Lost – S05E03 – Jughead

Tonight’s episode: Jughead

Last week saw the first two episodes of the season shown back-to-back and they were humdingers. And if the trailer linked above is any indication, we’re in for another exciting one tonight (or it could just be another example of Lost having the best trailers on TV, which they do).

It sure does look like Penny is going to get her heart broken again tonight. Which is too bad, I think she and Des have a great love story going. The whole show should turn out to be about them, that would be fantastic.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. I love these annotated replays.

  2. Love Lost! Desmond is, in my mind, the best character at the moment. Ben a close second.

  3. So far they have done a good job not letting spoilers out for each episode. I mean last season I think the finale got leaked and that caused a huge uproar with fans.

    But I did see a spoiler free review on ign and they say it was better then the season opener….which they gave a 9.5/10 so god knows what we’re gonna get here. Only 20mins to go!!!

  4. Ben has quickly and surprisingly become my favorite character.  Doesn’t it seem like a life-time ago that he was that quite little Other we knew as Henry Gale.  Sneeky, sneeky Ben.

  5. @Reg- I’d have to disagree with you there or at least your order. My money on the line? Ben is one of the best characters on TV right now. How have these people not realized that he’s NEVER been wrong about anything! Haha. But that being said, you just can’t go wrong with an awesome Scot who time-travels and saves the day.

  6. I remember utterly hating Ben for a long time. I think the last season episode where it shows what he did off the island was what changed him for me.

  7. Gotta love the Scottish accent.

  8. The scene with Daniel banging on the hatch last week, which harkened back to season 2, made me love this show all the more.  What might have seemed like a loose edit 4 years ago was really a major plot point.  To have the balls to write a show that way is beautiful.  I never LOST faith, but, any doubts I did have are swept away again as I begin a new season with the show’s eventual end on the horizon.  I know that the payoff at the end will have been worth the trip, and even more importantly, the voyage to get there has been, in a word, awesome.   

  9. True, when I heard "Penneah" (which btw I also said at the same time) at the end of last season…not gonna lie, I almost Matt Damoned (for those of you who didn’t go to college with my roomate that means that I shed a single tear which fell off my right cheek)

  10. I did actually drop this midway through season 2. I’d had enough. Then I found out that the episode that aired right after I dropped it was the best ever. NowI’m back and loving every minute.

  11. So, who wants to guess at what Jughead refers to?  Will we have an Archie?  Maybe Hurley will find out that he needs  to eat hamurgers to get skinny!

  12. Ranch dressing certainly doesn’t do it.

    Jughead is another name for marines, isn’t it?

  13. @reg5000: That’s "jarhead"

  14. Hamburgers to get skinny, that’s so funny…..If only that was true *rubs tummy*

  15. Jugs, jars, who can keep track.

  16. One can only hope its another nickname that Sawyer comes up with for someone.

  17. That’d be the odds on bet.

  18. I’m excited!!


  19. locke should picth for the red socks with that kind of accuracy. james juliet nice to see ya.

  20. Are you guys ready!?

    I’m already hearing voices!!!!

  21. Ahh I had no clue the old lady from Brotherhood was the one who would not sell the ring to Desmond. You need like an elephant memory to get all the tid bits from the show.

  22. I’m 100% the eat-hamburgers-to-get-skinny diet.  The trick is that you have to break on through to the other side.  You have to hit bottom so hard you bust t hrough and THEN the burgery goodness can begin to work it’s magic. 

    The program takes dedication.  I’m 10 years in and going strong.  Any day now… any day. 

  23. That’s not Oxford university

  24. Wait….shes pregnaut!?

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    She’s going to give birth to Daniel Faraday!!!!!

  26. Hmm…. you know.. another defining Jughead characteristic was his hatred of women and Big Ethel’s constant pursuit.  On second thought…. skip the burger diet.

  27. awww, cute

  28. Ten bucks that baby is a skrull.

  29. I’m confused….he has a kid…..and it looks like a kid from ‘The Children of the Corn’….what is going on?

  30. thats a big ass kid 

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Seriously, if Charlie Kaufman had written this episode, Faraday would have crawled out of the birth canal, adjusted his collar and said, "You have to listen to me very carefully."

  32. Has Desmond had any bad ass fights? I can’t remember.

  33. Are they searching for Dawson’s Creek? that’s been gone for years. If they start playing paula cole i’m dropping this show.

  34. I wouuld give anything to see a charlie kaufman penned episode of Lost

  35. @SixGun, didn’t he kill the one other that wasin the hatch before him? Granted, by accident.

  36. boom


  37. More secondary characters gone…..names Joe’s will be missed…..and guys with arrows…

  38. they have claymores and bows…..

  39. that is awsome 

  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Has anyone suggested that Charlotte the daughter of an island couple?  Say Sawyer and Juliette?  

  41. The pull on those bows was wayyyyy too light. Anything more than ten yards is just going to get a flesh wound.

  42. season five ‘the kiiling of red shirts"

  43. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There should be an "is" in there.  

  44. Why do they only use arrows? Do they have to share the only gun within the group?

  45. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The official term for LOST red shirts is "meat-filled socks."  They are a limited resource but can be used as monster or explosion fodder when needed.  

  46. Am I the onlyone who’s not compeltely on board with this whole time-travel stuff? I think they’ve used it pretty well so far but I’m worried they’re going to over-use it or it will get too confusing for my feeble brain to understand.

  47. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The show is pretty much about time travel now.  No turning back.  

  48. Ahh well, I’m still along for the ride.


    That wasn’t a promise, Des.

  49. So….are these WWII soldiers?

  50. Oh nevermind…..they’re others…..or other others…

  51. As long as they’re not time-jumping every few minutes, then I’m OK with it.

  52. Ahhh jessss….BatManuel! Love it when Nestor is on the show.

  53. "Front towards enemy" is something I never want to read in real life.


  54. Hey, it’s Banmanuel.

  55. Everytime I see Richard all I can think about is the live action Tick show.

  56. I guess we’re in WWII, the weapons seem to hint at it.

  57. came back for what

  58. @Cadgers Absolutely! I think that show was underrated, for what it was, I think it worked.

  59. Hey, in the spirit of 11 O’clock comics, what’s everyone drinking? 

    Me: Stone XII Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. 1Pt.6Fl.Oz. of 9.2% Imperial Stout excellence.

  60. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Grape juice.  

  61. Orange Soda….precious Orange Soda…

  62. Purple stuff…..nah just water for me

  63. iced tea

  64. Was Charlie at Oxford w/ his brother in season 1, are they just using the same set or does it just look similar to something else and I’m crazy?

  65. was that a mullet he was rockin in the photo?

  66. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Des has kind of a Dr. Who thing going on.  

  67. Oxford….not just a place for learning.

  68. Still see Batmanuel.

  69. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "This isn’t exactly how I planned to tell you, Charlotte, but…"

  70. Do they teach Others 101 at Oxford?

  71. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love it when you speak French, Morticia…

  72. Cant imagine why Latin is a dead language. *rolls eyes*

  73. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  74. Latin rocks. 

    Locke sux. 

  75.  I’ve been waiting for Locke to say "the horror, the horror" since season 2!

  76. guess my one year of lating can go to my ‘Others’ training lol

     @KreiderDesigns the dvd extras season four say they did in fact re-use that location for many different places lol

  77. thanks Phoenix! that was bugin’ me.

  78. I wish I could be spoon fed like that.

  79. Is that Cammy from StreetFighter? when did they get on the island?

  80. Remender just tweeted that Tony Soprano is "dead, dead, dead." Everyone tweet him back and tell him how wrong he is.

  81. ‘How Old is he?’


    And that’s how they ignore that plot point lol

  82. Are they pre-dharma right now? that was some pretty old-school closed-mindedness

  83. @Kreider


    I was just saying that to myself haha

  84. Coraline looks good. 

    Turbo Tax needs to die for those creepy green presidents. 

  85. @Cadgers the StreetFIghter thing or Pre-Dharma time?

  86. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion – That’s not the end of that plot point.  It would appear that Richard is as old as he appears during this 50s continuity.  I’m assuming he gets stuck or unstuck in time, so he doesn’t appear to age.  

  87. @Paul: I just ment that this is another way to ignore it til the next time.

  88. Street Fighter. All that girl needs is to cannon spike him and will know for sure.

  89. @TNC/Paul Maybe he’s a time traveling bunny, check his chest for a number!

  90. *sees Daniel at the Jughead bomb*

    …..This wont end well.

  91. Man I love Daniel

  92. Ah, jughead.

  93. @Cadgers, nice! I was also thinking about the similarities of Hurly/Honda and Eko/Balrog, any others you could think of?

  94. Daniel Faraday, Professor of Quantom Sarcasm

    "what would you call that? a hydrogen bomb."

  95. and Desmond’s wardrobe this episode

  96. Desmond’s scarf reminds me of Doctor Who

  97. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @KD –  Paulo/Vega

  98. widmore rules!

  99. Widmore is the most intimitating person and he has barely been on the show.

    Good writing

  100. there it is!! Yay Widmore!

  101. @Paul – Movie yes, game no. I like it though.

  102. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s why he’s intimidating.  He’s used for emphasis.  

  103. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  104. Wait a sec…..THAT’S WIDMORE!?


  105. WHOA!

  106. Snap! I honestly didn’t see that coming.

  107. holy fucking shit!

  108. @Wilson – AGREED

  109. Has anyone, EVER, bought an Oreo b/c od these awful Manning/Williams ads? 

    I mean, a single oreo? I hazard to guess: No. 

  110. Totally did NOT see that coming! Lost does it again!

  111. That is shocking that kid is Widmore….does that mean he was an other?

    Was he ousted and had to turn the wheel to leave it forever? God I love this show!

  112. my fiance says "what beauty cream is richard using?"


    anyways, faradays mom is prolly the lady who was talking to ben at the end of the last? episode… speculation of course

  113. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Rob – No one’s bought Oreos because of an ad for several decades. We buy them because we see them for sale.  

  114. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – It’s been established that Widmore and Ben have been fighting over the island for a long time.  They both feel they deserve to control it.  

  115. Aww he named his kid charlie

  116. charlie thats awsome

  117. I think the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz sold more Oreos than the Mannings/Williams ever can/will.

  118. They named him Charlie!

  119. The widmore/soldier theory was floated on the Onion AV club last week. Seemed plausible enough so my shock was diminished tonight. Stupid internet.

  120. So that’s why Richard went to Locke

  121. Life on Mars!!!!!!!  It’s a sopranos reunion tonight!

  122. Prepare yourself for bed
    The light seems bright
    And glares on white walls
    All the sounds of
    Charlotte sometimes
    Into the night with
    Charlotte sometimes

  123. Man, Johnny Sack got fat.

  124. Great ep and the Oceanic 6 were not featured at all. As always I look forward to next week.

  125. my mind is completely blown. Its a shame that they ruin the cliffhanger by showing charlotte completely fine in the priview for next week

  126. New season doesn’t suck.

  127. This is starting to turn into really the best season of the series so far. So far nothing has been annoying, a lot of interesting elements have been introduced, and some of the plot points have been mind blowing.

    So here’s to a great next 16 weeks.

  128. I want a Life on Mars liveblog. It’s Sopranos Fanboy night over there.

  129. great season so far, love this show.

     Charles Wildmore is an awsome villan, hes in the vain of the Emperor from Star War in that you dont see him much

  130. Yes, he is a phantom menace.

  131. Awesome episode

  132. Only things I didn’t like this episode: Janitor Exposition.

  133. Holy wow, that was fantastic.  Like, really, really super fantastic.  Now we know why Richard came to visit Locke as a child!  I LOVE IT when the pieces start to fall into place and I find myself saying "those clever bastards."

  134. …and that compass is the same compass (and knife too probably) that came from the island….Richard gives it to Locke, who gives it back to Richard, who brings/shows it to Locke as a child…..very clever…  

    I had thought originally that perhaps Widmore and Richard went back to the Greek-like statue days and that we were going to see them battling back then….i wonder how/when they are going to introduce that mythology since I think in podcasts the producers said we would learn more about the 4-toed statue…. 

  135. The widmore reveal blew my fucking mind! it seems so obvious now but i didn’t see it coming at all. Think about it, this basically sets up the whole conflict. Widmore was an other, who was probably put in charge after Richard. He chose to exploit the island for profit under the dharma initiative, richard (and jacob) weren’t happy about this so Ben is made the new leader. Widmore doesn’t accept this and still believes he "owns the island" (remember, he told Ben it’s HIS island). So the Others mount a surge, they wipe out the dharma initiative. This is HUGE!

    Im a little disappointed that they ended the episode with Charlotte collapsing because really, the Widmore reveal would have been a far better ending. 1- i don’t care about charlotte, so her collapse had no impact on me. 2- We know what’s wrong with her and her collapse also didn’t come as a surprise.

    Was it just me, or did i see Charlie Pace in the Oxford Library? maybe im crazy though

    Finally, i think the woman who held Faraday hostage could possibly be his mother. My co-workers think he recognized her as his girlfriend who fell into the coma, but i don’t think that theory pans out. But he does recognize her, so i say it’s his mom.

    This jumping through time thing is a BRILLIANT device for this show, it’s so easy for Lost to explain all the little tidbits that have been building up over the past 5 seasons. I just can’t wait to see stuff involving the Black Rock, Rousseau, more Dharma/Widmore stuff ect. unfortunately it looks like next week will take place during season 1’s timeline, but this still could be an interesting crossover. I think this is where they will confirm that the whispers are in fact the time displaced Losties. Also, remember the Orchid video found on the season 4 special features? the time diplaced people CANNOT interact with their past selves! Watch Candle freak out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bTvAUVPyLI

  136. "The scene with Daniel banging on the hatch last week, which harkened back to season 2, made me love this show all the more.  What might have seemed like a loose edit 4 years ago was really a major plot point."

    @Crippler: Was this scene actually touched upon in season 2? I don’t remember it at all, maybe i should pull out my S2 DVD

    Also, does anyone remember if there has been any reference to a concrete box buried on the island? im wondering if the others took Faraday’s advice

  137. @ mikegraham6: I’m trying to remember if Hawkings (the old time-monitoring woman) had a similar hairstyle to the young girl who was holding Faraday at gunpoint. If so, that could definitely support your theory (provided Hawkings is his mother). There’s definitely a connection there.

  138. @Freebozo I believe they did have similar hairstyles, that’s one of the reasons i think they are the same person

    This is out of left field but this episode really reminded a lot of the Metal Gear Solid series, where there was a concurrent storyline taking place in the past with a whole different cast of character which built on the present storyline. I think we are going to see a whole story built around these past flashbacks where we’ll see Widmore’s rise to power

  139. One other thing: Remember the "rules" that both Widmore and Ben supposedly follow? Could one of them be "Thou shalt not kill an Other?" This would explain why Ben thought his daughter was safe and why he freaked out about the rules when she was killed. Locke’s comment in yesterday’s episode seems to confirm this when he says "I can’t kill him, he’s one of my people." (in reference to the Other who escaped). Maybe when Locke met with either Jacob/Christian Shepard/Richard he was told that under no circumstances does he ever kill one of his own people.

    Does anyone remember any instances where an Other (besides Juliette of course) killed another Other? i think im bang on with this theory

  140. @Freebozo: I found this on the Lostpedia page for Ms. Hawking:

    Her first name is given as Eloise in the Enhanced version of The Lie, and is yet to be said on the show.

    The blond girl from last night’s episode was named Ellie. You can also check their two pictures by clicking their names in my post, their hair is definitely similar

  141. @MIKEGRAHAM6-Young Widmore killed his "Other" buddy when he was about to divulge the location of the camp on last night episode!

  142. @jamesdean2020 CRAP! you’re right! maybe it’s only the "Leaders" who can’t kill other Others

  143. Didn’t he snap the guys neck before he escaped or was that sodier he killed not an "other".

  144. @mikegraham6: That’s right – I forgot her name was Eloise. Well, it all seems fairly obvious now, huh? I mean, the Farraday/mom thing, not the whole bloody show…

  145. @cigarandscotch- the soldier young Widmore killed was indeed an Other. He spoke Latin. Side note-they are wearing the soldier uniforms of the 18 soldiers that they killed,

  146. found this neat little theory floating around the netz:

    “Jughead” had nothing to do with the ARCHIE comics character. Hooray. Lots of concrete, you say? Could that be what was buried under the hatch? And did pressing the button keep the bomb from going BOOM?

  147. The bomb could’ve been used by the DHARMA Initative for The Tempest station. You guys remember when Charlotte and Daniel went to the station to get rid of the radioactive gases? That’s what the bomb could’ve been used for.

    Or maybe it’s the start of how this series is going to end. Maybe in the sixth season they have to destroy the island and they need to use Jughead in order to do it.

  148. I think ellie and widmore are faradays parents.

  149. I’ve been thinking that all of the serendipitous coincidences and super-naturally unlikely occurrences, (like Locke’s Healing Factor) could all be chalking up to the "rules" of time travel requiring events to unfold back along the right path.  

    So, could the true motivation of Ben and Ms. Hawking be the prevention of a real paradox that would rip the universe in half?