People worry about kids playing with comics, and teenagers reading comic books; we are scared that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands – literally thousands – of songs about broken hearts and rejection and pain and misery and loss.

Hey man, comics can heal all wounds. They can soothe the soul. Try something new and be soothed with these recommendations…

Ron says try…

EmiTown Vol. 2

By Emi Lenox

You want bang for your buck? Try 400 pages of autobiographical comics from Emi Lenox. ¬†Everyone raved about volume 1 of EmiTown, which collected the autobiographic web comic/sketch diary from Emi Lenox, and now with Volume 2, she’s back and the book is jammed packed with stories of being a published comic creator and the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. ¬†One of the true, original voices in autobio comics, EmiTown Vol. 2 is a must read.


Josh says try…

The Manhattan Projects #1

By Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra

I constantly hanker for something new, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that the concepts that spring from Hickman’s mind are certainly new to the world of comic books, especially when he’s out on his own, with free reign. I really dug the art in their last collaboration, Red Wing, so I expect more of the same, if not better from Pitarra, a young up and coming artist. I might not end up liking everything Hickman does, but it is always worth a try, and that’s as good a thing as I can say about a comic creator.


Conor says try…

Green Arrow #7

By Ann Nocenti & Harvey Tolibao

After the utter disaster that was the initial New 52 version of Green Arrow, we’ve finally got a new full-time creative. So I’m giving it a shot. Why not?


  1. I’m getting Arrow as well.

    • WOW I love this issue.
      The dialogues are so smart. The plot is moving so fast but yet not rushed, in one issue, we already set up 2 big time villains for ollie.
      The art was done perfectly. Yes there is a sex scene, it wasn’t shown but it was done in a really artsy way, in pink and it looks gorgeous.
      Skylark is a really captivating villain.
      I have never seen anyone uses the arrows like that. I mean, you would’ve thought someone ever thought about this, but until now, all of ollie’s trick arrows can’t be compared to this. Both Skylark and Ollie’s weapon use was amazing.
      Everything that can got right, got right in this issue. Ollie is back. Bigger than ever.

  2. Hopefully Hickman does something here with these established scientists unlike the mess in SHIELD he created.

    • Agree. SHIELD became a freaking disaster!

    • So, I’m not the only one disappointed in SHIELD? i thought that it started with potential, but by the time Michelangelo popped at the end of the first arc, ir all felt too much like a Dan Brown novel, and I dropped the series.

    • @tschafer/cosmo: The art is the only thing redeeming about the series at this point. The story went NO WHERE quick and I still have no idea who the kid is that everyone says is the Messiah.

      Having said that I would like to see the final issue cause I invested all of my time/money into it. But again it seemed to have disappeared off the radar for the next few months.

  3. i’m very very interested in Manhattan of my digital stack this week. Love that art direction on the cover.

  4. Can’t wait to pick up my copy of EmiTown.

  5. Arrow is in consideration, but maybe more of a wait and see

  6. Definitely excited for the return of Ann Nocenti. Cannot wait for that.

    Hickman’s Manhattan Projects looks promising. I hope he does something resembling character work and constructs something that looks like a plot here, rather than the phoned in shock value ‘writing’ he demonstrated on SHIELD.

    The guy is capable of incredible stuff when he’s on – Fantastic Four – but he’s still got some fundamental weaknesses that need shoring up.

    Still more excited for his creator owned stuff, and the potential I see, than all but a handful of guys (Snyder, Lemire, Gillen, Aaron, Azzarello and Hickman are the cream of the crop right now)

  7. I should mention — cream of the creator owned crop.

    Morrison is still the most impressive comic book writer writing books in the mainstream, period. And I expect he’ll be doing the best creator owned stuff once his Vertigo and Image series’ come out. Cannot WAIT for more Seaguy!

  8. Was considering picking up Green Arrow this week, but I wasn’t a fan of the preview. I’ll wait and see what the consensus is.

  9. Personally SHIELD is still keeping my attention for its novelty. It’s totally fallen apart plotwise, but I’m not going to complain when it’s Super Saiyan Michelangelo vs. Celestial or whatever insanity is going on.

    Checking out Manhattan Projects for sure.

  10. Manhattan Projects & likely Green Arrow are on my to-get list, emitown looks/sounds interesting, may get at a later date.

  11. The Red Wing was fathoms over my head, even after a re-read, but I’ll give Manhattan Projects a try. Don’t want to miss the potential hot, new thing!

  12. From the preview alone Green Arrow has become a buy for me. This the Ollie I’m talking about!

  13. I had nothing to put on my pull list this week, so I might give Green Arrow a second chance.