Light Week? Try The Rocketeer Adventures #2, Ultimate Spider-Man #160, and All Nighter #1

To truly enjoy your comics, or any stories, you must be able to sample a wide variety of types, and sometimes, it's easy to get in a deep rut. We are your winch, mounted on the front of a worn, but trusty 4×4 vehicle, and our tires are securely planted, as to not slip.

Rough metaphor there.

Josh says try:

The Rocketeer Adventures #2

By Mark Waid, Darwyn Cooke, Lowell Francis, Chris Weston, Geoff Darrow, Gene Ha, & Dave Stewart

Look at those names. If you do not see promise in those creators, then you need to know more about what makes a comic book special. This is a sort collection of tales of the Rocketeer, and even if one of those all-star creators knocks it out of the park, the book will be worth the price of admission. Even if you've never tried or read the Rocketeer, or didn't read the first issue, this is something you need to pick up. Trust me.


Conor says try:

Ultimate Spider-Man #160

By Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

Might as well, right? Over ten years as one of the best books on the market and it all comes down to this. It would appear that something big really is going to happen because not only is this issue polybagged but Marvel is going to be hitting the mainstream newswires Tuesday night today with a press release.


Ron says try:

All Nighter #1

By David Hahn

Have you listened to this week's Don't Miss podcast? Have you gone and read this issue for FREE in PDF form as available on David Hahn's site? If you answered to no to either of those questions, you are missing out! I don't know how much easier I need to make out the fact that you should check out All Nighter #1, a great relationship book from creator David Hahn.  Now go pull it and get onboard for a 5 issue, fun comic that will ship on time!


  1. I will read basically anything Rocketeer related… 

  2. I can’t wait for The Rocketeer, and I’m disappointed in myself because i’m getting Ultimate Spider-Man.

  3. Well at least we don’t know how 2 of these issues will end.

  4. I’m gonna ask this again. How did they get all those artists in one place for Rocketeer?

  5. @AmirCat  I’m sure this project is something artists would work on simply because it’s the Rocketeer and an anthology, to which they’d only have to contribue a few pages.