Live Action Blue Beetle Test Images

Earlier this week we told you that Geoff Johns let everyone on Twitter know that DC Entertainment was doing some premliminary work on a live action Blue Beetle TV show. Well, now apprently Johns will be bringing a clip of the tests to San Diego Comic-Con and he's got some teaser images from that test.

Here's what Johns says about them:

"I have an early special effects test that has been floating around of what his armored scarab-suit could look like. This isn’t final. This isn’t greenlit. It’s only a test that was done. We still have a long way to go to see if we can get this off the ground and a lot of people to jump on board"

These image are from a costume test for Blue Beetle:



Pretty cool, huh? To reiterate: These aren't from a Blue Beetle show. These aren't from a pilot. These aren't final designs. These aren't final special effects. These are merely a test to see how a costume might look and work in live action. According to Geoff Johns, there isn't even a show in formal development, they are merely in the exploratory phase right now.

If you're going to be in San Diego it looks like you'll get a chance to check out the clip. If you're not going to San Diego, I'm sure it'll be online shortly afterwards.


  1. those are pretty cool…even if the final effects end up not looking anything like that, those show promise for what could be!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Big Bad Beeeeetleboooorgs. 

  3. I like it. 
  4. but that is the live action stuff thats at the begining of the game on the DC site.

  5. Honestly, better than I expected from a screen test. This shows the potential of the concept. I hope it gets made. Like I said in the other thread, it’s "Iron Man meets Greatest American Hero," Smallville-style. I think it’s got potential to find  a TV audience.

  6. I’ll watch !!

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    (I’d watch it too.) 

  8. Wow.  Uh.. Blue Beetle has changed a lot since I was familiar with him…


    Had to look it up. Guess I was a Ted Kord fan and this is Jaime Reyes. 

  9. AHAHA bettleborgs, i used to watch them all the time.

  10. looks like power ranger…

  11. considering its a test, i’d say it looks like it could be really cool.

    Johns is pretty smart trying to build fanboy buzz on a show thats still in the pitch stage. I’m sure there are producers in Hollywood that are annoyed that their shows don’t have the benefit of this kind of built in audience.  

  12. Like Dasoldskool said,

    These images were taken from the into to a flash game called Blue Beetle Attacks.

    The old link is: 

    Seems DC has since removed the game…

  13. Do we have any idea what channel this will be on?  I’ve never been able to watch Smallville because it’s on WB (or whatever they call it now).

  14. power rangers……?

  15. I can see a Power Ragers/Beetleborgs (God I forgot about that show!) vibe, but I guess that’s more from the design itself. 

    As for the design…it would be nice if the blue stood out a little more than the black, get some more details, but that could be from the lighting. The real test is going to be the mouth–will they be able to make that mouth work like in the comics, or are they going to keep it shut, making the Power Ranger vibe stronger, or are they going to have a mouth opening like, say, Green Goblin in Spider-Man?

    I dunno, I hope it works out, and we get a kick-ass TV show for it. 🙂 

  16. I hope it rocks too, but the still photos of the costume didn’t wow me.

  17. Doesn’t look any better than the terrible costumes that have popped up on Smallville over the years.

  18. Are these the final FX from a greenlighted pilot? And when will it be on?

  19. @WilliamScurryJr  

    Conor says in the post that there is NO pilot that has been greenlit, that these are just VERY EARLY test images.  And other posters above have said that these images are from a pre-existing web game from the DC site.

  20. LOL @paul

    LOL big bad beetleborgs METALLIX!

  21. I know it’s EARLY test images but I do hope they do limit the amount of what Reyes is wearing.

    I love the costume in the comics but even I admit that seeing it right here is a bit too silly for TV. 

  22. These are very early and for very early they are actually impressive. I hope it’s done right and there is a strong focus on character and humour.

  23. Wait people expected to
    not look like beetle borgs?

  24. @TNC: That doesn’t sound right.

    Those effects look really good for someone just messing around. The effects don’t bother me but I wonder if the show was made what would be the target audience? I don’t know if it would do better as a teen show or 18-35 demographic.

  25. I think you’d be looking at a Ben 10 audience.

  26. Ben 10 sells a lot of toys.

  27. Cool!  Looks like a promising start.

  28. If the mask stays that good with the way it covers everything and becomes a second skin almost i think this will look really cool in motion. they did the hard visual part of getting the costume right, now they need a good writing team. thats when i’ll get real excited

  29. I’d watch this.  But I also watch Ben10.  🙂

  30. huh…….

    I’ll wait until DVD 🙂

  31. Has to be better than the Aquaman pilot . . .

  32. Very cool!!

    I do hope this gets greenlit!! :3

  33. As much as I’d love to see a TV show that captures the glory of the Blue Beetle ongoing, I have to question whether Jaime can support a tv show if he cant carry an ongoing series.

    To be fair he has had a whole bunch of appearence in BATB, and as far as live action Superheroics goes hes only really competeing with that upcoming "The Cape" series (as far as I know)

    Seems iffy, but hey, if it means we get another volume of Blue Beetle then sure, why not 🙂

  34. @incredibledave: It’s not even close to being the same audience.

  35. I’m all for more super hero shows on tv. When I was a kid we used to talk about having more shows and movies of our favorite comics and the future is now! Sure some of them aren’t great, but they can’t all be. I’d give this one a watch at least.