Lobster Johnson: ‘The Satan Factory’ Pulp Coming This July!

I was just browsing the Dark Horse site to check on some upcoming release dates when I discovered this… this wonderful discovery. I speak without hyperbole when I say that I have never been this excited about anything ever before in my 24 years on this planet. Even that summer I romanced a real mermaid. 

Oh, Miranda…

Nevermind that now! I’ve already ordered a lectern to display this book and have set up a tent outside my comic shop to await its arrival.

Mike Mignola’s Lobster Johnson in his very own pulp novel!



Hellboy’s premier crime fighter in an all-new novel!

Where greed and the occult walk hand in hand, where mobsters and monsters prowl the streets, none escape the justice of Lobster Johnson!

In the years before World War II, Jonas Chapel was a respected physician, until his appetite for vice got the best of him and he found himself on the run from one of New York’s most powerful mob bosses. On the lam in Mexico, Chapel stumbles across a powerful witch and a cursed skeleton — and the power to transform men into monsters. Now, he’s back in New York, selling his creations to the highest bidder.

Only one man, backed by his team of trusted sidekicks, stands in his way. But will the Lobster’s resolve be enough to shut down Chapel’s twisted Satan Factory — before New York itself is consumed?

The cover design with art by Gregory Manchess is reminiscent of the Hard Case Crime series of reprinted and original pulp novels, which you may have read about in Ed Brubaker’s Criminal or in the diary I keep under my pillow. The book is set to be released on 1st July, 2009.



  1. I’m really, really, really excited!!!!

  2. Who do I have to pay to get this sooner rather than later?


  4. If this kind of abuse is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    Bring it on!

  5. Has anyone read Sniegoski’s other books or seen his show The Fallen? 

    Alternatively, has anyone read the other Hellboy prose novels or short story collections?  I have Emerald Hell by Tom Piccirilli on my shelf and I like what I’ve read of it (gotta revisit that one soon).  Frank Darabont’s story in the second Hellboy anthology is also really, really good.  

  6. I’ve read all of the Hellboy novels except the latest (All Seeing Eye).  I’ve also read the first short story collection.  The first two novels–The Lost Army and Bones of Giants–aren’t bad, but I think the later ones are much better.

  7. Coooooooooool!

     Plus, "The Satan Factory"? Best title I’ve ever heard. 

  8. That cover is just all sorts of good.

  9. Lobster Johnson fighting New York gangsters? Sign me up.

    Also that cover is looking mighty fine.

  10. HOLY S—T!!!! That’s all I have to say.

  11. Oh, this has my attention.  Thanks Paul!!

  12. @Paul

    I’ve also read all but the most recent Hellboy novels and also have the Odd Jobs anthology.They are all pretty good, light reading (great for the subway).  However, the best thing about Hellboy IMO is the great art, whether by Mignola (which is best) or the other great artists they’ve got on the various comic series.  The novels often explore aspects of Hellboy’s personal life, i.e. old girlfriends, which are absent from the comics.

  13. That cover is fantastic.  Definitely going to be picking this one up.

  14. I sense an addition to my Amazon wish list in the future.

  15. Must. Have. Immediately.

  16. the cover is soooooo tasty good.

  17. i just woke up from some dream where we lived in a magical land of Rainbows, Unicorns, Pixi Sticks that gave you all of your nutrional value, and where we had a Pulp Novel starring Lobster Johnson…

    Wait you mean that last part wasn’t a dream *glee*

  18. Paul, are you aware that the publisher of Hard Case Crime is starting a pulp adventure line? Go to HuntForAdventure.com – might be right up your alley.

  19. yeah i was just about to mentione hard case crime and the gabriel hunt books. HCC has seem some great covers and very hardboiled stories. GH, well, who knows, bit it LOOKS great.

     This Lobster book is instantly the book i want to proze above all in the whole wide world. For today.

  20. @PV – Thanks for the heads up!  I just signed up for the mailing list. 

  21. wow this looks amazing. the cover looks great!! cant wait to get this!!

  22. a pulp novel starring the best modern character deservin gof such?  O how i love you, lobster johnson.  this will be awesome

  23. I expect to see Doc Savage standing next to him. Looks great.

  24. That looks hilarious. I’ll try to buy it, as long as it is free of continuity, seeing how I am behind on hellboy.

  25. There really isn’t all that much Lobster continuity.  I’m sure the book will explain everything you need to know.  

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says: