Light Week? Try The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1, Avengers: 1959 #1, and The Huntress #1

Let us commence with our lighter weeks than the month past and… wait.. 23, 24, 25… what the?! This isn’t a light week at all! Ya bums!

Josh says try…

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1

By Justin Jordan & Tradd Moore

I know almost nothing about this. I don’t know who the creators are, and I’m fairly certain “Tradd” isn’t any kind of name. I see from the solicit that it’s vaguely similar to Kick-Ass, but that’s certainly no reason for me to buy it. Basically, I like the cover, and it doesn’t seem to be a supernatural book, and the title is catchy. There, I know what you know, but I’m taking the leap, and why wouldn’t you as well? What, you’d rather buy the second issue of something you don’t really want to read either? Let us find out the struggle of this Luther Strode together, whatever it may be!


Ron says try…

Avengers: 1959 #1

By Howard Chaykin

We got a taste of the Avengers 1959 in the pages of New Avengers and all we could ay is, “We want more!” Marvel listened and now we get a bevy of greatness. Why is it great? Here’s some reasons: Late 1950’s/early 1960’s retro tale, Nick Fury, Howard Chaykin writing and drawing.  It really is a recipe for success.

Conor says try…

The Huntress #1

By Paul Levitz, Marcus To & John Dell

Did you know that there were TWO new DC books this week? I know! At least they are both mini-series. This one is by former DC Comics President Paul Levitz and Marcus To, who was one of the best new artists that DC had back on Red Robin. It’s good to see there’s a place for him in the New DC Universe.


  1. a great book to break off from the DCU new 52. thanks for the suggestions

  2. I want to get some feedback on the story of Huntress before I buy. I know the art will be great, but with so much out there right now, both areas need to be strong to get my buckaroos. I hope its great because more people should put their eye balls on Marcus To’s work.

  3. At first I had to look at it and decipher whether that was a place holder for more content to come or if that was really the write up for Avengers: 1959.

    Yea, definitely not checking out Avengers: 1959. I do look forward to laughing at the Good Chaykin/Bad Chaykin debates though.

  4. Yes! Nice recommendation for Luther Strode, Josh! I’ve been really stoked about this for months. Two great new image titles in one week makes me happy!

  5. Definitely pull Huntress if you have a light week. Why? Because Huntress is awesome and To’s art is always nice. I hope that the story delivers though. I don’t know much about this writer, and I would hate to have to drop the awesome Huntress after one issue if the writing doesn’t deliver.

  6. Oh shit! It was a placeholder. Well, that was funny for a minute.

  7. I’ll be checking out all three. I think I like the art for Luther Strode the most.

  8. Thanks to theDC reboot, I’m down to … wow, one book this week. I might pick up copies of Action #1 and #2 to see what the fuss is about, but other than that its Avengers 1959.

  9. Huntress, another DC book i’ll have to pick up. Or maybe just wait for the trade. Its only 6 issues. I see the DC pulls on some of the least favorite titles are starting to get back to normal levels.

  10. Huntress…. I am in.