Light Week? Try The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills HC, and Captain America #617

It actually isn't a light week for most. But you don't want to miss out do you? What if we know about something that's real good?

Josh says try:

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1

By Cole Haddon and M.S. Corley

It's a mashup yes, and it's set in Victorian England, and it's about Jeckyll and Hyde mixed with Jack the Ripper, and I should be making fun of it, but I'm a little curious, and the art looks really good. So there! You see, I am continually drawn to this era, and the Ripper murders will never not be fascinating, so I always give it a shot. Well, not always, but Dark Horse has a good reputation, and the art reminds me slightly of Guy Davis. Either way, I'm in for the first issue.

Ron says try:


X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills

By Chris Claremont & Brent Anderson

Back in the 1980s, Chris Claremont, at the height of the X-Men's popularity, set out to do one of those new-fangled graphic novels about the merry mutants and struck gold.  Not only was this story amazing, but it was drawn from heavily for the plots of Bryan Singer's X-Men movies.  Now it's available in trade paperback for the first time in years and seriously, you should pick it up.  If anything for artist Brent Anderson's (of Astro City fame) take on the X-Men, along with some amazing backup material featuring pages from Neal Adams who was the original artist but bailed after drawing 6 pages.  For $15, you can't go wrong with this on your shelf

Conor says try:

Captain America #617

By Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice, Stefano Gaudiano, Chris Samnee, Mike Deodato, Bettie Breitweiser & Joe Caramagna

Yes, ever since Bucky actually put on the new Captain America costume, this book has, despite a few glimmers of excellence here and there, been coasting on its past reputation as one of the best on the market. Now that Steve Rogers is being primed to return to wielding the red, white, and blue shield, and add to that the first issue with iFanboy favorite artist Chris Samnee on the co-feature back-up story (also written by Ed Brubaker) and this might be an excellent time to jump back in, soldier.


  1. I don’t think that the God Loves, Man Kills release is a HC. I bought the recent HC edition of it about 2 weeks ago, so I think this is the softcover release.

    Anyways, it’s a great story. Claremont tried to create a different feel and vibe with this story and succeeded in the best way. Part of this is due to the villains, who weren’t space aliens trying to enslave people with their megarays. They were human beings like you and me, who straight up try to murder characters in real life ways (well…as close to real life as an X-Men comic can get). It gives the story a grounded feel, and makes the dark tones cut deeper.

  2. I’m thinking about hopping back on the Cap train with issue 617.  I got 616, which was an excellent anniversary issue, and didn’t think the Gulag story was half bad.  This is probably going to be a game day decision, although some Samnee art is definitely tipping the scales.

  3. But I was just getting ready to drop Captain America… It’ll be a day of decision if I get it.

  4. I love God Loves, Man Kills but only have it as part of one of the essential volumes.  Might have to get this to get the full color experience.

  5. God Loves, Man Kills doesn’t hold up.  The storytelling is just terrible.  The panels, the pacing, narration and dialogue all pale in comparison to the modern comics, and to those of Lee Kirby Ditko.

  6. when I read the solicit for Strange Case of Mr. Hyde I said “YES PLEASE!”

  7. Woah, I was not aware of this Strange Case of Mr Hyde book but dude, Jekyll and hide mixed with Jack the Ripper? SOLD! I love the Jekyll films and am also fascinated with Jack the Ripper so this totally sounds like book I can dig.

  8. @DarkKnightDetective  – have you tried Eric Powell’s ‘Billy the Kid Ghastly Fiend of London’? Also a Dark Horse book, also a mash up of Jeckyll/Hyde/Ripper, with the Elephantman (John Merrick, not Hip Flask) thrown in. It was just released last year…i’m kinda shocked at the redundancy.