Lost – S05E06 – 316

Tonight’s episode: 316

It would appear as if tonight Desmond thinks that the Oceanic 6 is crazy for wanting to go back to the island and, really, can you blame him?

Who thinks that when they bring Locke’s body back to the island it will resurrect him? I’m kinda leaning that way, embalming be damned!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. More numbers? God I was never this good at math….

    Only 25 more minutes!

  2. Damn you…you smug east coasters.  Rub it in our west coast faces why don’t you…

  3. *rubs it in* Oh yes….I’m gonna be all alone commenting on this….lucky me…

    That’s not really rubbing it in.

  4. The hell…?

  5. dream?

  6. Did they just retcon all of the series? lol

    Hurley cant swim!…and he has a violin?

  7. I would very much like to randomly wake up in Hawaii.

  8. Canada checking in

  9. This is possibly a flash forward.

  10. Is Kate dead….DAMN! So close

  11. wait, so they’re really back on the island?

  12. I would very much like to randomly wake up with Evangeline Lily!

  13. Yep, flash forward.

  14. People all over the country are confused as hell right now.

  15. That would have been funnier if there weren’t so many posts in between. 

  16. Our Lady of Space and Time.  

  17. Why are there always secret rooms in churches?

  18. What Dharma symbol is THAT?  It looked like a power lantern!

  19. The click click click of a million screencaps.  

  20. I guess this is the lamppost…..and this room is just Lost Porn for all of us

  21. Good start.  I love the storytelling time jumps.

  22. Hmm I wonder where the rest of the six are

  23. That really felt like I missed a scene.  Didnt’ last week end with Sun trying to decide to go in or not?  Where did Desmond come from?  God, don’t tell me my PVR cut out early last week and I didn’t notice! 

  24. Im glad were are getting them back to the island soon

  25. Seriously, that is like porn for me….all those numbers, mathematical equations on a chalkboard, and a swinging pendulum?

    God I love this show!

  26. @Crippler: Sounds like your DVR cut off the end of last week’s show.

  27. You know what’s porn for me?  Actual porn.  Lost is fantastic though.  

  28. So, it WAS a power battery lantern. 

  29. Pockets all over the world?  Lost spinoffs?

  30. "Probably not." Awesome.

  31. ‘I’m sorry this is confusing for all of you’

    That’s the creators speaking for all of us

  32. I’m always happy to see Jeff Fahey’s name in the credits.

  33. I feel like Carmen SanDiego should be involved.  

  34. @conor – who’s that?

  35. You see it’s stuff like this that makes the ratings go down….But I am loving all of this.

    Pay attention! This is basically explaining all of the science mumbo-jumbo on the series.

  36. Hahaha – I love Desmond.

  37. Ooooh – Lindelof & Cuse!

  38. I want to see the outtake where he walks directly into the pendulum.  

  39. There’s a Flanagan working on this show!?

  40. @KreiderDesigns: The helicopter pilot.

  41. @Paul – there’s just one more thing i need you to do…you know what it is!

  42. Desmond’s right eye was bothering me….

  43. Thanks Connor and I concur.

  44. Leaving on a jet plane!

  45. Hmmm… this plan to return to the island seems sketchy.

  46. @conor: Well it worked, considering the opening is to be believed.

    Yay Watchmen commercial!!!

  47. so is Canada ahead or behind this week?


  48. Notice the satatue behind her?

  49. Let me wax philosophically here for a moment…  

    Can you use science to help you understand mysticism?  Is there really a great unknown here, or is it a matter of just not sharing everything with the participants?  The Dharma Initiative and Ms. Hawking seem to have a scientific explanation of how the island works.  Do they know why as well? 

    @Conor – thanks.  My PVR and I have a love/hate relationshi.  Sometimes it’s just the massage without the happy ending.  🙁  

  50. Locke committed suicide!? Hanging!?


  51. Oh I get it….Locke is acting like Jack’s father.

  52. Sorry, mam. No substitutions.

  53. OH MY GOD.  hehe  Literally.. 

    John Locke is becoming even MORE of a Jesus figure now.  Christian Sheperd is the god-like figure. 

  54. Jack could give Locke one of many empty bottles of liquor.

  55. This is….weird science.  

  56. I think Canada is a little ahead again

  57. @KreiderDesigns: I didn’t see the statue, what was it?

  58. Man this show is getting heavy on the science and religion

  59. @paulmontgomery – by my heart and by my hand?

  60. He is going to go kill penny!


  61. Will the man of science find faith?  Or will he remain a doubting Thomas?

  62. The Shepards are never as happy as when they are at a bar, staring into a tumbler of amber colored alcohol.

  63. This definitely is getting the final nagging thread of ‘Jack being too stubborn’ angle.

    Maybe he can finally be like Locke from now on.

  64. I’m pretty sure it was the same Mary that Eko’s brother smuggled drugs in.

  65. I’m sorry, this is Jack’s grandfather?  Have we ever met him before?

  66. Damn it Jack, bring granddad to the island

  67. Dad’s shoes?

  68. I’m gonna steal the shoes now!

  69. wow…nice, Locke will literally be filling Jack’s dad’s shoes.

  70. Ruby Slippers…

  71. Damnit Kate!

    Stop doing a B&E!!

  72. Argh, want to fast forward!


    Stop having sex and answer me!!!

  74. "You’ll never ask me about Aaron, Jack."
    "But… but I’m the one actually related to him…"

  75. so does that mean that the writers will never metion arron again? lol

  76. Hey Conor, you think Lapedis will be flying the plane that eventually will land Jack et all back on the island, since he was supposed to be doing it the first time?

  77. Aaron’s probably too important to totally disappear from the story.

  78. i hate this olive garden commercial

  79. Maybe the kid that played Aaron was getting too big too fast so they pulled a Walt on him.

  80. lol the white shoes!

     yeah i know aaron’s important, i’m just sick of that story lol

  81. @KreiderDesigns: Hmmm…. well, if they need to recreate the first crash you’d think that he wou;ldn’t since he wasn’t flying the first time.  But he was one of the people who left the island so he’s got to go back too, right?

  82. I’m tired of Jack being so passive with Aaron.

    He’s related to you damnit! Stop acting so sheepish when Kate gets angry at you!

  83. jack and jill…

  84. Don’t they need a pregnant woman on the flight?

  85. Jack’s got that "I got laid last night" bounce in his step.

  86. No more Kate hate!  She’s pretty!

  87. @Conor – It could go either way, I was just thinking as to why he would be in this episode. Maybe Jack finds out that he’s supposed to be and then kicks his ass or incapacitates him so that he can’t so as to recreate the origional scenario.

  88. Kate looks like she’s been threw a fight

    Dont wanna know how she is like in bed

  89. So, man can only find God through Jesus, who gave his life for all. 

    Or, Jack can only find the island by using Locke, who died so that the losties can return to the island. 

  90. "Sidetracked"

  91. JEEZUS BEn! 

  92. Well…I thought Ben was more of a fighter

  93. sayid beat the shizza out of ben

  94. "Honey, this meat we bought at the butcher smells vaguely of dead person."

  95. He needs gold toe socks!

  96. Okay….that letter is probably important.

  97. So, do you think there’s any chance Ben went after the ‘Economist’?

  98. There has to be a blooper with Locke scaring Jack during that scene. There just has to be

  99. HAHAHA  Y!  sorry americans lol

  100. Ben was probably just helping an old friend with a landscaping project.  

  101. Hahah Y the Last Man 🙂


  102. Clifton Collins Jr!!  awesome

  103. Hush, Canadians!  Don’t make me ban the entire country.


  105. Woot! Y the Last Man! Thank you Brian K Vaughn!

    Sayid got taken by the man

  106. *sits quietly with hands over mouth

  107. Oh wow, now I get it. Sayid has taken over Kate’s role.

  108. i missed the Y refernece everyone is talking about


  109. OMG!!!


  110. So, let me be the wet blanket.  How is Hurley, the guy accused of murder, flying out of the country?

  111. This random Not-Sayid guy seems like he might be trouble.

  112. I wonder if they’ll "land" in the same "time" as the people rest of the oceanic crashees

  113. @Crippler: Ben got him out of jail, with the help of the lawyer

  114. Forget the "people" part in that …

  115. @TimmyWood: Hurley was reading a Y trade at the gate.

  116. hahah  Who cares?

  117. Holy shit!  Frank!

  118. Who cares?

     Such a good actor. Such a great character!!

  119. @Crippler: Yeah, the charges were dropped.

  120. GOBO!

  121. Someone in airport security totally manhandled Locke’s corpse.  

    "My name’s Buck and I like to….oh, a letter."  

  122. @crippler It’s just fun because Vaughan wrote it 🙂

  123. Great line ‘Who cares?’

    He needs to win another emmy soon

  124. @TNC – Usually you can’t fly internationally when you’re out on bail. 

  125. @Paul: You are on a role today!

  126. I’m behind thought I was behind the americans now, sorry all!  Frank needs to grow his beard back.

  127. @conor thanks.

    I bet they fly over the island during a time change and so that way the plane doesn’t have to crash again. 

  128. CANADA! SHHH!

  129. @Crippler:……Who Cares?…:)

    Ew, Frank needs his beard is right.

  130. "Um… we’re not exactly going to Guam."

  131. hahahah "my mother taught me"

  132. I’m being good

    It also looks like Canada is at a few different times.

  133. … is it safe to talk yet?

  134. "We’re not going to Guam are we?" is an awesome, awesome line.  

  135. Hey, I was close!

  136. Top Chef live blog after? 🙂

  137. I guess america is having a commercial break

  138. If I was Frank I would be like:


  139. wilhelm scream!

  140. America is about to come back from commercial.  

  141. @GOBO – I have to read my books for this week, but any other week, I’d be in. Though you probably already know who won the quickfire

  142. Nope I don’t read spoilers for Top Chef

  143. Does that say Ulysses? I love how this show is so lit smart.

  144. Holy fuck!

  145. That’s a wrap in Canada

  146. GOBO- You don’t need to read them you write them.

  147. Are we gonna see a plane snap in half again?

  148. The suicide angle is interesting.  Remember Michael’s attempt(s)?

  149. That was an odd line from Ben.  He never met his mother…. 

  150. Ben is acting like Charlie….going to the bathroom before the crash…

  151. OUCH

  152. The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost…

  153. I think the girl next to Sayid is going to end up at the bottom of that lake… a la the US Marshall

  154. No next time on Lost?  BOO!

  155. Here we go again!

    Man I wish you could survive a planet crash that cleanly.

  156. I don’t think the plane crashed so much as they were sucked back to the island by the light.

  157. Oh crap….JIN!?

  158. Whoa!

  159. Weeeeeeeeeeeeird!


  161. I wonder if everyone was brought to the island in different times.  So like Hurley and Sayid are in one time, Sun and Ben in another, etc…

  162. Someone tell me how this ended.  I think my feed cut out before the end of the show AGAIN! 

  163. BAH! They ruined the reveal of Locke!

  164. Suck it, Canada – we got a preview for next week!

  165. Next week looks BADASS!!!

  166. Booo on the spoiler in next week’s preview!

  167. I am so mad and powerless right now. 


  169. Damn you A-Channel, damn you to hell!

  170. Canada can find out what happens next week….next week

  171. Locke happens!  It’s the story of how he ended up in the coffin.  

  172. @Crippler: Can you not record extra time and/or just continue to watch the channel?

  173. come on Conor, Paul DM me on twitter or something!

  174. Wait, what are you guys saying got spoiled?

  175. @gobo: It’s a Locke episode.  What happened to him when he went back to the world and… more, which people are angry about being spoiled but was obviously going to happen.

  176. Crippler, what channel did you watch it on?  A-Channel kept it to 1hr exactly.  ABC ran for 2 extra minutes (which eats into Top Chef, so fuck you ABC)

    I’m eager to know about the "and… more" though!

  177. This was a very very good episode. Probably the best of the season.

    The episode answered so many questions, at least on the scientific end of the island. It may be too subtle for some viewers, but I am just loving every moment of this season.

    My theory with Jin? Him, Daniel, and the others somehow got trapped in the 70’s and have to pretend they are Dharma workers. Probably they have to stop something big from going down before the Others take over.

  178. Ok, so, I know I keep hammering the Jesus thing…… BUT that note basically sums up what the BIG J said to his apostles on the Mount of Olives just before he died.  You know.. gatherin you like a hen gathers her chicks and all that. 

     I wanted more Ms. Hawking this week.  I’m very happy to find out that there are a bunch of stories that happen in that final day that we know nothing about at this time.  It will allow for some more flashback scenes, just when we thought we had run out of them. 

  179. Cuse and Lindelof were on the muscle tonight. More happened in this hour than the last three combined.

  180. forget big j, he’d be nothing with out little b or medium m. roll call anyone? f’ australia!!!

  181. @Crippler: The preview for next week had some Locke as Jesus symbolism.

  182. @Velvet: Nice CONCHORDS reference.

  183. @ all – I was watching it on the local ABC feed which is out of Detroit.  I can set the DVR to record later, but sometimes even that extra minute isn’t enough.  It wasn’t tonight.  Oh well… the real problem was that it was set to record CSI:NY afterward and so it jumped channels.  Blame that one on the wife.  Anyway, I flipped back and the feed was already into Life on Mars, so, I don’t know.  I think I’m cursed to miss all cliffhangers and end-of-episode revelations.  Perhaps the fine folks at ABC are worried that I have a nervous disposition?  You know.. like editing the end of Old Yeller. 

  184. @Gobo – I swear that A channel makes it a habit to fuck with timing. 

  185. I wonder how much pressure Vaughn gave to the creators to put in Y: The Last Man?

    ‘Either you put it in or I’ll walk!’

    ‘Okay Okay….Pain in my ass….’

  186. I fully imagine that Lindeloff and Cuse wrote it into the script without any prompting from BKV.  

  187. ….I like my scenario better….

  188. Why would he walk if they didn’t promote his already successful comic?  He’s a producer.  

  189. Was the first season’s spanish JLA a real issue ?

  190. @Crippler: I believe it was a spanish language translation version of an actual Flash/Green Lantern crossover issue from FLASH.

  191. @Paul:….It was just a joke….

    (I would love to know the exact Flash issue that spanish translation was. No one I know at least could tell me the specifics of that issue)

  192. That information is definitely out there.  That’s one of the old mysteries, so you’ll find plenty on it.  

  193. Oh wow….there’s definitely some references to the actual show in that comics….*gasps* and it involves Jay Garriack and Alan Scott!?

    *runs out the door to LCS*

  194. LOST is about to get crushed.

    "American Idol" to take on "Lost"

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The Fox network is shaking up Wednesday night by swapping reality hit "American Idol" and the new police procedural "Lie to Me."

    Once the singing competition moves into the finals March 11, Fox will pivot "Idol" to 9 p.m., turning its ratings Death Star against ABC’s "Lost" for the rest of season.

    The Tim Roth-starring "Lie to Me" will stay out of the way by shifting to 8 p.m.

    Though "Idol" and "Lost" tend to have different audiences, last week Fox aired a two-hour "Idol" that stretched into the 9 p.m. hour and seemed to take a little steam out of the mystery thriller, whose ratings have fallen with each episode this season.


  195. Again….Lost has a definitive ending. ABC has already agreed on the terms of the show and has agreed to air the final season next year. Who cares what the ratings are when it’s already has an ending?

  196. Right.  We all know that.  Doesn’t change the fact that it’s about to be crushed by AMERICAN IDOL.

  197. @conor: Well again….if this was season one or two and if I was an ABC executive then I would be sweating bullets.

    But when ratings dont matter now that the show is on it’s pendultimate season….who cares?

  198. I do.  If you don’t care you’re free to let it pass without comment.

  199. Well okay, why do you care?

    Seriously, all the facts I laid out. What makes you so worried about a show’s ratings that will end next year?

    It’s not gonna tarnish it’s legacy by any means.

    ‘Well son, Lost was one of the best shows’s I ever watched…..Until the fifth season where the ratings just hit the tank. Sure the writing was top notch but, never was the same again when it hit the 9 million viewers mark.’

    Yeah that’s a conversation I’ll have with my kids when I let him watch the show in the distant future.

  200. Because I follow the television industry as a business and I care about what people watch.  Again, if you don’t care, don’t feel compelled to comment.

  201. @conor: Well sorry you’ve brought it up 2-3 weeks in a row like it was the end of the world.

  202. I don’t believe I brought it up like it was the end of the world, no.

  203. I agree Connor. It bums me that this scenario is going to happen. I want LOST to get big viewer numbers, whether it matters in the end or not, I want shows that I like to have good numbers and do well in the ratings

  204. Oh, and that was a spanish version of Y. Does it really exist as a trade in spanish, or was that a mock up for this episode?

  205. ABC always has the option of switching Lost out of Wednesday night. 

    Great episode.  I don’t get how you guys can type and refresh and still concentrate on the show but I enjoy the discussion after the fact. 

  206. @Conor – Thanks for the link.  I had always thought it was a JLA issue. 

  207. So do you think Ben killed Penny or did Desmond kick his ass while he tried and thats why he’s all messed up?

  208. I love Ben, but if he…..oh……I don’t want to think about it.  

  209. @Askanison: You know I was just thinking that. I’m sure Desmond didnt leave yet after he met up with everyone. Plus Ben wanted to prove to Widmore that he would kill his daughter. Maybe he tried doing it and Desmond beat the sh*t out of him.

    It was very annoying for Jack not to ask Ben about his injuries (he’s wearing a sling for god sakes!) and why Kate just suddenly took Aaron away. But I’m sure those questions are going to be raised very soon, so I dont think it makes the episode bad because of those plot points.

    Again, why Frank didnt just land the plane when he immediately got wind of the situation is beyond me.

  210. So, I apologize if it’s been brought up before, but i just had to comment, since I just now watched the episode on abc.com.  The two main protagonists (arguably) are named John, what with Jack being a relatively common nickname for people named John.  Ben told Jack this week the story about Doubting Thomas the Apostle.  Jack’s faith is being tested, and perhaps has been solidified by John’s sacrifice.  John 3:16 reads, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."  Whether you’re a Christian or not, I just love the little tidbits that this show gives you to keep you intrigued.

  211. I knew it was coming… but the previews for next weeks episode just spoiled a major plot point. Wtf.

  212. If they showed it, it’s probably not a big surprise (like you said, we all knew it was coming).  LOST is usually pretty good about keeping the important things under wraps.

  213. After reading some post-show recaps (Doc Jensen at EW for example – http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,1550612_20245769_20259937_6,00.html) I can say that I’m glad I’m not the only one who found that line from Ben about his mother weird. 

    Assuming that there are no throwaway lines on LOST, we have to assume that there’s something going on there.  Something changed in Ben’s background, or, he ended up having a mother in his life after all.  Either way, something important has changed. 

  214. If Ben tried to go after Penny and Desmond caught him, Ben would be in the dirt not battered and bruised.

  215. @Ruo21: I dunno, I don’t see Desmond as any kind of trained fighter, whereas Ben can handle himself.  Rage only gets you so far.

  216. Wait, wasn’t Desmond in the army? Nevermind, about the trained fighter thing.  Still, I don’t see Desmond taking out Ben.  Hell, if Sayid can’t do it…

  217. Rage is one thing.  Righteous retribution is another.  😛