Light Week? Try Wolverine: Debt of Death, Irredeemable #29, & Cobra #4

DC Relaunch got you down? Here are some OTHER books to try this week…


Wolverine: Debt of Death

By David Lapham & David Aja

You know, the solicitation for this one shot says it all, really: WOLVERINE FIGHTS FLYING BATTLEROBO SUITS IN JAPAN!!!! Doesn’t that sound like a delightful time at the comics? Plus, the art is by David Aja so you know it’s going to look fantastic.


Irredeemable #29

By Mark Waid & Eduardo Barreto

I’m pretty sure that Plutonian’s glowing yellow glare is aimed at all the fools who have stopped reading this book. Quick! Jump back on before it’s too late for all of us!


Cobra #4

By Mike Costa & Antonio Fuso

Look at Serpentor, sitting on his throne without a care in the world. The snakes slithering around at his feet don’t even bother him. Why? Because the man (claims to have) invented pizza. When YOU invent pizza you can sit around on an awesome throne while holding a scepter with nothing else to do but wait for the chance to bark THIS I COMMAND at some simpering underling.



  1. I’m can’t tell you how happy I am to see that I’m not the only one who remembers Sepentor’s claim to have invented pizza. When I first read that in Marvel’s GI Joe comic, it threw a young me for a serious loop!

  2. “My Dinner with Serpentor”

  3. I like the cover of the wolverine book and i’m a huge fan of irredeemable. great titles

  4. Interesting note, I picked up Irredeemable TP Vol.1 today, and thought it was pretty good! I think I’ll pick up the rest of the TPs eventually. And give Incorruptible a shot too.

  5. I love what they have been doing with G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War.