the dust.  Who do we trust?

  74. Jeez, if only Locke could think for two seconds ‘Well Ben has tried to kill me before, and has lied 1,000’s of times to me’

  75. I trust no one lol

  76. Can’t trust anyone.  Ben=Pure Evil

  77. one ring to rule them all

  78. gah! it cut out on me!  what happened at the end?

  79. and he cleaned the crime scene!?


  80. what happend after he said "thats a dharma symbol?"

  81. Oh yeah…..Locke is gonna kill him….

  82. Ben you s.o.b.

  83. lol k

  84. Wait what did Sawyer say at the end of the preview?

  85. clearly canada isn’t good enough for a preview…. lol

  86. Things that suck – class that runs late.

    Things that rock – a DVR that works!  YAY! 

    This episode, like all episodes (imo) the past two years was good.  It’s not jaw-dropping.  It’s just solid.  I thought it could have used some tightening up in spots.  I thought John’s desperation wasn’t sold hard enough. 

    Some questions 1) What Dharma station were the new castaways in? 2) Were you ad dissapointed as me to see Mathew Abaddon go out lilke a punk?  3) Speaking of killing people, who’s side are we on?  Ben, or Charles?  Ben comes across so strongly as the bad guy taht I still feel it’s a red herring.  4)  Why, if the island moves, does the exit remain the same?  5) Will giant ghost Walt ever return to the show in any sort of regular capacity?

  87. lol I love this show, and the only reason i dont live blog is because my full attention is on it

  88. @Crippler

    1. The Hydra. It’s on the smaller island and is where Jack was kept at the start of season 3.

    2. Yes

    3. Charles 

    4. It’s magic

    5. No. But giant human Walt may.

  89. I guess we now know how Jacks dad came back to life.

  90. I don’t think Jack’s dad did come back to life.  There’s been lots of intangible dead folks around since the beginning.

  91. Anybody catch the bit on Jimmy Kimmel afterwards with Ben and Jin?

    "Say my name."

    "Ben Linus."

    "Now, say my name slowly…"

    "Been Lyin..to us?"

  92. "stay in school kids"



    laughed so hard

  93. First, another great episode, I really did not see what was going to happen at the end coming

    What Hurley initially thought was great and fully within character

    What I did not like was that last weeks episode preview contained the small reveal that occurred at the beginning of the episode.  ‘Everybody knew it was coming’ is not a justification for the allowance of a surprise to be ruined by the preview

    Ben is such a magnificent bastard.  He and his creepy eyes keep me rivited throughout every scene with him.  It is a good thing that the others had television access, or at least Ben did, otherwise he would have known all that CSI stuff.  🙂

  94. @MisterJ: Clearly the Locke reveal wasn’t meant to be a big deal by the producers.

  95. I keep winding up watching the episodes late, on ABC.com.  Man, this show’s just awesome.  A wet dream of a TV show.  Perfect in its episodic nature.

  96. @Conor

    yeah, I agree, and the fact that it came up in the first couple minutes of the ep (and that it was pretty obvious that it would happen) is further evidence of it.  I just would have preferred some suspense to no suspence.