Live Action Blue Beetle Test Footage from SDCC 2010

You've already seen the screen caps so now check out the full video from the live action Blue Beetle test that as shown last week at San Diego Comic-Con by Geoff Johns:

It would seem that DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns really wants to get Jamie Reyes his own TV show. Hell, he's going to put him on Smallville next season. (Spin-off potential? Sorry, Aquaman!) Will he look as cool as this if he does? Only time will tell.

Repeated disclaimer: These aren't from a Blue Beetle show. These aren't from a pilot. These aren't final designs. These aren't final special effects. These are merely a test to see how a costume might look and work in live action. According to Geoff Johns, there isn't even a show in formal development, they are merely in the exploratory phase right now.


  1. crappy mid 90s Mighty Morphing Blue Beetle?

  2. You know what I learned from watching this footage? I’ve apparently been pronouncing Jamie’s name wrong from day one. Fail.

  3. As far as television tests goes this looks pretty good. Fingers crossed they can make it look better for Smallville.

  4. looked cool to me 

  5. it’s morphing time!

  6. @KahunaBlair me too. Did Geoff Johns ever say whether the Blue Beetle appearence would be Ted Korn or Jamie?

  7. @Cheezdog: Didn’t click this link in the article, did you? 😉

  8. i didn’t know the blue beetle is a Latino super hero. Cool!

  9. I hope the effects get better… that look a little cheap.

  10. Me too, Dr. Geek, me too. 

  11. Interesting. I’d be down for this, I dont’ know much at all about the Blue Beetle, either of them really, but I’m always down for a new Superhero show, anything to program some geek love into my DVR. 

  12. Don’t know much bout the character but, all it really takes are good stories told well. The rest, it’s all icing. If they can nail the stories in an interesting world, they got a good product that might interest or entertain me. There is a lot of good tv shows out there. Competiton is rough and good writers do want to get paid.

  13. I’d watch that. 

  14. Reminds me of Beetborgs.

  15. I just want Ted Kord back. The sooner this fails, and it will, the sooner we get Ted back. All this resurrection and no Ted. Makes me hate on Jamie all the more.

  16. @Gray: The sooner… what fails?

  17. @conor: The sooner the Jamie Blue Beetle fails. In comic, in TV. They keep trying to make it something, but it just doesn’t get there. They don’t want to cloud the water bringing Ted back. So he stays gone. And they keep flogging that dead horse.